Posted by Brendan Bermudez on September 6, 2013
Hey dad I lit a candle for you I hope you like the little prayer session earlier this evening and I tried to make a shrine for you. Im watching the golden girls now I remember you liked this show, I hope your doing well up in heaven. Lighting the candle with your photo next to mine makes me feel like I have you over visiting for the evening its very comforting I will sleep well tonight .
Posted by Brendan Bermudez on September 6, 2013
Did you visit the house earlier today? Well I have to work tomorrow so with this I say goodnight! I miss you send my love up in heaven see you in my dreams. Oh yes please have a blessing for health of grandma. Thank you.
Posted by catherine kammerman on June 4, 2013
"Ricky I've been thinking about you alot, I've driven by your house a hundred times.. I miss you so much Maya and I share stories with each other about all the great times we had together. Especially the DYI channel and the cooking channel" Lost my Mom this year please keep her company" I love you and miss you and all the advice you would give me"
Posted by Brendan Bermudez on March 9, 2013
Hey dad I want to thankyou for visiting me that morning a week ago it was nice and im glad to know your proud of the girls with school!
Posted by Brendan Bermudez on September 18, 2012
Hey dad just thinking about you again, missing you forever I want to put some more pictures on your website. I will ask Nick how to.
Your son love Brendan!Daddy you where so young to go.
Posted by Brendan Bermudez on September 12, 2012
Hey Dad I loved the dream I had with you a few weeks ago it was calming, and not the first. I enjoyed speaking to you in the dream and being able to express myself talking with you. Im glad I was able to tell you how much I miss and love you! Still forget I cant call you in the mornings on my way to work>>>.. With all my love Brendan Bermudez
Posted by Brendan Bermudez on January 19, 2011
Dad I miss you so very much and I wish I could call you in the morning like I used to! I will never forget the train set christmas morning!

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