Let the memory of Eulalie be with us forever
  • 54 years old
  • Born on October 21, 1961 in Great Falls, Montana, United States.
  • Passed away on March 12, 2016 in Family home north of Great Falls, Montana, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Eulalie Whitehorn - Thibert 54 years old , born on October 21, 1961 and passed away on March 12, 2016. We will remember her forever.
Posted by John Ambrose on 12th March 2019
I Loved waking up to a beautiful good morning Hun!...and these are my plans for tripn' around today...Eulalie, you always filled my day with ✨smiles...lots of the Bigg Huggsz back Hun!...Love and miss you!!
Posted by Lori McKinney on 12th March 2018
Eulalie, still missing you! You wouldn't believe what's going on in the world today. I've got all these jokes to tell you and Shelly when I get there!
Posted by John Ambrose on 21st October 2017
Hey Dan the video and pics are sooo nice
Posted by John Ambrose on 21st October 2017
Posted by Kelli Gould on 13th March 2017
As I sit here and whisper, "I miss you" I believe somehow you can still hear me.
Posted by Karyn Bresson on 8th November 2016
My tribute to you is much over due. I was reminded again when your birthday came last month and Dan and I decided to go to dinner at one of your favorite steak houses in honor of. You should know, Dan has been very diligent about taking care of things in your absence and making all your arrangements. But this tribute isn't about that, this tribute is for you, a dear friend, an impressive lady, a very much missed fairy god mother. You showed me a new view on life, and taught me patience, tolerance, and acceptance, and their boundaries- and how to bad assly stand up for oneself when those boundaries are crossed. I laugh as I say that because it's so true. I miss you. We could, and often did, burn thru many hours talking, visiting, sharing, and comparing our life's stories. I know that your capacity for love was incredible, as was your loyalty. And I was always impressed with the way you fearlessly jumped into any project or task or chore or dilemma, even when it was someone else's problem you would help in any way you could. You not only shared the workload but also shared in the good times making sure everyone was included. We first met in 03 finding common ground and an immediate friendship which only grew with the years. We met some of each other's family members and shared holidays and special days. I sent you a birthday card last year and was touched when Dan recently returned it saying he found it pinned to the board in the kitchen and it obviously meant something to you. I love you too, lady. You were smart, fierce, just, funny, polite, good, lovely, honest, and so much more, but I hope that some of who you were sticks with me enough to shine thru in my daily life. I'm a better person for having known you. Peace.
Posted by Benoît Battiston on 3rd November 2016
You're now flying with angels... Please forgive me for being so damn late and far away. Rest in peace in God's arms. I'll pray for you. Merci d'avoir toujours été franche et directe, Je te dois beaucoup. Tu manqueras a de nombreuses personnes et nous rappelles que les meilleurs partent en premier... Adieu mon amie
Posted by John Ambrose on 27th September 2016
:( i am so sad, i miss
Posted by Kyle Braxton on 21st March 2016
FOREVER !!! You have always had a special place in my heart, and memories I will never forget... We have and special bond that will never go away... I will see you again Eulalie, on the other side... You are greatly missed !!!
Posted by Kim Waldner on 18th March 2016
I never really knew Eulalie in person, but I do remember her from when I was a teenager. I was friends with her brother Dan. We use to talk on the phone all the time and one time he let me say hi to his sister Eulalie. She was really nice to me. She was working at the mall at the time as one of those models at J. Jacobs that stand really still. She invited me to come and see them. I actually did go and see her model and was amazed at how nice she looked and how she stood so still without moving the whole time. I wish I could have got to know her better because she sounds like she was an awesome person to know.
Posted by Eva Hurd on 18th March 2016
Dan, my husband I didn't know you, but we did know Eulie. She was a great friend to me and my daughter that passed away 7 years ago loved her as well. She will be remembered fondly forever.
Posted by Vicki Briganti on 18th March 2016
Eulalie was the best of the best, always there to lend a hand when called upon, always had a solution for any problem. Her love for her family always shone through. We spent many days and nights just chatting about little things, laughing and sharing our favorite music. May you rest in peace Eulalie, you will always be missed.
Posted by Audrey Atkins on 17th March 2016
You will be missed
Posted by Lori McKinney on 17th March 2016
Eulalie, we've know each other since we were 14, I think. Now we're 54 and you had got called away too soon. You've got to brighten the room there also just like you did here. I know you and Shelly C. will be waiting to greet us all with the red carpet out and the lights on and the party going on. We will see you on the other side when Bill and I are called to join you.
Posted by Diane Oleyar on 17th March 2016
Eulalie, your candle burned out way to soon. I will always remember your sense of humor and your beautiful friendship/love for Larry. You will be missed tremendously.
Posted by Teri March on 17th March 2016
Eulalie had a way of lighting up the room.........many fond memories of this lady............
Posted by Jamie Lavergne-Goldinger on 17th March 2016
Reast in peace sweet lady. I'm going to miss you and your words of wisdom. Until me meet again... Love always, Jamie~
Posted by Copper Jones on 17th March 2016
Eulalie was such a special lady. She won my heart over several years ago when I was in the Air Force and stationed Malmstrom AFB. We became friends and remained close for several years. She was the person to go to if you wanted to find out where the parties were, She was a great tour guide and showed me all of Great Falls. She always dressed nicely like a lady should, but surprised me one day when she put on her jeans, slid under her car, and began working on the engine. She could do it all. She truly was a ONE of a kind WOMAN. I'm gonna miss her, and loved her lots! I hope the family posts more pictures of Eulalie, and possibly an obit from the funeral service. Danny, you always were a good & protective brother. Eulalie loved you very much, and of course, we talked about you all the time. She was one of my favorite Facebook friends.
Posted by Vicki Dunbrasky on 17th March 2016
will miss you she was a friend for many years. Prayers to the whole family.
Posted by David Nevins on 16th March 2016
I am truly saddened at the loss of a friend who was very dear to me over the last nine years. We met at a time on Facebook when I was struggling with the loss of Shirl, my beautiful bride, and she was entangled in her own personal battles. Somehow we managed to help each other through some very hard times. Eulalie and I spent many hours writing emails and having long talks on the phone. Whenever I was struggling with depression, Euly ~ my "Montana Doll" ~ could always somehow sense it and provide the swift boot I needed to get me going again. She was a devoted friend, an extremely intelligent, strong woman. We talked many times about getting together in Montana, but sadly it was not to be. She always spoke fondly of her children, her brother, and her dad~ she loved all of them so much! Eulalie was one of those special souls that you couldn't help but love and want to spend time with... even if it was, as she would say, "Watching the clouds". May God bless and comfort all those she leaves behind. I will miss you dearly my Montana Doll. Rest now sweet Eulalie in God's Eternal Peace.
Posted by Ilsa Lackey on 16th March 2016
Will be missed! Be at peace sweetheart!
Posted by Tami Hochhalter on 16th March 2016
Eulalie was a dear friend and she left me with special memories! Like her last child we leaves across the street from the hospital and she was in labor all night my roomate Debbie took her took the hospital and Eulalie has her baby in the truck. What a funny happy moment as seriously lives right a cross the atreet. I ha e so many happy memories of her...... R.I.P. my dear friend I will miss you so much!!!!
Posted by Pam Presley on 16th March 2016
2women in that town taught me the meaning of dignity,pride,courage& strength. They've walked a mile or more in my shoes. They taught by example,how to rise above the pain. They kept me close to their hearts & in return filled mine with loyalty&friendship. I want to be just like them. Uli,I love our friendship,your words of wisdom,your just a badass woman all around.!!!I already missed u now its forever. Sleep with the Angels&don't c me on the other side. Member? I'm OK go in to hell:-) forever I'll miss u
Posted by Rick Hudak on 16th March 2016
Eulalie has been my friend for a long time and will be greatly missed my Condolences to both Jims and to all the family. Rick Hudak
Posted by Marti Gebo on 15th March 2016
Eulalie, was one of a kind! I didn't spend alot of time with her, but getting to know her was a pleasure. Always had something to say with alot of spunk.. she will be missed dearly!! I
Posted by Charlie Bowen on 15th March 2016
Eulalie was a very special person that I met in High School. My memories of her and her Brown Van are as vivid today as they were then. She had a way of welcoming strangers and misfits, and making them feel that the world rotated around them. You'll be missed my dear but I will always remember cruising central and getting into mischief! Rest Easy.
Posted by Kelli Gould on 15th March 2016
Rest in the arms of the Angels now Eulalie. See you on the other side my Friend! Love, Morris "Tim" Erickson & Kelli Gould
Posted by Cindy R. Graf on 15th March 2016
Eulalie will be forever my friend and missed greatly. Prayers and love to all the family.
Posted by Terry Cogan on 15th March 2016
Eulalie was a very special friend to me. We worked together a few years and she was the kind of friend I could talk to about anything. She always tried to get me to come back to Montana. I will truly miss a very dear friend. Love ya lots sweety, miss ya even more. TRIX

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