Daddy - Our Fountain of Love

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres."

1 Corinthians 13:4-7


Once in a lifetime comes a pillar to the family, a visionary to the community and a watershed of wisdom to a people. Indeed, we have lost a baobab of a father, a sea of a giving heart and a true rainbow of a gentleman, gone before us to be with the Lord. What a loss to the family and friends, what a chasm to the community that his loss leaves behind. Some called him Hon. Enyih, others called him Pa Enyih, while a multitude just called him Daddy – a simple and effective expression of the father figure that he truly was to them.

Hon. Paul Enyih Atogho was born on October 12th, 1944 in Soh-Ngwo, to Ando Ayoh Ntse Enyih (Father) and  Christina Angato Atogho (Mother). He was named Atogho after his late maternal grandfather Atogho-Yebu.

Pa’s early activities centered on baby-sitting. In a positive turn of fate, his maternal uncle David Tabenda Atogho played a major part in his early life when he advised his father to send Daddy to school along with others who had preceded him. These humbling attributes of Daddy’s humble beginnings will remain a trademark of his character.

He completed Standard 4 in Ngwo and his paternal uncle, Jeremiah Asokwa took him to Yoke in the South West Region where he did Standard 5, a level which was unavailable in the village at that time. Hon. Enyih later joined his uncle, D.T. Atogho in Buea where he completed Standard 6 in Native Authority School Buea in December 1960. God was always and remained the NorthStar in Pa Enyih’s life as his transition from one uplifting station to another could only be one with the touch of God Almighty.

Pa was admitted into the Cameroon Protestant College, Bali in March 1961 from where he graduated in June 1965 with the GCE Ordinary Level. Versatile in nature, Hon. Enyih was employed in July 1965 as a teacher to teach English to young French-speaking Cameroonians in East Cameroon. Later, he was posted to teach English at the Government Secondary School, Sa’a, Lekie Division of the Centre Region.

In March 1966 and consistent with the NorthStar in his life, daddy was admitted on a USAID scholarship into Cuttington University College, Suacoco in Liberia. Attending to his studies with discipline, humility and an unmistakable focus on a bigger vision, he graduated 4 years later with a B.A. Degree in English Language and Literature. It is worthy to note that this was a time when less that 5 percent of Africans had a college education. Pa was always conscious of this privilege, mindful of his blessings and committed to employ his education for the service of his community and humanity.

He returned to Cameroon on December 19th, 1969 and was immediately employed by the Presbyterian Church Education Authority to teach English at his alma mater, CPC Bali. While teaching in C.P.C Bali, the Presbyterian Church offered daddy another scholarship to do a Master’s degree in Fourah Bay College, Sierra Leone in 1970. On his return, he was engaged by the Ministry of National Education and posted to teach English at the Government Secondary School in Sangmelima, Centre-South Region.

It is remarked that after an inspection mission there, he rushed back to Buea, but was virtually forced to return to Sangmelima by Pa’s maternal uncle, D.T. Atogho. That act of obedience, a hallmark of his character was a pivotal and turning point in his life. From Sangmelima, his working and professional life took an upward trajectory. After a year of training as a Certified Graduate Teacher in ENS and the University of Yaoundé cumulatively, he was posted to GHS Bafoussam. From there, he began his appointments to posts of responsibility.

Hon Paul Enyih Atogho was appointed the first Vice Principal of GHS Wum in 1976, then Principal of GHS Mamfe in 1978, Director of Private Education in 1982 and National Inspector of Education in 1986. To him, service to humanity was love in work clothes. This was demonstrative in the fact that during his teaching and school administration career, he taught and made many of his students his admirers, some who have played and are playing very important roles in his working and retirement life.

His political appointments naturally flowed from the quality of service rendered at his every appointment, leadership and endeavor in the public sector. These began with that of Secretary of State (Minister of Government) of Education in 1988, Member of the Central Committee of the ruling CPDM party since 1992 and Councillor in the Njikwa Rural Council in 2007. Hon Enyih Atogho never took the privilege of these positions of responsibility for granted, for he became a gift to his people that never stopped giving. Today, the sun never sets on the children Pa Enyih guided, assisted, sponsored, or directly impacted in one way or the other.

During his political activities, he led and was a member of many Political Delegations within and abroad, notably, in all the 10 Regions and abroad to the UK, USA, China and France. Being the master educator, Pa authored many political articles championed by a book titled Politics: A Call to Serve, published in 1999 by the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the ruling CPDM party.

He retired from active service in 2004 at 60 and continued with other political activities. His lovely wife Susan too is retired. In May 2014 while on retirement he was appointed Board Chairman of National Institute of Cartography (NIC) and held this position until his demise. However, daddy spent his retirement happily, traveling and visiting his children and grandchildren at home and abroad.

The wise say “life is always of short and uncertain continuance”. In April 2021, Hon. Paul Atogho had become ill. As the end of April approached, the forces of the afterlife dialed as insistent as a wailing sound. We as a family together with friends and well-wishers mounted a fight, prayed ceaselessly and kept our faith. While we made plans for a recovery and a comeback, the world of our maker was ready to receive this dove of peace, and agent of progress. His courage, and strength towards the end, epitomized the calming Psalm 23, for truly a shepherd to Hon Paul Enyih Atogho was the Lord. He leaves behind his lovely and loyal wife Susan, his five kids (Paul Ando, Hans Ako, Robert Atengi, Charles Emene and Edna Ngba-Togho Sanga), their spouses (Achale Atogho, Siri Atogho, Joffi Atogho, and Nelson Sanga) numerous grandchildren and a cherished trove of relatives, friends, and loved ones.

Daddy was an embodiment of peace, a merriment of life and above all a fountain of love. A mentor, teacher and adviser to many. Daddy's quantum of wisdom was unique as could be seen from his practical solution to every human problem. His overwhelming love towards humanity can only be compared to an unending spring of pure water from where everyone drank to his or her satisfaction yet never ran dry. Daddy will always say, “do good at every given opportunity” and ask yourself,

●Is there a need to be met?

●Can you meet that need?

●Meet the need with LOVE irrespective of who they are.

We all have unique encounters and experiences with Daddy. Your tributes added in the “Leave a Tribute” section will keep his memory alive forever in our hearts. Please share your pictures, videos and stories in the “Gallery" and "Stories” section.
Posted by Eunice Bateh on May 18, 2021
Daddy Atogo.
 It is really hard to accept the fact that you are gone.
Daddy as we usually call you, your memories will forever remain in our hearts.
  Palms 90:10 says our days on earth is 70years and if by reason of strength is 80years yet their boast is pain and sorrow.
   Daddy you died at 77years old ,a fulfilled and happy man.You left no stone unturn, is it spiritually, morally, educational,socially and so on.
Daddy you have impacted so many lives with your kind and wise words.
Daddy you have the fear of God in you and you love God. You were a lover of peace. Your love knows no boundaries.You preach about peace, love and forgiveness.
 Daddy you were a down to earth father. I can't count how many times you came to visit me in my house for us to chat ,laugh and crack jokes.
   Growing up as a child I have never had such an opportunity to have such relationship with a man of your status but you did it for me.
My hearts bleeds because you promise you were going to spoil me when I come to Yaounde which never came to pass.
What a world. Huuuuuuum.
  Daddy your death has dealt with us this year, I'm really short of words. I pray the lord give us strength to pull through especially Mama and the rest of family.
 I also pray that the good lord will give us the grace to learn from all the lessons you have taught us in this life.
  Adieu Daddy. Rest well
Arrey and Eunice.
Posted by Bih Moma on May 17, 2021
I am short of words daddy. There are not enough words to sum up your journey with us in this world. The hugs, smiles, lessons and Love without restraint. That one person who was full of laughter and jokes. That one person everyone can relate to, regardless of age or circumstances. That one man who can be vulnerable and yet educate in the process. That one person who is always ready to open the doors of his home to all and share. That one person who honours and promotes high family values. That one person who has taught many children how to pray and gave them the chance to be heard and understood. That one person who is so industrious, hardworking and in search of the best version of himself. That one person most people can run to for solutions when life looked so gloomy. The one person who was quick to be angered but faster to forgive.The one person who would humble himself and share the smallest space with children when he visited us as students abroad. The one person who would motivate to get the best version of everyone. The one person who spent most of his life studying and writing. That person who has already told thousands of stories about his life to us all. Stories that come with mixed emotions today.

Daddy, words will never be enough. The vacuum you have left behind is unimaginable. You always wondered how this would look like? We are left wondering as well. Only YOU could leave us like this in a “puzzle” .

Rest in peace daddy.

Forever in our hearts 
Posted by Prisca Nkwocha on May 17, 2021
Daddy been short of words to even write on your passing. You bubbled with life and death came indeed like a thief and stole you away so quickily. You always laughed and one could feel the warmth miles away. You gave and gave to many.You open your doors to many. I am very gladened that you were a bornagain child of God. You loved Jesus our Lord. We will see you again as we strive by God's grace to work our salvation with fear and trembling.
 We do not mourn like those with no hope because we you are only asleep in death.We love you and will miss you greatly.
You are forever in our hearts daddy
Sent in behalf of the Nkwochas Houston TX
Posted by Yinka Ogunniyi on May 17, 2021
We give GOD all the glory and praise for Papa’s life. He was a good and godly family man who showed love to those he came in contact with. 
He was a very friendly person. His legacy will continue to be an inspiration. He will be greatly missed. 
Pastor & Mrs Larry Binea
Kingdomway Ministries
Birmingham, UK
Posted by Enyih Lorraine on May 17, 2021
How does a heart break? You discover emotions you cannot name. There is an emotion more hallow than sorrow, an acceptance drenched in disbelief, language fails, cliché comes startingly alive; the heart is truly heavy. It is no mere metaphor. The desperate longing to turn back time just to see you again, hear your advice, hear you laugh one more time. Even if just to say goodbye or to have the chance to say thank you for everything you did for us and everything you were to us. To say I love you. To have such a loving father and an entire life propped by him just to loose it in the twinkle of an eye, so abruptly with such finality....... Words have truly failed me this time around.

I was on a prayer course just before you left, stealing the midnights in praises with utmost believe that you will get back on your feet. Here I was putting my file together as we had discussed so as to pay you a visit as soon as you leave the hospital........ Now look;in whose hands did you leave my plight? Who do I run to? Who will ring me constantly on WhatsApp? Saaaaaaaah!!!! To say I am embarrassed daddy will be an understatement. All I have left are our memories and your voice notes. Go well daddy, you were a rare gem. No doubt even God couldn't wait to have you. Rest in perfect peace daddy. We would always love and remember you

              Your niece
            Enyih Lorraine Anchi
Posted by Edith Doh on May 16, 2021
Daddy Enyih,

         Dearest friend and brother, I am dumbfounded. God alone knows

What and Why soo abrupt. Prepare us another new home there. Farewell.

         Pa Doh, Francis.
Posted by Tantoh Shieh on May 16, 2021
Pa, I can't believe you have left us so soon but Our Almighty God has the final say. I will miss our chats and your encouragement filled with sense of humour. Our last face to face discussion was about being a LADDER for others to grow. This will stay with me forever.
May your Gentle Soul Rest in Peace until we meet again.
Posted by Christabel Ndang Ndikum on May 16, 2021
Daddy Atogho,
             I want to thank God almighty for the life and the time you spend here on earth. Daddy all the times I made you, we always discussed about the bible and that always brought Joy to me because you had a great knowledge of God. When ever you came to the UK you gave us good advice and you always encouraged my husband and I to always try to make progress in our jobs. Daddy there was never a boring moment with you. You had a very broad knowledge of history and was ready to share at all time.
 The bible says to live is Christ and to die is gained. Rest in peace and we shall always remember you for your good works.
                  Christabel N. Ndikum
Posted by Azu'u Fonkam on May 16, 2021

Soft-spoken, kind, gentle, generous of heart and of spirit, a man of precision and concision, a man loyal in friendship, a man of strong convictions, a peace maker, a man truly dedicated to his family, a smooth negotiator, a master planner, a genuine patriot! This was Paul Enyih Atogho! It was my good fortune to know him and to seek his wise counsel often! His pragmatism was uncommon, his love of country hors pair! He could be taciturn and even cynical, but he spoke truth to his friends, he spoke truth to power! He never hesitated to make known in writing to the powers that be, his opinions on matters of critical national interest! He was an unusual politician in the sense that he acknowledged his debt of gratitude for sundry favours unashamedly!

Over many years we interacted within many circles! We consulted each other often and he was always quick to praise the good and admonish the less good! And now he is gone, gone at a time of an exodus of great sons and daughters of our land to the great beyond! Because of the Covid-19 pandemic we did not meet for quite a while.On the 12th of March, 2021 however he sent me a one-word message in block capitals: “QUARANTINED”. This was the day on which my uncle, Tening Mongwa, a BOBAN like himself, was buried! I called him when the WhatsApp message came in and we chatted fairly lengthily! Unbeknown to both of us, this was going to be the last time we were to talk to each other!

My sorrow and heartache know no bounds for I have lost a man who was there for me in good times and in bad times! Richard Nixon said fittingly that in public life you hear from the multitude in good times, but in bad times you hear from your friends who are invariably not many! Paul Enyih Atogho was a friend indeed because he was a friend in need, a shoulder one could lean on! His counsel, his wise counsel, was invariably the counsel of perfection!

Thank you my dear older brother for your unalloyed friendship! Thank you for your constancy! Thank you for your sincerity and profundity on matters that touched on the welfare of our country! Travel well great son of our land! Sleep easy our great pedagogue! Let the angels wing you up to the celestial city! You will be sorely missed, but memories, good memories of you, are many and will remain fresh! They will see us through! Your warm and reassuring voice will continue to resonate in our minds as we soldier on and wait for our own one-way tickets to join the choir of Angels! 

To your wife and eternal best friend Susan, we extend our fraternal and heartfelt condolences! You are all in our thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Ernest Asoba on May 15, 2021
Pa Atogho

You were not only a Dad to me but an outstanding friend. You offered yourself to me as a LADDER where at any given time, I could climb up to tap varied knowledge, be it in Education, Politics, History or Religion. Our weekly conversations through phone calls and chats narrowed the distance between us. You were my source of inspiration and role model. That's why the sad news about your demise came to me as a huge shock!

One distinct feature about you was that, you were so HUMBLE and this translate deep down to the true meaning of your name Paul.

Farewell my Legend,
Farewell my Knowledge Baramoter,
Papa, Rest In Peace with the Lord.

Ernest Asoba, UK

Posted by Elizo Enci on May 15, 2021
THE BRIGHT SUNSET (Flowers for the Perfect Gentleman).
Daddy, you were the sun that shone so bright.
Keep shining and never flicker the good light.
The brightness of your light was selfless.
The rays from your epitomized sun were countless.
They illuminated the paths of so many with solace and kindness.
Life made meaning to many because you were in it.
Your priceless love caused the return of my missing family rib.
We shall forever remain thankful, though you depart so soon.
When great trees fall, sleeping rocks are woken, and the lions shiver.
We grief your sudden and painful departure today, as we celebrate you.
We will dare not say you are gone, else death claims victory.
We will live with thankfulness you were here, and you conquered.
Yes, good men must die, but death cannot kill their good names.
As long as we live, Daddy, you too will live, for you are a part of us.
It is said that after the death of a good person, his grave is loved.
Your life was well spent in kindness to everyone around you.
A man of dignity and integrity, yes, the good man lives on.
The man with the rare smile, that still beamed in seriousness.
Your homestead will never be eaten up by termites,
for the love you gave is coming back with a taste of eternity.
So I have learned, there is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.
The journey doesn’t end here. Death is just another path, one that we all must take.
The genuine gentleman. Journey well.

Fare you well Daddy
Until we meet again.

Always with Love from the ENCIs
Posted by lovelyn Anagho on May 15, 2021
How could I imagine that I would be writing a tribute in honour of you this soon 'Daddy', Uncle Paul after celebrating you and Mami's 50th wedding not long ago. I still remember the comforting words you and Mami sent to me all the way from Yaounde when I lost my dad.Those same words will comfort your loved ones left to grief over your death.
Rest well because you worked hard, lived and enjoyed life .
Posted by francisca ncho on May 15, 2021
Our dear friend Pa Atogho came into our lives some 30 years ago.
It's been a long journey of togetherness. News of your ill health and later on death, devastated and shattered us. It came as a bomb.
We were always there for each other. You took long trips with Mami to share in our joys and sorrows and vice versa.
Oh how we would miss you. "Adu my best friend" you would always say. When Charles and Joffi met in matrimony, the relationship took a deeper dimension. We would miss you " Excellence"
The prayers upon our arrival and departure to and from Yaounde.
The constant calls to check on us.
The love you had for Joffi and the kids.
But we know you are a seed. We pray God to let us see the harvest in the long run. Sleep well our dear friend you have merely moved on. You did well. Your love for Susan and the children was constant. Pray God keeps them strong. May God watch over the large family you have left behind and reward you for the kindness you showed while on Earth.
  Adieu Pa Atogho our dear friend and in-law. Good night.
               Joe & Fanny Ncho
Posted by Aboh Anyangwe on May 15, 2021
Dear daddy,
Angaba! It still resounds in my ears how you preferred calling me. You were such a God fearing and very caring father. I very much appreciate how you accommodated me and the family in your home in Yaoundé always making sure that we were very comfortable. Thank you so much for your constant words of encouragement and wisdom. 
Today and forever, I choose to celebrate you.
Rest in perfect peace daddy!

Lots of love,
Aboh Anyangwe.
Posted by Festus ASANA on May 14, 2021
"O death, where is thy victory? O death, where is thy sting?" (1Corinthians 15:55)
Our dear "Big", your sudden death has come to us like a dream and a terrible shock. When we met in October last year we least imagined that we would not see you physically again. Your exit has put us in a dilemma especially as we are far away from home.

We fondly remember the many years of our wonderful relationship which has been more than just that of big and small, which started in CPC Bali since 1964. You have been present in all our celebrations playing the role of a big brother. You were a strong support to our pastoral ministry in many ways.

You planned and insisted that I officiate at your 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries and God graciously granted it. It was your wish that I should officiate at your funeral but because of circumstances beyond our control we cannot be present physically.

My wife Jenny and our children join me in expressing our deepest condolences to Mami Susan and the children. You will forever remain in our hearts. May you truly rest from your earthly labours in the bosom of your God and Creator. Farewell beloved "Big".
Posted by Mbacham Kofi on May 14, 2021
In Ecclesiastes 3, we are told there is a time for everything; but nothing can prepare us for something like this...

Even though you're gone the moments we shared will live forever in my heart.

You were my rod and my staff throughout my childhood when things were falling apart.

In the darkest of night, you took me under your arms and guarded me like a shepherd.

And in the morning light, you taught me the psalms and guided me with His word.

You were my Sensei; my inspiration for hope and your influence can never be erased.

Daddy, May your soul rest in perfect peace knowing that your love and kindness has left a footprint in our lives.

Vade In Pace.

Mbacham Asseneh

Posted by Ngaha Yvan on May 14, 2021
***Thank you...***

Thank you for the beautiful moments we spent together. Thank you for your love. Thank you for your smiles. Thank you for the lovely granddaddy you've been and will forever be. Thank you for the clapping hands and for the blessings.

The time God offered us was short, too short, but intense.

I thank God, the Almighty, for this experience and I'm confident in His mercy. May He welcomes you in eternal peace.

Miss you already...
Posted by Emmanuel Mundi on May 14, 2021
Hello Paul, did I hear you traveled? without saying good bye to your friend "Ekay". Nobiso. Why have you done this to me? Always pulling me aside to say one or two things, whether in church or in the CMF. Weeh Paul. I heard of your illness but I did not think this was heading in this direction. But God always is the better judge. You were dedicated into the CMF while I was President on the 7th January 2001 (Millenium Batch) and you made the Group really proud when personalities like you chose to serve Jesus with an inner feeling. Where have you kept BOBA whose meetings were championed by your presence? You spoke privately to me, praised and thanked me when you felt like, and said good things bout me to my face. Paul, wusai we dong keep that moyo palava? Susan, Ashia. God will give you the strength to continue taking care of the family. Accept the condolence of al the Mundis, and Alice.
Posted by Chofor Che on May 14, 2021
Daddy we loved you so dearly, but the good Lord loved you most. You impacted our lives in several ways and showed us how to live in a responsible way. You will be forever missed. R.I.P.P
Posted by Ula Tako on May 14, 2021
Uncle Paul - A true Friend to our family.
Our family lives have been intertwined since I was a kid. I remember your visits and hearty laughs whenever you were in the company of our late Papa. When our Papa died in 1983, your home became a second home. I remember car rides with you from Kumba to Yaounde for holidays, letters from you when I was in high school 1988, taking me to the airport for my trip out of Cameroon to Nigeria in 1991, attending my traditional marriage in Kumba in 1999 and the list goes on and on. You and Auntie Susan always welcomed us. I am happy we kept the relationship you built with our Papa over the years. I am happy we had the opportunity to express our gratitude to you over the years. We miss you. Ula Tako Abunaw on behalf of Mrs. Angela Tako ,Modesta, Annette, Ebai and Erock.
Posted by Awah Moma on May 14, 2021
Daddy, Uncle Paul, Senior Bob

Thank you for being a father, friend, mentor, teacher and refuge.

Into our lives you brought so much joy, laughter, knowledge and wisdom every minute of your life and these memories we will cherish forever.

The world is a better place for what you ARE as a person.

We are better people for what you ARE as person.

You will always be in our midst.

Love always.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Posted by Jasmine Fotso on May 13, 2021
Daddy, as I have always called you. The news about you leaving us is disheartening. You will be greatly missed. May you rest in the bossom of the Almighty. ️ ️
Posted by Joan Ambu on May 13, 2021
You pulled me out of deep waters, breathless and shattered.
You whispered in my ear, “My Child, it is well.”

You claimed me in the Mighty Name of Jesus and went through so much, clearing every obstacle, to reveal the right path for me.

You healed my broken wings and taught me how to fly again. You taught me how to let go of earthly things.

You were for me and you were always with me. Your love was true and pure.

I loved you, I love you, and I will always love you.

Your daughter,

Joan Ambu
Posted by Siri Mah Atogho on May 13, 2021
My Dearest Daddy-in-love, how I miss you! This still feels so unreal.
It's been so many days already since I heard your voice saying "my Mah" in the sweetest way that only you said it.
Ahhhh Daddy I wasn't ready to say goodbye. I assumed we had many many more years left together but God had bigger and better plans it seems.
I'm glad I never missed out on any opportunity to tell you how much I love and appreciate you.
Thank you for loving me completely. Thank you for the priceless lessons and memories I'll cherish for the rest of my life.
I know you are in good hands now with your Father.
I love you forever!
Your Mah
Posted by Edna Sanga on May 13, 2021
My beloved one and only Daddy in my life - My confidant.

I thank God I was able to be at your bedside 72 hours upon arrival in Cameroon.

What a blessing to have shared your last moments of love which will be forever treasured in my heart. I am truly grateful to God almighty.

The love we shared and bond we had remains sealed in my heart.

Thank you for being the best daddy to me. I love you and always will.

Your one and only daughter,

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Posted by CATHY KIMBI-ABONYE on June 10, 2021
DADDY, words cannot express how I feel. I thank God for your life and the legacy you have left behind. I thank for His answer to our prayers and decided to heal you eternally. You will be greatly missed!!! God is Sovereign in His decisions!!! I bow down and worship Him for His Sovereignty!
Posted by Kenneth Tambi on June 10, 2021
Dear Daddy Atogho,

It has taken me a long time to write a tribute about you. The reason is very simple, and it has been difficult to come to terms you are no more.

I know if there is one thing you don’t joke with is your life style and your health. You were a naturally very prudent person and don’t take things for granted.

Pa Atogho ,you’ve been like a dad to me and I can’t count the number of times you’ve visited me in the UK. I recently attended your 50th  wedding anniversary celebration in Cameroon and this is the last time I saw you. I am glad to have been at the celebration and it was a real come together and it was an opportunity to see my brother Robert after more than 20 years.

With you, there is no taboo topic and we usually discuss all topics you could imagine. You were a very simple and humble person, attitude that can be seen in all your children.

I am very sure you are resting in peace as a happy man. I think you’ve given everything you could on earth.

RIP Pa Atogho

From your son

Kenneth Tambi

Posted by Valentine Gana on June 7, 2021
The death of Hon. Enyih Atogho is still very surreal to me. The chords that string me to Hon. Enyih are numerous and varied. He was a loving and caring father to me, and he was a dear, loyal and trusted friend to my father, late William Tegum Gana. Additionally, Hon. Enyih was a caring father to all my siblings.

I will miss him greatly, in our very sentimental conversations, in his practical manner of looking at Cameroon and its multiplicity of challenges, in his honest understanding of Cameroon's history, in his detailed, loving and caring inquiry of everyone in my family, in his loving humility to those he didn't need anything from, in the genuineness of his tender human touch within every encounter.

Yes, his legacy will live on in the close, endearing, loving and inspiring relationship with his wife, and the very fatherly, close, mentoring, caring and inspiring relationship he had with his children, nieces and nephews.

They say, "people don't care about how much you know, until they know about how much you care". It was through Hon. Enyih's caring patronage in assisting my father that I had a VISA to travel and attend college in the United States in 1990, a feat that has been a blessing to my entire family. How could I not treasure him? How could I not continue to honor him?

My hopes, plans and aspirations to meet, and chat with him in person again have been dashed by this inevitable thing called death. The legacy of his smile, his love, his intelligence, his disciplined nature, and his gladness for the person I became will live with me forever. May God render strength to his lovely wife, children and all the extended relatives.
Recent stories
Shared by Humfred Mbah Awanka Abono on May 15, 2021

Born to be great!
Daddy Enyih Atogho Paul, you were just born to be great. Upon your appointment 'as Secretary of State, Pr Njwe Ruben your school mate in CPC Bali of blessed memory told me that your appointment came to some of them like no surprise. Even in those tender school days he said, you had always posed as a big government official. He narrated a story of your journey home through the Metta land when you had closed and were going on vacation. You were trekking and night caught you in  Metta and as you approached a compound you gave them your luggage to carry, took out your blazer and put it on. As you entered the compound you announced authoritatively, " Government people don come, government people don come". The hosts then rushed around and prepared a befitting meal for you and your companions and provided you a good place to sleep. Before ever you went to bed, you summoned the whole family, husband and wives and then asked the wives, " How would you feel if I took along your husband and threw him in jail for not paying his taxes?" They replied that it would be a sad and traumatizing experience. You then admonished them to help their husband pay his taxes and invite other women in that village to do same. You finally promised to come back to ensure that they complied. The following morning you continued your journey to Ngwo. How I had longed to remind you of this story so that we laugh together and have fun! You just grew up with this grandeur in mind and spirit until you became Minister, far bigger than the tax collector you were in this story! 
I remember once we were having lunch in your house at Central town Yaounde and towards 1pm news time you instructed that the radio be tuned on. Then you were Director of Private Education while I was student in Yaounde university and you told your sister-in-law who lived and worked in Yaounde " If during this news cast I am appointed Minister, where would you pass to see me in my office?" She simply replied that she would see you at home in the presence of Mami Edna. Daddy you had expected it, worked hard towards it and you got it.
Over and above all, the big government man and Minister that you were, you were down-to-earth simple and always creating fun that would make people laugh out their lungs. You did this even with the little children that surrounded you to the point of being considered a childish man by those who take life more seriously. It was easy for one to come to you with a problem in mind and leave without posing it because you would crack one joke to the other and make one forget self. I remember Daddy coming to where the dancers were being fed during his father's death celebration and some meat was being shared and he asked for his own piece. I burst out laughing and asked him, "If you are given would you take it?" and he said 'Why not? Am I not here with you? Have you not taken yours?" I felt ashamed for thinking that I could share with the dancers and villagers and not he, a politician for that matter.  That was Daddy at home and in social gatherings. When it came to work, you were too serious and that made your collaborators dread you. One of your former students in GHS Mamfe where you were principal told me you threatened them with sentences like " If any student is caught loitering purposelessly on campus, he will be severely punished". There are many more expressions he claims to have learned from you. 
Daddy Enyih Atogho Paul, you put motherland first in everything you did. A good number of our folks do not seem to have met their aspirations through you, which is normal: you could not have done everything for everyone all alone. However, when it came to home, the village Ngwo and the Sub-division Njikwa you gave your all. You made your weight to bear in every development sphere. Did we get a District that became Sub-division? You were there. Did we get a secondary school that enabled the poor who would otherwise not have attended college and further their education attend college? You were there. Did we get Nursery and Primary schools at the doorstep of everyone and were saved the trouble of covering long distances for basic education? You were there. Was our road infrastructure maintained and extended? You were there yet again and the list would not be exhausted. Daddy Enyih Atogho Paul, you gave your all to your home of origin and we can never thank you enough. A star is gone, our only source of pride is gone and we can only thank history for posterity. Go ye well Daddy. Adieu.
Humfred Mbah Awanka Abono.