Daddy - Our Fountain of Love

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres."

1 Corinthians 13:4-7


Once in a lifetime comes a pillar to the family, a visionary to the community and a watershed of wisdom to a people. Indeed, we have lost a baobab of a father, a sea of a giving heart and a true rainbow of a gentleman, gone before us to be with the Lord. What a loss to the family and friends, what a chasm to the community that his loss leaves behind. Some called him Hon. Enyih, others called him Pa Enyih, while a multitude just called him Daddy – a simple and effective expression of the father figure that he truly was to them.

Hon. Paul Enyih Atogho was born on October 12th, 1944 in Soh-Ngwo, to Ando Ayoh Ntse Enyih (Father) and  Christina Angato Atogho (Mother). He was named Atogho after his late maternal grandfather Atogho-Yebu.

Pa’s early activities centered on baby-sitting. In a positive turn of fate, his maternal uncle David Tabenda Atogho played a major part in his early life when he advised his father to send Daddy to school along with others who had preceded him. These humbling attributes of Daddy’s humble beginnings will remain a trademark of his character.

He completed Standard 4 in Ngwo and his paternal uncle, Jeremiah Asokwa took him to Yoke in the South West Region where he did Standard 5, a level which was unavailable in the village at that time. Hon. Enyih later joined his uncle, D.T. Atogho in Buea where he completed Standard 6 in Native Authority School Buea in December 1960. God was always and remained the NorthStar in Pa Enyih’s life as his transition from one uplifting station to another could only be one with the touch of God Almighty.

Pa was admitted into the Cameroon Protestant College, Bali in March 1961 from where he graduated in June 1965 with the GCE Ordinary Level. Versatile in nature, Hon. Enyih was employed in July 1965 as a teacher to teach English to young French-speaking Cameroonians in East Cameroon. Later, he was posted to teach English at the Government Secondary School, Sa’a, Lekie Division of the Centre Region.

In March 1966 and consistent with the NorthStar in his life, daddy was admitted on a USAID scholarship into Cuttington University College, Suacoco in Liberia. Attending to his studies with discipline, humility and an unmistakable focus on a bigger vision, he graduated 4 years later with a B.A. Degree in English Language and Literature. It is worthy to note that this was a time when less that 5 percent of Africans had a college education. Pa was always conscious of this privilege, mindful of his blessings and committed to employ his education for the service of his community and humanity.

He returned to Cameroon on December 19th, 1969 and was immediately employed by the Presbyterian Church Education Authority to teach English at his alma mater, CPC Bali. While teaching in C.P.C Bali, the Presbyterian Church offered daddy another scholarship to do a Master’s degree in Fourah Bay College, Sierra Leone in 1970. On his return, he was engaged by the Ministry of National Education and posted to teach English at the Government Secondary School in Sangmelima, Centre-South Region.

It is remarked that after an inspection mission there, he rushed back to Buea, but was virtually forced to return to Sangmelima by Pa’s maternal uncle, D.T. Atogho. That act of obedience, a hallmark of his character was a pivotal and turning point in his life. From Sangmelima, his working and professional life took an upward trajectory. After a year of training as a Certified Graduate Teacher in ENS and the University of Yaoundé cumulatively, he was posted to GHS Bafoussam. From there, he began his appointments to posts of responsibility.

Hon Paul Enyih Atogho was appointed the first Vice Principal of GHS Wum in 1976, then Principal of GHS Mamfe in 1978, Director of Private Education in 1982 and National Inspector of Education in 1986. To him, service to humanity was love in work clothes. This was demonstrative in the fact that during his teaching and school administration career, he taught and made many of his students his admirers, some who have played and are playing very important roles in his working and retirement life.

His political appointments naturally flowed from the quality of service rendered at his every appointment, leadership and endeavor in the public sector. These began with that of Secretary of State (Minister of Government) of Education in 1988, Member of the Central Committee of the ruling CPDM party since 1992 and Councillor in the Njikwa Rural Council in 2007. Hon Enyih Atogho never took the privilege of these positions of responsibility for granted, for he became a gift to his people that never stopped giving. Today, the sun never sets on the children Pa Enyih guided, assisted, sponsored, or directly impacted in one way or the other.

During his political activities, he led and was a member of many Political Delegations within and abroad, notably, in all the 10 Regions and abroad to the UK, USA, China and France. Being the master educator, Pa authored many political articles championed by a book titled Politics: A Call to Serve, published in 1999 by the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the ruling CPDM party.

He retired from active service in 2004 at 60 and continued with other political activities. His lovely wife Susan too is retired. In May 2014 while on retirement he was appointed Board Chairman of National Institute of Cartography (NIC) and held this position until his demise. However, daddy spent his retirement happily, traveling and visiting his children and grandchildren at home and abroad.

The wise say “life is always of short and uncertain continuance”. In April 2021, Hon. Paul Atogho had become ill. As the end of April approached, the forces of the afterlife dialed as insistent as a wailing sound. We as a family together with friends and well-wishers mounted a fight, prayed ceaselessly and kept our faith. While we made plans for a recovery and a comeback, the world of our maker was ready to receive this dove of peace, and agent of progress. His courage, and strength towards the end, epitomized the calming Psalm 23, for truly a shepherd to Hon Paul Enyih Atogho was the Lord. He leaves behind his lovely and loyal wife Susan, his five kids (Paul Ando, Hans Ako, Robert Atengi, Charles Emene and Edna Ngba-Togho Sanga), their spouses (Achale Atogho, Siri Atogho, Joffi Atogho, and Nelson Sanga) numerous grandchildren and a cherished trove of relatives, friends, and loved ones.

Daddy was an embodiment of peace, a merriment of life and above all a fountain of love. A mentor, teacher and adviser to many. Daddy's quantum of wisdom was unique as could be seen from his practical solution to every human problem. His overwhelming love towards humanity can only be compared to an unending spring of pure water from where everyone drank to his or her satisfaction yet never ran dry. Daddy will always say, “do good at every given opportunity” and ask yourself,

●Is there a need to be met?

●Can you meet that need?

●Meet the need with LOVE irrespective of who they are.

We all have unique encounters and experiences with Daddy. Your tributes added in the “Leave a Tribute” section will keep his memory alive forever in our hearts. Please share your pictures, videos and stories in the “Gallery" and "Stories” section.
Posted by Emmanuel Fon-Fomukong on February 24, 2022
When God has taken his action and we do not have any choice in the matter, all we, the Fomukongs can say thank you for you know by far better than we mortal beings. To the family, I personally was very close to your father since Yaounde before I left in 1977 to USA. His spirit is the wind beneath your wings and your children's children. God bless all of you and my regards to the Awuro's family. I love all of them including late Matthew who was with in at Penn State University, PA. God knows best. Fon-Fomukong, Emmanuel (It is never too late to leave something from the bottom of my heart).
Posted by CATHY KIMBI-ABONYE on June 10, 2021
DADDY, words cannot express how I feel. I thank God for your life and the legacy you have left behind. I thank for His answer to our prayers and decided to heal you eternally. You will be greatly missed!!! God is Sovereign in His decisions!!! I bow down and worship Him for His Sovereignty!
Posted by Kenneth Tambi on June 10, 2021
Dear Daddy Atogho,

It has taken me a long time to write a tribute about you. The reason is very simple, and it has been difficult to come to terms you are no more.

I know if there is one thing you don’t joke with is your life style and your health. You were a naturally very prudent person and don’t take things for granted.

Pa Atogho ,you’ve been like a dad to me and I can’t count the number of times you’ve visited me in the UK. I recently attended your 50th  wedding anniversary celebration in Cameroon and this is the last time I saw you. I am glad to have been at the celebration and it was a real come together and it was an opportunity to see my brother Robert after more than 20 years.

With you, there is no taboo topic and we usually discuss all topics you could imagine. You were a very simple and humble person, attitude that can be seen in all your children.

I am very sure you are resting in peace as a happy man. I think you’ve given everything you could on earth.

RIP Pa Atogho

From your son

Kenneth Tambi

Posted by Valentine Gana on June 7, 2021
The death of Hon. Enyih Atogho is still very surreal to me. The chords that string me to Hon. Enyih are numerous and varied. He was a loving and caring father to me, and he was a dear, loyal and trusted friend to my father, late William Tegum Gana. Additionally, Hon. Enyih was a caring father to all my siblings.

I will miss him greatly, in our very sentimental conversations, in his practical manner of looking at Cameroon and its multiplicity of challenges, in his honest understanding of Cameroon's history, in his detailed, loving and caring inquiry of everyone in my family, in his loving humility to those he didn't need anything from, in the genuineness of his tender human touch within every encounter.

Yes, his legacy will live on in the close, endearing, loving and inspiring relationship with his wife, and the very fatherly, close, mentoring, caring and inspiring relationship he had with his children, nieces and nephews.

They say, "people don't care about how much you know, until they know about how much you care". It was through Hon. Enyih's caring patronage in assisting my father that I had a VISA to travel and attend college in the United States in 1990, a feat that has been a blessing to my entire family. How could I not treasure him? How could I not continue to honor him?

My hopes, plans and aspirations to meet, and chat with him in person again have been dashed by this inevitable thing called death. The legacy of his smile, his love, his intelligence, his disciplined nature, and his gladness for the person I became will live with me forever. May God render strength to his lovely wife, children and all the extended relatives.
Posted by Duga Titanji on June 6, 2021
Fellow Mourners,

On behalf of BOBA (Bali Old Boys’ Association),
I will like to thank the ENYIH ATOGHO family for giving BOBA the opportunity to make this tribute to our beloved and departed brother Mr. Paul ENYIH ATOGHO.

The unfortunate routine for me as PRESIDENT of BOBA over the last 3 (three) years is to write and present eulogies and tributes to departed BOBANS. I would have loved to present speeches celebrating earthly achievements that could have made my job a lot easier. And I must admit that it is all the more difficult when I have to speak on behalf of people who went to Bali College several years before I was even born.

Just a few months back, I have had to speak on behalf of General James TATAW and H.E Albert NGOME KOME. The macabre list is a bit long for me to derive any pleasure in listing.

Here am I again, compelled to undertake the onerous and most unwanted task to speak on behalf of another illustrious BOBAN, an “archive” in his own right, Mr. Paul ENYIH ATOGHO; who entered Cameroon Protestant College (CPC) Bali in 1961 and graduated in 1965. I am told he entered Bali College very smallish in size and even when he graduated, he was not the biggest of all the students.

I will spare you details about how brilliant, elegant, eloquent and hard-working he was in Bali College. But what I cannot pass without mentioning is what I drew from the testimony posted on the BOBA Yaoundé forum by his “smalls”, who of course are big men today. They are all unanimous on the fact that Paul ENYIH ATOGHO was not a bully. He was a very friendly senior student who paid attention to younger students. He was interested in transferring knowledge even as far back as in CPC Bali which explains why he joined the teaching profession after Bali. Little wonder therefore that only a few years after leaving CPC Bali, he quickly rose to the post of Secretary of State for National Education. What other eloquent testimony do you need to show that he was a man worth his salt.

I will therefore like to focus mostly on our brother’s life after Bali College and his several contributions as a BOBAN both to his alma mater and the Yaoundé chapter.

I have chosen to entitle this eulogy “Living by the motto of C.P.C Bali - God - Knowledge and Service”.

Mottos, very often are seen by those who pay little attention as 3 disjointed words thrown into the air to embellish the name of a country, a city or a college as in this case. However, for those who pay attention, they are words that represent a concept, a philosophy, a way of life and an ideal. The founders of CPC Bali choose 3 words that represent 3 concepts that do not easily go together. God, Knowledge and Service. Most very knowledgeable people tend to philosophize, and excessive philosophy often take us further away from God. Service, especially when we use it more to serve ourselves than to serve others, is even more complicated to blend with service to God. Since the whole concept of God is based on the moral philosophy of using knowledge to render service to mankind in order to honour God, it becomes difficult to reconcile the current deviations we find in the service mission with the honour of God. The more you philosophize on God the more you extricate yourself from God. But Enyih Atogho, somehow succeeded in blending all 3.

I have indicated whenever the opportunity has arisen that everyone who has attended Cameroon Protestant College (CPC) Bali even for just one year, is an Old Boy. And of course, that is regardless of whether it is a “he” or a “she”, because Bali College, for the records, is the only college where girls go in as girls and come out as boys and they are all called “old boys”.

On the other hand, a BOBAN is any ex-student who voluntarily joins the association of ex-students of CPC Bali known as “Bali Old Boys’ Association”. The association is a members’ club. Members enjoy rights, but they also have duties and obligations.

As a BOBAN, Mr. Paul ENYIH ATOGHO was at all times registered as a member of the association; and played an important and leading role in all the activities of the association. Until his demise, he was an adviser to this President. As one of those who concocted behind the scenes and imposed the presidency on a run-away relatively young man in an association made of much elderly heavy weights, he remained a mentor and friend. I found Mr Paul ENYIH ATOGHO as an epitome of simplicity, devotedness and humility. He was quiet and soft spoken, though he always had the tendency of dishing out controversial political views whenever he took the floor to make a point even on an unrelated issue.

The stories abound of the good works of Mr. Enyih ATOGHO. He had accepted to generously host our chapter meeting in the month of March 2021 before he fell ill. I need not repeat the fact that he supported any BOBAN who came his way, without preconditions. I need not overemphasize how he served the state by putting God ahead always in the use of his knowledge for service. He was very generous with advice.

Today we are bidding farewell to a man who has served the nation with his knowledge without serving himself. At this time, when we separate momentarily, till we meet again, our thoughts turn to the family he has left behind who are now widowed and orphaned by his sudden departure. We only have our hands and voices to call on the most High, HE who has often taken widows and orphans into his bossom and care for them, to do the same with this family during these trying times.
Fellow mourners, as we accompany our brother, I will like to leave you with these words of Paul to the Corinthians:

"Behold! I tell you a mystery. We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we shall be changed. For this perishable body must put on the imperishable, and this mortal body must put on immortality. When the perishable puts on the imperishable, and the mortal puts on immortality, then shall come to pass the saying that is written: “Death is swallowed up in victory.” “O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?"

(1 Corinthians 15:51-57)

Adieu “Archive”. Till we meet again.

                               Barrister Dr. DUGA TITANJI
                               President of BOBA Yaoundé
Posted by Benic Mah Mbanwie on June 5, 2021
Daddy, I celebrate the life you lived on earth and most especially the opportunity I had to spend time with you.
I remember back in the days when I was job hunting and frequently around you, all your support, those calls you made, your guidance on how to send the courier to the addressee .
I smile because I had the chance to come back to the house with my kids and spend time with you and Mami to appreciate you for all your fatherly support.
Most especially, I smile because I believe you are resting with your Maker. Rest well Daddy.

Mah from Congo (As you used to call me)
Posted by Edna Sanga on June 5, 2021
From Mrs Gwei

Uncle Paul, the day I received the sad news of your departure from this sinful world, I have not been able to accept it but that’s the truth. Your boh Eli Gwei will miss all the good time we had together. Whenever I visited the house, the fridge in the room had special drinks for me and I had to eat. I still picture your gentle smile with the words eeh my Eli.The Lord knows why .We can’t change His decision.
You are in a better place with your Heavenly Father .
Rest In the bosom of your God.
   Ma E. Gwei.
Posted by swiri anyangwe on June 4, 2021

Thirty years ago, after my biological father (your friend) transited, you took upon yourself the role of husband to my mother, father to my siblings and I, and later on as grandfather to our kids. You did this effortlessly, meticulously with love, joy and compassion. A friend indeed you were! Oh daddy Enyih Atogho, can I ever thank you enough? Daddy you made sure I went into ENS after my first degree, then paid for my wedding dress when I was getting married, walked my junior sister Ngum down the aisles, accompanied Chi to ask for his wife's hand in marriage, Made sure Bih had her visa to travel, helped Awah out of Russia to greener pastures, advised late Ade and Ndeh on life's choices and the list is endless. Yet, you were only a friend. I called you husband to widows and father to orphans. We were many under that canopy at home with you. Thank you daddy, thank you!

Daddy, your sudden departure has callously plunged me into a feeling of sorrow I cannot articulate. I am utterly lost! My acceptance of this nightmare is drenched in disbelief. How can it be? Are you really gone too? Oh life!

My loving, kind, funny, empathetic, quick-witted cheerleader, unconditional supporter, orator, mentor and father is gone! Oh how art the mighty fallen?

Saying I will miss your jokes, laughter, warmth, friendship, stories told and retold over and over again, and most of all your easy companionship is an understatement. Yours was a life of love, simplicity, humility, reaching out and sharing. You were Mr minister; the only uncle who went straight on to meet my mother in her firewood kitchen when you visited; not waiting for a ceremonial welcome! One in a thousand!

Daddy, please tell me, why I should still be so immersed in grief, barely trying to breathe after dramatically losing my siblings, and be hit again by such pain. Tell me, how many times over I am supposed to have this kind of heartbreak. Daddy, has this world not given me my fair share of sorrow for now?

Daddy, everything appears so hazy and unclear to me. I might just be sinking! Your departure has made me discover there is an emotion more hollow than sorrow.

Oh how I wish I could turn back the hands of time, if only to see you again for one minute and let you effortlessly and lovingly hold my hand and walk me around the compound, as you so often did, only to tell me how much you love me. Oh daddy! Oh death, you are wicked, but "be not proud.. for you too shall die".

I thank God for the opportunity to have spent some of your very last moments with you. I KNOW that is what you would have wanted. I thank God I could tell you how much I love you too, to ask for forgiveness from you for all my shortcomings, to pray for and with you. These moments of intimacy as you lay helpless on your hospital bed will never go away; above all, the love you showered me all through my life is what I will hold on to.

Your grandkids too will miss you! No more afternoons with grand pa in Bastos! The cliché of my heart is heavy has brutally come alive in my life. It hurts, it sucks, just thinking that you too are gone! Visiting Bastos will never be the same because there will be no one to shout out my name immediately the gate is opened, no one to laugh with, no one to converse with, no one to call me the best daughter and most of all no one to encourage my educational pursuits! No one, no one, no one, no one to turn to! I leave it to God!

Good night my, father, uncle, hero and superstar friend to my late father Barrister Ade Moma! I will never forget you! Sleep well!

Your adopted daughter,
Swiri Moma Anyangwe (Ma)
Posted by lenin akum on June 4, 2021
Uncle Paul, what a shock to learn of your demise Daddy. You were such a terrific uncle, an uncle full of love, who cherished humanity.

I can remember growing up as a young man, especially during my time in Y’de, you were always ready to help me, gave me counsel and so much more. Most importantly, you made your home a place where I was welcomed and was part of the family. Daddy, you had endless stories that were fascinating and some that were packed with wonderful lessons. It was always a privilege to be in your presence. It is very painful to acknowledge that you have left us!

I vividly remember the morning devotion sessions. It wasn’t just bible studies; it encapsulated almost every other aspect of life: - character, love, discipline, and hard work. I can’t get this verse off my head Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope”.

I wish to say thank you for your kindness and all the love you gave me.

We have lost a gentle giant; may you go in peace and rest in the bosom of our Lord.

Adieus Daddy!

your son Lenin
Posted by Barbara Atogho Tiedeu on June 3, 2021

The loving family man.
The author with a fine pen.
The archive and encyclopedia.
The classy and stately statesman.
The great diplomat and negotiator.
The peace-seeker and peace-maker.
The dedicated teacher and educator.
The life-spicer and game-changer for many.
The ever-ready animator and life of the party.
The man of great wisdom and communication.
The persevering one who never gave up on anyone.
The matchless matchmaker and marriage counselor.
The one who inspired but also dreamt big for others.
The man of finesse, “bonheur,” elegance and fine life.
The unconditional support system and life-line of many.
The one who just made everyone feel so individually special.
The voice for the voiceless and defender of the defence-less.
The generous and lavish entertainer with such largesse of heart.
The one who just made it happen for everyone who came his way.
The faithful one who stayed true to his friendships, years unending.
The one who encouraged and gave value to every little effort made.
The ace fisherman who gave fish to many and taught multitudes how to fish!
The every-season speech-writer who delivered extemporaneous speeches too.
The advocate for the poor, for the weak and weary, for battered wives, for widows and orphans.
The one who cut across language, tribal, regional, national, international and continental barriers.

You were just HUGE.
The list is incomplete; yet you wore all these hats so well.
You did not drop the ball and you did not fail to deliver in any of these roles.
You were that person who did everything to be all things to all who came across your way.

Simply put, … you were just CARING!
May His Name be praised.

You cheered me on, Uncle.
You never gave up on me, Uncle.
You desired so much for me, Uncle.
I miss you, Uncle.

Barbara Mma Atogho Tiedeu
Posted by Nelson Sanga on June 3, 2021
From Dr Mbah

Farewell in Eternity; Dear Friend
The message came from a friend in Limbe to me that our friend, former Vice Minister of National Education, Mr. ENYI ATOGHO was sick. Immediately after, another message from Bamenda gave me more details of what was the problem. It was one of the strangest circumstances given that during the arrangement for eternal departure of Mrs. ATOGHO, we discussed measures for preventive measures. When Mrs. Suzanne ENYI confirmed the state in which he was, we continued to pray hoping that healing was gradual and behold he was already on the journey to eternity.

He met us in CPC Bali and was an easy-going and sociable boy. We shared a house and a dormitory. Later we met at Cuttington College and Divinity School in Liberia. There we were together in a psychology course and had many outings to Sergeant Kolié Town, near the College; where we usually shared stories about ourselves. It was then he released knowledge about his would-be wife Suzanne Anagho, then in Nigeria.

As a student at the University, he taught French in the Campus Primary School. He toured West Africa with Prof John Gay, given his competence in French. As Popular and sociable as he was, he became the Secretary General of Cuttington Students Union. He was one of the few Cameroon students at Cuttington who visited Cameroon during the 4 year programme. He brought us news of the happenings at home. We were to meet again in CPC this time as teachers. During this second stay at CPC, apart from teaching, we were involved in admission of new students. This delicate responsibility was discharged with the greatest integrity. From CPC, we made a memorable visit to Ngwo. It was for the wedding of Paul and Suzanne and that wedding was for a life time with many fruits.

We soon left CPC. He left to serve the country in the Francophone part as an English Language teacher. He quickly moved into the Government and we discussed development issues at home and out of home. Here he did what he could. His training in Christian education from secondary through University was manifested in his public service. One of his books is on Christian/moral education at national level. Paul’s departure leaves a void at local and public levels. The Almighty God knows why and our hope is that the same God will remedy the gap.
Dear friend, we did not know that our not long ago meal at your residence with a visiting friend from the USA was our last together: That remains our last encounter on this planet. We hope we can meet later in eternity. May the Almighty Father grant perfect peace to you in eternity and the family left here on earth.
Posted by Alain Tiedeu on June 3, 2021
Tribute to Uncle Paul : The caring Daddy
A story is told of some people who were asked to describe an elephant. The one standing by the foot said that the elephant was like a very fat tree. Then was the turn of the one standing by its ear. He said the elephant was like a huge umbrella, while the one standing by the belly claimed with all certainty that the elephant was like a huge big screen! All these things were true! Each said what he could see, feel and live! Such it certainly is with Uncle Paul.
Above all, I knew him as a caring man, who went down to each person’s level to give him importance. Personally, because of his love for my family and I, Uncle Paul sent me many Whatsapp voice messages to encourage us to press on through life. He inquired about the children’s health, their education, our career plans and more. He always ended by reassuring us of his love, support and prayers, offering his help and apologizing for being unable to come and see me in person. These messsages kept us going through the difficult times. They comforted me when I was about to sleep, after a hard day spent fighting for my family’s welfare, tired by my struggles of the day. How he knew what I was going through, I often wondered! The only answer is that his caring heart, eyes and ears could « see » and « hear » from hundreds of kilometres away!
He was the man who gave details of arrangements that were being made in the family, which otherwise I would not have known. He gave a place to all those who would often ignored. He wanted everybody to be on the same page, to be synchronized, such that the family, as a huge, orderly, integrated and well-coordinated unit, would move forward. I will surely greatly miss that!
Dear Uncle Paul, you have done your part! You have struggled for the family to be united! You have cared! May your soul rest in peace!
Alain Tiedeu
Ebolowa, Cameroon
Posted by Mathew Akoko on June 3, 2021
My greatest memories of you date back to 1971 when you and other tutors of CPC Bali interviewed me into Form 1. You have always talked to me how I was looking so naïve and the little note which my brother, Moses Akwa Akoko of blessed memory, sent to introduce me to you. That marked the beginning of my 50 years journey with you. You have since treated me and my family as an integral part of your family. We were always guaranteed a room in the house each time we were in Yaounde.

You were very instrumental to my academic and professional accomplishments. By some means, I got married to Helen who was the 3rd person in your house when you got married. My marriage to Helen took our relationship to a higher level.

You did and sacrificed a lot for me, like staying with our kids when Helen had to visit me in UK, altering your flight from London to Cameroon - to instead come to US with Mami for my PhD graduation, and many more favours you did for me. No words can describe what you have been to me. You have gone without me reciprocating enough.

As your journey is one of no return, I wish you the greatest favour from our Lord with the hope of joining you when my turn comes.
Your Abiewa – Mathew Akoko
Posted by Mathew Akoko on June 2, 2021
Tribute from the Ngwo Cultural and Development Association (NCUDA) for H.E. Enyih Paul Atogho

The departure of Hon Enyih Paul Atogho, an illustrious son of Ngwo and Patron of the Ngwo Cultural and Development Association (NCUDA), is a serious blow to the association and the entire Ngwo community. 

As President General of NCUDA, we were privileged to benefit from his mentorship and advice. At difficult moments, he was always there to direct and encourage me. And now he is no more. This is the abyss his departure has left for me and future leadership of NCUDA.

Hon Enyih Paul Atogho was so attached and committed to the development of Ngwo, Njikwa, Momo and the North West Region, just to end at that level. Through him, many were able to acquire education, from the basic to the highest level. His financial and moral contribution to the Ngwo Cultural and Development Association is by far second to none.

His professional competence was seen and recognized by government and appreciated through successive appointments to high posts of responsibility. His appointment to the rank of minister was an honour not only to him but to the people of Ngwo and Momo.

Our NCUDA patron, though we mourn your departure, we are thankful to God for granting you a fulfilled life and the many lives you imparted. Your legacy will live with us and for many generations to come. We wish you an enjoyable eternity with your creator God Almighty.

Dr. Mathew Akoko
President General of NCUDA
Posted by Mado Atogho on June 2, 2021
My dear Uncle Paul
My dear Daddy
My dear friend

Our hero
Our pride
Our inspiration

On that fateful Saturday night
The dreaded call came
'Daddy don go, Daddy don die'
And for one moment the earth was still

I screamed
I shouted
I cried

But you were gone
Gone to meet your maker
Gone to meet your king

In true Uncle Paul fashion
You put up a good fight
But our dear lord had other plans

I won't question why
I won't mourn like an unbeliever
I won't doubt

All I have left to say is THANK YOU
Thank you for being my friend
Thank you for being my Uncle
Thank you for being my strength

While on this side of eternity.....

I sometimes took you for granted
I didn't realise how lucky I was to have you
I didn't say THANK YOU enough

Now that you have transcended
The scales now fall off my eyes
And suddenly I realise how blessed I was

Heaven beckoned and you bowed
Go ye Daddy and dine with kings
Your reward is well earned

On this side you will be remembered for your greatness, your kindness and your generosity
Your words of wisdom imprinted in many hearts.

Oh how I will miss you my dear Uncle Paul

Then came the night
The sun finally set
And so the Lion slept

Mado Atogho

Posted by Besem Ozong Enoh on June 1, 2021
Tribute to PA ATOGHO

Rest well, with your Creator Pa Atogho, Rest well. We are very sad to hear about your sudden departure.
I remember when I first met you and your wife in Birmingham. I will never forget the scene. It is etched in my memory.
You came out of the house smiling to receive me
You hugged me affectionately and was very happy with a unique smile which will for ever remain in my memories.
Though you are dead I want to thank God for the privilege He gave me to meet you several times. It was my intention to visit you many times but nature took its course to take your life
Pa Atogho rest in peace
Besem Ozong Enoh on behalf of Mami Cecilia Enoh children and grandchildren.
Posted by Katie Batcha on June 1, 2021
My father, my mentor, my lawyer. You called me your daughter and I called you my father. Such was our relationship from when our path first crossed during my university days. Having lost my biological father earlier on you took up that role until your death. When I got married you adopted my husband as your younger brother and friend. You became one of the pillars on which we so often lean on. Everyone in both our close and extended circles knew you as our stronghold
When I first visited you in the hospital, pain, fear and anger gripped my heart. It seem death was looming. I held unto some of your lessons on hope and faith in God. I used some of your favourite verses from the books of Jeremiah, Isaiah, Corinthians and the Psalms and asked God to heal you. He did....... in his own way. Who am I to question God!!!
Like a whirlpool so many thoughts crossed my mind when I got that fateful telephone call. I questioned the measure of a man's life....... is it the amount of money in his bank account, the property he owns, the power and position he holds or his many successes? None of these..... the true measure of a man's life is the many lives he impacted
Words cannot describe the impact you created not just in the Batcha and Foju families but in the lives of many and sundry. You took special care of widows and orphans. You brought so much happiness to the many hearts you touched through your advice, generosity, words of praise, warmth and encouragement.
You were a God fearing man who prayed ceaselessly and encouraged others to often pray. Thank you for the many lessons on patience, humility, gratitude and prayer that you taught me.
Daddy going forward without you will be an uphill task. Who will come running when I make a distress phone call? My heart bleeds!!!!! I am consoled because I know I have another guardian angel in heaven. Ben, the kids and I will miss you sorely. We will miss your constant presence and warmth in our home for dinners and ceremonies, the wisdom of your advice, your many beautiful stories and speeches, the sound of your voice over the phone....... You will be remembered as a special and loving father
Go thee well my father, my mentor, my personal lawyer and protector. We will forever cherish your memories.Adieu Your Excellency, Adieu Uncle Paul... Adieu Daddy Atogho. Adieu!!!!!!!

The kids, Cathy and Ben FOJU
Posted by Nelson Sanga on May 31, 2021
From Mrs Iyok

The news of your demise was shocking because we got no inkling of an ailment. Paul, our Maker has called you home. lts your turn now. No polemics.

You are the third esrtwhile principal of GHS Mamfe who has gone to the Great Beyond after Messes Wambo and Mbake Samuel. Many elements who served under you here have expressed their heartfelt sympathies; many former students as well.

Paul, your demise has certainly created a great void in your immediate family. My prayer: God Almighty should give Susan, Paul Jr, Hans, Robert, Charles and 'Queen' Edna, the fortitude to bear the loss and the courage to move on.

Your legion of friends will miss you when they recall your welcoming, entertaining, heart warming gestures, never-ending stories and ensuing laughter.

May the Heavenly Hosts order your steps to His presence. Good night, Paul. See you on the other side of Jordan.

Chief Manyi Mbiwan Iyok.
Posted by Edna Sanga on May 31, 2021

From Marie Louise AMANA

Paul, Cher collegue, Cher ami

Donc toi aussi tu nous quitters...!

Du quatuor de responsables tres lies que nous formions a l'ancien MINEDUC (Ministered de L'Education Nationale), tu viens de suivre nos amies Lydia et Berthe, pour l'eternite.

Ceci est d'autant plus douloureux qu'il y a trois mois encore, Suzanne ton epouse, toi et moi partagions a votre domicile le choc emotionnel que nous a cause la disparition soudaine de Berthe, un an seulement apres celle de Lydia.

Le souvenir de nos rapports cordiaux et des moments agreables passés ensemble restera a jamais present sans Mon esprit. De toi, je garde l'image d'un homme epris de paix, d'une simplicite deconcertante et surtout celle d'un monsieur fidele en amitie, quelles que soient les circumstances.

Que Dieu notre Pere dabs da grande misericorde t'accueille Dan's da demuere.

Vas et repose en paix.

Marie Louise AMANA
Posted by Edna Sanga on May 31, 2021
From Prisca Enyih

Oh death you are so wicked . you just came and take away daddy from us without any notification . daddy you were more than a million to me and my personal friend and mentor .l will forever ever remember the good times we share together and my children will miss you so much especially your mbombo Paul . rest in peace daddy may God be by your side.yours daughter inlaw prisca Abo.
Posted by Nelson Sanga on May 31, 2021
From Elvis Asokwa

A bitter pill to swallow...
Daddy, my coach, mentor, adviser, story teller, Family Man. As days pass by, it becomes more clear that u re gone forever but my body trembles when i think i will not see u nor hear u again. But since the 1st of May, i have ur image hovering all the time and ur voice echoing in my ears.
You were the ladder in my life and for my family. My wife and the boys will miss u alot. God made it that Ellen-Paul was born on your birthday, a way to always remember and celebrate you.
On behalf of my wife and kids, we will miss you forever and you will forever remain in our hearts. Thank you for all your Love...I know u re enjoying it with the angels.
RIP Daddy. We loved u but God loved u more

Elvis Asokwa Enyih
Posted by videos Angato on May 31, 2021
Chaiii daddy, Chaiii daddy you really shock me this time oooh. Are u really gone daddy??. For my more than 30years I never saw u with a drip on your hand daddy. Just the first time you went and remain in the hospital. I was waiting for you to come back home and tell me your experience being admitted in the hospital but where are you now . How do you feel doing this to me daddy??.
For me to say I miss u daddy is an understatement but I know that where u are now I can only join u but u can't come back to me.
You will forever be remembered my lovely daddy.

Rip daddy

Posted by Bih Moma on May 31, 2021
Paul, uncle Paul, Pa Enyih,

Where do I start and where do I end?

The debate as to who will bury who has ended unceremoniously, Surely as planned by God.

Our relationship started over fifty one (51) years ago, when you as a faithful friend to late Barrister Fon Ade Moma took me to Monrovia Liberia, for us to become husband and wife, until he passed away in 1991. November 2021 will make it thirty (30) years that the children and I have had you as a pillar to lean on during the good and bad days. You showed much concern for me and the children. Paul you stood for me and Fon and gave out our last daughter Ngum in marriage, and rightly so as her father. You also stood as a father for Chifor, when he was getting married. For these and much more, the children and I say: THANK YOU!

Uncle Paul, your sudden departure has not only left a vacuum in your family, but also in your late friend Ade Moma's family.

I pray that our children remain united and that God himself will fill the vacuum your departure has left in the two families        

Who will call me “Mami Moma” again? Who will invite me to come and rest when I am down cast? Who will my children call daddy?

Rest in peace daddy!

It is well with your soul

Lydie Ateh Moma
Posted by Robert Alonji on May 30, 2021
Uncle Paul,

It is hard to accept that you are gone. You will always be missed. Thank you for
the advice and words of wisdom, when I had to travel of the country for the first. You have left a true legacy. Your love , jokes and smiles will be missed.

t’s such a shame to lose you at this time, unfortunately no death is timely. Like they say, God’s time is the best but we, your family understandably feel it’s quite too soon. But then such is life and we have to accept that God had decided to bring you home.
We will cherish every single moment we spent with you. I guess this is our final goodbye since we never got the chance to do so. Rest in peace Uncle, We will definitely miss you.

                   Love You,                    

    Robert, Fidelity and the family
Posted by Mary Asoba on May 30, 2021

It is so difficult to believe that you are no more. You will be greatly missed.

I remember the times we shared with you and your wife when you visit Edna in the UK. You were so fun to have around. You are and will always remain a role model to us all. Rest in peace with the lord until we meet again.

Mary Asoba
Posted by Anjah Moses Tafah on May 30, 2021
Until We Meet Again.
Good people die everyday, yet not all of them affirm to us the goodness in humanity and the respect for mankind the way Daddy Atogho did.

You are gone,but you have left behind a legacy of positive experiences for everyone who knew you and still to learn about you.

Daddy, those special memories of you will always bring a smile to us. If only we could have you back for just a little while,then we could sit and talk again just like we used to do.

It broke our hearts to lost you, but you didn't go alone, for par of us went with you the day the almighty God called you home.

The fact that you are no longer here Will always cause us pain. But you are forever in our hearts until we meet again.

Anjah Moses Tafah.
Posted by Harry Kuchah on May 30, 2021
It's hard to accept you are no more Pa. I have been waiting to see you again in July when you and mama usually come to the UK for your check up. I knew this time you would be proud of us for moving into our own house as we promised you. But then God decided otherwise. We can't fight God's decision. I am heartbroken, our daddy has gone forever. Thank you for being in my husband's life . You were the first person my husband introduced me to, after I travelled to Wum to see my parents in law.You opened you hands, your heart to me. You watched me learn and improve my English, you were with us all through our wedding and supported us in every way possible. You have always been full of advice, full of jokes... we could spend hours conversing and laughing. "Pepe tell us how you and Harry met," that question you used to ask me everytime we met and you will sit enjoying my answer as if you had never heard it before!! Go well Daddy, go well ever-smiling Daddy. Rest well

Perpetue Kuchah
Posted by Martha Njoh on May 29, 2021
Daddy, There's a big hole in my heart, now that you're gone. But What you taught us, that life isn't a sprint - it's a marathon, hard work was your top priority in our up bringing, you taught us to not let our fortitude lapse.
So We will arise and keep on going
Losing you now just doesn't seem fair.

Goodbye, Daddy Watch over us
Rest In Peace
Posted by Mboni Atogho on May 30, 2021
This was not the plan....
We still had plans...
You left too soon...

Who will tell me all the Atogho-Yebu family history and folklore which you so effortlessly recounted in great detail and glee as you reminisced.
Oh how I will miss you...

Who will advise, defend and advocate for me all in one breath. You had so mastered the art of effective communication. You had a way with words few have mastered. You would listen intently and your wise utterances were often pregnant with deep meaning.
Thank you for being an anchor.

Who will banter and encourage me and Awuro about future plans... laugh over a glass of drink brought at your request.... not forgetting the bag of chocolate bars I got every time you returned from a trip abroad...
oh how I will miss you...

Yes it was not by chance Daddy Atogho of blessed memory chose you to embrace me into the family during our traditional marriage some many years back. An act not only metaphorically but in every other sense you have been a wonderful Uncle & Daddy in law.
Your departure is so surreal I still can't bring myself to tell Daisy of your demise... she still feels sad and her eyes swell up when she hears of her Grandma. I know she too will miss you especially when she goes to the house in Bastos and you won't be there to give her favourite chocolate.

Though a life well lived...
Full of wise words and laughter...
Loved many and was loved in return...
God loved you more
We.... I will miss you.

Mboni Atogho

Posted by Fernanda Joffi Temple col... on May 28, 2021
Daddy,i was blessed to be your daughter in law for over 14yrs.Charlie and i will miss you terribly.your grandkids Eka,Emene,Makane and your namesake "monsieur le ministre "will miss you.You were a wonderful father and grandfather. We had plans daddy ...what do i do now?this is so hard but God knows why.You were a father,a husband and friend to confidant!!!weh daddy...
We will miss you daddy. Rest in the bossom of your maker.
Love you forever
Joffi Atogho
Posted by Evodia Enyih on May 28, 2021
Tribute To Daddy.

Dear Daddy,as I always called him. Till this moment,I am still dreaming that you are gone. If this is really true,I wish you farewell,go ahead and prepare a place for us. Daddy,my family and I will miss you so much. Your namesake Atogho Bryan, your moyo mr. Egbe like you always called him and the rest of the children who always say,mumy, let's go to grandpa.
I will miss our great moments just you and I discussing.
You were my model,I have always loved to Stand Out like you. You impacted my life with Christian Values especially LOVE your key word everyday.1s conrinthians 13.

An Educator, Advisor,loved and showed concern to all,a giver.
Always called me to make sure we were fine usually in the morning.

Thank you Daddy for being a father to me.

................ Evodia "my daughter "like you always called me.
Posted by Jessie Ekukole on May 28, 2021
My Pillar

Uncle your sudden exit has left me bereft and lost. I have lost another father, counsellor, confidant, defender and friend. Life was easy just knowing you were there but all that has changed. Yes, I’ll miss all the laughter we shared as we spent countless moments talking about life. You were a keen listener and a wise and tactful mediator to me and many others. Your availability was legendary and your willingness to offer advice and assistance was well-known. Your largesse was boundless as it reached the most desperate and anonymous persons way out of your family and entourage.

Uncle who will call me Abe again? Sometimes just to summon me to your house for one thing or the other. Who will recount all the funny stories that sent us cracking up with laughter but which were always laced with pertinent, relevant and timely wisdom? Who will I run to with my issues? I can still see you listening keenly to my family, professional, marriage and social problems. I can still hear the pertinent questions you asked and the advice you gave sometimes with a lot of hilarity and at other times with solemnity. I always marvelled at your ability to remember things from your childhood even to the miniscule details. I was amazed at your sense of entitlement to Daddy because as you rightly said, you knew him before his wife and all his children. His business was your business. His happiness was your business. His success was your business. You made sure you supported and assisted him faithfully to the end and beyond. You were eternally grateful to him for who you became in life. And I dare say you mourned him more than I did. You still cried every time we talked about him and that was all the time. Oh how am I supposed to go on without you uncle?

It’ll be hard. No one can fill the vacuum you’ve left. No one can replace your place in my life uncle. How can I forget that you stood by me when many didn’t have the courage to? Uncle!!!!!!!!!!

I thank God for the time we had

I thank God for all we shared

I thank God for your support

I thank God for your love for me

I thank God for all you impacted on me

I thank God for your legacy

You will live forever in my heart

Go in peace my dear uncle

Your Abe
Jessie Ekukole

Posted by Jessie Ekukole on May 28, 2021
My family extended to the CPC family
We normed and formed
We were trained and educated
We conformed and confirmed.
In character and esteem.
To make things happen. In a world to see them happen
Let alone those who don't see them happen.
Paul was indeed upward bound
He had a charming cheer
Was a cheerful giver of
Both the intangible and tangible.
Susan and the children have lost their roof
The Lord will provide another roof
Cheer, cheer an achiever is no more
May his soul rest in peace

Hon Tasi Ntang Lucas
Posted by Marvin Enyih on May 28, 2021
Daddy.....truely we don't know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory, it hurts each and every time our moment with you comes in memory cos you never got tired of advising and quoting.You showed and made us understand the importance of education to life. If the whole nation remembers and thanks you for this lead, who are we not to be proud and thankful...Daddy we know wherever you are, you remain a guiding light whose love will continue to show us the way.

Rest In Peace « Daddy Yaoundé ».

Marvin,Irene & Mathew-chrisma ENYIH.
Posted by Nelson Sanga on May 27, 2021
From Pa Joe Atekwana

It has finally happened to us that we can no longer have you by us oh our IDOL.
We called you beloved Honourable, Uncle Paul, a philanthropist, an indispensable Ngwo developer, a generous educationist and a giver of all that Ngwo needs.

You were and remain the only conjugal family over whose UNION I ever presided more than half a century ago.
Yes!!! It has happened and we can do nothing to it. Not even knowing what to write. I am totally confused.
I only can say, "Go ahead. And we will inevitably follow."

Our love, Admiration and unalloyed respect for you will leave indelible memories till we meet at our LORD JESUS CHRIST'S FEET WHEN OUR TURN COMES.

Joe & Betty Atekwana
Posted by Asumba Aseneh on May 26, 2021
Daddy I didn't know you were deceiving me with all the all the advice,but it came so true but God knows all.people live n God decides when it's right.u fought a good fight but it was a decided time n He knew.may the good Lord continue with His blessings on us as we live on earth as u left u.w'ell live to remember ur advice as the wise one.RIP Daddy
Posted by ATOGHO Nora Ada on May 26, 2021
Where do i start from? Death has snatched someone so dear to me. Oh my Beloved Daddy! Hearing you were admitted in the hospital and was on oxygen for that matter got me seriously depressed. I couldn't get enough sleep because i kept imagining the pains you were going through on your sick bed. I prayed and prayed but only God has the final say. Daddy you have played a great role in my life which i will NEVER forget.  You have always shown so much love and interest in everything that concerns me. I remember how you travelled all the way from Yaounde to Batibo just to get me admitted into PHS Batibo. You were such a blessing to me daddy. I work with CAMTEL today because of the endless efforts you made for my sake my dearest daddy . You were indeed my destiny helper. God used you to bless me abundantly. I will never forget that . Your love for me was so visible. Your passing away has left a vacuum in my heart which no one can really understand. You were such a fun-filled and loving father to be with.You will carry me on your thighs like a baby each time i visited the house so that we should discuss. I will greatly miss you daddy. We love you but God loves you more. Go get the rest you deserve daddy. Greet your brothers Uncle Tom, Daddy Ata and the rest for us. Farewell Daddy. In our hearts forever. RIP. ( Your niece ATOGHO Nora Ada
Posted by Mathias Chiano on May 25, 2021
Hon Enyih Atogho (fondly known as "Daddy"), your sudden departure has left us distraught, but we cannot question God's wisdom and timetable; travel ye well, Daddy! We thank God for your fulfilled life, for the many lives that you positively changed and for the hearts that you have touched. You have been a blessing to humanity, your love and generosity knew no bounds, you were Daddy to everyone, anywhere and everywhere. Thank you, Daddy.

I count my blessings every day; I was fortunate to meet you in January 1998. Back then you hardly knew who I was, but you accepted me without pre-condition, not only as son-in-law, but as your very own, and a true friend. I felt welcomed! You have been positive change to me and my family in ways l cannot enumerate. Daddy, you are sorely missed, but your humility, compassion and love of family is the legacy that will live with us forever.

Daddy, what else can I say - fare ye well, your gentle soul, in communion with the angels, has found eternal peace in God Almighty. This is our firm belief, our hope and our prayer. RIPP

(for the Chianos, Cambridge UK)
Posted by Edna Sanga on May 24, 2021
From uncle Peter Atanga.

My dear Senior Grand Pa, My Moyo, Big brother, Pa Enyih, just like a joke, but I see you have travelled. I remember the last time we spoke and you told me you were too tired to continue talking and that I should continue with Mami. Continue with Mami I will, Grand Pa Paul.
How can all of this be true? Hard to accept it as is. You fought like a warrior, going down like a Spartan. I regret I never made it to say au revoir. So au revoir, because I know and believe we will meet again. We will meet again to share the several meals we had on Abli's kitchen table. Who will say Massa Pi, let's try this red wine?...memories of the times spent talking about our families...Your ever so infective simplicity of life, not withstanding your having been to the mountain top, was a lesson in living for mankind. I will forever be grateful God gave me an opportunity to join you in brotherhood.
I will always remember the nights in Ngwo village, your soothing voice and speaking style that kept the family and friends listening and looking up to you like the Teacher you were. We will miss the magic. It is sad indeed you had to go rest, albeit in grand style, because you did your work. You worked hard to immortalize your name and I know your very existence changed many lives.
Rest in Peace my beloved brother.
Peter Atanga.
Posted by Fri Bime on May 23, 2021

Daddy Atogho became for some of us just "Daddy" because even Ma Sue called him that.

It was amazing to hear Daddy say "Mammie! Where are you? Mrs. Bime is here" or hear Ma Sue shout "Daddy, Ma Fri is here" and make "Daddy and Mammie" sound like a special endearment and both carry you along with it because of the ease with which they were with each other.

They celebrated 52 years of marriage, fifty two years of love and companionship. Fifty two years of being each others Identity so it was no wonder that when we heard of Daddy's death my first thought was 'How would Mammie manage?'

Daddy welcomed us "Coolspring members" every time with a special bottle of wine, champagne etc. He knew most of us individually by name and even voices. When his sight started to fail he would say "Come close so I can see you"

Daddy encouraged me in my writing and discussed many topics with me whenever I stopped by which wasn't often enough. His conversation and ideas were always lively and enriching.

Daddy, you have raised a wonderful family that will continue to take care of your better half and we will try to be there for her.

So Daddy. Rest in perfect peace. You are certainly missed.

Beatrice Fri Bime
Posted by Patience Tabi on May 23, 2021

Dear family it’s with great sadness and a heavy heart that we have to say goodbye to Pa Atogho As we fondly called him. My husband and I have known Pa for over 43 years he was actually present during our marriage .Pa was always full of advice and ready to give a helping hand when needed . His broad smile said it all , the openness of his heart and kind spirit always desiring peace ,love and togetherness. Your absence leaves a vacuum that many will find difficult to comprehend , but we know our God has spoken and we surrender to his sovereign will . Rest in Peace Pa you did a god job , well done for the family you have left behind .
Posted by Susan Susan Bamuh APara on May 22, 2021
Dear daddy,
I thank God for your life. 
I thank God for your selflessness in serving humanity.
I thank God for the peace you incarnated.
I thank God for the legacy you have left behind.
While I am comforted that you are resting in the Lord's bosom, I pray the Lord Almighty to grant Mami and the family you left behind, the fortitude to bear your transit to your maker. Missing your advice, your good works and your generosity, but I pray that the Good Lord should reward you with eternal rest. Rest In Perfect Peace Daddy
Posted by Robert Ekukole on May 22, 2021
I'm stunned and overly devastated to know I'll see you no more. Oh! Uncle Paul, you were such a rock and not even in my wildest dreams did I see your shadow melt out. For over 30 years you were my confidant, my technical adviser, my cherished Moyo and most of all... my friend. I can't count the times we sat down together for a good meal served by Mami. I'm still to understand why you always offered me your special drink. How could the people's person disappear like you did that grim night? Oh! Uncle Paul, I know how you took time to listen to and take care of widows and orphans. How art the mighty fallen? I've missed a trusted friend and father but I know your works were pleasing to your Creator. I'll miss your wise words, your sharp outbursts, your humor, your diplomatic approach to issues and your deep love for my wife, Jessie. Yes, Uncle Paul, you were such a Hercules and your shield was sure. We shall feel the void for a long time. Your boukarou may serve Guinness no more but I know your sweet spirit will linger for a long time to come. Rest assured Mami will be fine and with her, Paul, Hans, Robbie, Charlieman and Eddy. Memories of you will remain forever fresh like a Japanese lily. Go forth Uncle, you did exceedingly well.

(Most cherished Moyo)
Posted by Emmanuel Amuntung on May 22, 2021

We haven't come to terms with your departure. Thank you so much for all what you did for us. Thank you for walking my beautiful wife down the aisle; we will remain ever grateful to you.
You were not only a Father to my Wife but also a brother to my Dad who was your bench mate at CPC Bali and with whom you shared a special relationship lasting over 60 years.
Thank you Daddy for stepping in and offering immeasurable assistance to our families.
When we spoke on the phone about 2 days before you were admitted to Hospital, you told me that you were not feeling great and needed some rest as per your Doctor's advice. Unfortunately, that was going to be our last conversation.
You were God fearing, always full of love, laughter and good humour.
You were too well loved to ever be forgotten Daddy. We miss you but we have faith you are enjoying Eternal life as promised by our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. We give God thanks and praise in every circumstance. You will be in our hearts forever. Love and miss you.
RIP Daddy.

1 Timothy 5:25
In the same way, good deeds are obvious, and even the ones that are inconspicuous cannot remain hidden. 

Ngu and Ngum Amuntung
Posted by Masoma Jita on May 21, 2021
Precious Uncle Paul. It was a terrible shock to hear you had transitioned to glory. I thank God I was able to spend extended time with you and Ma Susan in Yaounde last year. Your dedication, commitment and love to your friends and family can never be over emphasized. You were a rare gem who exemplified the true meaning of friendship, love and support.
May your legacy live on and I am sure you are resting peacefully now even though we all miss you. Much love, Masoma
Posted by Ari Ando on May 20, 2021
You will forever be missed grandpa. Wish I had a little more time with you
Posted by Marie-claire Ewah on May 20, 2021
Our Pathfinder, Our Lion king, God saw you getting tired, and a cure was not to be. So, He put his arms around you and whisphered "Come to me". Your life was Love and Labour, Your love for your FAMILY was true. You did your best for all of us and we will always remember you. You're the loss that hurts not for a while but a life Time. For each EWAH's Heart that sinks and sores eagers to be mended but dwells in shattered Dreams. Our Hero is gone, and a golden Heart at rest. God broke Our Hearts to prove to us He only takes the best. In pain and suffering, We bid our goodbyes, Until we meet again, The Memories of you shall remain.

The EWAH’s family
Posted by Fongho David on May 19, 2021
Dear Papa Paul Atogho Enyih, I just find it so difficult to accept the fact that you are no more. I remember right on Saturday 4th January 2020 when I attended your wedding anniversary (50 years of marriage). I could see how happy and fulfilled you and your wife were. I prayed you both should celebrate 70 years, but God Almighty has a reason for everything. May the good Lord watch over and protect your entire family during this moment of sorrow. Heard from my mum that you were a kind and hardworking person. You shall forever be in our hearts. Rest in peace Papa

Fongho David
Posted by Clara Fongho Tih on May 19, 2021
Daddy Paul Atogho Enyih,I am still to come to terms with your passing away.A week before,you took part in certain radio programs, I can still hear your rich voice dishing out knowledge.The first time I met you was in the early 70s when you and your wife paid a visit to my parents.
The only person who called me Clara Tih , you were a special person;God fearing, cheerful and
generous.I was privileged to be part of the fairytale wedding anniversary and was hoping that many more anniversaries will be celebrated but God decided otherwise. We thank God for your life.You will be forever remembered.
May God comfort the entire family. RIP Daddy.
   Clara Tih Fongho
Posted by Abel Ndeh Sanjou-Tadzong on May 18, 2021
Tribute to a Senior Boban.
   I knew Hon. Paul Atogho Enyih in C.P.C. Bali, in 1963.
   After C.P.C. Bali,we met again in the Ministry of National Education where we severed as Teachers for many years.
  Hon. Paul Atogho Enyih worked so hard and so well that he won the trust and confidence of his hierarchy and that enabled him to rise to the ranks of School Administrator,Director of Private Education and finally to the prestigious position of Secretary of State in the Ministry of National Education.
  He was a real gentleman: kindhearted, sociable,showed great concern and interest in all those who came his way.He was a wonderful boss everywhere he served he showed empathy and was ready to make an extra mile to render assistance to any person in difficulty.
  As Minister,he made valuable contribution in the development of the Educational System in Cameroon ,especially ,as he had a solid background in the Anglo saxons System of Education.
  He actively participated in the Political life of his people within the CPDM Political Party and other political groups.
   As you return to your Creator while we await our respective turns,we pray God to be gracious and merciful to you and grant you perfect eternal rest in His Kingdom.

Your Excellency, a dieu. R. I. P.
Sanjou-Tadzong Abel Ndeh
Government Delegate Emeritus,
Bamenda City Council.
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Recent Tributes
Posted by Emmanuel Fon-Fomukong on February 24, 2022
When God has taken his action and we do not have any choice in the matter, all we, the Fomukongs can say thank you for you know by far better than we mortal beings. To the family, I personally was very close to your father since Yaounde before I left in 1977 to USA. His spirit is the wind beneath your wings and your children's children. God bless all of you and my regards to the Awuro's family. I love all of them including late Matthew who was with in at Penn State University, PA. God knows best. Fon-Fomukong, Emmanuel (It is never too late to leave something from the bottom of my heart).
Posted by CATHY KIMBI-ABONYE on June 10, 2021
DADDY, words cannot express how I feel. I thank God for your life and the legacy you have left behind. I thank for His answer to our prayers and decided to heal you eternally. You will be greatly missed!!! God is Sovereign in His decisions!!! I bow down and worship Him for His Sovereignty!
Posted by Kenneth Tambi on June 10, 2021
Dear Daddy Atogho,

It has taken me a long time to write a tribute about you. The reason is very simple, and it has been difficult to come to terms you are no more.

I know if there is one thing you don’t joke with is your life style and your health. You were a naturally very prudent person and don’t take things for granted.

Pa Atogho ,you’ve been like a dad to me and I can’t count the number of times you’ve visited me in the UK. I recently attended your 50th  wedding anniversary celebration in Cameroon and this is the last time I saw you. I am glad to have been at the celebration and it was a real come together and it was an opportunity to see my brother Robert after more than 20 years.

With you, there is no taboo topic and we usually discuss all topics you could imagine. You were a very simple and humble person, attitude that can be seen in all your children.

I am very sure you are resting in peace as a happy man. I think you’ve given everything you could on earth.

RIP Pa Atogho

From your son

Kenneth Tambi

Recent stories
Shared by Humfred Mbah Awanka Abono on May 15, 2021

Born to be great!
Daddy Enyih Atogho Paul, you were just born to be great. Upon your appointment 'as Secretary of State, Pr Njwe Ruben your school mate in CPC Bali of blessed memory told me that your appointment came to some of them like no surprise. Even in those tender school days he said, you had always posed as a big government official. He narrated a story of your journey home through the Metta land when you had closed and were going on vacation. You were trekking and night caught you in  Metta and as you approached a compound you gave them your luggage to carry, took out your blazer and put it on. As you entered the compound you announced authoritatively, " Government people don come, government people don come". The hosts then rushed around and prepared a befitting meal for you and your companions and provided you a good place to sleep. Before ever you went to bed, you summoned the whole family, husband and wives and then asked the wives, " How would you feel if I took along your husband and threw him in jail for not paying his taxes?" They replied that it would be a sad and traumatizing experience. You then admonished them to help their husband pay his taxes and invite other women in that village to do same. You finally promised to come back to ensure that they complied. The following morning you continued your journey to Ngwo. How I had longed to remind you of this story so that we laugh together and have fun! You just grew up with this grandeur in mind and spirit until you became Minister, far bigger than the tax collector you were in this story! 
I remember once we were having lunch in your house at Central town Yaounde and towards 1pm news time you instructed that the radio be tuned on. Then you were Director of Private Education while I was student in Yaounde university and you told your sister-in-law who lived and worked in Yaounde " If during this news cast I am appointed Minister, where would you pass to see me in my office?" She simply replied that she would see you at home in the presence of Mami Edna. Daddy you had expected it, worked hard towards it and you got it.
Over and above all, the big government man and Minister that you were, you were down-to-earth simple and always creating fun that would make people laugh out their lungs. You did this even with the little children that surrounded you to the point of being considered a childish man by those who take life more seriously. It was easy for one to come to you with a problem in mind and leave without posing it because you would crack one joke to the other and make one forget self. I remember Daddy coming to where the dancers were being fed during his father's death celebration and some meat was being shared and he asked for his own piece. I burst out laughing and asked him, "If you are given would you take it?" and he said 'Why not? Am I not here with you? Have you not taken yours?" I felt ashamed for thinking that I could share with the dancers and villagers and not he, a politician for that matter.  That was Daddy at home and in social gatherings. When it came to work, you were too serious and that made your collaborators dread you. One of your former students in GHS Mamfe where you were principal told me you threatened them with sentences like " If any student is caught loitering purposelessly on campus, he will be severely punished". There are many more expressions he claims to have learned from you. 
Daddy Enyih Atogho Paul, you put motherland first in everything you did. A good number of our folks do not seem to have met their aspirations through you, which is normal: you could not have done everything for everyone all alone. However, when it came to home, the village Ngwo and the Sub-division Njikwa you gave your all. You made your weight to bear in every development sphere. Did we get a District that became Sub-division? You were there. Did we get a secondary school that enabled the poor who would otherwise not have attended college and further their education attend college? You were there. Did we get Nursery and Primary schools at the doorstep of everyone and were saved the trouble of covering long distances for basic education? You were there. Was our road infrastructure maintained and extended? You were there yet again and the list would not be exhausted. Daddy Enyih Atogho Paul, you gave your all to your home of origin and we can never thank you enough. A star is gone, our only source of pride is gone and we can only thank history for posterity. Go ye well Daddy. Adieu.
Humfred Mbah Awanka Abono.