How we met and became one!

Shared by Jeanette Heide on November 27, 2021
Eric and I met late Nov. 2008, in the PDX airport.
We had both signed up for free teeth cleaning thru mt hood community college. I recieved an email from a student asking if I would like to make $300 and a all expense paid trip to California. He sister had broke her foot and had missed her state exam.Eric received the same request.
His laugh is the first thing that I noticed. I was sick and just wanted to get to CA and the hotel so I could lay down.
He was talking and laughing with the gal and her sister and I don't even know what they were talking about but just hearing Eric's laugh made me smile..
That weekend the student her sister, Eric and myself went to universal studios and and other place to site see. I had the best time laughing, joking  and having serious conversations followed by laughter again.
On our way to her exam I confessed I was afraid of needles, Eric said he would go first needles didn't bother him. if he didn't qualify then I would step in. He qualified!
On the plain ride home we switched seats so we could sit together. During our flight we talked about life relationships parenting we were laughing and joking so much that I'm sure we were disruptive to people sitting around us however I don't think either one of us even notice there was anyone else around. I thought to myself someday this is the type of person that I want to marry.
Eric being who he is and in our almost 13 years of marriage I never ever once saw him look at another inappropriately. Even though we were having a great time talking I had no clue that he might be interested in me at all.
The plane landed and we got our luggage, said good bye and headed to our rides.
As I was going through the revolving doors all of a sudden Eric ran into it and we followed it around. he nervously asked me if he could give me his number.
My insides lit up and I modestly said sure. After all he was a bar tender and I really didn't know him that well or his morals.
Well two weeks went by and I thought about him everyday so finally on a Saturday I gave him a call and when he answered and asked who it was I said" this is the chick that you had fun with a few weekends ago" wondering how he was going to answer this and was it going to reveal what kind of person he really was.
To my surprise after a pause of maybe a minute he said is this Jeanette?
My heart lit up.
He was on his way to go snowboarding that particular day asked me if I would like to have breakfast the following week.
He took me to Old mom and pop diner in Northeast Portland. I need to go to the grocery store and get some laundry soap. He insisted on buying it for me needless to say from that day on we built our friendship and took the time to just get to know each other and became each other's best friend. A little over a year later we were married on January 1st, 2010.
His son Damian came to live with us two months after we had gotten married.  It didn't take long for me to love him just as much as I love my own son.
We've had a beautiful journey. And as with every marriage we've had our ups and downs mostly ups. But through each trial that we had we came out even stronger on the other side.
Usually we share this story together. he sharing his side and I sharing mine. us laughing and giggling until the end. I'm sure at times it was quite annoying for some people but we didn't notice or care. We were oblivious lol
Eric is a wonderful husband, protector, provider, father, son, brother and my best friend. He loved his family dearly and always wanted them by his side. He was not one to want to go out to the bars or go off and do things unless it included his family. He was exactly what I had been looking for my whole life. I had never felt so comfortable and able to just be myself that I did with Eric. He made me want to be the best wife  and mother that I could be. 
I wanted him to always be proud to call me his wife as I was to call him my husband. I can't begin to tell you how much I yern for him and how deep my heart aches . I miss him so much and can't wait until the day we are reunited. I am so grateful that I had the time with him that I did. He loved me like no other and I wouldn't change it for the world. He was/is my best friend... I love you Eric....

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