Posted by bryson waggoner on April 2, 2021
man pops its another year I'm locked up for you're death day I'm in dys right now. I'm really sorry man i really am. I'm trynna make us all proud for the family and my girl. lemme say that fuck that bitch ass dude who killed u man they got him gone. i love u pops miss u gone but not forgotten your son bryson lee eugene waggoner imma be there soon
Posted by brison waggoner on October 17, 2018
hey dad i found a new way to talk to shianne and she and the baby is doing good i hope mom gets her warrent fixed because my jo helped her get it fixed love you daddy eric
Posted by brison waggoner on October 12, 2018
love you dad i just want to say i seen zoey she is being that mean girl like she was but she beat the boys but like you taught use she is a big girl now and she is so good at doing fights and we all kinds love you good by
Posted by brison waggoner on October 11, 2018
hey dad iam now 15 years old and i wish you were here because every day is hell for me so i just want you to know that you are not forgotten so dont worry i might be coming to see soon and i really want to so i will be there soon my life is ready to end its every day that i stress out iam in bca and if you were here i wernt be here i really want you back please watch over use kids and mom and grandma
Posted by Ethel West on January 19, 2016
Hey Eric, My husband and you was close and I didn't find out that you past away until a few weeks ago. Rest in peace cousin Eric.. we love and miss you dearly.
Posted by kateri waggoner on January 27, 2015
hey daddy its me kateri and i was just coming to check on you and i wanted to tell you that i love you alot! im doing good ins school and im getting ready to leave ann's house because me and shianne arent getting along but anyways i think its time that i come and see you because i feel like im a piece of shit becuase i havent been coming to see you but anyways my teachers are going to get mad becuase im writing you because im not doing what im supposed to do but daddy i love you alot and i want you to know that and i dont care anymore what shianne says she told me that i didnt even love you but daddy i really do dad i gtg i love you alot
Posted by kateri waggoner on September 4, 2014
daddy i miss you a lot and i think about you everyday frfr i wish you was here because my life would be a lot better and wouldn't have to so crappy because all mom does is end up in jail and it wouldn't be like this if you were here we would be a family again and we wouldn't be doing the stuff we are now because i want my family back
Posted by kaitlyn martin on February 21, 2014
Eric I miss you a lot your always on my mind like shi and kateri and Bryson I can tell that they miss you sepshly shi she is always upset and I have to bring her back up when she falls she is my sister and I do love her and I wish you could be here with them cuz they need you they all miss they're daddy but rest in peace daddy Eric love ya :)
Posted by Shianne Waggoner on January 20, 2014
Hey daddy,I miss you bunches. I went to see you today :) I was so excited to see you. I missed you a lot <33. I hope your enjoying tearing shit up,up there in heaven. I miss and love you bunches daddy <3 :* Rest Your Head Easy Daddy :)
Posted by Shianne Waggoner on December 14, 2013
Hey daddy :) I got my bike ! Imma race in memory for you <3 I love and miss you a lot !! I really need to see you again! Your gone too soon. I hope you keep these angels watching over me while I race ! I love you daddy <3 I miss you to pieces
Posted by Shianne Waggoner on October 26, 2013
Hey daddy I'm stopping by to check on you :) I hope your doing ok up there /: We all miss and love you daddy <33 :* I've been doing on I guess but daddy I'm stay in strong for you I promise :) make sure and let people know I'll be burning rubber and not my soul.! Imma start racing a dirt bike soon :) ~Burn Rubber Not Your Soul~ Love your baby girl ShiAnne :) mwahhhhhh Love you And Miss You
Posted by Amber Punzo on May 26, 2013
Memorial Day is here, I took Bub to visit with you last night, he was a little upset cause he did not bring anything to leave for you so I told him we will come back today. Still cant belive that you are gone. Shi o graduated the 8th grade and she looked so good, and Kateri graduated the 6th grade. Bub he is doing good also. They are getting big!! Watch Over Us! Love You and Miss You 143 F
Posted by Shianne Waggoner on May 15, 2013
Hey Daddy I Miss You So Much(: Im Graduating From 8th Grade Soon I Want You TO Be Watching Over Me Like A Fishing Pole Stuck In The Sea.(: Be Watching Daddy I Love You Bunches(:
Posted by katy watson on March 25, 2013
We all love and miss you Eric.! Me and my dad both do.! Love you Eric. Rest in peace.
Posted by Shianne Waggoner on February 14, 2013
~Happy Valentines Day Daddy!!(: Love and Miss you bunches!!!(: <3~
Posted by Amber Punzo on February 14, 2013
Baby i miss you alot! there is not a day that goes by that i dont think of you. you made everything complete and now that you are gone our family has never been the same and never will be. Watch over us and guide us in the right path. I love you to pieces. you will always be my LOVIE!
Posted by ashley hill on February 12, 2013
I know I didn't know you but you raised Shi-Anne great.!! She's beautiful and such a nice person.!!
Posted by kateri waggoner on February 4, 2013
love you very much
Posted by kateri waggoner on February 4, 2013
daddy i really miss you i will see you soon
Posted by Shianne Waggoner on October 5, 2012
Hey daddy I miss you a lot and I love you .anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a daddy!
Posted by Shianne Waggoner on September 5, 2012
Heyy you doing up there?today at school we r getting ipads....I miss you whole bunches. I love you so much thanks for being the best dad you could ever be. I appreciate everything you did for me. Thanks dad love you. So does mom Teri and bub
Posted by Shianne Waggoner on July 1, 2012
I love you daddy. Grandma Angel is sick me And grandma theresa are out here taking care of her. Well i coming to see you soon love you daddy. !!!!!!!!
Posted by Chrissy Wolff on April 3, 2012
It's heard to believe its been a year. You will always be in our hearts, we love you and miss you!!!! Chris and Chrissy
Posted by kaitlyn martin on February 10, 2012
i love you and miss you a hole bunch
Posted by Shianne Waggoner on February 8, 2012
Heyy Daddy I Miss you Alot.....i hope your doing ok up there love you daddy!!!(:
Posted by kaitlyn martin on February 8, 2012
i love you eric and we all miss you very much
Posted by john whitmore on April 12, 2011
We will miss you more than anyone will ever know I know we were only cousins but we were more like brothers We did lots of things together that only brothers do You will be greatly MISS by everone who ever knew YOU  especially ME and my family  Joh
Posted by cody king on April 12, 2011
i will miss you alot even though you passed on doesn't mean that you are not with us in our heart and in our minds we love u eric. cody king & family
Posted by asyiah ozburn on April 10, 2011
we All Love You...You Will Watch Over Us i Feel Safe Now Thanks For All Yu Did For Me
Posted by Sadie Bartram on April 8, 2011
Wow.. everyone misses you a lot. i hope your doing okay up there. see you soon <3

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