Love Goes On

Shared by Anna Young Schreck on March 31, 2019

My son, Brandon, is just a year younger than Erica.  Erica was attending BU when Brandon became a freshman at BC (Boston College).  It was Brandon's first time leaving home and being on his own.  He was miles away from family and in unfamiliar territory and feeling a bit uneasy with the transition to college life. 

He will never forget Erica's act of kindness and compassion for reaching out to him and offering to just 'hang' with her. That act of kindness left an indelible mark on Brandon's heart.  It meant so much to him that he started to help other newly arriving students with their transition pains. And there's more. Those students whose lives Brandon touched... they too are doing the same!  

All this because of Erica's warm, loving heart.  That one small act of kindness has grown to touch so many lives.  She planted that seed of love that goes on and on.... 

Much love goes out to the family.  You are in our prayers and thoughts. 

The Young-Schreck-Loughridge Family


Fond memory of Erica

Shared by Tom Warner on March 27, 2019

We will always cherish our wonderful memories of Erica, both in California and when we all lived in Oakton, Virginia. We were watching old home videos recently and came across one where Erica proudly states she is getting her driver's license soon. The look on Wing's face was priceless! (see attached video)

Erica was always extremely giving, and helped our kids with their college prep, for which we will be forever grateful. 

Her beautiful smile and vibrant, caring personality will be forever in our hearts.


The Warners (Tom, Nora, Daniel and Kristin)

When Erica was born - October 5th, 1985

Shared by Wing Lee on March 26, 2019

I remember we were having dinner in Torrance at Sou's sister Jennifer & brother in law David 's place & then Sou's water broke. Unfortunately, our hospital was downtown LA but I believe after approximately 7 hours of labor, here came our little precious daughter. 

Certain things in life you tend to never forget. This was one of them. It was a moment in time & I wished that I could've put time in a bottle. 

Dad misses his little girl. I have in mind to "sing" you a Lullabye (by Billy Joel).

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