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Shared by Faith Nicole Nicole on August 16, 2020
  • Happy birthday I love you and miss you so much 

Happy Birthday in Heaven !

Shared by lanette vredingburgh on August 16, 2020
Well another year has gone by. Still miss you and our coversations! We disagreed but that never changed how much I loved you!  As I think back on all you went through I know you are at peace with no pain! I can imagine you are in heaven with all our other loved ones! I'm sure it is beautiful and you are always watching over all of us! Anthony us married to Morgan with 6 dogs.  They are very happy.  Anthony and Morgan love animals as much as you did.  Mom still talks about you. Carla is doing good with lots of grandsons no granddaughter.  See butterflies and know you are with me. Happy Birthday love you!

Happy Birthday!

Shared by carla blackburn on August 16, 2020
 Happy Heavenly Birthday Sis!   I hope You are Celebrating Your Heavenly Birthday with All Your loved ones and rejoicing,  singing and just Celebrating that You are in a Beautiful and Glorious Place!  No matter how much it hurts,  deep down We all know that You are up in heaven,  free from the hurt and pain!  You wouldn't believe how much things have changed down here,  the world has gone crazy!  You would be so hurt by some peoples choices,  Mom is doing pretty good,  Nanny is the same,  the twins are growing like weeds,  they are so smart and so pretty and handsome.  We love and miss you!  Happy Birthday!

Miss you 11 years!

Shared by lanette vredingburgh on October 6, 2019
Well 11 years ago you went home. There is not a day  that goes by I dont think of you! Our last call pick up my meds please and I love you. Your brother got married to Morgan.  You would love her she loves her dogs. She is always so loving! Love you mom
Shared by carla blackburn on August 17, 2019
, Hey Sis,  Happy Birthday ,  I cant believe you have been gone for 11 years,  it sure doesn’t seem like it.  I know you are watching over all of us,  especially your mom.  As usual she stays busy!  Nanny is doing ok,  just doing 1 day at a time.  Jennifer looks after Your Mom,  Abigail and Isabelle get along so good and Jaxon is a Gamer!!  They are doing so good.  Papaw is doing good,  his New Wife is Good for Him,  She spoils him instead of him Spoiling everybody else.  Her name is Linda,  and can you believe that Papaw has a Big Dog!!  Gracie is doing good,  she’s gotten so small,  and she has the insane amount of hummingbirds!!  Both the Girls are doing Good,   Amber and Big Hunter finally got married lol,  and as you probably know Ashley has a new little,  he’s a good Baby!!  And last but not least your brother got remarried,   And they are doing good.  I guess that about catches you up on everyone,  if you see Neita,  give her a hug,  she got called home too soon too,  Well I love and miss you!!  And until I see you,  Love You ❤️❤️❤️  Oh 1 more thing Jenny and her Family are doing good!!Goof 


Shared by ashley saulters on April 15, 2016

Things are crazy I'm finally 18 I wish u could be here life has been a bunny riad. Its going to get between though. I think about u so much.every time a see a butterfly u think of u.I wish u could see me today I finally met a good guy who love me so much. I wish u could meet him. He such a good person u would have loved him to death. U might have a grandkids soon. I wish u was here to see them. But I know u can see him from heaven I pray that one day I can reunitw. I miss u so much I sit and cry to my fiance.  I still remember that butterfly that sat on your casket that day. I won't ever forget the day I walked in your room and found u but I went to school cause I didn't know and uncle Anthony came and got us and said that your mom has passed . I miss u so much mom u don't even know. I love u so much u had made a special place in my heart I Will always remember u I live u!


Shared by lanette vredingburgh on October 5, 2015

This was our first picture together. You always smiled for the camera and loved having your picture taken! It's been seven years since you went home. I miss you each and everyday! It's the little things I miss the most! I  know if not for my wonderful family and friends and our heavenly father I would not have made it! I think about our last talk on the phone you had been sick and the doctors wanted to admit you, but you said you were going to Vanderbildt on Wednesday and you would just wait. I asked if you were sure you said yes. I said okay  and I loved you! You said love you too!   I never knew that would be the last words I would ever hear you say. I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU MOM! 



Shared by ashley saulters on September 25, 2013

i miss you so much.Nothing is ever going to be the same without you.Nothing ever feals right.i wish i could go back in time and tell u that i love you much more.when i should have.........We really miss u me and jacob both we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday!

Shared by lanette vredingburgh on August 15, 2013

You would have been 32 years old August 16,2013. The picture is when we went to Nannie Gretchens and Papaw Chucks . You were two at the time and loved all the beautful flowers Nannie had.  The background I changed to is for Jacob and Ashley ,when you passed we went to the mountains and Jacob said he could almost touch you in heaven atop the mountain. Happy Birthday! Miss you Love Mom.


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3rd Birthday

Shared by lanette vredingburgh on August 16, 2012

You were excited about the party ! The clown with the balloons not to excited! All your cousins and family were their ,everyone loved the hats! Happy Birthday Love Mom!


Shared by Danielle Vredingburgh on August 16, 2011
Happy Birthday! Love abigail, jaxon, Anthony n danielle!


Shared by lanette vredingburgh on August 16, 2011

Happy Birthday!! I still remember it as if it was yesterday!!  Everyone always commented on your big brown eyes! When you were born and they put you in the wrong baby cart and Nana was standing their beating on the window, I will never forget. The memory of your smile ,caring and loving always brings such joy to my heart! Love Mom!

Abigail & Jaxon

Shared by lanette vredingburgh on June 24, 2011

On June 27 2008, when these beautiful babies were born you were excited for Anthony and Danielle. They were in the NICU and you really wanted to go see ,but you were afraid since you had been sick. Your niece and nephew will be 3 on Monday. I know they have a special angel watching over them. Miss you love Mom.

New Years Eve Wedding Day

Shared by lanette vredingburgh on January 1, 2011

Well another year has passed. I spent a wonderful evening at church thanking the LORD for my many blessings !  I am so proud you were baptized and found the LORD and peace! Even this day was your wedding day being with my church family was such a blessing and you would be so proud of Jacob and Ashley they have also been baptized. I love my family and thank each and everyone for the many prayers!  Anthony is such a great dad and Danielle a great mother! I know that you would have been a great Aunt , to Abigail ,Jaxon and Emma Kate .Miss you ,Love Mom

Black Friday Shopping

Shared by lanette vredingburgh on November 26, 2010

Just remembering the wonderful times we had going shopping the day after Thanksgiving! You and I,Liz  and Sam would get up and head out in the cold to get the deals. Even though many times you would not feel like going you would go for me. The way people would become so upset over such frivolous things ! We would shop till we dropped then go out to eat and then you would be ready to go home and put up your Christmas tree and wrap everything we had bought.  Thanks for all the beautiful memories. Love Mom

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