Shared by Dan Pizzuta on October 23, 2020
Sad I won't be able to make this tonight and be with everyone there for Erin. But as sad as everything has been, it brought a smile to my face any time I popped up in all the pictures that have been shared, knowing I was lucky enough to experience so many of those moments with her and everyone else. There have been so many stories shared about Erin and her wild and infectious energy and that's all true, so I'll try to share a different one.
After some long days and weeks of camp, I remember talking to Erin and some others one night about feeling burnt out. Of course, as a veteran of many summers, she understood. So the next night, she took me out to a bar, not to go crazy, but to be offsite, have one drink, and just reset. That's who Erin was too. For as often as she brought the good time, she was just as likely to be the person to recognize exactly what you needed and how she could facilitate it.
There are so few people who can bring so much joy into the lives of everyone they come in contact with. She truly was a superhero and she will be missed.

To the moon and back

Shared by Kelly Bumgardner on October 21, 2020
My cousin was a inspiration to all the lives that she touched. We all know of her love of gymnastics and of coarse those days when we were kids when she wanted to hang with her friends instead. But what most don’t know is how she was hard on herself but as she got older the kids stole her heart she truly just felt good by helping them with their gymnastics dreams. Camp every summer. I remember asking her one time....Hey why do you keep going back? Some do a few years and move on right? And her answer didn’t surprise me...... she said those kids need me. They depend on me. They want me to be there. And that feels so great to be a part of something bigger then me and change their summers to something awesome. She was always that person. Always thinking of others. 

She powered through everything she put her mind to. I teased her about running for fun, and I would say “I would only run if zombies are chasing me” and we would laugh. 

She was the most selfless, humble person I have ever met. We went skiing together. Played volleyball at all the family functions she was always the first to round everyone up at the family reunions. She was the dang beer pong champion- she was so so good at everything she did.

And boy did she love football.(well football, her husband, her dogs, and reggae music prob in that order ) Out of all the Lynch girls she was their number one supporter hands down. She admitted to me that she of coarse loved them, but the bonus was sharing that love with her father. She was the first cousin to carry on the Lynch tradition of having a miniature dachshund and she loved his little butt to pieces, and Reggie is the bestest. But she was so so excited to get kelce too. She’s all she talked about for months . ❤️

Erin we will always be inspired by you. By your strong will. Your strong love for your puppers and to get home to them as you did. You managed to create miracles everywhere you went. I will miss you with everything. I keep thinking this is “The one where they wake up from the dream”. ❤️ One day we will meet again. And we can talk about all the beach days and riding bikes and dressing up my brothers in girls clothes and love on each other.

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