Posted by Ola Ojeikere on June 11, 2021
Evans my broda, partner, no, mentor in the rib-cracking depertment, I salute you plenty flenti. Together we put laughter on many faces, smiles on more. Those that couldn't sun their teeth (as per make the teeth no go melt) we, at least took away the frown. I salute you abundantly.
Since the inception of this forum, you are the first member to "change your address". What a way to exit! My broda, I salute you exceedingly. In our eyes, you went too soon. In your mind, destiny couldn't have given you a better deal for you left in the presence of those you love, doing what you love. My broda, you are a STAR. Shine on where ever you are, you will continually shine in our minds.
Evans my broda, may the Lord Almighty grant you eternal rest. Rest in peace, bro.

From Osasu Uwadia
Posted by Edison Enobakhare on June 10, 2021
Evansio as I would called you.
Posted by Joe Alegbesogie on June 9, 2021
Though I am still reeling from the sudden death of our dear classmate and friend, Evans Osaghaede, I am humbled and touched by his time here with us. We all began a common race in 1977 at WBHS. Evans practically knew his classmates by names, and he reminded many of us of the arm of class and hostel we belonged then. As we all know, Evans was a dedicated, cheerful and humble friend. He was a friend to many and we all miss him everyday.

Adiu, Rest in peace Evans

From Joe Alegbesogie
Posted by Ola Ojeikere on June 8, 2021
A Sun Is Also Star.Evans you are my schoolmate,a friend,and a brother from another mother above all you are a Sun that shines among all your schoolmates,and a great Wobaite that can never be forgotten.RIP.

Henry Bobby Ezeife

Posted by Bobby Henry on June 8, 2021
A Sun Is Also A Star.Evans You Are A Star Among Your Schoolmates,Why Do You Go So Soon.RIP my brother.
Posted by Nosaosaghae Omoregie on June 8, 2021
Evans, my brother,you left us too soon without completing the task ahead of you. God knows the best. Rest on.
Posted by Komolafe Olarewaju Benjam... on June 8, 2021
Snr Evans displayed such an examplary passion for the things dear to his heart. A true WOBA champion and livewire. Thank you for your unrivalled service to your Alma mater and the society at large.

Rest in the Lord's bosom Snr and may God give your dear family the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.
Posted by Benson Osagiede on June 8, 2021
Goodbyes hurt the most when the story is not finished... Rest in peace, my friend. 
Posted by Ola Ojeikere on June 8, 2021
Ay God

I do not believe we ever thanked you

That we are alive while Evans is taken

It was not our choice. It was your love

We wish Evans was spared longer. We wish this mourning wasn't ours to bear.

I know you know

What it feels like

To loose someone you love

When you gave your son to die for us.

You must have cried too

Now you know why we cry to loose Evans

You have your ways

You have your plans

Sometimes mysterious. Hard to understand

We are humbled by your grace, but sad that the cruelty of life has taken one of us too soon.

Sad as we are

We will still remember to bow our heads

And remember that you once blessed us with Evans.

Now that you have taken him


That he left four children and a wife.

Be God in their lives

Heal their pain

Keep watch over them

And provide for them when the tears dry out

RIP Evans
Our candle is lit the day we are born

It burns on as as time and tide dictates

The flame is not ours to control. We do not know if it speeds to burn or slows to burn.

Burn it must. We only hope it burns to favor our age to last.

This candle burned to fast and Evans is parted from us.

A good heart has stopped beating, a good soul ascended into heaven.

We part with our beloved friend and classmate in pain.

Rest in peace Evans

By Dr. Clearance Maku-Kemi
Posted by Pius Agbude on June 8, 2021
Evans, the little boy in school back then. Very quiet and less troublesome like the rest of the pack but well loved and with a kind heart buried within that small frame back in the day. Out of school you grew up with so much love and care for everyone around you. You served A big role of an integrator criss-crossing across various class sets in WOBA and you did it effortlessly. I remember the first day you came to my office to inform me about one of my set mates that Was incarcerated. I saw the blaze of compassion in your eyes. That was just you, selfless service.
Guy you left without saying Goodbye, Evans. We know you are gine to a better place but but but why so soon. We will forever miss you bro, please rest in the bossom of the Almighty God till we meet to part no more. R I P 
Posted by Ola Ojeikere on June 8, 2021
Evans, my brother, those we love can never be more than a thought away, for as long as there's a memory, you will continue to live in my heart forever.
Posted by Andy Airewele on June 8, 2021
Evans news of your demise hit me below the belt, was so devastating. Unfortunately since we graduated from High School in 1982 our paths never crossed it was so refreshing when I was eventually able to reconnect with you in our high school chat group. I will miss you, your vibrancy, your jokes and the energy and sunshine you brought to the chat group. May the good lord that understands all of this encourage and strengthen your family and help them immensely as they navigate this new chapter. Adieu good friend

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