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My Best Friend. My GG.

December 3, 2020
She would sing to us all the time. “Little Knoxville Girl”, “Purple People Eater”, “Stuck Like Glue” just to name a few. 

She was always wanting to feed you. She was the best cook at all things! She cooked with her heart always! 

She told us a story of when her and her sisters were younger: Ruth Hicks was going on a date with William Hicks. Evelyn didn’t want her to leave her alone. 

She tossed rotten tomatoes on Ruth’s new white dress. Then Evelyn told herself: “Dear feet...Please take care of my body!” As Ruth chases her across the field in the country. 

She once cut her other sisters arm. Because she didn’t want her to leave her either.

These girls never seen a picture of Mom Bertha  Fletcher. That was something I tried to find for her. 

With no success. Those girls didn’t get to see her until they arrived in Heaven. 

We love you & miss you so much more than any words could ever express. 

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