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Sunrise: May 22, 1938
Sunset: April 3, 2021

Age: 84 years

May the memory of our dear Matriarch, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, aunty, and sister be cherished forever.

Please feel free to write a tribute, share your thoughts, reflections, and memories of our Matriarch.

Thank you. May God bless you, Amen!
Posted by Yvonne Okafor on May 25, 2022
Happy Posthumous Birthday Aunty Faith (forever remembered with LOVE)

Ndy Ofonagoro
Posted by chinyere Sanusi on May 24, 2022
My darling mummy. I miss you terribly!. I think of you every time and struggle to hold back the tears. I wish you are still on this side with us. But I can not question God The Almighty. I miss calling you, spending time with you, your food, your wise counsel, everything that makes you special!. On Sunday May 22nd when it was your 86th birthday, I was so heart broken knowing I wouldn’t be able to call you like I would have. I remembered the plans and surprise I had for you on your 85th birthday, sadly God called you home exactly 49 days before your birthday!! It has not been easy, mum. I hurt deeply and pray God gives us comfort for each new day.
Happy birthday in Heaven, Nnem Faith! I’d forever cherish the moments we shared with you. I love you, mom.
Your last born,
Posted by Ngozi Igbinosa on May 22, 2022
Momsie, it’s still very difficult to process your absence even now. I still think of you on a daily basis. Your ever beautiful and smiling face. Your life was larger than I can ever imagine. Just wish you had a little more time here with us. You will always be loved and forever missed. We can’t question the Almighty. He has continued to give us the Grace and strength for each new Day. There are not enough words Momsie. My heart still aches. 
Today would have been another Birthday for you. 
Time they say heals. I pray that time will continue to make your memories fonder. 
Always in my heart. 
I love you. ❤️❤️
Posted by Tunji Idowu on May 22, 2022
Posted by Uloma Ikejiani on May 22, 2022
Mummym, I am still stunned, still in shock that you are no longer on this earth with us. Beautiful Mom, continue to rest in the bosom of our lord. Happy 86th birthday in heaven Mom. The pain that I feel is indescribable. Your loss is huge! Your loss is monumental! You still had so much to offer! I am still reeling from your absence! The things I imagined you will be doing now, the things I imagined I’ll be doing for you now in Nashville. This is so unreal! I miss you Mom! Thanks for all you did for us! All the sacrifices! No one sacrificed for her kids like you did for us. Love you Mom! Continue to watch over us from heaven.
Your daughter, Uloma Ikejiani
Posted by Ngozi Igbinosa on April 3, 2022
Momsie, hard to believe it’s one year today you went on to Glory. It still feels like yesterday. The ache still so raw and fresh. I think of you daily. I miss you so much. You truly left a great legacy. I will continue to build on what you taught me and hope to make you proud. Grateful to call you Mom. Always in my heart. Forever loved and Forever Missed ❤️❤️
Felix and Sasa love and miss you too!
Posted by Chiji Okoronkwo on April 3, 2022
Auntie Faith. It is difficult to believe that it is already 12 months since your death. Rest on in peace. May your legacy persist
Posted by Tunji Idowu on April 3, 2022
She’s still my babe ….. her constant eba & egusi is well missed. Sleep on dear.
Posted by Afam Ikejiani on April 3, 2022
Mommy, It was exactly one year ago today that you departed. Still hard to process, but we are encouraged by the legacy of your goodness and love that live on. We miss you so much!
May your gentle soul continue to rest in the Lord, Amen!

Afam, Uloma, and the children
Posted by ً ًChinyere Sanusi on April 1, 2022
Mum! It’s been so tough without you! It sounds crazy, but I’ve cried every single day since you left us. The tears just wouldn’t stop. I miss you, mummy. I love you so much. You’d forever live in my heart. 
Your last born.
Posted by Ngozi Igbinosa on March 31, 2022
Still a difficult journey. Miss you so much. Forever loved and missed.
Posted by Nkechi Ajoku on July 12, 2021

Your sudden and unexpected departure from us took the whole family and friends by surprise. No doubt your memory will be with us forever. De Faith leaves to cherish her memories her remaining six siblings, her great four children who made her proud and her grandchildren, host of nieces, nephews, multitudes of great friends and relatives. I am sure she is resting peacefully as we continue to struggle with her passing so soon.

All the years her impeccable love, dedication and strength was a guiding force to her siblings, children and grandchildren. No amount of words will equate the love and respect your brother Ndubueze Chikaodinaka Iheme have for you. My senior sister never lose her mindset no matter what she has been through or going through she always keeps pushing forward to the finish line.

My darling big sister note l deeply miss you and your frequent calls are no longer coming in to check on me. This life is a journey as we are not sure what will happen next but God giveth and taketh. I wish we had more time to celebrate your love for family. For now, above all things I will always cherish and love you until we meet again. Amen
Bye for now my extraordinary big sister.

Ndubueze Chikaodinaka Iheme (Olariche)
Posted by Ihuoma Uzoma-Azuike on July 12, 2021
Aunty Fai Fai!!! The one and only!!! The very wise, nurturing and caring one, the one who spoke difficult truth with tender love, the one who is so supportive and passionate about what she believes. Thank you for being my late mom's confidante and big sister and for loving us like you did her. Thanks for always calling to check up on us. Thanks for your fearless, confident voice and for sharing the phenomenal gift of you with us and the world. You will be sorely missed.
Rest well in your maker's bossom & hug my mum for us.
Praying for sister Uloo, Ogbo, Ngozi & Chinyere. May you all be comforted by the fact that such a phenomenal woman raised you and had such a positive impact on you and all who knew her. It will be well.
Posted by Usi Odulana on July 9, 2021
May your beautiful soul rest in perfect peace. You will forever be missed by all your loved ones. May all be consoled by the wonderful memories you left behind. Adieu, Goodnight Ma.
Posted by Queeny Raymond on July 9, 2021
*Tribute To A Great Mother*
This tribute is to a very special, exceptional, and unique grandmother.
We are still trying to come to terms with the fact that you are no more.
We know that everything that happens in this world happens at the time God chooses. He set time for birth and the time of death, at a point in time everyone stop and rest at the end of his or her journey and work, there no reason to doubt that you ended well.
You lived a fulfilled life, but most of us wanted you to live much longer because, you were a source of strength, inspiration,and a symbol of true mother,
You were a generous mother, you were loving,caring, godly and very supportive.
Everyone that comes in contact with you benefited from your tremendous were a large-hearted woman who always went the extra mile for her loved ones.
My entire family is greatly pained by this great loss, but we are consoled with the positive legacies you have left behind.
Grandma as we fondly called you, sleep on and have your peaceful rest in the bosom of your maker till we meet to path no more, Adieu .
Posted by Nkechi Ajoku on July 9, 2021

With heavy heart total submission to the will of God we say goodbye to a great sister and auntie. Your passing is like a dream a rude shock. I know that life is like a train journey, you get to your stop, you jump off, but little did I know you will jump off unexpectedly.

We spent quality time when you came for the birth of your grandson Jeremiah. Those months I will never forget. The Christmas Day in my house, we had a great time, took pictures. In one of the pictures, everyone that saw it wanted to know what the joke was. The laugh, the joy on our faces, even little Jeremiah. I look at the pictures now with joy.

We went down memory lane, talked about Owaza and Dede-M, late engineer Jeremiah Onwuchekwa. I sang the song I normally tease him with about Owaza people. You have a great sense of humor, even though I am No.5 in our family, we relate like great friends.

You said when you come again, we will do this and that sister-m all that fun was it goodbye!

You are a role model, so organized, a virtuous woman, you always go for the best, no cutting corners. You weathered all storms to bring up your four children, your legacy and hard work lives on forever.

Sister-m, our parents of blessed memories call you Ndabaku, your birth brought them luck. Your siblings and close friends call you scatter. You knock people, who are not organized, into shape. Our children call you Big Aunty.

When you get dressed up looking gorgeous, I call you shape-shape. Oh, dear sister-M you are unique, an amazon, a woman with style. You deserve all honour that comes your way.

We submit to the will of our maker. We love you but God loves you more. We will forever miss you. We pray the Almighty God whose love passes all understanding, grants you and our loved ones departed, external rest. Grant unto them O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them.

Adieu Adanne, Dee Faith, Scatter, Big Aunty
Chief Mrs. Chinwengozi Okezie (Agunwanyi) and Ezebunwa Onyekachi Okezie
Posted by Akudo Nwabughogu on July 9, 2021
Dear Mama, it is really painful to deal with not seeing you again. You informed me about your trip and promised coming back with goodies which never happened.

You were caring and always willing to support., I will surely miss you Mum.
As we grief, we only solace in the fact that to die is to live in the hearts of those who love us ; therefore Mama lives.

May God grant your soul eternal rest till the resurrection morning.

Lady Akudo Nwabughogu
Posted by Sanusi Moshood on July 8, 2021
So much to say but can't find the right word. I just wanted you to know that your Grand Children will know about you and your legacy of unconditional love. I wish you could have remained here on earth for just a little while longer so your grandchildren children could've had you as an elder spiritual guide. Children learn so much about God and the Christian life by watching their grandparents.

I love you, Mama, and I miss you – every day. I will do my best to be a good father and brother in law to your daughter and a good father to your grandchildren. I will always remember that unconditional love is possible - even for mere mortals - and I will spend my life trying to love everyone unconditionally
just the way you did. Thank you for that. The light and truth of your love will never go out, as long as I have anything to say about it.
The Sanusi's will forever remember you. We love you but God love you more .
Adios Mama.
Posted by Nkechi Ajoku on July 6, 2021

William Shakespeare could not be faulted when he said that life is but a poor player upon a given hour of a time.
The holy bible described life as a vapour, a flower that blossoms in the morning and dies in the evening. The scripture continues by saying do not say I will do this or that tomorrow for nobody knows tomorrow. Thus to die is the way of every mortal.

My eldest sister and mother DE FAITH as we all call her represents the embodiment of these assertions.
In life she was a role model, a mother of mothers, icon, ever careful and caring.
DE FAITH was careful in every thing she ate, careful in choice of friends, careful in speeches both private and public, careful in training all her children. In life she was a straight forward woman, a disciplinarian to every standard, a devoted Christian mother, a humanitarian par- excellence, hardworking both in her chosen career in the nursing profession and private life after retirement.

Although she lost her husband early in marriage, she worked tirelessly to train her 4 children to the highest level of education ensuring that all her children are university graduates.

By her death the Iheme family has lost a pathfinder and the entire Obazu Mbieri. Little did I know that at the occasion of my younger sister Nkechi Ajoku Chieftancy celebration and the picture we took that day was the last I would see my elder sister. On that occasion she was at her best, shinning in beauty and the glory of God.

DE... May the God Almighty receive your gentle soul as you rest in the bosom of the Lord, AMEN.

Posted by Ifeyinwa Herbert on July 6, 2021
At the death of our parents , you were one of those that played parental role to me & my siblings.Your were strong, firm & truthful not minding whose ox was gored.
In your straight-forwardness was also a kind, caring & loving heart that reached out to all.
Auntym, we will miss you dearly but will be consoled by the fact that heaven has gained a soul.
Rest on ezigbo aunty.
From the late Eze Ikpeama's children
Ohandu- Ndoki
Posted by Ngozi Igbinosa on July 5, 2021

I write this with a heavy heart. I know. how much you life and that of other people. The vacuum created will easy to fill. You are a Role Model, Good Organizer, Very prudent, Very Resourceful, that is why you were able to bring up your children to appreciable level. A good counsellor in your profession. Other people around you tapped your managerial way of life to be able to face life amid storm.

ADANNEM NDABAKU. Popularly. known as SCATTER. When she scatter those who are not well informed.. REST lN PEACE. With a HEART filled with tears I say, ADIEU, ADlEU. We LOVE you but GOD.LOVES.YOU MORE. 

Posted by Ngozi Igbinosa on July 5, 2021
TRIBUTE TO MY BELOVED BIG MUMMY - From Ogonnaya Onwuchekwa

No words can even come close to expressing how it feels when you lose someone you love.

The Iroko tree has fallen and the pillar of the family has now passed away. Writing this is so painful because it means that my dear mummy is no more at this challenging time. It is with a heavy heart that I write this memorial, tribute to the selfless, caring and generous woman that I fondly call mummy-mummy.

Ezinne oma nkem gaa nke oma.

Ogonnaya Onwuchekwa

Posted by Ngozi Igbinosa on July 5, 2021
TRIBUTE TO A VIRTOUS WOMAN - From Marshal Onwuchekwa

It is difficult to accept and believe that you are no more.
The news of your sudden death came into my ears like lightening, because I never expected that now.
Even though that death is inevitable, well since it is the will of Almighty God to call you at this time.
God knows the best time to call any of his child home. Deut. 29:29 states that “the secret things belong unto the Lord our God”. But those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children “therefore, I will not question God”.
Mummy, I will not forget all that you have done for me in this life, moreover how you saved my life.
You were a rock to our family, you were courageous, you were extraordinary, you were a builder, and you were a gatherer.
Above all, you was a virtuous woman. I pray Lord will give us the strength to bear the loss until we are together in God’s presence forever.

Marshal O. Onwuchekwa  
Posted by Ngozi Igbinosa on July 5, 2021

Chief Mrs. Faith Onwuchekwa (nee Iheme) was the first of the eight children of Mr/Mrs Benson O. Iheme and Janet Ada Iheme of Obazu Mbieri Mbaitoli L.G.A. She was born at Port Harcourt in River State. She attended BAN HAM METHODIST PRIMARY SCHOOL, Port Harcourt, ENDERLY MODERN SCHOOL Calabar in Cross River State. Thereafter, she gained admission to do Nursing and Midwifery at IYI-ENU Hospital Ogidi in Anambra State.

Dame Faith Onwuchekwa began early in life as a young girl saddled with responsibilities which involved taking care of our late mother who was very often sick. She was sent to her village by our father to stay with Mama and to take care of her. But whenever Dame Faith was always in Port Harcourt with our late mother and since our mother was a full time house wife but had people who supplied her with palm oil and garri from Omanelu in River State. It was the duty of late Dee Faith to supply these items to Mama's costumers who were mostly the Yorubas and Hausa Alhajis residing in Port Harcourt. These were done regularly at Port Harcourt Creek Road Water Side at the close of school each day. The above activities which Dame Faith started when she was a teenager helped her a lot when she got married. and during her life as a widow.
Her husband, a senior engineer in a civil service died in 1975 living behind four little kids.  After her husband's death, she moved out of their Government Residential Quarters into her junior brother late Sam Iheme 's house at Ekenna street Aba in Abia State with her kids.
Later, she rented her own apartment at Umungasi-Aba and moved in with her kids.
Dame Faith Onwuchekwa was very dedicated and hard-working
She showed great remarkable resilience and courage and no doubt demonstrated it.
As a brave and courageous woman she was able to build her own house still at Umungasi where she was living until her call in Heaven by her Maker.
Dame Faith Onwuchekwa also completed the building which her husband laid the foundation before his death in their village Owaaza in Abia State.

In conclusion, Dame Chief Mrs. Faith Onwuchekwa was a brave and courageous fighter, very determined, kind, generous, God fearing and friendly.
It was as a result of these resilience qualities that she was able to raise and made her four children responsible and successful in their various areas and endeavors.

De Faith, I will miss. May God be with you till we meet again.
Bye Ada nnem!
I will really miss you. 
Go in peace till we meet to part no more.

Your Brother John Iheme.

Posted by Ngozi Igbinosa on July 4, 2021
Tribute to a loving Mother, Grandmother and Aunty,
Mrs. Faith Onwuchekwa. FROM - Chidi Emeji

Aunty Faith only God knows why “He” called you at this time that we needed your Motherly advice the most.
You are the real virtuous woman, always encouraging and thanking me for taking care of my responsibilities.
I celebrate your positivity, kindness, and gentility. 
You will call me to tell me that you made it back home safely after each visit, you never waited for me to call and check if you made it back home safely.
I never knew that the last time you visited and insisted on seeing me before going back to Nigeria was to say “Good Bye” despite the fact that Uloma was tired, having worked all day, she still brought you. Thank you for that honor, as I hear of your passing, it made more sense to me.
Thank you for all your constant encouragements and prayers.
Thank you for showing me the real motherly Love.
Adieu Aunty Mary Otuka’s twin sister. As a child I never knew that both of you were not twin sister’s cos you two are always twinning, especially during then UKWA COMITEE OF FRIENDS MEETINGS.
May your kind Soul Continue to Rest in Peace.
Adieu Ma.
Chidi Emeji
Posted by Ngozi Igbinosa on July 4, 2021

Faith, your death came as a thief in the night, so sudden and without warning. I was with you regularly and we spoke endlessly on the phone during the CoVid19 Pandemic period , little did I Know that we will be separated soon.

Our last conversation was when you called me telling me that you had a photograph in your hand where I was holding two of your children Ogb and Chinyere one on each hand at Owaza village on the faithful day of the burial of your dear husband Engr Jerry Onwuchekwa. I said Oh Yes I remember that day very well , we talked briefly. I can’t say now if you were conveying a message by that call of what happened 48years ago. God knows best.

Faith my sister, we are both from Obazu Mbieri, we grew up together in Portharcourt and both of us pursued the same Nursing profession in Nigeria and abroad and we both finally worked together in General Hospital Aba and Dental Centre Aba where we excelled in practice and retired meritoriously.

Faith was a very reliable, supportive and dependable Sisterfriend. If she gives you an advice you will never go wrong with it. She was very vastly knowledgeable. A widow for 48years, a disciplinarian who single handedly brought up her lovely 4 children and positioned them well. I thank God that she lived up to this age and reaped the fruit of her labor no matter how short.

Faith was a practical Christrian who loves the work of God. I was with her at the AnglicanChurch Akwete in Ukwa LGA, Abia State when she was made a knight. So many memories flood my mind . I will miss you my dear Sister but will hold on to our cherished moments.

Faith Sleep on in the bosom of Our Lord Jesus Christ .

You will forever be cherished, missed and remembered .

Enyi Mrs Eunice Ugonma Obianwu
Posted by Ngozi Igbinosa on July 4, 2021
TRIBUTE – From Chioma Mang

My beloved Friend, and mother of my dearest childhood friend and classmate, Uloma, the news of your death shook me! Meeting and knowing you was a big treat from God. I was first your Account Officer but we quickly connected as friends not minding the age gap. You considered me a worthy friend to your First fruit and will often stop by my office for heart-warming chats that opened up a lot of learning and admiration from you as I was pleasantly impressed at your sheer tenacity and resilience in training your children and putting them through best schools and colleges having lost your husband, their father at an early age. You always advised me to remain focused as a young mother and ensure I excelled in my career. You were genuinely interested and concerned in my wellbeing, building my home and training my children. Mummy, you should have stayed to see the young woman and men they have become!

Auntie, I admired how you took extra care of yourself, how you were always neatly and fashionably put together. You were an epitome of strength and courage. You were so amiable and took me just as your daughter.
My transfer out of Aba and my work sojourn outside Nigeria, reduced our contacts and the much anticipated chats but I kept up on your progress through Ulo. We often joked at your antics and remained proud of your strength. You gave us inspirations and I remain eternally grateful to you.

I had always looked forward to reconnecting physically and then this! Aunty, I wish I can reverse this but God knows best. I love and will miss you, I guess the heavenly Angels need your presence more.

Go in Peace Mummy, knowing that you raised and nurtured great children who have excelled in their various endeavors. I am comforted with the fact that they gave you your flowers while you lived on mother Earth! They will continue to be your torch bearers.

Auntie, please continue to watch over us with your unlimited love for mankind.

Rest in the bosom of the Almighty.

Much love,

Mrs. Chioma A. Mang
Managing Director/CEO
United Bank for Africa (Uganda) Limited
Posted by Nkechi Ajoku on July 4, 2021

Sister, the news of your demise shattered my heart into a million pieces, it felt like someone threw a ton of bricks at me. Your death hurt so bad; however, the Lord has spoken, and it is well. I find some solace on the time that I was able to spend with you during my recent visit. I had no clue that it would be our last time together.

Sister, you were a woman of wisdom whose advises were priceless, my Margaret Thatcher, the Iron lady, the Iroko tree, the Queen, a distinguished woman, a phenomenal woman, a meticulous woman and a woman with structural leadership style.

Ada Benson and Janet Iheme, you had a great life. You lived a great life. You were crowned and blessed from our mother’s womb thus your name NDABAKU.
So long my beautiful eldest sister and eldest sibling. YOU ARE ALWAYS LOVED NEVER FORGOTTEN FOREVER MISSED. REST IN PEACE SISTER.

Dame Ezinne Nkechi Iheme Ajoku
Posted by Uju Ekwenibe on July 2, 2021
Rest in perfect peace Ma.

Dear Chy,
I pray for God's love & strength on you and your whole family.

The passing of a loved Mum, is difficult but be consoled by her beautiful legacy and memories.

Please accept my condolences.

May your Mum's precious soul continue to rest in perfect peace Amen .

Posted by Lilies Agwu on June 30, 2021
June 30, 2021

    TRIBUTE to my FRIEND, who is like a SISTER.


“Good Friends are like stars, you don’t always see them but you know they are always there, even when one fades away into the sky…they are always STILL there” - author unknown.

Dear Faith, “my SISTER”, you always called me your sister and with a beautiful smile, and I called you the same, indeed you were like a biological sister to me.
A woman that is truly unique and amazing! You were kind, a virtuous woman. A woman that accomplished what two partners could not. You were an amazon, a beautiful and kind woman. In fact , you had broken the “glass ceiling” even before the word was used around the world , a woman with a great conviction, you excelled in so many ways: your work, your parenting skills, your empowerment among other widows and less privileged women in Aba and in your village.

All your awards were never a surprise, because you deserved them all.
For many years you toiled and never showed your pain as a “single mother” of 4 children to anyone since you lost your husband at a very early years of your life and yet, you rose above it and you became the real treasure among women. A woman of EXCELLENCE!

Umu Faith, Ndo nu O! Uloma, Ngozi, Ogbonna and Chinyere. Your mother was a force to reckon with and I know and pray that you all will emulate her legacy of strength and love which she instilled in all of you.
Your mother always talked about you all, including your accomplishments and she was always very proud of each of you. We were in a group of “ Ezienyi women” of Aba who were always checking up on each other by phone calls, or home visits and we meet regularly at our church for prayer meetings, we also attend functions, we visit each other, we eat ,we sing and we dance to always testify to God’s grace and faithfulness in our families.

I was so shocked when I got the news on that faithful day ,that she had gone to be with the Lord. The last call I received from her was that, she was now in Lagos and getting ready to fly to USA to see her children and grandchildren and we prayed ,we sang and I was so happy for her.
Every time we both travelled overseas, to USA we always called each other and we will talk on the phone for long hours (even when we were miles apart)and enjoying each others company.
Your mom always cared about her friends ,especially if she heard that any of her fellow moms was sick, she will drive down to see if you have taken your medication, and this is who she was ,the very caring and sweet Faith Onwuchekwa. O! Death ,where is thy sting?

As christians, we cannot question God, our maker. Death is an inevitable that everyone must pass. The most important thing about our lives is that we must worship and serve God. We thank God in all things, and we know that Jesus is our Lord and savior.

Nwanyi udo, nwanyi maramma, Nwanyi nganga, your group of friends in my circle , Lady Oge, Lady Mary, Lady Ngozi …we all cried like babies because we are already missing your presence.

It is well with your soul. May your humble soul rest in the bosom of the Lord until we meet on the resurrection morning.
Rest in Peace, my SISTER!!

Lady Meg Agwu - former No-Fly Hotel Aba.
"Diamond Mother" by Anglican Diocese of St Micheals Church.
On behalf of the Family.
Written by Lilies Agwu but narrated by Lady Meg Agwu.
Posted by Ebere Otuka-Okeke on June 30, 2021
Rev Dr Joseph Chidiadi Adiele JP FCIM MAMN.
  BSc MSc (Wisconsin) MBA PhD (IMSU Owerri) BTh (Umuahia) 08039128184, 08076607054
Obunku-Ugbo Ikwueke Auto Comm, Ndoki Ukwa East LGA Abia State.

Tributing Dame Faith Ndabaku Onwuchekwa

June 30, 2021

Death the inevitable always lurk
Mortals are inevitably to unlock
When……. The inevitable preserve of the Maker.
As the bosom friend of my elder sister – Lady May Otuka- my mother today, Faith Ndabaku Onwuchekwa of Owaza Asa’s motherly and unreserved love cascaded onto all of us: The Jonah Adieles of Obunku-Ugbo Ndoki.

Sad. A week before her passing on, I discovered to my consternation, that she was not answering my calls. Naturally, I complained to my sister who told me that Madam Faith had taken ill but assured me sufficiently, that she was being well-looked after at Lagos, under the supervision of her ever-caring and appreciating children in a good hospital. Some days later, after preparing my mind, she broke the awful news that madam Faith had passed away. Sobbing profusely, having betrayed her seeming strength, pleaded with me to accept it as God’s wish because she was well-cared for medically, supervised by her ever-loving children.
Joy. As a minister of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, I took time to speak the preacher’s Ecclesiastes Chapter 3. Indeed there is also time to die. At this matured age, the trajectory of her life conclusively encapsulates fulfillment. She was an amalgam of virtue and greatness, love and faithful wife, mother like no other to her children and celebrated proud Florence nightingale professional, who retired meritoriously at the peak of her career! When the love of her life proceeded, the hard-working woman took up the gauntlet and singlehandedly trained her children, who are happy and responsible professionals, holding responsible positions here and abroad. What is more, these off springs are having their own Christian homes to the glory of God.
Dame Faith Ndabaku Onwuchekwa was God’s own, a noble dame of the Anglican faith till her last breath. She served humanity and more importantly, the Church especially in Aba and her indigenous Ukwa Dioceses, not forgetting her original Mbieri . Adorable and elegant, happy and companionable with great carriage woman, an epitome of friendship and kindness her philanthropy would be missed. Her nursing care and services will be gone. Her inestimable professional and other counsel, as much as the principled and prompt human we know, only reminiscence would maintain.
As we delete her name from this place, her achievements and works, as marbled, guide us to replicate, and motivate us to do even more, preaching and living for Christ. Let us not disappoint our maker. May her gentle soul rest in the peace of God.

Rev Dr Joseph Adiele JP
For the Jonah Adiele Clan, Obunku-Ugbo Ndoki
Chairman Emeritus, Ukwa East LGA.
For The Jonah Adiele Clan.
Posted by Ngozi Igbinosa on June 29, 2021
TRIBUTE TO DAME CHIEF ( MRS) FAITH NDABAKU ONWUCHEKWA (NEE THEME). FROM - Engr. Jaiyeola & Mrs. Taibat Adenike (Nee Sanusi) Akinola.

We received with great shock the passing unto glory of our dear sister Dame Chief (Mrs) Faith Ndabaku Onwuchekwa who at the time of her demise was still strong and full of life.
When you see and meet a woman whose children are well behaved and doing marvelously well in the society, the first impression will be that she must be good natured and disciplined to have trained her children with the fear of God and to be good citizens of wherever they may live, work and contribute to the growth of the organization they belong to. The first time we met her was during the marriage of her daughter CHINYERE to our son and brother MUDASIRU. SANUSI. She was lively and well composed a personality.
When we visited her in Aba, she received us warmly and chatted with us as a normal disciplined and discipled housewife without any inkling that strangers from another tribe different from hers are coming to marry her daughter.
The behavior of our daughter in law CHINYERE since she got married to our family makes us know the humility personified in this woman of Zion because Chinyere her daughter is one woman in a million too good and a disciplined personality. Mummy Chinyere must have been a very humble, disciplined, discipled and amiable daughter of Zion.
She was a woman that lived in the fear of God. She was a personification of who the Bible calls a virtuous woman worth far more than diamonds. We love you, but the Lord loves you more to have called you home at this period of your life. Moreover you lived long enough to have seen your grandchildren almost ready for marriage.
We pray to our Almighty God to comfort your children, grandchildren and relations.
Adieu Dame Chief Mrs ONWUCHEKWA. Good night. We shall meet at the feet of Jesus where we shall part no more.

Engr.. Jaiyeola & Mrs Taibat Adenike (Nee Sanusi) Akinola.
Posted by Ngozi Igbinosa on June 29, 2021
*Tribute to a Diamond Mother* FROM – Lady Christie Nwaogu

It is with great difficulty, a heavy heart and tears that I try to write this tribute to a mummy so dear to me and my family. It was a rude shock and unbelievable story to hear the news of your departure to the great beyond.

When I visited you to tell you about my travel with my husband to the UK for medical attention, you encouraged me with your usual motherly advice. Little did I know that we will not meet you when we come back.

I got to know Da’m through my husband who worked with her when she was a Matron-in-charge of the Gynae ward at the General Hospital Aba in those days. Daam was a great lady. A woman of character, bold, confident and sold to speaking her mind and the truth at all times. She was kind, intelligent and very understanding. Friendship between us was spontaneous and deepened as the years rolled by to the extent that I could freely rely on her for advice and suggestions. She could take a look at your face and know you are troubled – “Christie, what is wrong, take it easy. It shall be well”. She would then give you motherly advice, instruction and guidance. Oh! Who will now advise me. A great Iroko has fallen!

The hearts of members of our family go to the great family she raised through hard work and the grace of God, but has now left behind. To them we say, may God console you all and give your grace to bear this great and irreplaceable loss. We can’t question God for the things that happen in our lives, we can only accept them for that is the will of God. Please remain united and keep the light shining.

To Daam we say, have your rest and may God grant your gentle soul a place in his bossom.

Adieu Daam
Adieu Da Faith
Adieu Ada Abia

Lady Christie Nwaogu
For the Nwaogu's family

Posted by Ayomide Sanusi on June 30, 2021
Dear grandma.

You meant so much to me: you were a teacher, a caregiver, a mentor, a protector and more. I treasure every moment we have had: from the times you took care of me and brought me food when I was sick to even last year, when we would talk on the phone and I would tell you what was going on with work and school.
And I am so glad for all the things that I have learned from you and all the moments we had. You’re dearly missed, never forgotten and I hope to live my life to the fullest and make you proud. Rest in perfect peace till we meet again

Your first grandchild
Posted by Ebere Otuka-Okeke on June 29, 2021

To write a tribute for your closest friend is not one of the easiest tasks! You are forever hoping that the story will be reversed and you will wake up from a bad dream. Unfortunately, we live in a world of reality, and Faith is dead.
Dame Faith Onwuchekwa recognised the importance of hard work. As she was also brilliant, she excelled to enviable heights in her nursing profession. Having been trained in the United Kingdom following an initial training in Nigeria, she started her nursing career with great enthusiasm and dedication. For anyone who had the opportunity of dealing with her, it did not take long before realising that Faith knew her stuff. It was no surprise that she rose in her career to become a Chief Nursing Officer in Aba General Hospital (in Nigeria).
This lady of repute was known for her sincerity and dependability. If Dame Onwchekwa was behind you in an arrangement, she was there for you, come rain, come shine; not deviating an inch. She was very reliable.
My friend Faith had special humour that cannot be mistaken. By the time you encounter her a couple of times, you will get used to slangs, like “I don sack you” and “Onye oru town council” and “Na wa ooo”.
Punctuality was another great attribute of hers. “African time” was not in her dictionary! I remember occasions we had attended functions, because of her precision with her time keeping, we arrived at the venue even before the host got dressed up!
Dame Faith Onwchekwa was very involved in the Anglican church in Aba and Ukwa dioceses. She championed the cases of widows. Other charities she was involved in included causes that care for orphans. She supported church workers in various ways. It is on record that her country home was a known place for hosting the clergy, including our Lord Bishops during church celebrations. Her painstaking disposition could not be missed whenever she took on these responsibilities.
As I grieve her demise, I am very grateful to God almighty for His blessings on her life. Her legacy lives on in her lovely children: Uloma, Ogbonna, Ngozi and Chinyere and their families. I take solace in the fact that God will grant her rest and peace in eternity.

Adieu Faith!

Lady Chief Mary Otuka,
Permanent Secretary (retired)
Ada Ugo Abia
Civil Service Laureate 

Posted by Ngozi Igbinosa on June 28, 2021
AN ODE TO MY SECOND MUM. - From Chioma Brown Okafor (née Okpokiri)

Dear Aunty Faith,
Honestly, I am never going to be able to express how I feel in words. I call you mum because you were nothing less at all. Growing up with my siblings, I felt like I had three mothers: my mother, you and Aunty Obianwu. Three of you were as bonded as fishes and water.
During the early years of my mum's marriage, she had three daughters and was constantly challenged by dad's people for not birthing a son. You were her strength and font of confidence. You admonished her with soothing words and also always engaged dad in positive affirmations regarding the “male-female child” descripancy as at the time, you were such a pillar of support. Mum never had a good nor a bad time and you were missing in the picture.
Life happened, most of my siblings relocated to the states, we grew; yet the bond you shared with mum grew in us her children. It was subconsciously a point of duty to always hear, call or visit you on a regular. Each time I came to visit mum in the States, she always asked after you.
Then mum passed, it was such a melodrama when we came to break the news to you; my brother and I. You were so broken, yet courageous enough to stand in for us. You said, “Nwa m, it's well. Vidah is in a better place. Be comforted, I am here for you”. From that day, you extended you hands and officially took over as our mother. During mum's funeral, you took it up to consistently reach out to my siblings and I. You involved yourself in the details and ensured everything was properly done to the letter. You kept asking after each process and gave directions where necessary.
I vividly remember few days to the vigil night, you were particular with these questions: “Have you spoken with the knights? Have you reached out to Ukwa Diocese? Have you called the choir? What about the priests and the bishop, have you finalized with them” You were just there crossing the ‘T’s and dotting the ‘I’s.
What's more amazing to me was, after the funeral and mourning period, the bond practical grew on me personally. You never left. You literally made me never feel the impact of my mum's absence. We communicated about virtually everything and in a daily. Aunty, you were such an honest, loving and disciplined woman. You never second-guessed anything that had to do with your integrity.
Mother, the last discussion we had was about getting you a domestic personal assistant. We barely concluded when you said you had to go visit your daughter Chinyere in Lagos. While awaiting your return, I got the shock of my life about a week later when the call came in break the news of your demise.
Gosh! I am still in shock. I am yet to come to terms with this reality. But I find strength in the conviction that you're certainly chilling in a better place, together with my mum. My greatest joy in this pain is that you died in the Lord and you're certainly resting in HIS bosom.

Adieu Aunty Faith
Adieu my second mother
Rest on till we meet on that joyful morning to part no more.
I miss you.

Your daughter Chioma Brown Okafor Nee Okpokiri.
Posted by Ngozi Igbinosa on June 28, 2021
TRIBUTE – From Mrs. Philo Konkwo

I fondly call my friend Faith Onwuchekwa Fetyfety. She will always be in my mind because we both valued our friendship. She made time to call me if she has not heard from me after a week and always visited me to just sit and keep me company. She was unique because we could discuss our travels back and forth to the states and everything in between. I have missed her so much already and even though I don’t write tributes feel the need to share how much she meant to me. Her passing has changed my outlook to life because I didn’t imagine it will so soon and know she’s irreplaceable. I hope the family will find peace in the fact that she was very happy and content with her life.
Bye bye to my dear friend Fetyfety!

From Mrs. Philo Konkwo
Posted by Ngozi Igbinosa on June 28, 2021
TRIBUTE – From Mrs. Kate Iheme

Dee Faith as I fondly called her. Up till this very moment I am still living in denial. I try to define exactly what death is. It is in fact very hard for me.

Aunty, loosing you is like losing the most precious and most costly ornaments in the world.
You were a very strong and most powerful woman I could think of, Iron Lady, virtuous woman, Kind, Generous indeed.
You were able to raise your four children firmly with God on your side single handedly.
Dame Faith, the legacy You left behind is only what God knows.

I remember the good times we shared together. My heart is broken.
We are going to miss you.
We love you Aunty but God loves you most. I know you are resting peacefully in the Bosom of The Lord.
God be with you till we meet to part no more.

Adeiu, Ada Benson Iheme of OBZ London (Obazu Mbieri), Adeiu Ndabaku Faith Onwuchekwa
Farewell, rest in Peace through Jesus Christ Our Lord AMEN.

From Eziada Mrs Kate Iheme
(Sister in-law)
Posted by Ahunma Meribe on June 28, 2021
To my very dear long term friend and sister Faith,

When I was asked to write a tribute about you I thought to myself 'is this really true or some sort of bad joke?' Very soon all the emotions I felt when the news that you had gone came flooding back to me.

You were a wonderful, beautiful person and so much has been said to that effect. Faith, you and I have come a a long long way and the bond between us united our whole families both in Nigeria and overseas.

Our early education was in Port Harcourt then we came to the UK to study and work as nurses and then midwives. You were the most warm, humble, caring, devoted and trustworthy human being I knew.

You were the ultimate socialite, organiser, hard worker and master planner so it not a surprise that you belonged to so many associations and meetings.

To your wonderful children and grandchildren, you had the best mother God could give you. You all made her proud with all your achievements and I am happy that she witnessed them. She wished to stay longer to enjoy you all but God had another plan. 

My memories will last forever and I pray for her and her family daily.
'Ezi Enyi' laa n'udo!
Sleep on my beautiful angel, you will never be forgotten.

Ahunma and family x
Posted by Chisom George on June 28, 2021
Tribute to my mentor and pearl of inestimable value....

Mum as I fondly called you, your death has kept me so blank since I got the devastating news.

Florence Nightengale of our time, coming in contact with you as a student nurse in 1997 brought great hope to my life having lost my grandma in 1996.

You invited me to your house, where I saw tremendous attributes I had missed in my grandma which made me to fall in love with you due to your neatness & beauty. You brought me into your family as your first grandchild and cherished me so much.

Mum, what existed between us was more than being a young nurse under your mentorship. I'm always in your bedroom whenever I visited, you were a strong back bone to me during my days of trials, especially when I had no job in 2013 and 2019 respectively. You taught me how to handle storms of life without giving up.
Your words of encouragement and befitting advise whenever am in distress were always fruitful to me, to the extent that you appeared in my dream on 6th of April to encourage and direct me on how to face my present challenges with prayers, little did I know that you have gone to be with your maker. I woke up that faithful morning and called your line to tell you my dream, having spoke with you last on 1st April when I called to say happy new month as we always do. But your number wasn't connecting. I sent a watsapp massage, which didn't deliver, so I thought you have gone to visit your children abroad as you informed me on 26th March when I took you to the Airport in company of others to visit sister Chinyere...

My versatile nurse, I can't believe that my stay with you that faithful day was going to be the last. I still recall the way I slipped your beautiful legs into the pairs of slippers you wore to Lagos... I always see you eat your fruits as breakfast, I can't forget the good memories I shared with you, your jokes and those funny names you call people around you.. Onye ime ohia, onye Igbo kaaki and so on....

You always make sure that everyone that comes in contact with you remains happy. You have impressed yourself indelibly on my mind.

My morning glory has department, I cry everyday because you are gone forever with your beauty, heart of gold, elegance, comportment, tenderness & dignity and I will never see you again.

Mum, be rest assured that you will never be forgotten by me and my children...

Nwanyioma eji aga mba, nne múrú eze, Ada ukwu ndi Mbieri, nwanyi obi óma, my prayer warrior, gaa Ije gi nke óma. I will forever miss you.
Posted by Nnamdi Nlemadim on June 27, 2021
Hard to believe that you no longer with us - Dede, De Faith, The heart of Gold.
You made me part of your family while in Aba, you ready to listen, you have a way of turning/advising on problems to not being a problem. Your Image is like an Iroko tree/Strong.
The Almighty have called, You will be missed, you be missed, your kind and strong spirit have made us understand why the Almighty would wants Our Beautiful Dede, De Faith by His side. Mighty God, Please Grant her a peaceful and smooth passage to your Kingdom. Amen, Amen, Amen……
Posted by Cynthia Mbata on June 26, 2021
My Beautiful Aunty!
My Evergreen Beauty!
My Shakara dazzling Beautiful Aunty, it is so hard to believe that the Angels in Heaven have packed you home unexpectedly. But we have no choice than to accept it.
Auntym, I took nursing as a profession because of you. Now you are gone! Never to come back again!
Aunty, you were a hard working woman!
A virtuous woman!
Woman of substance!
In fact, I lack words to qualify you. You left a great legacy!
You left a mark in our hearts!
You will always remain cherished and will be missed Aunty.
Good bye the lady with a charming smile!
Good bye paragon of Beauty!
Good bye till we meet to part no more.
From your Niece
Cynthia Iheme Mbata
Posted by Uzoma Nkem-Mmekam on June 26, 2021
Dear Aunty,
When I think of you, I remember your humor and laughter. Whenever you visited Uloma at her place in Anthony Village in Lagos in the 1990s, I would come over and spend hours talking to you. You would always offer me some delicious meal. Over the years Uloma would tell me you asked about me and I was always kept informed of the happenings in your life. I know how much you were loved by your children, grandchildren and those of us lucky enough to have known you. You will forever be in our hearts. Sleep well Aunty and take your place among the angels
Posted by aline okeke on June 26, 2021
I never met Dame Ndabaku Onwuchekwa in person but from what I heard of her, and from what I know of her children, especially Uloma and Ng, she did her job well here on earth.
You can tell a good tree from its fruits.
May Almighty God rest your soul.
One more Angel has been gained in heaven.
Rest on mama!
Posted by Semirah Sanusi on June 25, 2021
Dear Grandma,

It's too hard to believe you left us for a better place,our consolation are the memories you left us with to console ourselves. We surely will all miss you Thank you for your sacrifices, your care, concern, your love, for feeding us and everything that you have done for us all. I know you are in a much better place. I will be forever grateful and thankful for knowing someone like you.

Rest in peace ma
Posted by Ridwan Abdulsalam on June 22, 2021
Mama is a very kind, warm hearted, cheerful woman, informative and always up to date with affairs of the nation. It’s a sad loss and I sympathize with the family and closed ones. May her soul rest in perfect peace, Amen.
Posted by Demilade Sanusi on June 21, 2021
To only read about Grandma does not give insight into the multidimensional person she was. Grandma was a multitude of things: firm but yielding, knowledgeable yet willing to learn, strong yet soft. She, even in her harshest moments, would surprise you with uncharacteristic kindness. It wasn’t always so easy to get along with her, but ultimately we cherished her; it was impossible not to. Although she is not here with us today, she remains forever in our hearts: in the lessons she taught us, in the people she left behind. Gone but never forgotten, Rest In Peace Grandma, your family loves you.
Posted by Jide Adeyemo on June 21, 2021
Mummy was an inspiration to me. Very strong into her old age. Firm, disciplined. Very informed ,humorous and quite exposed. You know how diligent and hard working she was from the first time you meet her. She was full of life and energy.  Today she has gone to be with the Lord, but her legacy speaks. To mummys lovely daughter, my wonderful aunt: Chinyere Muda Sanusi, may the Lord comfort you and your sisters and brother. To Ayomide, Ayobami, and Demilade Sanusi. May God comfort you and all your cousins. All your grandma's grand children. Seeing Auntie Chichi in tears for mummy was one of the most painful and confusing experience for me because the only side i ever saw before then was full of laughter. But let us all take comfort in the fact that mummy is in a better place and she has passed the baton of good work to her children. Auntie Uloma Antie Ngozi, Uncle Ogbonna and Auntie Chichi. Yourselves, your husbands, your wife, your children. You are all evedence that mummy left a great legacy. Rest in peace mummy. We love you but God loves you most. Till we meet to part no more good mother! Sun re oo. Iya daada
Posted by Tunji Idowu on June 21, 2021
Mama, I met you way back during Chukkys wedding and when you came to take care of Ayomide at birth in Atunrase Estate. A lot of time when I look in, you ensured that I eat of which I will first say don’t worry but will end up devouring the main food and extra . Your care earned you that name I call you, sweetheart of which you jokingly respond, you’re a run away husband. When you started your regular visits to your kids abroad, I told you how much I’ve missed you anytime we are opportuned to meet at the Sanusis. You were simply wonderful!
There a time for everything in life, it’s your time to ascend to heaven. May you be at peace with your maker. Amen.
Posted by Yvonne Okafor on June 21, 2021
The Aunty of our youth; you always had your doors opened up to us (your other daughters) and we loved you for your kindness, love (sometimes strict when it comes to ‘have you done your homework’ before we grab Choci to enjoy our neighbourhood strolls and chats. Thanks for being the original Agu Nwanyi - a woman of Substance and your children & grandchildren are the awesome legacy you have left behind. Thanks for being impactful to everyone and so I say ‘sleep well with God’ Ada Ukwu ❤️.
To Sis Ulo, Ogbo, Ngo & Choci - we are always here like we’ve been since our youth (that bond can never be broken) and we are so proud of you all) ❤️

Ndidi Ofonagoro (for the Ofonagoro Family)
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Posted by Yvonne Okafor on May 25, 2022
Happy Posthumous Birthday Aunty Faith (forever remembered with LOVE)

Ndy Ofonagoro
Posted by chinyere Sanusi on May 24, 2022
My darling mummy. I miss you terribly!. I think of you every time and struggle to hold back the tears. I wish you are still on this side with us. But I can not question God The Almighty. I miss calling you, spending time with you, your food, your wise counsel, everything that makes you special!. On Sunday May 22nd when it was your 86th birthday, I was so heart broken knowing I wouldn’t be able to call you like I would have. I remembered the plans and surprise I had for you on your 85th birthday, sadly God called you home exactly 49 days before your birthday!! It has not been easy, mum. I hurt deeply and pray God gives us comfort for each new day.
Happy birthday in Heaven, Nnem Faith! I’d forever cherish the moments we shared with you. I love you, mom.
Your last born,
Posted by Ngozi Igbinosa on May 22, 2022
Momsie, it’s still very difficult to process your absence even now. I still think of you on a daily basis. Your ever beautiful and smiling face. Your life was larger than I can ever imagine. Just wish you had a little more time here with us. You will always be loved and forever missed. We can’t question the Almighty. He has continued to give us the Grace and strength for each new Day. There are not enough words Momsie. My heart still aches. 
Today would have been another Birthday for you. 
Time they say heals. I pray that time will continue to make your memories fonder. 
Always in my heart. 
I love you. ❤️❤️
her Life


Dame Chief (Mrs.) Faith Ndabaku Onwuchekwa was born in Obazu Mbieri, Mbaitolu Ikeduru Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria on May 22, 1936 to the family of late Mr. Benson and Mrs. Janet Iheme. Her marriage to late Engineer Jeremiah Onwuchekwa was blessed with four children namely Mrs Uloma Ikejiani (Nashville, TN), Engr. Ogbonna Onwuchekwa (London, UK), Dr. Ngozi Igbinosa(Bakersfield, CA), and Mrs. Chinyere Muda-Sanusi (Lagos Nigeria). She was crowned with eight beautiful grandchildren. Mommy was lovingly called FN by family members, colleagues and friends.

FN started her early education at the renowned Banham Memorial Primary School, Port- Harcourt, Rivers State. She subsequently proceeded to Eljerley Boarding School in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria for her secondary school education. FN’s distinguished training and career in nursing started at Iyienu General Hospital, Ogidi, AnambraState, Nigeria before proceeding to the United Kingdom for advanced training in Midwifery.  Her love of God, kindness, strong dedication to her profession, her limitless love for her patients, strangers and friends alike, her perseverance in difficult situations, and her strong belief in empowering the next generation earned her names such as Faith Tabernacle and Adaure. The names given to her by her parents, Faith and Ndabaku, were visionary and spoke volumes, and she lived up to every meaning and value of her names.

Dame Chief (Mrs.) Faith Onwuchekwa was a hard worker with superb work ethics. She was very focused, and had a unique sense of direction. FN had very strict principles, and lived a disciplined life. She was a true and unmistakable disciplinarian dishing out discipline with utmost love. Her work was her ministry. She strived for perfection, and gave her very best to every assignment and every project she was involved in. Dame Chief (Mrs.) Faith Onwuchekwa was a team leader who prepared her colleagues, both junior and senior, for higher responsibilities. She willingly offered a lot of advice and moral support to coworkers, friends and family members. Her advice and input in every situation was always treasured by all. She was a genuine friend to so many, and was very trustworthy. She impacted so many people and a lot of lives.

A trained nurse and midwife, she worked at various hospitals including Watford Maternity Hospital, Watford, England, Mercy Street Children's Hospital in Lagos, and Park Lane Hospital, Enugu, Nigeria. She was always willing to serve in any capacity in her chosen profession. She represented Imo State, Nigeria at the World Conference of Nurses in Los Angeles, CA in 1976.

FN’s professional career peaked at Abia State Hospital Management Board where she served as Chief Nursing Officer retiring with distinction in 1997.

FN was very active in her community as an organizer, advocate and nurse educator. In recognition of her rare talent and spirit for community development, she was honored with the Chieftaincy Title of Odi Uko na Mba by the late Eze Stephen Nwosu of Ozaa Autonomous Community in Ukwa West Local Government Area, AbiaState in 1996.

Dame Chief (Mrs.) Faith Onwuchekwa was a recipient of other numerous awards. In 2001, she was awarded the Adaugo Honors Award by the Government of Abia State, Nigeria on the 10th year anniversary of the creation of Abia State in recognition of her meritorious contributions to the growth of the State.

She was very active in the Anglican Church. She was invested with The Knight of Saint Christopher in 1997 by the late Bishop of Ukwa Diocese, the Rt. Rev. Dr. UjuObinya. She was a member of the Mothers' Union and Mothers' Guild. She served on the Committee for the Inauguration of Ukwa Diocese in 1995. She was also a Synod Delegate to the Ukwa Diocese for many years.

In 2011, she was awarded “The Mother of Faith Award” by the Mothers’ Union of St Michael’s Cathedral, Aba, Nigeria in recognition of her selfless service to God and humanity. In 2014, the Anglican Diocese of Ukwa honored her with the Diocesan Merit Award and the title ‘Nneoma’ in recognition of her immense contributions to the service of God, His Church and humanity. In 2017, the Aba Ecclesiastical Province of the Church of God, Anglican Communion, honored her with the title of “Esteem Mother'' in recognition of her love and contributions to the development and growth of the Church of God.

A true talent, jewel, and bundle of love, FN will be dearly missed.

We thank God for the life and works of Dame Chief (Mrs.) Faith Ndabaku Onwuchekwa. To God alone be all the glory.

May the gentle soul of Dame Chief (Mrs.) Faith NdabakuOnwuchekwa rest in perfect peace, Amen!

Recent stories

What a mountainous loss!!!

Shared by adaeze onuoha on June 24, 2021
Where do I start. Ng your mum was such a force. Her many sayings that were so funny but so true.
The way she welcomed us the “members” and remembered all our names. 
The way she never missed a beat to welcome us no matter how “sudden” the visit. She just seemed so approachable even though we knew she was a no nonsense lady. 
This is my personal loss. The last soup I enjoyed from her culinary expertise at Osazee’s christening. 
A real pillar in so many ramifications.
A wonder and a whirlwind. The real real mother in Israel. Take heart my sister… 
She ran a good race with grace and style. 

Rest in perfect peace, Momma.

Shared by Azuka Ezenwa Udolisa on June 21, 2021
I remember calling you on the phone a few years ago to wish you a happy birthday.  You were so gracious and wished me well.
Back then after Abuloma,  I spent a few days in your home and you were so receptive and kind.
Momma, may you rest in perfect peace,Amen. You raised amazing kids and I am so glad that they took great care of you.