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Thelma and Louise

July 10, 2012

When you got your first car, we'd go driving about everywhere!

I loved parking overlooking the beach at Croyde or Saunton, lying on the bonnet of the car smoking fags drinking flat coke and chatting about the future! Or i'd talk about whatever bloke I was in love with at the time, and you try to look interested and fail ;-)

The time we took a drive down to Braunton Burrows with a big bag of grass and you taught me how to skin up.............badly ;-) and we got so stoned on the drive home we ended up in a ditch, we must of stayed in that ditch for at least an hour because we were crying with laughter, I dont remember how we got out the ditch, it must of been good shit ;-) Ha     

Instow Beach

July 6, 2012
Going to Instow Beach as girls and playing on the old boat there. We all had an ice cream, Joanne and I heard a thud turned round and you were nowhere to be seen, we looked over the side of the boat and there you were face down in the sand with a smile on your face saying "at least I saved my ice cream" xxx

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