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September 18, 2018

As I sit here thinking about what to say, I look back to those years that you lived with us just downstairs. I had the ability to come down whenever I wanted hugs and kisses and your great food. The summer breaks that you watched us and lunch was mashed potatoes with bacon and eggs while we sat and watched the Price is Right. And when it was 1:00 on the dot it was time for All My Children soap opera. The many times you protected me from getting in trouble with my Dad and coming to my rescue countless of times. The time you broke my window with your hand because you tripped over my barbies. When my parents came home that night  you never told them what happened to protect me.

So, many times you spent worrying about me being away at college, living on my own and traveling the world. Things that you never got to do. I know the reason that I could do those things was because of the woman you helped shape me into. A woman of faith, integrity, humility and a little bit of sass. Those prayers over me will be missed but I know you watch over me from heaven and one day we will be together celebrating the Lord together. Besos 

My “Gran’ ma”

September 15, 2018

Grandma took my entire family in like her own... the sweetest heart anyone could have.  She gave me my first coffee, I learned to drink it the Puerto Rican way, Light and SWEEET!  Who could forget her fried chicken?  A recipe no one could duplicate.... thank you for these memories.  

I had a vivid dream the other night of her.  I could remember during the days she would take care of me.  I would watch Cartoons on TV but when it came time for the novelas, move over because cartoon time finished!  

I also remember how Grandma and Grandpa would come over our house in Howell after church some days.  Mom would make her coffee and serve some food/snacks. If Mom would want us to take some pictures Grandma would be sure to have Mom comb her hair.  :)

Grandma, I love you... I will miss you!  Please watch over all of us, and never stop taking care of us.  I know you and Dad will reunite and you will create new memories in heaven.  

A Grandma like none other!

September 15, 2018

Paco and I met you in 1984 and immediately gravitated towards you. Thank you for loving us like your own. It was a pleasure to call you Grandma. You were a true blessing to our family and will forever hold a VERY special place in my heart. I will cherish all the memories we created together. You will be greatly missed but NEVER forgotten. You will always be my sweet grandma.

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