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Baraka first game at Shattuck

Shared by Jeanette Boit-Kania on September 12, 2016

I got to watch Baraka's first game with his new team add Shattuck they won 1-0 against the U15


Shared by Serah Mesesi on August 4, 2015

His dedication to ministry especially for youth and children at the Edge Church family was hearty. May his memory be honored and inspire us all going forward. Looking forward to resurrection morning soon. Blessings to family.

Spending time with dad

Shared by Jeanette Boit-Kania on August 4, 2015

we spend the afternoon with dad and it felt good to be around him

Samedi Kania's life history from his own voice!

Shared by John Rugutt on August 8, 2013

Hear about Samedi Kania’s life history from his own voice (in local dialect, Kiswahili and English), in an interview conducted by Ambassador Peter Kipchumba Ronoh. An audio file (15 minutes).

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