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Posted by Karla Robinson on May 13, 2021
My condolences to the family
Posted by Aresha Jackson on May 2, 2021
It's been a year and it doesn't even feel like it you were always so nice and stayed fly (lol) I know you've made heaven a lot more beautiful ❤️
Posted by Lula Singletary on May 2, 2021
Vera you were such a classy lady. We miss you dearly. Rest on my love I know you're looking down on us your family and the Greater Rock family. We will meet again. Rest on my dear.
Posted by Rev. Kelley on May 2, 2021
Just wanted to say that it’s really been a strange adjustment to you being gone. Gone but never forgotten. Truly miss Rhonda’s friend and traveling buddy, and sister as well as mines! RIH Vera James
Posted by Keisha Mcclain on May 10, 2020
My condolences to the family,praying for your strength
Posted by Chieftess Eagleheart Cha'... on May 10, 2020
A world class exemplary woman. To be modeled and as a guidance for us. First Lady Mother James, your strength heartens me. We know the tree by the fruit it bears. Knowing the son of you and your husband, has satisfied my soul and spirit, of the living presence and power of God in my life and among us all. Deep condolences, to you and family, my brother, Chief Mansa Musa, Powhatan, Floyd Deneiro, of the family James. Remember all the joy and love Mother freely shared, and receive all my love, and support as we again know and accept His Divine Will. Blessings and Peace.
Posted by TASHANNIA PROFIT on May 9, 2020
Pastor James and the James family

Our hearts goes out to you and the family in your time of sorrow. The Profit family extend our deepest sympathies, may the soul of First Lady Vera James be at peace with our Heavenly Father.
Posted by Dr. Robert Jones on May 9, 2020
To: Dr. Floyd James, family and the Greater Rock M.B.Church
Our sincerest Condolences to you on behalf of our Pastor Emeritus, Dr.Joseph B. Felker, Jr. the Mt. Carmel Church family and myself. God Bless you and we are praying for you, that God wil continue to give your strength for the tasks that lie ahead.
Our Pastor's and Young Pastor's Conference Led by Dr. Jarvis Hanson and myself along with all of the Pastors of Baptist General are holding you up in our prayers
The Greater New Era District Association, Moderator Dr.Jarvis Hanson and its auxiliary leaders are praying for you, your family and church.
Take care and God bless
Posted by Antoinette Ivy-Monroe on May 9, 2020
The James family was linked to our family by our mutual Love of God. I pray you all will be given that peace that only God can give at this time knowing that your precious Vera is in His presence! Love, Toni and Family
Posted by Regina Griffin on May 9, 2020
Rev. F. James, it is my prayer God continue to comfort and protect you.  Lady Vera always greeted me with a smile. She was my beautician in the 70's. Her grace will forever be remembered. My deepest condolences to all who loved and knew her. May her life be remembered and shared.
Posted by Anica Paschal on May 9, 2020
Vera, I dreaded writhing on here ever since it posted. As the years flow down my face. The pain I feel for Floyd, your loving husband, and your children, especially your children. We all for the most part grew up together spending summers between Grand Rapids and Chicago! We would have so much fun, and built a bond that still grows today! As a kid, I fell in love with lasagna because of you, and everyone loves it! But as I became a young woman and mother we would spend time together and you would clown with us all! We couldn’t wait for you to get to Dee or Ann’s house to hear about you recruiting for the outlaw gang that you formed! You were the life of the party! You were a joy to be around, you had class, grace, beauty, and love in your heart for people! You and Floyd could tag team, you were the perfect balance of a loving couple and I loved watching y’all! My heart breaks for my cousins, mainly LuLu, because I know you know we talk almost everyday! That girl loves you and will tell Mom and I so many stories about you, some I’ve even memorized! You did a great job as a mother, your children call you blessed! I love you and will miss you! May His peace be with you til we meet again, Anica
Posted by Sheneatha Seaton on May 8, 2020
I remember Sister James doing my hair and makeup for prom. I had never worn makeup, weave nor had my eyebrows arched. She told me that I was her pretty girl and that makeup is to enhance not take over. She introduced me to the modest look that I have today. That was as a young lady. Today as a woman and wife, I’ve watched her as a wife selflessly share her husband with the entire congregation. She was a true example of a 1st Lady, wife, mother and so much more. I thank God for her life and the things she taught even though she may not have been aware of her teachings. She will be missed. James family, I love you all and I’m terribly sorry. You all are in my heart and prayers.
Posted by Priscilla Montgomery on May 8, 2020
My deepest condolences to Pastor Floyd James and Family. From Mrs. Julia Montgomery, wife of the late Rev. Douglas Montgomery, Pastor of Greater True Light MBC, Chicago, IL
Posted by Racquel Galloway on May 8, 2020
My condolences to the James family. Sis. James your sweet presence will be missed!
Posted by Zakiya Harris on May 8, 2020
My condolences, she was a wonderful first lady
Posted by David Murphy on May 8, 2020
I'm really going to miss you mother in law. I remember when u used to come over to the house I used to put your favorite gospel singer on YouTube Shirley Caesar for you. The song I'm remembering now u liked is "I remember moma in a happy way" the other night me and your children was remembering u in a happy way. From you naming your daughter Lulu after your favorite restaurant Lulu's on the west side to the many laughs they had with you. As your favorite artist said we was remembering u moma in a happy way. Thanks for the memories mother in law and may your reunion with your mother be a blessed and happy way.
Posted by Pauline Gallon Stubbs on May 8, 2020
To Vera my longtime friend, about 40 years of friendship, I'm telling you now Vera James, don't be up there telling  the Lord about decorating the street of gold and  messing around with the pearlie gates. The colors are fine and everything is in place, don't touch nothing. IT'S ALL GOOD MY FRIEND TAKE YOUR REST AND I LOVE YOU!
 Now for you, my former Pastor and friend Rev. Floyd D. James Sr., what words can I say to you that haven't been said. I'm going to say as a friend it's time for you to LIVE.... You have been there for my friend Vera a might long time and for this I'm grateful.  Truth be told alot of men's would have ran from the situation of your wife 20 year health condition( oh yeah they would have ran....). Rev. Floyd,  you have been right there for your Queen that strong christian black man, that boyfriend, husband, teacher, counselor, Pastor, friend, lover, you been the nurse, the doctor, caretaker, traveling buddy, you name it you have been there. When the room got empty and everybody left,  you and the children was still standing by her side. What a GREAT AND GODLY MAN you have been to your wife, children, siblings, the Greater Rock church family and community. YOU ARE ONE OF A KIND JOB WELL DONE, NOW IT TIME FOR YOU TO LIVE, LIVE AND NOT WORRY. MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOUR FAMILY!
Posted by Rosanna Hopkins on May 8, 2020
Although words can’t ease the loss you bear. Know that you are very close in my prayers and thoughts.  I’m truly sorry for your loss.  We’ll family. Much ❤️. 
Posted by Whitney Saunders-Catching... on May 8, 2020
My condolences to the family. I will miss Ms. Vera. She was a wonder to watch. Watching her strength and faith was amazing. She was able to overcome so much with them. Her life was an inspiration to watch and I hope her family remembers how she lived and uses that as an example of how your strength and faith in God can help you overcome anything. Love you all and you all are in my prayers.
Posted by Charlene Galloway on May 8, 2020
Vera we will miss you in our sunday class#2 i will miss your beautiful smile sitting in the front of the class
Posted by Vonnie Smith on May 8, 2020
To the James Family:

My deepest sympathy to you all in the passing of First Lady James. I will always remember the big smile of thanks that she gave me one year in Tampa at our church's bi annual picnic. Greater Rock Missionary Baptist Church, Rev. Dr. Floyd James and Heritage Christian Community Baptist Church, Rev. Dr. Delores James Cain, Pastor, Tampa FL. Pastor James had received a phone call while holding the umbrella and pushing First Lady James to the car from the picnic. I passed them and turn around and offered help in pushing her and holding the umbrella while he took his call. Once we arrived to the car, she gave me the biggest smile that said THANK YOU! I gave her a hug and walked away! No words were shared however the simple smile spoke volumes! Take your rest and continue to watch over your family! 
Posted by Linda Ashford on May 8, 2020
First Lady Vera James,
So many wonderful memories, Pastor James performed our wedding ceremony 33 yrs ago in your living room. Your house smelled like a fresh baked cake. You had a porcelain fake cake on your dinner room table that looked real and Kevin thought you had cooked us a cake (smile)

Another funny story , we were at one of the conventions and you and I went shopping while they were in class. We went to a store where they sold prankster items .You purchased a fake leg and put it under our bed in the hotel room and you scared Kevin .(smile) of course a story cane before the prank . I don’t have enough space to tell it .
Thank you for the encouraging talks about marriages and life and all the funny jokes . We Love you guys dearly ..( Pastor James and the kids ( adults ) The James Family
# Resting in the Lords arms # no more pain
Rev. Kevin and Linda Ashford Sr.

Posted by Cynthia Cobbs on May 8, 2020
Condolences to Pastor James and the entire James Family. Love you all.
Posted by Cynthia Cobbs on May 8, 2020
Thank you, First Lady Vera James. For all you done for us making our Wedding Day a success 26 years ago and all the martial advice you given. You will be missed I will forever cherish the things you made for me on that special day, it is securely tuck away. You was one classy lady. Love you
Posted by Helen Johnson on May 8, 2020
My deepest condolences to Pastor Floyd James and family. I'm praying that the strength God will forever carry you all through this difficult time. May God bless and keep his loving arms around the Greater Rock Church Family.
Posted by Helen Johnson on May 7, 2020
Dearest Vera, you were a beautiful person and a gorgeous and strong first lady I'm gonna miss your face, but most of all your beautiful spirit
Posted by Linda Johnson on May 7, 2020
To my preacher Dr Rev Floyd James.

Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.
I want to extend my heartfelt sympathy to the entire James family. May the Lord continue to comfort you and supply your every need.
I’m reminded of what a wonderful woman of God, First Lady Vera James was. As a young woman desiring to be married, Rev. Floyd married George and I on September 7,1980 in the living room of their home on Independence Blvd. Vera, you were the best witness and continued a lifelong service of witnessing for the Lord. Our God knows best, and he has called you from labor to rest.
Rest on First Lady, we will miss you!!
Posted by Carrie Kelley on May 7, 2020
A awesome candle, that her light,our Vera was an Espiring to me, when I was in trouble about *faith* never forget how Vera said
   Carrie Come * back home* that's my Church home.*GreaterRock*
We Will Always love our Mrs.Vera James.
Posted by Johnnie Jordan on May 7, 2020
Sister Vera James, What could I say! She was simply the most beautiful, classy, sweet, strong 1st Lady of a church I’d ever seen. Even in her sickness her LOVE for her husband pierce through her smile. Rev. James and their children's cared and loved her endlessly. GOD your timing we will never understand, I just thank you for allowing me to know such an amazing women. To the James family, Thank you for sharing your mother and to my Pastor thank you for sharing you wife. Love you all.
Posted by Aresha Jackson on May 7, 2020
From the Jackson family We would like to send our condolences May God look over your family in this grievous time and bring you all peace! Love you guys
Posted by Martha Common-Simpson on May 7, 2020
Vera, I for one will forever miss you. You are one of the most beautiful ladies that I l have met. Thank for all that you have done for me and my children. You opened up your home to us in a time of a storm in my life, and I will be forever grateful to you for all the love you and your family has extended to us over the years. I will truly miss your beautiful smile, your jokes, your sense of humor, and every thing about you. To be absent from the body means that you are present with Christ. Sleep now, My Beautiful First Lady. Rest in God’s arms.
Posted by Jannis Willaby on May 7, 2020
A certain man once asked a question,"How is it that one (1) parent can take care of eight(8)children, But eight(8) children can not take care of one (1) parent?" I would like to say "hats" off to Pastor and the James children for a job well done! You all collectively took good care of my friend, my Shopping Buddy. Always keeping her looking like the classy, elegant First Lady that she was. May God strengthen and confort you knowing that she is now safe in the Master arms.

I find it ironic that the government shut down the shopping malls due to Covid,-19. I will always remember the times that Vera and I shopped until we shut down the mall!! RIH my friend! Love Ya Girl!
Posted by Carla Wilbon on May 7, 2020
To Rev. Floyd D. James, I remember when you and Vera, first got married. She was always a ray of sunshine, I always remembered Vera as being a jokester, classy and such a snazzy dresser. I also remembered when she coordinated my first wedding for me, now take your rest, you have earned your wings, God has gained another angel
Posted by Sharita E. Coleman on May 7, 2020
To The James Family, Earth has no sorrows that heaven cannot heal. From my family to yours, may God comfort and keep you all in His loving care in your hours of bereavement. Love you all with the love of God. 

May God Bless
Posted by M. Haywood on May 7, 2020
"Earth Has No Sorrow that Heaven Cannot Heal"
To Rev. Dr. Floyd James, your children, family and Church family, we, the McCoy Memorial B.C., along with the WHW Ministries, INC., under the leadership of Dr. R.A. Williams, want to extend our deepest sincere condolences to each of you during your time of bereavement. Our prayer is that the Father will continue to grant you His comforting peace which surpasses all understanding. Remember the Father never makes a mistake, He alone knows what is best for His children. We know that you loved Sister James, but our Heavenly Father loves her best. God bless each of you!
Posted by Martha Tyler on May 7, 2020
I've known Vera since I was a little girl. She knew my parents (Ernestine and Frank Romious). Vera was like a big sister and I loved her dearly. For many years she was my hair stylist and always wanted me to look nice. Vera, you will truly be missed, but you are now with the Lord and resting in Jesus' name. I will see you again one day. Rest in peace!
Posted by Charlene Rose on May 7, 2020
My deepest Condolences GOES Out To The Entire James's & Great Rock Church Family Vera Will Truly Be Missed She Was Such Rare Special Gem That Shine So Bright Take Your Rest No More Pain Thanks For Great Memories ❤
Posted by Andrea L Townsend on May 7, 2020
To Pastor James and the entire James family, I offer my deepest condolences . First Lady Vera James will truly be miss my everyone.

Love you all
Posted by Ritchie Drennen on May 7, 2020
May God Keep You All In Peace, Are Thoughts and Prayers are with you...From Ritchie and Mamie Drennen Canaan Baptist Church...
Posted by Chanitha Townsend on May 7, 2020
To Pastor James and The James Family,
Sister Vera is am amazing I am not going to use the past tends, because Lady Vera lives in all of us still and will always Lady Vera watched my grow up from and baby and now a woman, this was a hard one for me because I can stay that she doing work for Our Father and dancing in heaven, I will continue to pray for the James Family just as I always have, some people say healing takes a life time and sometimes it does, but I say that I you have to continue to trust God and put him first and trust the process and know that Lady Vera is not feeling anymore pain she dancing in heaven with Our Father I love you Pastor James The Family always.
Posted by William Walton Sr. on May 7, 2020
To Pastor Floyd D. James Sr. And the Greater Rock Family from Pastor William Walton &New Deliverance Temple church family 40- years you watch over your bride now your bride is watching over you.
Posted by Priscilla Montgomery on May 7, 2020
To Pastor Floyd James and the entire James family, we offer our deepest condolences. May God strengthen you during this difficult time. From, Eva Montgomery Harris and Priscilla Montgomery (your extended family).
Posted by Meghan Wilkerson on May 7, 2020
Words can’t express how I feel. Vera James will truly be missed. Especially her smile and just her presence!! God kept her for 20 years and that’s shows what God is God. She was a sweet person and always did things with a smile!! She was very talented and a jack of all trades!! I can remember always walking in home from grammar school and her and mom would be on the phone!! The bond they had was very unexplainable and wonderful at the same time!! She was a great women of faith and a great woman to look up to!! Vera James was loved by so many and also a great role model to everyone! She will truly be missed!! This is truly a big loss but she is now resting with God! She’s at peace and she do not have to suffer any more!! Sis James you will be truly missed always and forever!! The second row at the ROCK will never be the same!! But our memories with you will forever be in our hearts!! Such as seeing you the second row with a smile and just rocking side to side when the choice is singing and those beautiful hats you wore every Sunday!!! Anniversaries will never be the same!! I will always remember your beautiful decorations and how you would do my hair (I cried every time it was time to wash my hair face down lol). You was there when I was baptized front and center at the old church. I have so many memories!! I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU SIS JAMES!!! Tell my mother I said hello....... I know she’s going to look after you like she always do!!! I’m praying for you Rev James and your entire family as well as the Greater Rock family!!! Love you guys!!!!
Posted by Beverly Jones on May 7, 2020
To my pastor and family:
Praying for you all and sharing this letter in love For your mom:
V - virtuous woman
E - energetic
R - righteous
A - anointed
When walking in church it will be hard not seeing you in your spot. Yet, understanding that you are in the most beautiful spot of all in the arms of our Lord. Your work will never be forgotten and neither will you. Love Beverly and Marcus Jones
Posted by Rev. Kelley on May 7, 2020
Lady Vera James, was my sister and friend. Rhonda & Joseph along with Jim Bass and Dee Bass and my Pastor and friend Floyd James would travel together on our wedding anniversary to celebrate marriage. What great times we shared. Vera quote in joking “ treat rough and make them like it” you will be missed. Vera love yiou much.
Posted by James Bass on May 7, 2020
You will be miss a lot Vera,Especially when we all go on trip together we had a good I look back the first trip was in Wisconsin. again you will be miss my condolences to the family and prayer always love you guys
Posted by Scott Onque on May 7, 2020
Lady Vera James take your rest! You fought a good fight, you finished your course and you kept the faith....Praying Gods comfort for Pastor James and the entire James Family! Also praying for the Greater Rock MBC. - Pastor Scott Onque
Posted by Denise Scott on May 7, 2020
A beautiful lady
From Deaconess Denise & Deacon Ken Scott (HCCBC Tampa, FL)
Posted by LadyRed Coleman on May 7, 2020
Vera as a child I would just sit back and watch you. I always said that you were a woman of strength and you always proved me right. A Wife, A Mother, A Grandmother, A Beautician and The President of the Outlaw Committee (family joke). You wore many different hats and you wore them well. You fought a good fight and always came out a WINNER. Now it's time to claim your reward and take your rest. You will always hold a place in my Heart. Love you much cousin.
Posted by Lula Singletary on May 6, 2020
Vera James our First Lady. You knew how to be a real First Lady and how to treat the members of Greater Rock. Vera you were such a lady. I have no doubt in my mind I saw how much you loved your husband and children. We will surely miss you so you rest on. You fought a good fight so I will say bye until we meet again.

Love Lula
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Posted by Karla Robinson on May 13, 2021
My condolences to the family
Posted by Aresha Jackson on May 2, 2021
It's been a year and it doesn't even feel like it you were always so nice and stayed fly (lol) I know you've made heaven a lot more beautiful ❤️
Posted by Lula Singletary on May 2, 2021
Vera you were such a classy lady. We miss you dearly. Rest on my love I know you're looking down on us your family and the Greater Rock family. We will meet again. Rest on my dear.
her Life


Vera Lee Walker was born November 1, 1952, at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, IL. She was the third of six children born to the late Larnie and Birdie Mary Lucille Walker. Both parents and three siblings, Michael, Cleo, and Barbara Ann preceded her in death.

As a child, Vera loved to design things, draw, do crafts, and hair. She attended grammar school at Ryerson Elementary where she met her lifelong friend Jerlean. Together, they graduated from Westinghouse Vocational High School, “Home of the Warriors” in 1971. She then began her employment with the Goldblatt’s Department Stores.

While at Goldblatt’s in 1973, Vera caught the eyes of her future beau Floyd. They began dating, and soon realized their love for God, life goals, and future aspirations were compatible. Vera began to attend church with Floyd, and then she accepted Christ in her life as her personal Lord and Savior. Vera was baptized at Greater Rock Missionary Baptist Church by the late Rev. Morgan James, Sr. and she devoted her life to serving God in worship, praise, and thanksgiving. Vera and Floyd fell in love and were married on December 28, 1974 and from this spiritual union; God blessed them with five precious children: LaVonda, Quiana, Floyd Jr., LeShawn, and LeTisha.

Vera continued the pursuit of her childhood dream of becoming a cosmetologist by enrolling in Debbie’s School of Beauty. After receiving her Cosmetology Certificate, she began working at Maxine’s Beauty Salon, as a licensed hairdresser.

Shortly thereafter, she decided to put her entrepreneurship skills into practice. Vera, with her creative flair, designed and set-up her own Beauty Salon, called Vera’s Hair Repair on Chicago and St. Louis Avenue. With its lavish black and white theme, everyone knew Vera had style! Vera continued her passion of doing hair by attending classes at Dudley’s University to be able to extend her services to teaching cosmetology classes to others. Vera attended Beauty Shows every year in St. Louis and Atlanta to perfect her craft and learn the latest styles and techniques.

The Lord had blessed Vera with a gift of creativity, which allowed her to be called a “Jack-of-all-trades,” and she was a master of many! She baked cakes, planned weddings, designed crafts, and even created a few plays. Vera loved all these things dearly, but her most important work was in Ministry at Greater Rock.

Vera was an active member of the Young Adult Choir for many years. In 1984 Pastor Morgan James, Sr. became ill and Rev. Floyd James, Sr. became Pastor of Greater Rock Church. She then served as the First Lady working diligently with her husband and chairing many ministries. Vera spent a lot of time helping to groom husbands and wives in the Marriage Ministry. Her favorite saying was “Treat him rough and make him like it!”

In 1999, Vera began her fight with cancer and was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. However, despite the difficulty this disease caused, Vera continued to rely on the Lord to keep and sustain her. After undergoing chemotherapy and radiation in 2001, Vera was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor. As frightening as this may have seemed, Vera stood tall and continued to fight. She eventually had surgery to remove the Brain Tumor and underwent a series of radiation treatments. But after the fight of her life, her health began to fail. She began losing her ability to walk and talk, but her faith remained intact. The Lord blessed her with longevity. Even with her failing health Vera’s love for travelling did not stop.

On May 2, 2020, God booked her final flight. He had decided that it was time for Vera to rest. To cherish her loving memory, she leaves to mourn: her dedicated husband of 45+ years Rev. Floyd. Three daughters: LaVonda (David) Murphy, Quiana, and LeTisha. Two sons: Floyd Jr. (Karla), and LeShawn (Breyanna). Four grandchildren: Kaila, Floyd III, Remar, and Jillian. Two sisters: Lonnie Burkett and Faye Ann (Abe) and One brother, Lawrence (Pam). Five sisters-in-law: Marguerite of Detroit, MI, Delores of Tampa, FL, Brenda, Joyce (Marty) Henderson, Mary Larosa (Grover) Anderson. Three brothers-in-law: Morgan Jr. (Precious), Allen and Slaughter (Amy). Best Friend of 55 years, JerleanMatthews. Godchildren: Arriele Patrick and Derrick Matthews. Two special brothers and sisters: Johnny and Gynetta Miller, and Joe and Rhonda Kelley. Two special sons, Antonio Wallace and Charles King, and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, friends, other relatives, and the Greater Rock Church Family.

Recent stories

A Remarkable Woman

Shared by Felicia Epting on May 9, 2020
Vera, A woman who made a great impression on my life! Glamorous, Elegant, Personable and Loving! Vera, my first Hair Stylist (She gave me my 1st Perm/ Hair Cut/ and Color). 

Vera gave me my first acting job (Greater Rock Jr. Choir Productions). She shared words of wisdom pertaining to marriage, (Yes- Treat him Rough and make him like it was introduced over 30 years ago!)

She believed in sharing what qualities are needed in being a young lady trying to live out Christian principles. Vera strived to walk the walk not just talk the talk! She believed in laughing and joking much! I was her side kick in many pranks trying hard not to expose her as the lead mastermind!

What a joy and a blessing to have Vera pour into me! I thank Vera for being a wonderful mentor and an excellent Sister in Christ!
Vera James is someone who etched themselves in my heart and that marking will never be forgotten! 

Condolence to the James Family

Shared by Larry Dixon on May 9, 2020

Trinity Community Baptist Church under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Larry Dixon, extend our heartfelt sympathy. While there are no words that can ease the pain you feel, we offer comfort from Jesus Christ in John chapter five, verse twenty-four (5:24):

What I’m about to tell you is true. Anyone who hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life. They will not be judged. They have crossed over from death to life. (NIRV)

While it is sometimes hard to understand why we must face times of sorrow God has given his children the promise that he will never leave us, he will never desert us (Hebrews 13:5, NIRV). At this very moment, Vera enjoys an understanding of God’s love that you and I cannot even imagine. Please take comfort in knowing that. The love you have for Vera is obvious and she will truly be missed. Let it be known that as you weep, you do not weep alone. For “Weeping can stay for the night, but joy comes in the morning” (Psalm 30:5, NIRV). Therefore, I say to you, “Wait on the Lord, be strong and don’t lose hope. Wait for the Lord.” (Psalm 27:14, NIRV)

We love you and are praying with and for you.

Prayerfully submitted,

Rev. Dr. Larry D. Dixon, Sr.

Condolences from Pastor Lajuan Whitfield and New Life Holiness Church

Shared by New Life Holiness Church on May 8, 2020
On behalf of myself and the New Life Holiness Church, we extend our heartfelt prayers and condolences to Pastor Floyd James, the James family and the Greater Rock MB Church family.  We bless God for the life of Lady Vera and the time that God allowed us to share with her. As you already know, God is still great and it is during this moment that He has his arms of comfort and love around you all. We pray your continued strength and we offer our support in any capacity. We love you! 

Be blessed,
Pastor Lajuan Whitfiel