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My Memory of Lee

Shared by Maurice Mills on April 21, 2021
My memory with Lee was when my wife, Zandreal and I went to visit Scott and Lee at their home. They had insisted I'm gifting us a very nice electric wheelchair to help aid her recovery from an ankle injury. A true blessing and genuine act of kindness. Long story short, after Scott gave me the operational tutorial he and my wife started chatting while Lee and I began talking about his awesome wheelchair with the flames on the back. The inspiring conversation, positivity and playful spirit that had him zooming around the parking lot and me running around like two little kids at the playground. LOL. Lee shared His Light with me that day and I'm grateful for meeting him. Thank You Lee.

Nurse Victoria

Shared by Victoria Pruitt on April 7, 2021
I had the pleasure of being one of Lee’s nurses over this last year +. I found that no matter his condition he was still able to smile and laugh. Some people see their illness as a heavy burden and while that may have been his case he never showed it to us. At the end of every visit we had to hug before I walked out that door  this is one of the best appreciation from a patient and their family you can get. In some way it lets you know that you are doing a good job in some way that helps. Lee’s loving spirit I know will live on for a long time. I appreciate him and his husband Scott for opening their doors and allowing us to care for him. Scott I’m praying for your continued strength for the days, weeks, and months to come. Rest In Peace Lee ❣️Thank you  

Lee Glenn - Ray of Sunshine

Shared by Dianna Kay on April 1, 2021
I had the pleasure of working with Lee for nine years at National Commodity Sales, Inc.  Every morning walking in the door he would bless us with a happy "Hidey Ho Neighbor" or sang a song that related to the day. I loved his beautiful voice, loving spirit and that smile!!!   I will miss him dearly.  Rest in peace friend.   Dianna Kay  xoxo   
Shared by James Wood on March 28, 2021
Even though I was his contractor Lee treated me like a close friend. I feel honored to have been around him even on a limited bases throughout the years. Lee had outstanding taste in design and was especially proud of the transformation in their house.  He was always kind and cheerful. Thoughts of Lee will make me smile. 

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