This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Forrest Glenn Spencer, age 50, born on January 2, 1963 and passed away on July 9th or 10th, 2013. We will remember him forever.

The front desk of his apartment building said he was found dead inside his studio apartment on Wed. July 10, 2013. We don't have all the details except he was ill, possibly due to liver disease, but yes, sadly, our beloved friend--always there for us and to hear our problems has passed on. He will be missed...

Knowing how much Forrest loved the internet and connecting with people through email, etc. I started this site as a way for all the many friends and loved ones that Forrest had to come together and share their memories. Forrest had so many friends from so many different areas of his life and parts of the country. Please share on this site, share this site with others that knew Forrest, and bring all his loved ones together in one place. I think it would make Forrest smile.

Forrest's friend forever,

Robin Bianchi

Posted by Robin Bianchi on July 10, 2021
The email from this company reminded me of the date of your passing. Somehow it just crept up on me. 8 years ago. For some reason it seems like 20 years so much has happened. But it also seems like yesterday and I could just pick up the phone and hear your voice say "Hey, it's Forrest." Still thinking about you and how important you were in my life and so many others. Your life was cut short way too soon but you made a difference to so many.
Posted by Susan Geary on January 2, 2021
Can't forget you on your birthday. Miss you and think of you often. I'm so glad I got to see you within months of your passing.
Posted by Robin Bianchi on January 2, 2021
Happy Birthday, Forrest! Thinking of you in this very strange time. Wondering how you'd feel about all of this and if you'd agree with me. No matter what I know you'd listen and care. Missing that...
Posted by Robin Bianchi on July 10, 2020
7 years and the memory of hanging out with you seems like it could've been a few months ago. Is that age where time seems to compress? This is something that would've been fun to talk with you about. I was thinking about you lately with all the political upheaval and wishing you were here to talk with about it. I know you wouldn't have judged. That was one of the amazing things about you. You are a forever friend--always there no matter what happens or how we change and grow.
   Missing you and still feeling blessed to have had you in my life. Even though you're not with me the memory of you today makes my life richer and more wonderful. XX00
Posted by Robin Bianchi on January 2, 2020
Was just thinking about you the other day and wishing I could get your advice. Sure need you sometimes...still after all these years. Just thinking about how you might joke about something makes me if you were here. Not quite the same though. Miss you.
Posted by Laura Durant on July 11, 2019
I've been hearing "Don't You" by Simple Minds for the past several days. That's when I know you are around. Still so many times when I wish I could share something or ask advice. It's a long dull ache. Love & Misses
Posted by Robin Bianchi on July 11, 2019
So many years and yet it still feels like I can pick up the phone and talk to you whenever I want. I was just in Phoenix and everywhere I went I thought of you. In fact, I got off the freeway and randomly went a different way and noticed I had gone by the cemetery. There are no accidents just as it wasn't an accident you were in my life. It was a blessing. A few months ago I came across an letter you wrote to me. So perceptive. But then you always were.
Posted by Robin Bianchi on January 3, 2019
I can't believe it's been 5 years. On the one hand that feels like a long time and on the other it seems like I've been missing you for 10 years. Still think of you A LOT and every time I'm in Phoenix. As always...wish you were here. You were taken too soon. Sure there's Prince, Michael Jackson and those guys from Glee but they are nothing compared to you. (If you were here we'd laugh about that.)
Posted by john akins on July 12, 2018
Not a day goes by, old buddy, that I don't think about what a great guy you were!! Daily routine takes me by our old mutual digs on Missouri avenue and I crack a smile thinking about the good old if you are out there in some other plane or space or nirvana...drop in and see me...I am sure I could find two good cigars and two comfy lounge chairs for us and we could solve all the problems of this little planet. PEACE AND LOVE ETERNALLY.
Posted by Robin Bianchi on July 10, 2018
I was just in Phoenix for a visit and as always I miss you most when I'm there. Driving past the area where you grew up, going by our old haunts, thinking many "if onlys". There was so much more of life I wanted to share with you. Our journey together was too short. I know you're still with me but I do miss laughing together. Miss you, silly goose head.
Posted by Robin Bianchi on January 2, 2018
Happy Birthday, Forrest. I celebrated by going to two used bookstores--one of which you were the first one to tell me about--Bookman's. If you were here we could meet at a coffee shop and talk for hours. Yesterday we were at the park near where you grew up. I thought of you a lot.
Posted by Laura Durant on July 11, 2017
I had a dream about you. I don't remember the details but I do remember you we're relaxed and happy. Cheers my dear friend.
Posted by Robin Bianchi on July 10, 2017
Another year without you and I think of you just as much. Hoping you are with me when I think of you. I had two mini cassettes with old answering machine messages I just got a chance to digitize and there were many messages from you from about 1988-90. They were great--like audio letters and one said how much having me for a friend meant to you. I felt like it was you speaking to me today. There are no accidents. What a great gift. Miss you always.
Posted by Robin Bianchi on July 11, 2016
Still can't believe you're not here. I guess that's what it feels like when someone is special--they're with you always. It would still be nice to hear your voice and your advice...and your laugh.
Posted by Laura Durant on July 10, 2016
I still think of you every day... miss your laugh. L&M
Posted by Laura Durant on January 3, 2016
I have no words today... just sad that you're not here.
Posted by Robin Bianchi on January 3, 2016
Missing you on your birthday. It's hard when I'm in Phoenix, as I am today, because wherever I go I think of you. Missing you still...
Posted by Robin Bianchi on July 13, 2015
I can't believe it's been two years when it seems like forever since I could just pick up the phone and talk to you. And yet I remember your voice and think of what you might say to me as if it were yesterday. Missing you...
Posted by Laura Durant on July 13, 2015
I still think of you every day my dear friend.
Posted by Dee Harris on July 11, 2014
Lighting a candle on your one year anniversary. Rest in peace. Dee Harris.
Posted by john akins on October 7, 2013
l lived next to Forrest at 123 W. Missouri.He and I painted together, smoked cigars late into the night, planned out great campaigns of humanitarian justice, and stayed in touch until one day(his death) he stopped calling. He was smart, well-spoken, and had all the qualities of greatness that one hopes for in a life-long friend. I will see you on the other side, my friend.
Posted by Robin Bianchi on September 30, 2013
I can't find an obituary but here is where his ashes are:
Greenwood/Memory Lawn Cemetery 2300 West Van Buren, Phoenix, AZ 85009
Posted by Todd Frazier on August 1, 2013
I knew Forrest back in my KNAU days. He was a good friend and we had a lot of late night conversations. Good company, lots of talent, and funny. My wife and I were so sad to hear the news. You always hope to see good friends again. I guess I'll have to wait a little longer than I planned.
Posted by Pati Urias on July 31, 2013
Sorry to hear of Forrest's passing. He was very kind and approachable, never pushy or rude. I hadn't seen or spoken to Forrest since we had worked together in the 90's, but he will never be forgotten. Rest in peace, and please say hello to my son, Colin, for me.
Posted by Deb Gentile on July 31, 2013
Easy to like and quick to earn respect, for his intellect, humor, creativity & sensitivity; Forrest had the rare ability to discuss, debate, and see both sides of an issue. Before I learned of his passing,his recent absence from social media had already caused me to miss him. If Heaven lives up to its reputation, Forrest is now surrounded by people like he, who are always good company.
Posted by John Burk on July 31, 2013
Always something deep going on down inside. Always a kind word, encouragement, an interesting tidbit - smile for everyone. Never a trace of unstated obligation, guile, guilt. It was always clean and clear with Forest.

He took interest in everyone and everything. Wit. Charm. Intellect. Comfort & ease in his company. Missed.......
Posted by Ramona Howard on July 20, 2013
I am so sorry to hear this. He was always so kind to me. A good man.
Posted by Ken Hoag on July 19, 2013
I only knew him briefly but he was one of the kindest people I had known. Very humble and tremendously funny. Just a great sense of humor. I read his posts on Facebook but I never knew he was ill. Spencer, Rest in Peace in a beautiful place. He will surely be missed by family and friends.
Posted by Jan James on July 19, 2013
Sweet Forrest, I was so glad to have reconnected with you in the last few years. You had a tremendous intellect, a quick wit, and a hearty laugh. Thanks for the fun over the years, friend. You will be missed. xoxox
Posted by Dee Harris on July 19, 2013
For the past four years I was Mr. Spencer's landlord. I have to say he was one of the best residents and human beings I have ever dealt with. I have even learned what a great person he was in my effort to connect with his friends and family during this difficult time. May God bless your soul and give comfort to the loved once you leave behind.
Posted by Diane Bonilla on July 19, 2013
Forrest, you were my friend and saw me through some very hard times - though it was long distance. You were always there. You've been my friend for many years. You were one of the kindest human beings I've ever met. I hope you know how much I love you. And what makes me sad is that you were alone when you passed. I will always remember you and miss you. God bless your soul. Rest in peace,
Posted by Maryann Watkins on July 18, 2013
My heart aches. In all my years in broadcasting, Forrest was one person I could always trust. He was there for me through thick and thin, many times giving me the reality check I needed. Oh, Forrest, why did you have to leave? You are truly missed ... but I will carry the memories always. ~Sarge
Posted by Michael Barrett on July 17, 2013
As a friend for just four short years here in Baltimore, I can only say that losing my kind neighbor Forrest has left me so sad. Grateful?...well of course. Who would not like to have a talented guy like him just down the hall? I should write more; but right now, I am still sort of confused by our sudden loss. I have calls to return to some of his friends and I shall soon.
Posted by karen chaffraix on July 17, 2013
Forrest was a forever friend. I will keep up the friendship via dream, for he was aware of the other side. We talked about it. But there is a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes, for I will never hear that fabulous low rumble of a laugh over my telephone again, making me smile, no matter where on the planet I was at that moment.
Posted by Jak Castro on July 15, 2013
I knew Forrest through my friend Robin. I spent many evenings with him over the years and always found him to be a humorous and insightful person, and fun to be around. I know what a good friend he was to Robin and it saddens me to think of his sudden passing at such a young age. RIP Forrest....
Posted by Lisa Peltier-Miller on July 13, 2013
Forrest made my sister smile and laugh so she shared him with me. An amazing man will be missed however he joins many of our family members. 2013 has been a very bad year for our family. Some day we will all get to meet again.
Posted by Susan Geary on July 13, 2013
He never forgot a birthday, was always sending tidbits of interest for my career, and was a true friend. He had an edgy sense of humor, yet never offensive regarding controversial topics. I know he would be touched by this outpouring of love and support by all his friends. There is a hole in my heart today.
Posted by Jim Simunek on July 13, 2013
I am deeply saddened by the loss of my friend. Forrest and I went to High School, college and even worked in the same building during our radio careers. He is the shining example of a great friend. I will miss his quick, dry wit. Oh yes, and the signature beard. He was always there to give me his advice, opinion or just to say HI. Forrest Glenn Spencer, you will be miss.
Posted by Bruce Kelly on July 13, 2013
Kira and I both had the privilege of working with Forrest and loved his kind nature and passion for our biz. Blessings from the entire Grimes family - for his soul and all of his family and friends.
Posted by Nancy Palatnik on July 13, 2013
Forrest, Thanks for sharing your life. You always remembered me and could always make me laugh. I will miss you dearly. Be at peace.
Posted by Amy Peltier-Ihde on July 13, 2013
My Dear Sweet Friend...I don't think you really knew just how much you were loved and appreciated. I think that many hearts are breaking with the news of your passing. Dr. Hilarity you will be so missed. Our daily conversations - our attempts to understand this world of ours. you helped me find the fun in everyday. I will miss you every day of my life - FOREVER. Thank You friend!
Posted by Carol Beamer on July 13, 2013
I knew Forrest through my brother Jim, high school, college and career friend. So sad by the loss of him, my condolences to all of you that were close to him.
Posted by Susan Hazard on July 13, 2013
I first set eyes on Forrest after a stage performance at Stagebrush Theatre in Scottsdale with my dear friend, Laura Durant, about 15 years ago. Through Laura, I learned of Forrest's colorful history and his many talents...then when Facebook came along, I experienced his kindness, insight, friendship, and support for myself. His humor was a near daily presence in my life. I will miss him.
Posted by Ann Nelson on July 13, 2013
What can be said to encapsulate all that Forrest was? He has left an incredible void and shall be missed more than he will ever have known. I shall always treasure his friendship, his thoughtfulness,his wit,his care, his insights and his constant willingness to "be there" for me. He became part of my family in his own way and shall be held dearly in our hearts. May he have peace always.
Posted by Robin Bianchi on July 13, 2013
Susan, I loved the audio. When I return back to L.A. I'll find some of my old audio with Forrest including some radio plays we did and I even have video and photos of when I forced him to act.
Posted by Robin Bianchi on July 12, 2013
I have been friends with Forrest since college--sometime in October 1983. Forrest always remembered the exact date and now he's gone so I can't ask him. He was always there for me as a friend...always. I knew so many people because of Forrest as he brought us together through him. I'm shocked and sad and can't believe he's gone. He was very very dear to me. I will miss him so much.
Posted by Laura Durant on July 12, 2013
I have many fond memories of our collaborations over the past 25 years; all glowing like bright little sparklers marking the passage of time. I loved making him laugh – in that high pitched cackle that ran up and down the scales – so infectious. I know he will be as restless in the next life as was in this one. We will meet again. L&M … Love & Misses.
Posted by rich malone on July 12, 2013
So sad. He brought a pleasant, lighter side to life when I knew him at NAU and KNAU Flagstaff. Remembered fondly.

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Posted by Robin Bianchi on July 10, 2021
The email from this company reminded me of the date of your passing. Somehow it just crept up on me. 8 years ago. For some reason it seems like 20 years so much has happened. But it also seems like yesterday and I could just pick up the phone and hear your voice say "Hey, it's Forrest." Still thinking about you and how important you were in my life and so many others. Your life was cut short way too soon but you made a difference to so many.
Posted by Susan Geary on January 2, 2021
Can't forget you on your birthday. Miss you and think of you often. I'm so glad I got to see you within months of your passing.
Posted by Robin Bianchi on January 2, 2021
Happy Birthday, Forrest! Thinking of you in this very strange time. Wondering how you'd feel about all of this and if you'd agree with me. No matter what I know you'd listen and care. Missing that...
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Kind and Honorable

Shared by Brian Spieker on June 13, 2014

I will say when I briefly worked for KFYI in '91 - '92, I filled out an application, at the front desk, and presented my resume. A week or so later I got a call back from a man who sounded not like a talk host, but rather a real non-radio person who was smooth, cool and well calculated. I couldn't have been more wrong on the non-radio part.

I interviewed with Forrest, It went well, I was hired on in an entry level position. I worked at that time with some of the market's best when it came to working at KFYI Forrest made certain I learned, grew, had opportunity, and plenty of tasks that medw me move forward. I remember a night in peticular where Forrest cam in and filled in for a host unannounced to myself ot the previous host. I was literally about as nervous as I could get just being a new hire with 2 weeks under my belt. Forrest was cool, almost like a brother, or a good friend. Sure I made some minor mistakes, but still it was like nothing happened.

I used to call him "Papa Smurf" as his beard kinda reminded me of the fictional cartoon charicter. His humer always without fail had me smiling or laughing even when I was in a busy period of my shifts.

After I left KFYI and went to KFNN where I interned before working at KFYI I ran into other alumni of KFYI systematically over the year and then some I was there. Still keeping touch with Forrest.

About 2010, I reached out to locate Forrest, and found him in the DC area, Asked him for a reference letter and endorsement on Linked-in. He was so glad to do it, which I thought would never happen. Over the next 2 or so years we chatted on Facebook Messenger, When I saw this link today I about went into tilt.

Forrest is in a much better place mentoring young talent, and doing what he always wanted to do.

God Speed "Papa Smurf" - Without a doubt, You were one of the best! RIP.

Shared by Susan Geary on July 14, 2013

Forrest and I met at Northern Arizona University. I don't remember it, at all. But he did. He said that while we were working together at KNAU, I had made some sort of snarky comment, and his first thought was, "who the hell does she think she is?" Apparently he found that intriguing.

After we graduated, I had moved to Phoenix and took a part-time job with The Broadcast Group which owned KKFR-FM, and 910 KFYI, a news talk station that had just launched. I worked as a weekend dee jay and learned that our AM station was in need of a Master Control Operator. I encouraged him to apply and he got the job. He stayed longer than I did (1986-1994) and was promoted first to Newsroom Associate, and then to Assistant Program Director. He produced and submitted the annual radio award entry tape that earned the station "Best Talk Show" 6 years in a row, beating out long time Valley stalwart 620 KTAR. He was recognized with more than 6 awards for news documentary productions. And he airchecked and archived all the talk show hosts on the air from time to time. At the 25th anniversary of the station, it was discovered, that after Forrest left, there were no archives beyond the station's first 6 years to play at the party.

One of my favorite stories about Forrest came out of that job. While he was working as a board op early one Sunday morning, he was watching the security camera outside the front door. It was there to identify the after hours employees needing to enter the buidling, and long before security cameras were commonplace. The Sunday paper had been delivered but Forrest had not had a chance to bring it in. A hobo looking guy was just about to steal the newspaper, when Forrest came on the speaker and said, "no, no no, put that down." The thief immediately dropped the paper and ran off.

Concurrent to his time at KFYI, Forrest was a researcher for a private investigator. He also worked at KFNN after he left KFYI in 1994, although I don't remember what capacity, because by that time I was in Denver, Colorado.

In 1999, Forrest became a freelance researcher, writer, publicity coordinator, and speech writer. His specialty was helping non-profit organizations identify potential philanthropic benefactors. He was a consummate fact-checker and could track down any piece of information you needed, whether it was dirt on your ex-sister-in-law, a good wine, or how the traffic was flowing when you were driving around the Beltway. His passion was helping military veterans find jobs and a sense of purpose when they came back from the war. This included the K9 units too.

He wrote articles for NoVa magazine during Update Your Resume Month on the latest resume tips. Other article submissions included The Arizona Republic ("Why We Move From Home" 7-14-00),  and a contribution to the Buzz on Golf, a humorous book targeted to Gen-Xers. Forrest also evaluated local restaurants and wrote movie previews for Phoenix Downtown Magazine. And he wrote speeches for Military Heroes Banquets and Galas. If I remember correctly, he wrote a speech given by Gary Sinese, and another for Alan Greenspan.

Forrest and I always stayed in touch. He told me about his brush with crime although not immediately after an incident occurred. On one occasion an armed gunman approached him in a parking lot after dark as he was leaving a Barnes and Noble and demanded his wallet or he would kill him. Apparently Forrest was going through a rough period and responded, "go ahead and pull the trigger, you'd be doing me a favor anyway." The gunman was so mortified, he called Forrest a crazy M-Fer and ran off.  In the past year or two while in Baltimore he was in a 7-11 and helped to stop an armed robbery in progress by locking the door and calling 9-11 while other customers apprehended the suspect.

He was a good friend, who also heard all my boyfriend fiasco stories through the years, and came to visit me in Denver and later when I was in Roanoke, Virginia. After my niece was murdered in the Virginia Tech shootings we became closer, talking on the phone 3-4 times a week. He helped me produce a job search radio show on Fox 910 in Roanoke called "Career Matters." He airchecked every show  and sent me story ideas. He even helped me write resumes for some high tech executives (I own a resume service), and sent me inspirational books when I was sick and needed surgery.

The last time I saw Forrest was in early December of  2012, when I paid him a visit in Baltimore. He took me and my spouse all over the city on a sight seeing tour. We visited Caribou Coffee and Max's Tap House, the Harbour, and many of the statuesque parks. After that we kept more in touch more by email and through than by telephone. He told me his health issues that he had a few years ago had returned but he was on the road to recovery.

I will be forever grateful for his friendship. He was a sounding board, a non-judgmental friend, and an all around funny guy. When I was really mad at someone, he suggested writing a really nasty letter, and then sign it "Yours in Christ." Then we both would laugh it off. Well Forrest, I'm mad (and sad) that you're gone. But I hope you finally found the peace you deserve. Thanks for being a part of my world.



Forrest is my longest close friend

Shared by Robin Bianchi on July 14, 2013

Forrest and I met at Northern Arizona University. He started as a junior, I think, because he attended two years at Phoenix College. It was either my freshman or sophomore year. It must've been my sophomore year although I can hardly remember college without him which is why I sometimes think freshman. So it was probably October 1984. It was a running joke with us that Forrest not only remembered the exact date we met but that he remembered the exact day of the week (I think he said it was a Wednesday) and he remembered all of the details. I'm glad he did because it would mark the beginning of a lifelong close friendship and him becoming a part of my family.

We met at the campus radio station, KRCK, and both held management positions there. In fact we ended up being the ones that eventually ran the station--me as Station Manager and he as Program Director. I was the political force and he always is...was the brains and the one that made it happen. Everyone I knew in college procrastinated everything, including myself, but not Forrest. He was a 'do-it' kind of guy. He was also the only student in college that carried a briefcase. So Forrest.

I later followed him to the NPR affiliate on campus, KNAU-FM. I was just an announcer there but he handled so much for that station including all of the network feeds. I was blown away by all that he did there.

In addition to Radio/TV, I was also into Theater (my other major) and dragged him into my world there. I even got him to be in a play I was directing (my first full-length play), "The Dining Room" because I didn't have enough guys to be in it. He did well and he gave it his all and even though he was nervous performing, he did it for me because I needed him to. That's the kind of friend he was. I think he enjoyed it and it helped bring him out of his shell. That was our relationship. I brought him into the world of my crazy theater friends and performing (he also got stuck being in several of my TV projects and several short film projects I did after college) and he thrived. He was the responsible one who got things done. We co-wrote a play in college that won 3rd place in the college playwriting contest, and we produced all 3 of the winning plays at KNAU--me as the director and he as the producer (which meant he did 95% of the work) and we both performed in them. He was brilliant even in college.

I was the loud outspoken attention-getting one and he was the one who got everything done. If he were here right now I would start singing "The Wind Beneath My Wings" and he would say "Don't make me slap you."

Forrest had many friends in both Telecommunications and Theater at NAU including the amazingly talented and funny Susan Geary, who, to this day made her dream come true and was really on the radio (you go, girl).

In college Forrest was every woman's 'guy' friend that you could count on if there was a problem. One time when my three roommates and I heard sounds coming from this storage room basement below this removated bar where we lived, we called Forrest to come over and help us. He was our strong guy who went outside with a flashlight and 3 girls following.  I was on guard inside and heard my roommates screaming and running back inside. It seems that a skunk peeked it's head out of the basement window. It took awhile for us to get rid of that skunk and the smell.

After college when Forrest moved to Phoenix he lived in a 12-unit studio apartment complex my parents owned. There he met his very dear friend, Laura Durant, who really is the master of the entire Phoenix Theater/entertainment scene in Phoenix. Forrest worked in radio in Phoenix and those that worked with him can better fill in those details as I moved to California in 1987--first San Diego for graduate school and a year later Los Angeles.

[The rest of exactly when Forrest lived where are a bit fuzzy for me. I wasn't good at keeping track of that. Forrest was the one who remembered all of that with his very scary memory and I'm sad that I can't ask him. I may have some of it in my handwritten journals but I'm in Phoenix on vacation and not at home in L.A. to look it up.]

Around 2000 Forrest lived with me, and then later for a time with both myself and my future wife, Nina Minton. I remember that he was living with us because he watched our cats while Nina and I took our unofficial European honeymoon (before we could legally get married in California) in the summer of 2002. Forrest liked Los Angeles but didn't love it as it's not the best commuter city as he'd given up his car. I think he went to Oregon after that.

It was either the late 90's, in-between living with me in 2000 and 2002, or shortly after, that he lived with my mother, Sally. After my parents were divorced and money was tight for Forrest, he rented the guest room in my mother's house in the Sunnyslope area of Phoenix. I felt good about it as I was glad he was there to watch out for my mother during this rough time, and my mother felt close to him and treated him like a part of the family.

So, at some point he went to Oregon (Bend and Portland I think) and later back east near Washington, DC and then Baltimore. There are others who can better fill in those pieces of the complex puzzle that was our dear friend, Forrest.

As Carolyn said below, he was a Renaissance Man and it's funny to think that several separate people have coined that phrase for him. He wrote, painted, and cooked. I will never forget the first dinner he made for me in his college dorm room. I don't remember the entire meal but I do remember that he cooked eggrolls in his toaster oven with a special sweet sauce to dip them in and we had a port wine for dessert (the drinking age was 19 then so we were legal). I hadn't known him very long then and I thought "Eggrolls and port wine? Who is this guy?" He later introduced me to a casual chinese restuarant with a cheap lunch special that became one of our frequent haunts in college. (We may have lived a past life in China together.) In Phoenix we continued our love for Chinese food and even though I don't drink coffee we loved to hang out late on those hot summer nights at a coffee shop at the Biltmore mall and have long talks.

Forrest was the kind of friend you could talk to and always count on to be there emotionally for you--always caring, always without judgment, and always trusted to keep things just between the two of you. He listened to all my boyfriend troubles and was one of the first people I came out to when I felt in love with a woman. Everyone in my family knew Forrest.  I was sad that he didn't stay closer to his own family but Forrest couldn't be persuaded to do what he didn't want to do and so, at least, I could make him a part of mine. I'm glad to hear that over the last few years he had started to reconnect with his own family. I know that the loss of his sister just a few months ago hit him very hard.

Forrest was the kind of friend that even if I hadn't spoken to him in months we could pick up the phone and talk as initimately as we did when we saw each other several times a day in college. Forrest was always watching out for me too. The TV show I worked on, "CSI:NY" was on the verge of being cancelled in February and Forrest was sending me internet links for leads on pilots. Even as recently as this past May Forrest was sending internet links for possible job connections -- never letting on how really bad his health was--thinking of me first.

Forrest and I had so many chapters of our lives together and I can't believe there won't be any future chapters together. I just never imagined we wouldn't grow old together. I will very much miss my lifelong friend, Forrest. My dear friend Forrest, I will miss you so much.