In loving memory of our mother and best friend. Her love and kindness will remain with us forever
  • 83 years old
  • Born on January 25, 1928 .
  • Passed away on February 5, 2011 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Francine Wersan 83 years old , born on January 25, 1928 and passed away on February 5, 2011. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Sarah Wersan on May 13, 2019
Looking at these photos, I'm overcome thinking about how engaged and loving Mom was and how privileged we were to have her for the time we did.
Posted by Gurumeher Khalsa on May 12, 2019
Remembering you, Mom, for your being a kind, loving and giving mom who always kept us in her heart!
Posted by Gurumeher Khalsa on February 5, 2019
My love for you, Mom, is unending!
Posted by Sarah Wersan on January 25, 2019
Happy Birthday, Mom! You always made our birthdays and our lives special just by your presence.
Posted by Gurumeher Khalsa on January 25, 2019
Today Mom. you would have been 91 years old. Wow! Thanks to Elena, I got to see more pictures of you when your were young. Love that you looked so happy and enjoyed life to the fullest!
Posted by Gurumeher Khalsa on February 5, 2018
Love you mom!
Posted by Brandy Hallas on January 25, 2018
Such a kind soul. I miss her very much. Happy Birthday Fran
Posted by Sarah Wersan on January 25, 2018
Mom would be 90 this year. It's amazing how time flies, but she's always with me.
Posted by Laura Vergeront on January 25, 2018
Still think about you. Thanks Mom for all you did for me.
Posted by Sarah Wersan on January 26, 2017
When GMK and I were at the Women's March in Santa Fe, I asked her if she thought Mom would have wanted to march with us. The answer, of course, was "yes" because Mom was so supportive of everything we did and would have been energized by seeing all the marchers and the huge puppets. It's like this with every event in our lives: we miss Mom not being there and yet she is there because she is so much a part of each one of us.
Posted by Laura Vergeront on January 25, 2017
Mom I still want to pick up the telephone to talk with you.
Now its just memories
But all of these memories are good
Love you
Posted by Gurumeher Khalsa on January 25, 2017
Well, another year has shot by and we still hold on to the memories of our dear mom. Sarah and I were reminiscing while she was visiting, about how lucky we were to have such a nurturing and loving mother. Its not always the case for others. We were fortunate to have her in our lives and help guide us to having a happy and fulfilling life.
Posted by Sarah Wersan on February 5, 2016
When I was going to grade school through junior high, I often had a sick feeling in my stomach because I was afraid of the other kids or didn't fit in. Mom would often write a note of encouragement on the napkin she put in my lunch. That, and her unwavering belief in me, got me through. Love you, Mom.
Posted by Gurumeher Khalsa on January 25, 2016
Thinking of Mom today. She would have been 88 today. So grateful for all the years we had together and all the goodness you gave us. Love you, Mom!
Posted by Sarah Wersan on February 5, 2015
". . . I see her every day, her joy, her capacity for wonder. I won't try to describe how deeply I mourn her passing still. I know that she was the kindest, most generous spirit I have every known, and that what is best in me I owe to her." (Barack Obama, Dreams from My Father, on his mother)
Posted by Gurumeher Khalsa on January 25, 2015
Today you would have been 87! I am happy you had a long life and got to see some of your great grandchildren. You are always in my heart and am grateful for all you gave me as a wonderful mother.
Posted by Sarah Wersan on January 24, 2015
Dear Mom,

Happy Birthday! I think about you every day and am happy that so many people remember you with great affection. I'm truly honored when they see something of you in me.
Posted by Sarah Wersan on May 22, 2014
Death sets you free to sail the horizon,
exploring the world we cannot see.

The sea of memory
is filled with fathomed smiles and tears.
And ripples of your journey
reach the shore continually.
Posted by Gurumeher Khalsa on May 11, 2014
Thinking of you, Mom, on Mother's Day. You gave me life and gave me values to live my life with. I am grateful for all that you did.
Posted by Gurumeher Khalsa on February 5, 2014
Coincidently, yesterday Sarah let me know that Dad read some of your writings to her. She told me that they are going to type these up and I'm hoping to compile these into a book of some sort. It will be wonderful to be able to read some of your work and be able to share it with the whole family.
Posted by Laura Vergeront on February 5, 2014
Well mom its another year and still wear those earrings you gave me everyday to remember you. I also gave Zoe a pair of earrings you gave me so she can also remember you when she wears them. Good vibes.
Posted by Sarah Wersan on January 28, 2014
The following tribute is from my mother-in-law, Mollie De Wald:

"The marriage with Edward and Sarah Wersan has given me a blessing of knowing Sarah’s mom, Fran. I loved being in her presence. Fran was a loving, sweet, gentle lady. I loved listening to her stories as she was articulate, descriptive and had a lovely soft-spoken voice. As I have witnessed, Fran was a caring mother and concerned about the well being of her children. She would always think of ways their challenges would be solved to make lives less stressful. She had a calm demeanor to neutralize conversations. She was always thoughtful on her trips to send me a post card. My thoughts and prayers are for her happiness."
Posted by Sarah Wersan on January 25, 2014
Today, for Mom's birthday, Steve, Ed and I said Kaddish for Mom at her marker at the cemetery. We also sang "I'll Be Seeing You", a tune from 1938 that really captures how much we all love Mom. Then we sat around sharing our memories of her. It was a lovely afternoon, and I think that Mom would have been happy that we were brought together by her.
Posted by Gurumeher Khalsa on January 25, 2014
Happy Birthday, Mom! We would have loved to have celebrated another birthday with you today. I am thinking of all the wonderful days I did get to spend with you and am grateful.
Posted by Gurumeher Khalsa on May 12, 2013
Mom, we are remembering you today on Mothers Day and feeling grateful for all you gave us over all the years we were with you. We were lucky to have a mother who cared about us and did her best to give us a foundation to move forward in our own lives. Thank you, Mom!
Posted by Sarah Wersan on May 12, 2013
Happy Mother's Day 2013
Shared by Sarah Wersan on 05/12/2013
Dear Mom,

Happy Mother's Day. I miss calling you on Mother's Day. I'm trying to honor you in my life and remember the happy times when we were together, sharing a hug or listening to jazz or enjoying each other's company and conversation.


Posted by Ariel Litzky on February 10, 2013
As time goes on, I appreciate what a nuturing and sustaining presence you were in all our live, dear "Mom Fran". Love, Ariel
Posted by Susan Plotke on February 5, 2013
I will forever be grateful for all the kindness and thoughtfulness Fran showed me, my son, and Bob. I was very glad that Fran was in my life and all the sisters I gained. My love goes out to everyone that knew and loved her.
Posted by Gurumeher Khalsa on February 5, 2013
I can't believe it's been two years since you've gone. It seems like just yesterday when we saw your smiling face and hugged you. Yes, it brings tears to my eyes when I know I can't give you a big hug but your love will always be in my heart and soul.
Posted by Sarah Wersan on January 27, 2013
Happy Birthday, Mom. I miss you more, not less, with time. I love you.
Posted by Gurumeher Khalsa on January 25, 2013
Today is Mom's birthday and she would have been 85 years old. Of course I miss her but she is with me every day in my heart. I love you mom!
Posted by Zoe Aquino on January 25, 2013
Happy Birthday Mom! Your lovely granddaughter Shayna is 6-1/2 months pregnant and glowing, very calm, beautiful and wise. Probably in no small part from having such an incredible grandmother with the same traits. I miss you more than words can express. So grateful to have had 55 years on this planet with you.
Posted by Marla Baxter on January 25, 2013
Thanks Aunt Fran for your incredible love and sweetness. Always in our hearts...happy birthday!
Posted by Gurumeher Khalsa on February 29, 2012
I have kept two pictures on a small alter I made on my dresser--with a copy of Psalm 121, a small gift she gave me and a couple of the most recent postcards she sent from her and Dad's travels. Over this last year, sometimes I would read the Psalm to her or just say hi and wish her a safe and happy journey. 

Ariel Litzky
Posted by Barbara Gail Pierce on February 9, 2012
Just saw the pic of your mom and thought how much she looked like my mom in her younger years. I noticed they were born the same year only different months...that may be why it caught my eye. Anyway, you influenced me to use a younger pic of my mother...seemed like I was going backwards to her youth and maybe it would be better the other way...good idea, thanks for the help. Gail
Posted by Sarah Wersan on February 6, 2012
Last night, I lit a yartzeit candle for Mom on the anniversary of her death. Ed helped me with some prayers, and the candle is still burning as of this morning. I felt the presence of all my sisters with me. As a unit, we make Mom's memory more powerful and everlasting.
Posted by Gurumeher Khalsa on February 6, 2012
Every day I think of her because I keep my favorite picture of her and I on my desk and remember our happy times together. But still sometimes I am overwhelmed with feelings of sadness and can't keep the tears from flowing. Thank God we have we have each other and lots of pictures and memories to share.

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