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Grace Hernandez

Shared by Pascualita Hernandez on January 1, 2020
There is one thing I admired about Pancho is he never said a curse word he would bang himself with a hammer accidentally or hurt himself some other way and he’d say HALlELUJAH. And normally we say something else when we bang our thumbs

Jacob Hernandez

Shared by Pascualita Hernandez on January 1, 2020
There was a summer we mowed a father and sons yards. They were both huge lots but we were out there every week. We would stop at corner stop and get a burrito before or after we were done. He was a hard worker and and taught me a lot.
Shared by Benjamin Hernandez on January 31, 2019

I remember tio pancho always coming over to our house, he would tell me to put the TV on Luchas or wresting, I would, we would sit there and watch it together and one time he showed up with tickets to wwe wrestling at the Coliseum, that was fun, as I got older he would always ask about my relationship with God and if I had found a girlfriend yet, he would always tell me something important, how a man should work hard, take care of his family and have always keep God first, everything else would fall in place, couldn't have asked for a better uncle, love you tio pancho.

Shared by Brenda Ybarra Morales on January 30, 2019

So many memories with Tio, can't think of much that does not include him in my upbringing. He was was a father figure to me, he is the closest to what I know a father is. I remember we would go pick up Tia Alma at the state school, and would say, "if y'all do behave I'm going to call that cliente", we would calm down, and he would still call them over to the car. He taught you to swim by throwing you in the water, you had to start swimming to get out. He loved playing races, baseball, and kickball after church and eating KFC. And, he did everything possible to get back to God, his biggest desire was to see all of us serving God at church. I could go on with so many more memories, the good is he left us with those memories. Tio, you are missed so much by us all. Despues de la battalla, Dios nos coronara. 

My dad

Shared by Pascualita Gaitan on January 30, 2019

Let's see where do I start... he was a loving dad always looking out for us. He would take us swimming , fishing , camping ,walking... I remember  on time off of 19 street at the park he was walking down the hill and almost slipped into the river... I got scared but all was good..swimming  ugh I hated going cuz he would throw us in and sometimes it was scare me ... but whatever I had fun after the fact... I remember how we would fight to take his shoes and socks off after he would get home from a hard days work... we would have a pet goat named lencho ,we'd have to feed it warm up a bottle before school and then after school, he also bout rabbits and red eyes and white fur..he was a good man and the best dad ever..

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