The Walker

Shared by Danielle Piercey on February 9, 2011

There was one thing that we can all relate to and that is that no matter what was going on in our family he would be there I remember how hard he would work to get to his family. I recall not long before he passed it was our grans 100 birthday and he was going to be there right or wrong he got on the road him and his son and they left hearts delight to hick to coxs cove to get to grans B-Day although he had us all worried sick about him he was on his way the next day aunt roxanne called me and said they were in Deer Lake and that they had spent the whole night on the road I told her to tell him to stay there and I would be out to pick him up will when he got here to my home and had a bit to eat and a nice hot shower he led down on my coach he said danny my feet is burning right of me and I said to him I guess they are you silly f*.... and he laughed at me I said what were you thinking he said will thats it I had to get here. Not long after he was fast asleep but bright and earlie the next morning he was up and ready to get on the road again I told him that I would bring him to coxs cove and I did will the next day was grans party so when I showed up out there of course uncle ferlin was on the missing list lol but he showed up shortly after he was out with a buddy of his up to know good but he got there and he enjoyed his self so much laughing cracking jokes and just loving time with his family will after the night was over and we headed back to corner brook I could hardly drive he had me laughing that hard and the next day when I took him to the bus station he huged me and said I love you danny look after yourself so you see he was a man who was always about his family that was the one thing in life that meant everything to him and he would walk miles and mile to get to them.   I love you uncle ferlin forever and ever  

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