Let the memory of Gabriele be with us forever
  • 61 years old
  • Born on March 1, 1956 in Berlin, Germany.
  • Passed away on January 1, 2018 in Berlin, Germany.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Gabriele Steiner, 61, born on March 1, 1956 and passed away on January 1, 2018. We will remember her forever.


The Steiner and Tum families with deep regrets announce the death of their Wife, Sister, Mother, Aunt,Cousin, Colleage and Friend

Gabi Steiner

She died after a protracted illness. Please continue to pray for the repose of her soul and for us, her family
as we struggle to come to terms with Gabi's passing. We take comfort from the sympathy you have extended to our family, in the
loving memories we have of Gabi and in our faith in God Almighty.
Thank You.

Funeral Program (*Trauerfeier*)

- Wake-Keeping is on Saturday, January 20th, 2018. .::.
- Gebetsabend* in Andenken an Gaby am Samstag, den 20. Januar 2018.
        + Time .::. Uhrzeit: 16:30 Hrs.
        + Venue .::. Ort: Gloria Event Center Markgrafenstr. 67 | 10969 Berlin
        + Connections .::. Anfahrt:
U6 to KochStr. / Checkpoint Charlie; | Bus M29 to Charlottenstraße.

- Memorial Mass is on Sunday, January 21st, 2018.
- Gedenkmesse am Sonntag, den 21. Januar 2018
+ Time .::. Uhrzeit: 12:00 Noon.
      + Venue .::. Ort:
St. Elisabeth's church | Kolonnenstrasse 38, Berlin Schöneberg
       + Connections .::. Anfahrt: Bus: 104 (Hohenfriedbergstraße), 106, 204 (Julius-Leber-Brücke)
                      U-Bahn: Kleistpark (U7)
                      S-Bahn: S1 (Julius-Leber-Brücke)

- Burial is on Friday, the 26th of January 2018
- Das Begräbnis findet voraussichtlich am Freitag, den 26. Januar statt

        + Burial Time .::. Beerdigung um: 11:45am
Venue .::. Ort:  St Johannes-Nazareth Friedhof Seestrasse 125, 13353 Berlin.
        + Connections .::. Anfahrt: U6 to SeeStr.

- Reception after Burial .::. Empfang nach der Beerdigung:
         + Venue: MTY Residence .::. Ort: MTY Wohnung
         + Address .::. Anschrift: Manteuffelstrasse 52, 12103 Berlin (
after Burial .::. nach der Beerdigung )
         + Connections .::. Anfahrt: U6 to Kaiserin-Augusta-Straße.

Other Wake-Keepings ,::. Weitere Gedenkfeiern:

U.S.A. - Virginia: Saturday, January 20th, 2018
Venue .::. Ort: 8414 Tackhouse Loop, Gainsville VA, 20155
Time .::. Uhrzeit: 08:00 pm.
Contacts .::. Kontakt:
Prudencia Ngundem: +1-703-216-5906
Anastasia Ngundem: +1-571-232-8137

We will be very grateful for every single support to see that Our Mother and Sister, Gabi is laid to rest as she had wished. For those who would like to send some financial support, you can use the following account information:

IBAN: DE89 1209 6597 0006 6498 42

Every single support will be highly appreciated by the family.


We are in the process of creating a magazine for Gabi. This will contain your stories, experiences, memory lanes, testimonies and pictures with Gabi. We will recommend you write them here in ANY LAGUAGE and if not, you mail them to this address before Monday, the 15th of January 2018: relad@snelad.com. We need to have time for Compilation before production.

Posted by Susanna Ngundam on 1st March 2018
Thank you Lord, for I’m confident Gabi is resting in your precious hands. As in Psalm 116:15, “ Precious in the sight of God is the death of His Saints”.
Posted by Susanna Ngundam on 1st March 2018
Thank you Lord, for Gabi is resting in your As in Psalm 116: 155, “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His Saints.
Posted by Beate Silke on 13th February 2018
Du fehlst uns!!!Du warst einer dieser besonderen Menschen in unserem Leben- Du konntest Menschen zusammenführen, sie stärken- Du hast an sie/ an uns geglaubt! Es gibt wenig Menschen wie Dich- Menschen die handeln ohne Anerkennung dafür ernten zu wollen. Du hast es für dich getan und somit auch für uns! Der Zusammenhalt, das Mit- und Füreinander- Du hast es gelebt- ohne es nach außen zu tragen- Du hast es gelebt, weil es für Dich wichtig war!!! Vielen Dank dafür.....!!!!! Du bleibst in unserem Herzen.. für immer Beate, Silke, Christiane und Marina
Posted by Andreaette Cole on 24th January 2018
I offer my deepest sympathies to all the family and friends. You have suffered a great loss and I can only imagine the pain you must feel at this time. Many precious memories were made along his incredible path of life. Please reflect on these memories in the days and hours ahead to give you needed comfort. I pray you will rejoice in the beautiful hope of seeing your loved one again in the promised resurrection Jesus spoke of at John 5:28, 29.
Posted by Cyril Nyanga on 19th January 2018
Things can’t be controlled nor life can,the circle of life is in God S hand,this loss is so big,a person may go from life but memories will always stay with the living forever,it’s sad to part ways with someone so nice.may you rest in perfect peace Gabi .my thoughts are with all the family and so are my prayers.
Posted by Christiane Emambo on 17th January 2018
Come to me, all of you who are tired and loaded, and I will give you rest. Tu as été une mère pour moi, je remercie le Tout Puissant parce qu'il a permis que nous ayions partagé une vie. C'est toujours triste d'écrire des messages d'au-revoir, mais oui ce n'est qu'un au-revoir. Que l'Éternel t'accueille dans sa sainte demeure et que ton âme trouve repos en lui. Tu as combattu le bon combat et tu as achevé ta course. Repose en paix Gaby.
Posted by Yvonne Ngundam on 16th January 2018
May your sweet and gentle soul rest in peace!
Posted by Yvonne Ngundam on 16th January 2018
May your sweet and gentle soul rest in peace!
Posted by Heidi Boerner on 15th January 2018
Für unsere liebe Gabi es war,als hätt der Himmel die Erde still geküsst und meine Seele spannte weit ihre Flügel aus. Flog durch die stille Lande, als flöge sie nach Haus. herzlichst deine Schwestern
Posted by Manja Bode on 15th January 2018
Thank you Mathieu for those informations! I'm in tears and so will be others too. Let her rest happely in peace in Kom! Love to you and take heart Manja
Posted by Tum Young on 15th January 2018
Our life (Gabi and me) We met in 1997. It was love at first sight but it took us three years of continuous fight with the states administration and she had to step in as my lawyer. After the long battle with the administration, we finally got married in 2000. To me, Gabi was a mother, sister, friend and wife; in short she played every role in my life. My father didn’t consider Gabi as his daughter in-law but as his second daughter. As most of you know, we travelled very often to Cameroon and carried out projects to support kids and the aged. We also organized seminars on AIDS. Apart from positively impacting lives in Cameroon, she was the mother of the German Cameroon Grassland Association Berlin. She went as far as creating a njangi group exclusively for wives of German African couples. She was there for everyone; young or old like giving administrative advice and taking care of African kids during events. We faced our own challenges as a couple like any other couple. When we just got married, part of her family found it difficult to accept an African for an in-law. Our love was our strength and Gabi’s best friend Kitty, who has been her friend for over 36 years. Kitty has always been our lawyer and counselor. In November 2016, she complained of chest pain and doctors gave her a gastritis medication, shortly before my trip to Cameroon. On my return in April 2017, I was shocked when I saw my wife because she had grown pail and couldn’t eat. On May 16th she was diagnosed with cancer, so the next day, a computer tomography made. On May 18th, I went to the family doctor to pick her prescription and was confused when the doctor invited me into his office. When I entered, he said sorry to me four times while in tears. That was when he explained to me that my wife had fast killing cancer and could not be operated upon. He told me she had pancreatic cancer. I came home in tears, so she asked me what the problem was. To entire family, it was a bomb. We were all sad but she said she will be okay and that I should stay strong and be positive. On May 22nd, we went to the hospital and were informed on the advantages and disadvantages of chemotherapy. I discouraged Gabi because it could break her even more but she decided to go for it and asked me to think positive and that all will be fine. After six chemos, she was a bit okay but very weak. A computer tomography was conducted thereafter and the doctors said the tumor had been blocked and was not more spreading. She was able to eat some bread for two days which had not been the case since she was diagnosed. A blood test was conducted before the 7th chemo to check on her white blood cells and it was found out that it had developed to metastasis. After the 7th chemo, she stayed in the hospital for 22 days and the metastasis was treated and it got reduced alongside with 5 more chemos. When we went for the control before the 13th chemo, it was discovered that she had lungs infection. Doctors tried to control the infection with 24 bottles of antibiotics within 3 days but unfortunately it didn’t help. We were invited by the doctor for a talk on the 23rd and were told that Gabi would be no more within the next 5 to 10 days. He asked if I wanted her to be taken to a hospice or if I would take her home and I said I would take her home. Gabi’s opinion was asked as well and she said her husband had just decided. On the 27th, she asked me what we were doing in Switzerland then Bulgaria and I told her that we were in the hospital in Berlin. She kept on asking when we would be going home and if I had packed our things. I told her that we would go home on the 29th which we did. On the 31st at 4 pm, she was unconscious and on the January 1st just after the fireworks at about 30 minutes after midnight, I went to her and wished her happy new year, then went to sleep. That same morning at 8 am, her two sisters who were with us since she came back home woke me up and told me that Gabi had rested. Despite the loss, I feel happy because during her time of sickness, she didn’t suffer any pains. Gabi was a strong woman in every aspect of it and even till the last second she didn’t give up. Seeing her suffer was hell to me and losing the most important person in my life is hard to bear. I thank God for her life though and may her gentle soul rest in peace. My dad once wrote a letter to Gabi while in the States telling her that since she is one of her children, if it ever happened that one of us left this world while in Europe, the person alive would bring back the corpse because he had a lot of land and the family will keep you in remembrance. After reading this, Gabi agreed and went as far as booking a burial place for us in Kom village during one of our trips to Cameroon. To respect Gabi’s wish, her remains will be taken to Kom village where she will be laid to rest. Dear Gabi, I loved you and will always love you but God knows why we had to part so soon for He is the giver and taker of life. I pray to meet you one day in heaven where we will part no more. Your lovely husband Mathieu Tum Young
Posted by Kenan Ajanovic on 15th January 2018
Liebe Gabi, wir vermissen Dich, wir können nicht mal richtig trauern, sind immer noch überzeugt Du kommst um die Ecke mit breitem Grinsen im Gesich, das für immer unsere Erinnerung an Dich prägen wird. Bitte leg ein Paar nette Worte für uns hin, auf wem auch immer Du da oben triffst ...und trainiere schön, wir kommen halt alle nach. Versprochen. Gute Reise Gabi!
Posted by Petr Filin on 14th January 2018
Liebe Gabi, wir haben zusammen Tennis gespielt, haben zusammen gelacht und gescherzt. Die Leichtigkeit, die man in Deiner Nähe gespürt hat, bleibt uns für immer in Erinnerung. Du hattest für jeden ein stärkendes Wort, das in schweren Zeiten Trost und Unterstützung gespendet haben. Du fehlst uns. Pjotr und Tanja
Posted by Felista Tansi on 14th January 2018
My Dearest Gabi, I still cannot believe it's you I saw on that bed, 12 hours before you said "adieu"! It's you who kept me informed about many things going on in Berlin. It deeply saddens me, that you were that sick for so long and no one told me. When you told me in 2010 " this bond was, till death do us part", I was imagining you and your "Ni" at 80 in Cameroon roasting Maize and eating with groundnuts. It should not have been here, and especially not this soon! This is just too soon! Thank you for being the mother you were to our children, the friend you were to me and the humble teacher and shepherd you were to the whole African community in Berlin. Vanessa and I will greatly miss your love, your smiles, your thoughtful words and above all your warm liveliness. Thanks for being there for us. May your soul find perfect peace till we meet to part no more. Your "Lum" and Vanessa
Posted by Manja Bode on 14th January 2018
Liebe Gabi! Wir haben uns beide das erste mal auf einer Graslandfeier vor 12 Jahren gesehen und sofort gut verstanden! Es gab wohl wirklich Niemanden, dem du kein Ohr geliehen, einen guten Gedanken, ein Lächeln oder einfach eine Kleinigkeit geschenkt hast. Du hast gewusst wie du dein Leben, das sicherlich nicht immer rosarot war, interessant und selbstbewusst gestaltest. Du bist gefühlt "überall" gleichzeitig gewesen, bist von Herzlichkeit, Ideen und Unternehmungslust erfüllt gewesen, hast dich in schwierigen Zeiten nicht unterkriegen lassen und in der tiefsten Hoffnungslosigkeit mir noch ein gutes Buch geschenkt. Wieder mit einem herzlichen Lächeln! Ich ahnte, es ist das letzte mal... Robert und ich haben am 30.12.17 in einer kleinen verschneiten Kirche unterhalb der Zugspitze eine rote Gedenkkerze für dich entzündet. Ich bin mir sicher, sie verlosch am 01.01.18. Mathieu: ich denke an dich und wünsche dir, und Allen die unsere Gabi vermissen und trauern, Kraft und Liebe! Sie hat unser Leben reicher, leuchtender, unbeschwerter gemacht. Danke auch für diese schöne Erimnerungswebseite. Es hilft ein bisschen!
Posted by Judith Kumla on 13th January 2018
My darling wife, it's hard for me to say goodbye. When I came to Berlin and saw you, I told you that I will be back and you smiled at me. Little did I knew, that you did not want me to come again. Anyway I will really miss you as you have gone, l am sure we shall one day meet again. Say hello to our family members on the other side. Goodbye, until we meet again. Prudencia Ngundam
Posted by Ute Wachholz on 13th January 2018
Liebe Gabi Ich kann es immer noch nicht glauben,dass du nicht mehr da bist. Wir haben fasst 20 Jahre zusammen gearbeitet. Du hast mich immer gestützt,egal was das Problem war..wir waren ein starkes Team. Du wirst immer in meinem Herzen bleiben. In tiefer Trauer Ute
Posted by Denis Tilong on 12th January 2018
May the almighty Grant Gabi eternal rest and the Great Family she leaves behind strength to bear her absence. Prepare a place for Your followers as we hope to meet some day.
Posted by Marlen Reckers-Mausbach on 12th January 2018
Kennengelernt habe ich Gabi bei der Einschulung unserer Söhne 1989 in der Montessori - Schule. Engagierte Mütter braucht Berlin. 6 Jahre gemeinsamer Austausch über Schule, Erziehung und Freizeitgestaltung. Danach weiterhin immer wieder spontane Treffen. Große Freude: Gabi und Mathieu sind Mitglieder im Tennisverein VfL. Wir als Familie sind dort seit 1995 aktiv. Das gemeinsame Tennisspielen verbindet und macht gute Laune. Krankheit: Gabi kämpft. Der Abschied von Gabi tut weh. Gabi fehlt. Ich bin traurig. Marlen Reckers-Mausbach
Posted by Beate Börner on 11th January 2018
Bruder Tod Auch zu mir kommst du einmal, Du vergißt mich nicht, Und zu Ende ist die Qual, Und die Kette bricht. Noch erscheinst du fremd und fern, Lieber Bruder Tod, Stehest als ein kühler Stern Über meiner Not. Aber einmal wirst du nah Und voll Flammen sein- Komm, Geliebter, ich bin da, Nimm mich , ich bin dein. Meine liebe Gabi, es tut so weh dich zu missen. Ich bin aber überzeugt, dass es dir jetzt gut geht. Alles alles Liebe Beate
Posted by Beate Börner on 11th January 2018
Bruder Tod Auch zu mir kommst du einmal, Du vergißt mich nicht, Und zu Ende ist die Qual, Und die Kette bricht. Noch erscheinst du fremd und fern, Lieber Bruder Tod, Stehest als ein kühler Stern Über meiner Not. Aber einmal wirst du nah Und voll Flammen sein- Komm, Geliebter, ich bin da, Nimm mich , ich bin dein. Meine liebe Gabi, es tut so weh dich zu missen. Ich bin aber überzeugt, dass es dir jetzt gut geht. Alles alles Liebe Beate
Posted by Julius Abongwa on 11th January 2018
Its is with great sorrow that we heard about your passing away on the first of January 2018. Its is a great loss not just to your immediate family but the Cameroonian community in general. We pray that the good Lord should take you in his Kingdom. We shall always remember you for your warm-heartedness.
Posted by Jürgen Eschenbach on 11th January 2018
Liebe Gabi, wir vermissen dich jetzt schon!! Es ist für uns unfaßbar,dass diese heimtückische Krankheit gerade dich treffen musste. Du warst so ein liebenswerter, bescheidener und aufrichtiger Mensch Wir werden dich nicht vergessen! In tiefer Trauer Jürgen und Vera
Posted by Dah Armstrong on 10th January 2018
Our Nawain from Kom When I received message of your passing away I felt it right into my bones. I know for the past months you were down and even when you were discharged from the hospital I still had hopes. Little could I predict that on the 1.1.18 you will go to the unknown. I remember always of your words of encouragement to us and your dedication to children up bringing. You shall really be missed and where ever you are Rest In Peace. You fought a good battle but our Lord has the final say. Courage Ni Mathieu and the entire family. Please accept my deepest Condolences Rest In Peace Gabi Armstrong
Posted by Yvette Ngundam on 9th January 2018
Auntie Gabi, Thank you for always being so kind and a pleasure to interact with. Each time I spoke with you, you were positive and full of good energy. Thank you for making my Uncle happy and for being a bright light in this world. We love you and you will always be in our hearts.
Posted by Martin Kalkuhl on 9th January 2018
I am so deeeeeply sorry - don't really know to say. My experience was all on and around the tennis court in Bosestadion. We had a bit of fun together there for a few years by now already ... with you and Mathieu. I guess I will continue supporting Mathieu to make him happy and by doing that we will always remember you. Bye bye, Gabi, I hope you are doing fine wherever you are now
Posted by Yolanda Boma on 8th January 2018
Dear Auntie Gabby, May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace!!! You have been a blessing to my family, and you will forever be missed. Your kind spirit and ability to love was truly phenomenal. As much as we love you, God loved and needed you more. May you continue to shine bright and rest peacefully.
Posted by Mokom Petula Azue on 8th January 2018
Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure, you are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure. A life that touches others goes on forever. May your gentil soul rest in peace till we meet again !
Posted by Judith Kumla on 8th January 2018
From Kongnso and family Mama Gabi l meet you very briefly when l visited Germany l can still visualize you riding your Bicycle What a simple woman May her soul rest in the prefect peace of the Lord Kongnso and Family
Posted by Horatius Tohnain on 8th January 2018
My dear Gabi. The news of your passing on came to me like a bomb blaste. You gave up your last breathe on a very symbolic day. January 1; what a way to start the year? On behalf of my entire family, I write with pains to pay tribute to a fallen heroine that you were. During your brief stay in our home in Yaounde, you were not only friendly to us but played a motherly rule to our little Ankinimbom who still has you in mind. Your love for the family, especially for the children is an aspect we shall leave to remember. Fare thee well Gabi. God is in control. Horatius for the family.
Posted by Martiale Nembot on 8th January 2018
Es ist sehr schwer tröstende Worte zu finden, wenn sich ein Mensch, der uns einen Teil unseres Weges begleitet hat, für immer verabschiedet. Gabi, Wir trauern um dich. Du wirst uns fehlen. Grand Mathieu, Ohnmächtig und hilflos vor Trauer und Schmerz möchte ich dich meiner tiefes Mitgefühl ausdrücken. RIP.
Posted by Dorothy Tim on 8th January 2018
My wife! Where do I start from??? What sort of vacuum Is this? I honestly believed in a miracle when it came to your illness because u have a heart of gold. But who am I to question the ways of God? He knew you had fulfilled your purpose on earth n decided to call u back by side. So am rest assured you are in a better place. Honestly I can’t say I won’t miss you, I sure will nawain. Rest in the bosom of The lord.
Posted by Edith Nayah on 8th January 2018
Aunty Gabby, it’s hard to fathom your demise. You were truly an epitome of a virtuous woman. Your heart is one of a kind. I watched care for my grandma as tho u were borne from her womb. And she often said u are her daughter that just came with a diff skin color. At the of the day, u have left a wanderful impact on on us all that is the spirit of selflessness, unconditional love and compassion. We may have lost an angel here on earth but God gained an additional angel by his side. And if anybody is deserving of that crown from God it’s you. Thank you for all u’ve done in my family. Continue to watch over us all n rest on Aunty we will forever love you.
Posted by Joel Zama on 8th January 2018
Gabi, may the almighty God take you by his side and let your soul rest in peace. I can only remember seeing you once but you stroke my attention with the following question: You wanted to know what language was spoken in Cameroon before the arrival of the Germans, British and the French. We promise to continue the fight for JUSTICE and the liberation of our people you much cherished and stood for.
Posted by Albert Minlend on 8th January 2018
Ich habe wirklich schmerzen in meinem Herzen, GABI war, die Mutter des Volkes, die Königin von Grassland, ich habe immer gute Erinnerungen an Sie für das Deutschland -Kamerun Spiel in Leipzig, GABI führt sogar der Bus Berlin-Leipzig, so war sie! Es ist nur eine von vielen positiven Beispiel, die ich sagen kann. GABI geh dorthin, aber vergiss uns nicht besonders deineMathieu, beschützt uns und wir auch im Gebeten für dich bleiben. RIP Albert Minlend
Posted by Samuel Komfum on 8th January 2018
Möge deine liebliche Seele in vollkommenem Frieden mit Gott ruhen. Ruhe in Frieden Tante Gabi
Posted by Stephen Tonteh on 8th January 2018
The news of your departure is very regrettable and difficult to accept, but its true you have joined our Ancestors to get an eternal rest. On behalf of my family, I do extend our sincere condolences to your family and urged you to be strong and bond together during this difficult period. You lived your life and shown proof of multiculturalism ando love without boundary. Rest in peace Stephen Tonteh
Posted by Emmanuel Ngassa on 8th January 2018
When the time is up we have to say goodbye! Dear Gabi, My family and I join in collectively saying "THANK YOU!" for the joyful moments, that we we were privileged to share together. We will miss you, but rest assured, that we shall join you some day too in the happiness of our creator to part no more. May your soul rest in peace!
Posted by Judith Kumla on 7th January 2018
Geschrieben von den Tennis Club Mitglider Das ist wirklich eine sehr traurige Nachricht .Sevi&ich möchten hiermit unser herzlichstes Beileid ausdrücken
Posted by Michalina Käßner on 6th January 2018
Meine liebe Gabi, wir sind in großer Trauer. Es war herzzerreißend, dich so krank zu sehen. Du warst die stärkste Frau, die ich kannte, und hast gekämpft bis zum Schluss. Dennoch musstest du viel zu früh von uns gehen. Wir werden dich als diese starke, immer gut gelaunte und liebevolle Frau in Erinnerung behalten. Vielen Dank für all die schönen Momente mit dir. Wir vermissen dich. In Liebe Deine Michalina und Familie
Posted by Elke Börner on 6th January 2018
Liebe Gabi Und immer sind da Spuren deines Lebens, Gedanken, Bilder und Augenblicke .Sie werden uns an dich erinnern und glücklich und traurig machen und dich nie vergessen lassen. Unsere Herzen wollten dich halten, unsere Liebe dich umfangen, unser Verstand mußte dich ziehen lassen denn deine Kraft war zu ende. Deine Geschwister Marit, Elke, Heidi,Cornelia, Beate und Barbara
Posted by Gerald Weberling on 6th January 2018
Liebe Gabi, wir vermissen Dich. Gerald & Karin
Posted by Grassland Ev Berlin on 5th January 2018
Frau Steiner We, the members of the German Cameroon Grassland cultural Association Berlin(which is your baby) are speechless and sorrowful for such a great lost to us. Frau Steiner was our Mother,our first Treasurer and later our Public relation officer. Through Frau Steine the Grassland association was made known to the German public and authorities. The first Grassland House in berlin was acquired through the endless efforts of Frau Steiner. The Grassland Children will never forget you.Always thinking and taking care of our children during and after our general assembly. Frau Steiner you remain in our hearts for all the wonderful services you rendered to our association. Frau Steiner you always honour our prestigeous Ngoteh juju group. May your gentle soul Rest in Peace.
Posted by Dr. Hycenth Tim Ndah on 5th January 2018
A Tribute for Gabriele Steiner by Ndah Hycenth on behalf of the Ndah’s family A selfless, humble and compassionate loving friend - gone too soon!! Gabi became a close family friend starting from 2008/2009. As her husband (Mathew) hails from Kom (NW-Cameroon) and my family is from Kom as well, it is on this basis that there were lots of occasions where we jointly interacted with each other. For instance, we jointly belonged to the KomBerlin and wider KomGermany Groups. In these groups, we all shared and jointly exchanged especially on cultural issues related to the Kom culture. Apart from our interaction at group levels, over the years, Gabi and my wife (Zelda) became particularly close friends and she (Gabi) was especially fond of my first daughter (Glenis). Both Gabi and Zelda could talk over phone twice or thrice a day and shared basically every detail related to women worries, fears and challenges. I noticed that some of such phone conversions were therapeutic in nature especially as one of them could listen very well while the other needed to be heard. In fact, she was more than a family friend and it will take my family long to awaken to the reality of her demise. Gabi had her way of handling daily challenges and little disputes. Even in situations where you expected her to naturally explode with anger, she exceled with an exemplary character by taking the unexpected position. She was at service to anyone in times of need. It didn’t matter if she personally knew you or not. I could conclude that her goal and motto was happiness for all around her and many can testify to having benefited from her selflessness and benevolence. I can vividly remember how she fiercely engaged supporting in my search for accommodation in Berlin when I had to relocate there though she basically knew me by then. One thing I must remark is her love for her family. Dear Bobe Tum Young, I must say Nawain was God given and please kindly accept our heartfelt condolence. From observation, her love for family and the enormous effort of keeping this as one and happy is beyond imagination. Not to talk of her love for kids and attachment with Africans - just to mention a few… As you mourn her Bobe, be strong to continuously uphold the legacy she leaves behind i.e love, kindness and value for human relations - where she placed far above her own personal interest. Oh, I wish there were better words than selflessness and humility to describe her character. It was a pleasure knowing her for she leaves behind a lesson for most of us to emulate. People of her character are few and I must say we loved her but God has a better plan for her. Dear Gabi, it is now that Glenis starts questioning your last words to her in your hospital bed in Berlin when you said “ Es ist wirklich schlimm” when she asked if it was that bad…?. May your gentle soul find favour in the bosom of the Lord ††† From: Hycenth, Zelda, Glenis, Ashley
Posted by Nsom Jude Thaddeus on 5th January 2018
Dear aunty Gabi.. I am so saddened with the news about your demice .it will be so hard to leave with the fact that you are no longer amongst us. The first time I saw you face to face was 17 years ago when we came to pick you up from the douala international airport along side uncle Matthew. And now im still wondering why this journey which we started as a family has become such a brief one.for ever you will be in our hearts aunty Gabi .May you rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Yvon Ateghang on 4th January 2018
Mama Gabi, I cannot believe that we will no more see you again. Seeing you leaving so soon is like a nightmare. One of the most difficult things to deal with in life is the death of a loved one. 1 Thessalonians 5:9-11 For God has not destined us for wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for us so that whether we are awake or asleep we might live with him. Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing. Farewell Auntie Gabi.
Posted by Brigitte Ndumanu on 4th January 2018
Meine wunderbare Schwester, wir hatten eine wunderbare Zeit von mehr als 35 Jahren. Wir sind durch dick und dünn "Hand in Hand" gegangen. Du bist die zweite Mama meiner Kinder Roman, MIchalina und Theresa. Wir liebten dich vom ersten Tag unserer Bekanntschaft, als wir im Waldkrankenhaus Spandau unsere beiden Jungen auf die Welt brachten. Wir haben Freud und Leid miteinander geteilt, waren immer füreinander da.Du bist auch Freundin für die Partner meiner Kinder und Tante meiner Enkelkinder. Ich kann nicht glauben, bin in tiefer Trauer, dass unsere gemeinsame Zeit nun so schnell zu Ende geht.Du bist viel zu früh von uns gegangen. Diese heimtückische Krankheit kam so unverhofft......Ich bin Gott dankbar, dass du keine Schmerzen hattest.Bist zuletzt waren wir Seite an Seite. Du lebst in unseren Herzen weiter meine Süße...wir lieben dich für immer. Du bist nur vorangegangen.....wir sehen uns wieder. Bitte grüße unsere Ahnen. Für immer deine Gitti und Familie
Posted by Remitus Elad on 3rd January 2018
Mama Gabi, I cannot believe that for real I will no more hear "Mein Schatz" from you again. Seeing you leaving so soon is like a nightmare. We love you most because of your Love and care you show to us especially for our children. You always make them the best friend ad we remember how often we quarrel with them to say "Tante Gabi" and not Gabi. Seeing you as a friend, Gabi was the best for them and we couldn't stop that actually. God always has a better plan for us because His ways are not man's ways. What we have for you now is our prayers for God to take His soul into His kingdom saying "Well done good and faithful Servant, come and share in your master's Joy".
Posted by Dr. Leonard Elad on 3rd January 2018
Loosing a dear one is knowingly very painful. Having been professionally privy to your diagnosis from the very beginn of your ordeal i knew exactly it will end the way it did. This made it even more painful to me. However, knowing who you were: a beaken of hope made it particularly painful. For the years i have known you, humility was always your motto and and service your hallmark, a rear to find virtues nowadays. These i will inter alia always want to retain, as i find solace in the Bible which teaches me „precious is in the sight of the Lord the death of his faithful servants“. May u find eternal rest in the Lord, untill we meet again to part no more. My heartfelt condolence to Steiner and Young Families. Requiescat in Pace"
Posted by Désire Berthe TCHOUMKEU on 3rd January 2018
Dans cette dure épreuve, je suis de tout coeur avec toute la famille. Je vous envoie amour,pensées et prières en cette période difficile. Disparue mais jamais oubliée, GABY.

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