Her Life

Michael's Eulogy

 Gayla Jeanne Albers has been such a major influence in my life as well as many others. Her outstanding strength, courage and determination will be an inspiration to us all. Gayla has faced many obstacles in her life, yet she has never forgot how to smile, laugh, and enjoy life. Her very presence bestowed upon us a magnificant glow that will forever be admired and cherished.

Speaking of Gayla's determination, when someone told her that she would not be able to do something, she dug deep into her soul and proved to herself and showed others that there wasn't anything she couldn't do. The one that always stands out to me is when she was told she would never be able to walk again. Through her own strength and determination she did just the opposite, she taught herself how to walk and marched right into the facility that told her she couldn't and said "look at what I could do". She was so proud of herself as she should be. This should speak loudly to anyone that has been told they can't do it... Have the faith and courage to tap into your strength and you can do anything you want and never let anyone tell you otherwise.

There are so many wonderful sides to Gayla that I could spend all day speaking about them. I feel another one of her strongest traits has to be her sense of humor. Her laugh is so contagious and unique I would do the most outrageous things just to hear it. Which as she said wasn't hard since she loved my blonde moments, and they are many. She has such a carefree spirit I remember so many people asking her "are you always like this" and her reply would always be "of course, if you can't laugh in life what good is it". If more people had this attitude the world would be a much better place.

Gayla has left such an impression on this world she will never be forgotten, she has done so much for me and others around her, we could only expect it from a guardian angel. It could be why her nickname is angel. For me she has restored my faith in relationships and life itself. I was so lost and empty before I met her and she showed me that a healthy relationship can exist with ultimate understanding, unconditional love, and neverending trust. She made it possible for me to be comfortable with my own feelings and to share those feelings. Gayla listened and could relate on a level I never thought existed and that meant so much to me, amongst the countless other aspects of her kind and generous nature.

I wish to take her story to others for as I said before she is and forever will be an inspiration and I feel she can still have an impression on so many people in the world. Gayla, I want to deeply thank you for giving me a lifetime of happiness in such a short amount of time. Only someone with your spirit could accomplish such a feat. You will always be in my heart, my thoughts, and my prayers. God Bless you baby. I love you so much and will miss you more than you can ever imagine... TO INFINITY & BACK, FOREVER & ALWAYS