His Life

My Brother

Gene was tall, strong, handsome, and smart beyond comprehension. Gene was valedictorian of his high school class, and graduated 17th in his class at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis. Gene held a BS degree in Aerospace Engineering and an MA degree in National Security and Strategic Studies. Gene served his country tirelessly for 28 years in the United States Navy, and retired three years ago with the rank of Commander. Gene was highly decorated, and served in combat deployment in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Gene was an aviator - flying was his greatest passion in life. He realized his dream of flying both as a Naval Flight Officer flying S-3B Vikings and as a commercial pilot flying helicopters and single engine planes. Gene met presidents and diplomats, and taught in the National Security Affairs Department of the US Naval War College in Newport,Rhode Island. Gene was an exceptional marksman, an avid model builder, a marathon runner, and a Francophile who spoke French fluently. Gene was a man of honor with a moral code beyond reproach. Gene was a loving son, brother, uncle, nephew and husband. Gene was a remarkably gifted man. Gene is my brother.

I want the world to know who Gene was, and who he will always be to me. He is the stubborn little kid that I used to fight with. He is the teenager who was always sitting at the kitchen table doing homework or studying when I would come home late at night after having fun with my friends. He is the professional military man who gave his big sister so many opportunities to beam with pride. He is the generous, kind-hearted, ultra-responsible role model that everyone in my family looked up to in awe and admiration. He is the quiet, reserved loner who didn't have as much fun as I would have wished for him. Gene is my brother, and I love and miss him.