George Reid
George Reid
  • Date of passing: Jul 31, 2015
Let the memory of George be with us forever!


Dear Friends of George,

A memorial service to honor George will be held Saturday, Aug. 22 at 10 a.m. at Our Savior Parish at the University of Southern California. A reception will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the USC Caruso Catholic Center, 844 W. 32nd St., Los Angeles, CA.

Video of Memorial Service

For more information please contact Hillary Duncan, special assistant to the senior vice president of University Advancement at USC, or 213-740-7873.

Your prayers and acts of kindness have left me speechless. It’s heartwarming to know how many people had George’s back. Thank you.

Karla Reid

George Reid passed away suddenly on Friday, July 31, 2015.

He was survived by his wife, Karla, his two sons, Quinn and Devin, his mother Jean Gary, and his sister Claudette Martin.

George was a devoted husband and father – and a caring friend. He was also an outstanding professional, who worked tirelessly to make a positive impact on the world around him. Those who were lucky enough to know him as a colleague and a friend had the utmost respect for him.

George served as Assistant Vice President at USC for more than three years, where he managed the university’s major gift fundraising program. Previously, he lent his talent for relationship-building to the Martin J. Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University as Assistant Dean for Advancement – as well as to American University, Florida State University and Ohio University.

George’s professional achievements were recognized by the Florida State University Foundation, which honored him with their Fundraiser of the Year Award and their Florida State University Black Alumni Association Drum Award.

USC – and those it serves – benefitted tremendously from his passion, his wisdom, his professionalism, and his intelligence.

He will be forever missed. 

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by N Sam on 14th September 2015

"Dear Family of George,

I'm sorry that you are experiencing the mourning of losing a love one. Many if not all of us has experienced this, but I would like to share a brief scripture that will may just bring you comfort.

(Acts 24:15) "And I have hope toward God, which hope these men also look forward to, that there is going to be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous."

Thanks for reading."

This tribute was added by David Sweet on 31st August 2015

"George was as easygoing and friendly as they come. He was so gracious when my wife and children visited USC, hosting us for lunch. We could talk about sports for a good length of time. Though I knew him for only a few years, I will truly miss him. May your soul be at peace."

This tribute was added by Wendi Rodney on 24th August 2015

"BIG G!!!!
Wow, I still can't believe it that you're not going to be here. I remember riding the elevator with you to the 25th floor and I said how tall are you like 6'9 and you said 6'8. We spoke about my nephew being 6'7. I like to test out my skills of selling mens's clothing and that is when I said what are you like a 52/54XL in suit jackets, 19 or 20 391/2 shirt and 40/42 pant. You chuckle and said I was on the money.  I don't know if I was right or wrong; however, you were going to check out my aunt and uncles clothing store on your next free visit to San Diego. I'm mad that they will not get to meet you; however, I am glad that I got a chance to see your smile, share conversations with you and just knowing you is the best gift ever.  God you took a good one and I wish you would have let him stay. #inGod'shands"

This tribute was added by Eileen Mooney on 23rd August 2015

""It is in the shelter of each other that people live and love."
                                                                     -Irish Proverb"

This tribute was added by Reginald McKamie on 20th August 2015

"Although our paths crossed ever so briefly your kindness and caring for others was quite apparent. I pray for you, your family, friends and your USC family."

This tribute was added by Janine Lancaster on 18th August 2015

"I had the great opportunity and pleasure of getting to know George for just two years, but what an incredible human being he was!  I remember the first time I actually had a conversation with him, and I remember thinking afterwards, wow, what a super nice and down-to-Earth guy!  He always welcomed me and others to feel free to stop by his office at any time; even when he was swamped with work.  And we shared our personal experiences moving to California and the challenges it brought and yet, we loved the diversity, entertainment and natural beauties it offered. People like George don't come into our lives every day, and missing him is truly an understatement. My prayer is for God to continue to provide for his wife Karla and their sons, and to comfort their hearts as time allows."

This tribute was added by Chris Yates on 17th August 2015

"George, you are gone way too soon but you leave behind a legacy of integrity, kindness, devotion, and humanity, along with a wonderful family and scores of friends and colleagues who loved you and will miss you deeply.  You enriched our lives and inspired us to be better people.  Rest in peace, my friend."

This tribute was added by Claudette Martin on 12th August 2015

"George, sharing my childhood with you was very much fun. Although there were times when we'd get on each other's nerves, you were my first best friend. You were a good brother, and a wonderful uncle. I'll miss your sense of humor, your smile, and your laugh. You've made me very proud. I'll always love you little brother....."

This tribute was added by Ronald Hubbard on 12th August 2015

May the Road rise up to Greet You
And May the Wind Always be at Your Back....."

This tribute was added by Mary Kopper on 11th August 2015

"I was so saddened to learn this news. George was a champion human being and a supportive, inspiring boss for me at American University. It is a tragedy that he is no longer here to make a difference in peoples' lives. I spent almost 3 1/2 years working with him and always trusted him and his ability to be honest and give the best feedback. I loved his laugh and sense of humor. He saw through issues and people. He understood and valued the truth. I could count on George. It breaks my heart that the phone won't ring, and I won't have a chance to catch up with him. I send a warm embrace to Karla and the boys. Should you come to DC, please feel free to visit and count on us and our hospitality when you are here."

This tribute was added by Cynthia Calhoun on 11th August 2015

"I remember George from when we attended Ohio University (c/o 1988).  He was on the OU basketball team, and if you passed George while walking around campus, he always spoke and most of the time had something funny to say.  I admired his Facebook picture posts of all the travel adventures he was into with his family and of the pics and videos of his sons' sports activities. On August 1, I scrolled through the Facebook newsfeed and seen where on July 31 George posted the old video of the football player being interviewed.  My emotions went from chuckling at George posting that video to shock and sadness when I later seen Karla's post about George's passing.  I was stunned and heartbroken, and could no longer focus on some homework I was doing.  Immediate prayers went up for George's family, and I continue to keep the family in my thoughts and prayers.  God is sovereign."

This tribute was added by Jesse Jacobsen on 10th August 2015

"George had so much to offer.  He was a natural teacher and he made you feel like things were going to be just fine.  I am going to miss him."

This tribute was added by Judith Johnson on 8th August 2015

"How incredibly sad to hear of this tragedy. It has come as a great shock to all of us. Karla - our hearts go out to you and the boys.

I worked with George in Alumni Relations at Ohio in the 90s and we got along famously. He was a true gentleman giant whom everyone admired and respected. We have kept in touch since he left O.U., and I attended the wedding of Karla and George in Ottawa. They had a wonderful marriage and their two boys have great role models in their parents for their own futures.

Karla - you are uppermost in our thoughts during these dark days. I know you will be strong as you now take on the duties of both mother and father for your sons.

Love  from Judith (and Peter) Johnson"

This tribute was added by Larry Heath-Rubama on 7th August 2015

"“G Money, I remember meeting you during our first few years at Ohio University as athletes. But it was the summer of 1988 that I will never forget when we worked as resident assistants at the OU Inn. It was a summer to remember. After graduation, I got to see when you helped start the Black Alumni Reunions at Ohio University. Then our paths crossed when you were dating Karla when she and I were reporters in Fort Wayne, Ind. It was always great catching up, including when you were in snowy Syracuse, N.Y. When I heard the news, I was shocked....still am. God doesn’t make many men like you who are kind, caring and full of life. I will miss you much my brother. My thoughts and prayers are with Karla and your sons. May God bless them and keep them.""

This tribute was added by Skip Vosler on 6th August 2015

"Karla, Quinn and Devin my heart aches as yours because your Dad and Husband, and Friend  has left  far too soon. As the Head Athletic Trainer at Ohio University I was very fortunate to have George in our athletic program. He was very quite his first year, but those following upperclassman days he became a leader.  His outstanding smile, his leadership and companionship served his capabilities to become an outstanding educational administrator. George will be missed by many, but he has left us all with many fond memories."

This tribute was added by Andrew Smitham on 6th August 2015

"I got to know George last fall when he was assistant coach of the Pop Warner Flag football team of which his son, Devin and mine were players. He was always warm and positive and great with the kids. At the end of season party at the park, I remember him playing horse on the basketball court with some of the boys. He made it so much fun for them. When I heard of his passing, I immediately thought of his two boys, Quinn and Devin who will never again share those kinds of moments with such a tremendous father. And I thought of how crushed Karla must feel at this time. Her hopes and dreams of a complete family life now dashed. My heart aches for their loss. May they be comforted by god, family, friends and George's wonderful memory during the difficult times ahead. George's loving spirit will forever be with Karla, Quinn and Devin. Rest in Peace George."

This tribute was added by Mital Gandhi on 6th August 2015

"I was very fortunate to have met George when I was fresh out of college at my first job.  As a tall guy, he always carried himself with such poise and everyone knew when George was in the room.  He was just fantastic to work with and I always appreciated his words of wisdom.  My sincerest condolences to his wife and beautiful kids.  I know this is the hardest time you may have ever had to go through, but time will help heal the tremendous loss you have suffered.  Know your husband / father touched so many people in so many wonderful ways."

This tribute was added by Regina Forsythe-Tobin on 6th August 2015

"I met George when he came to OU, and I worked in the Sports Information office. George was a great and honorable man and had an  infectious smile.  I'm so glad we reconnected a few years ago.  I'm so glad he found an amazing wife and I enjoyed seeing the pictures of them and their beautiful family. It was clear how much he loved his family and made sure they did as much as they could when he was with them.
I'm still in shock over the loss of my friend, and I can't even imagine the loss his family must feel.  Know that everyone is here for you and would do anything to help out.
Rest in peace my friend and Gods speed..."

This tribute was added by Karen Clark Verbisky on 5th August 2015

"Our lives are forever blessed with only the best memories of Karla's beloved George.  From the first time we met George on Mowat Street in Ottawa, Canada to the laughs we've shared over the years, we will always be thankful to have known him. Stay strong Karla, and you, Quinn and Devin are forever in our thoughts and prayers.  Love, Karen and Rich"

This tribute was added by Tracey Vranich on 5th August 2015

American University to USC - who would have thought we'd be working together for so long.  You were always the calm one in the room, and kept your focus on what was important. I only hope that I can apply that better in my life, the way you were always able to do.  I will miss you so much"

This tribute was added by Josh Larsen on 5th August 2015

"With many new faces arriving at USC over the years, George, you were an unforgettable one. You always came into the room with a huge smile and left with an infectious “go get ‘em” attitude.  Perhaps not by degree, but you were a true Trojan.  It was a pleasure to serve as your colleague and you’ll be greatly missed.  My prayers are with your wife and boys."

This tribute was added by Adam Lubin on 5th August 2015

It was an honor to have been your colleague for two years.  With your genuine smile, warm greeting and impactful words, I always felt inspired after spending time with you.

Rest in Peace."

This tribute was added by jason seidl on 5th August 2015

"I was so saddened by this news. George was a great guy to work with. My deepest symphathy to his family and close friends."

This tribute was added by Scott Mory on 5th August 2015

"George, I enjoyed the brief time we had to work together.  I always admired your good nature, sweet heart, and compassion for others.  You will be sorely missed.  My thoughts are with your wife and sons, and for you to rest in peace."

This tribute was added by David Eshaghpour on 5th August 2015

"My deepest condolences to the Reid family for your tragic loss.  May George's memory be for a blessing to his loved ones."

This tribute was added by Joan Sontag on 5th August 2015

"My condolences to the Reid family. I am so sorry. He was much admired and respected here at USC and will be missed deeply."

This tribute was added by David Wallace on 5th August 2015

"George is a Philadelphia legend.  He embraced his Philly roots and used them to become a successful husband, father, professional, and citizen.  He was my role model and I will never forget him."

This tribute was added by Tommy Lyles on 5th August 2015

"The courts at Grover are a distant memory, but the friendship borne there I will forever cherish. I miss you greatly, my friend."

This tribute was added by Dennis Whitaker on 4th August 2015

"G, I am still In shock as I sit here typing these words. I have known G for 32 years. He was one of my many big brothers. He was my teamate in college and we were also summer league teammates during our high school days. He was also my roommate my freshman & sophomore years at Ohio U. It is amazing to read the one constant in all of these memorials, how kind, genuine, professional and hard working he was. Words that fit G perfectly. We did not get to see each other often, but we communicated via email and telephone when we could catch one another. He never changed, even after he acquired prestigious positions. The last time I saw him in person as we ate lunch in philly, it was like we were back in the dorm room. He was an example to me and many others. G, I am talking to you because you are still with me in my heart and mind, and I want to thank you for always being you. As you can see in all these memorials, your smile and personality touched so many people. Rest big fella, job well done. Dink"

This tribute was added by Priscilla Rawlins on 4th August 2015

"George you were a terrific colleague, so glad I got to know you at American and we were able to keep in touch.  I will always remember your huge smile that was always widest when you talked about your family. I will keep your family in my prayers. You will be missed."

This tribute was added by John Yu on 4th August 2015

"George, you were my friend and colleague.  You were such a kind and thoughtful person.  You will be missed.  Thank you for all of your help and guidance over the past three years!"

This tribute was added by M Lee Jackson on 4th August 2015


We will miss you. Thank you for your friendship. Diana and I are holding you and your family up in our prayers."

This tribute was added by linda zukowski on 4th August 2015

"Godspeed, George.  You will be missed."

This tribute was added by Christa Lorenz on 4th August 2015

"How wonderful to know a colleague like George -- always upbeat, helpful, and with a smile on his face. Though we didn’t know each other well, I will always remember his kindness and how he was genuinely interested in what whoever he was talking with had to say. My deepest condolences and prayers are with George’s wife and sons. We’re all better for having known your husband and father."

This tribute was added by Jenny Hansen on 4th August 2015

"George, I feel incredibly blessed to have met and worked with you, and that you and your family are always and forever a part of the Trojan Family.  A gracious and kind man, who loved his family and was the embodiment of a true professional.  Thank you for sharing some of your time with me.  My prayers to your family. You are gone but never forgotten."

This tribute was added by Adam Bart on 4th August 2015

"I feel so blessed to have worked with George over the last few years.  His positive outlook on life, his direct yet gentle approach to challenges, and of course his huge smile will be missed.  My thoughts and prayers to Karla and the boys and his family.  His Trojan family will miss him dearly."

This tribute was added by Alison Kessler on 4th August 2015

"I worked with George on the Friends of Jowonio Board for just a year, but I quickly realized the extraordinary man he was. He was forthright, generous, intelligent, kind and wise. He was ever the professional and zealously committed to his beloved family and to causes he held dear. I am so saddened by the news of his passing and my heart aches for Karla and their sons. I hope they are all comforted by the words of so many who knew him whether closely or only by acquaintance but feel fortunate to have been in his presence. RIP, dear George."

This tribute was added by Suzi Carlsson on 4th August 2015

"I met George and Karla when Quinn was 2 years old and Devin was just a cute chunky baby. George was a loving and dedicated father with a positive outlook on the future for his beautiful boys. He was always so friendly and open. Karla and George are such wonderful people and parents and I am privileged to have known them."

This tribute was added by Bill Watson on 4th August 2015

"met George about 4 years ago and my first impression was wow what huge hands.  he and i spent many hours discussing FR but our more important discussions were about his wife and kids. as we became closer, i realized his huge hands represented his huge heart.  He certainly will be missed at SC but i cannot image the hole he will leave with his family and friends. At the same time the legacy he has left with Karla and especially his 2 sons.  i praise God that i had a chance to be one of his many many friends."

This tribute was added by Linda Yu on 4th August 2015

"As much as my heart aches for all of us who loved George, I am heartbroken for his family. As they grow up, my hope is his boys will read and re-read these messages and know what a ray of light and goodness they had for a father.  I am so grateful we had lunch last week. George's last words to me were: "See you in L.A. I won't forget."
George: We won't forget."

This tribute was added by Reginald Rankin on 4th August 2015

"I have known George Reid for 30 years we were in the same basketball recruiting class at Ohio University in 1985. G was a strong and physical power forward that was a tremendous teammate from the day we met at orientation. Our four man recruiting class of me, George, George's high school teammate Paul "Snoop' Graham and Dave Jamerson formed in my opinion the best overall recruiting class in Ohio University Basketball History. I watched George go from a shy freshman to one of the most respected administrators of higher education in the country. George has always supported me throughout my career as a college basketball coach and now with ESPN. I just was with George about a month ago where he drove about 85 miles from his home to a basketball camp I was working in Ontario, CA. we hugged and laughed like we did as teammates and roommates sometime on the road at OU. I introduced him to the camp and me and G were just glad to be around each other in a gym like we have been on so many occasions. G took selfies of us on his phone and we had a great time like we did every time we saw each other. As I went back to working camp G and I hugged and he headed home. By the time I returned home to Florida G had already sent USC gear to my two daughters and promised to tell the USC track coaches about my youngest. Anything G could do to help his family, friends and teammates it was done. No questions asked. I thank God for that day I got to spend with my friend and teammate one last time. My heart is broken right now because we had a bond as friends and teammates that has lasted a very long time. I will miss those phone calls that G would make when he was on the road close by where we would meet for dinner and talk about our families and good times at OU and I always laughed when G cracked that big smile that he would share with anyone he met. Rest In Peace my friend and teammate.    Reggie Rankin"

This tribute was added by Margaret Kean on 4th August 2015

"George was so gracious to me when I joined USC and I appreciated his collegiality as we worked together to reach out to the engineering alumni base. He always had a kind word and a bright smile when we saw each other at ATT.  He was a gentleman of the first degree. My prayers are with his family and friends."

This tribute was added by Wes Patterson on 4th August 2015

"I did not know George well but he was someone I always looked forward to running into on the elevator... Always positive, always interested, always encouraging.  My thoughts and prayers are with George's family and friends."

This tribute was added by Jeanette Irvin Jones on 4th August 2015

"I'm thinking about the good old days when we grew up together in North Philadelphia. Although we were cousins, we fought like we were brother and sister with love. :-)  We had so much fun growing up.  He always strove for excellence and didn't let growing up in the inner city stop him.  I will miss my cousin, brother and friend.  Until we see each other again, I will keep pushing forward. xoxoxo"

This tribute was added by Martha Mansfield on 4th August 2015

"I was so blessed to have worked closely with George this past year, I treasured our early morning chats and coffee runs to Starbucks.  I am so grateful for your guidance, encouragement and most of all your friendship.  Your eternal smile will forever live in our hearts.  In our last encounter, I was so happy to see you back from vacation, I said, George give me a hug!  As always, you did, may the eternal hug from our heavy Father above hold you close and provide comfort to your family. I will miss you…every day."

This tribute was added by Lena Williams on 4th August 2015

"Although I didn't work closely with George, I do remember how pleasant he was to everyone.  The few times I did speak with him, he seemed genuinely interested in how I was doing.  I truly wish I had got to know him better.  Rest in peace, George.  May the perpetual light of God and Heaven shine upon you always."

This tribute was added by Jesse Owens on 4th August 2015

"A brother of many gifts.  Personality and a man that lived above the line, thank you Lord for our intersection of friendship.  Truely a man that will be missed.  Bobcat nation.  Peace my brother and Rest in Heaven. - Jesse #30"

This tribute was added by Scott Lathrop on 4th August 2015

"George was a wonderful friend and I feel honored to have known him.  He was kindhearted and generous, joyous and full of energy and good humor.  He could light up the room with his laughter.  I always looked forward to his visits to my office; he always brightened up my day.  My memories of George include many golf outings, including those for the Jowonio School and Whitman School.  And of course, there were the annual Marketing trips to NYC. I can see him now, directing traffic on a bustling Manhattan street so our tour bus could deliver students to the News America Marketing offices, or leading groups of students though a crowded Columbus Circle to the Turner Broadcasting building.  So many happy memories.  If a man’s life is measured by the number of people who knew and loved him, then George was a successful man indeed.  Goodbye my friend, until we meet again."

This tribute was added by Ann Parambil on 4th August 2015

"George you are my hero. I looked up to you so much. You inspired me to achieve my professional goals in life.  You always said "I am proud of you" you are such a beautiful soul. I know you are in heaven looking down on us and smiling.  I feel privileged to have the opportunity to know you. My prayers and thoughts will be with your family. You will be missed forever."

This tribute was added by Lisa Beske on 4th August 2015

"I will forever be changed for having the privilege of working with George for the past three years. He touched lives in ways that he never knew. He was passionate about his work and a role model for all of us. George was kind, funny, gentle, compassionate, sincere and so much more. I will always be thankful for having known you. My thoughts and prayers will remain with Karla, Quinn, Devin and the rest of your family. Rest in eternal peace."

This tribute was added by Kathleen Manzo on 4th August 2015

"I only met George a few times, and immediately saw his warm and wonderful personality. But most of all I could tell a lot about George just by seeing how incredibly happy Karla was and how she lit up when she talked about him!"

This tribute was added by Joanne Gocek on 4th August 2015

"George was a great colleague and friend, and Whitman alumni, faculty, and staff adored him.  He left us far too soon and will be greatly missed.
I recall our coffee breaks at Starbucks on the SU campus where occasionally we discussed Development matters but always George spoke fondly about the most important people in his life: Karla, Quinn, and Devin.  Rest in peace, G-Money."

This tribute was added by heather maloney on 4th August 2015

"We all make an impression on each other and George's impression on me was of warmth, fun, decency and strength.  My prayers are for his sons and wife in this difficult time."

This tribute was added by Ragan Royal on 4th August 2015

"My sincere condolences to the entire Reid family! George's BIG smile and warm heart was my "go to" often during our time at the CUSE. His knowledge of the business was tremendous. Missing you,so long my friend..."

This tribute was added by Breagin Riley on 4th August 2015

"George was such a kind spirit with a great smile and welcoming personality. Karla, I assume it feels as though you may never smile again. Know that there is enormous comfort in memories, peace and happiness can come from the little everyday moments that are forever etched in memory. I wish for you that level of comfort and warmth."

This tribute was added by Glenn Santa on 4th August 2015

"Only knew George about 6 years but he made an impact on me. So friendly and hospitable whenever I was around him. Id go into his office and was always greeted with a big smile and a firm handshake. A man gone to soon. He will be missed."

This tribute was added by Morris Jackson on 4th August 2015

"Prayers first of all to the Reid Family. May the spirit of God look over your family and your precious boys as they develop and grow into adulthood. I am so thankful that God made it possible for us to spend several years working together at American University. Your impact and influence on my life will forever be with me and you will not be forgotten. You touched so many lives and I thank God I was one of those people."

This tribute was added by Lou Nieto on 4th August 2015

"George stood 6'8".  I stand 6'9", but I look up to you Big Man.  In the 3 years we've worked together you taught me to how to handle certain situations in work and in my personal life.  You have been in my corner and supported me since day 1.  Your passing leaves an empty void that cannot be replaced.  

You will be missed...but not forgotten.  Lace up those high tops big man and save me a game when we do meet again.

#OUBigMan #RestInParadise"

This tribute was added by Aimee Fitzgerald on 4th August 2015

"I had the privilege of working with George - he was one of the hardest working, nicest, warmest people I've known.  He always surprised me with his sense of humor.  I can't believe he is gone, and pray for him and his family."

This tribute was added by Jenine Rabin on 3rd August 2015

"I will miss you, George. You made a lasting impact on me and our profession. Your beautiful family will now and forever be in my thoughts and prayers."

This tribute was added by Wayne Agena on 3rd August 2015

"A great man in stature, heart and love of life. He left a piece of himself with whomever he met. He will be missed but will be remembered by all of us."

This tribute was added by Gregory Gilbert on 3rd August 2015

"George, I can't forget our last conversation we planned for an extraordinary year. I'm not ready for you to go my friend. You've forever left me with fond memories and I will never forget you. As you would say, " Let's grind G". You're gone too soon man and I hope to see you again one day. G"

This tribute was added by Kavita Gupta on 3rd August 2015

"This is shocking news. My husband and I were supposed to have dinner w George and Karla soon and I can't believe that we will not get to see him. We got to know George through advancement as parents and George was always a warm, wonderful and cheerful person with so much energy and spirit. Always helpful he went above and beyond whenever I needed anything during my visits to USC. We will miss him and want yo convey our deepest condolences to Karla and the boys who he loved so much and talked about often. RIP George."

This tribute was added by Gina Galluppi on 3rd August 2015

"I only worked with George for a short period of time, but I admired and respected him immensely, both as a colleague and as a human being. He had an extraordinary gift to connect with people. We will miss him very, very much. My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, sons, family, and friends. Remember all the great things about him and that will help carry you through."

This tribute was added by Jenny Eccles on 3rd August 2015

"The nicest man who had a smile for everyone!  I loved running into you on campus, we would always park at the same time coming from AT&T. You would say, "this is a sign we need to work together again." I loved your humor and energy.  You are missed."

This tribute was added by Vanessa Yost on 3rd August 2015

"I have been blessed to have spent most of my professional life along side George. From our time together at AU, I have been blessed to have had such a tremendous colleague and friend. His warmth and humor made every day I spent with him better. He had a smile that could light up a room and it only grew bigger when he was speaking of his boys or Karla. There are no words to describe the tremendous impact he had on so many and how badly he will be missed. May we all live every day to the fullest in his memory."

This tribute was added by Chris Gomez on 3rd August 2015

"George, you set the bar so high, you will forever be missed. It was a privilege to be able to support you for the past three years. I will be praying fervently for your wife, your boys and the entire family.

Your Motivation - Inspiring!!!!
Your Personality - Contagious!!!!!
Your Character - Admirable!!!
Your Love for Family and Friends - Irrefutable!!!!
Your Absence from our Sight - Irreplaceable!!!!
Farewell my friend!!!"

This tribute was added by Susan Engel on 3rd August 2015

"Though I didn't have the opportunity to work a great deal with George, I do know that he was always friendly and professional. George smiled so easily, which is probably what I will always remember most about him. I'm certain that he'll be missed deeply by his family and those who love him. May God bless."

This tribute was added by Kelli Ann Nakayama on 3rd August 2015

"I had only a few opportunities to interact with George, but his kind, friendly and warm personality left a strong and lasting impression. My deepest condolence to your family, you are in my thoughts."

This tribute was added by sandra chen lau on 3rd August 2015

"george, you loved the beach and talked about building a house by the water...i hope you are resting in peace and enjoying the ocean view.  you will be missed, always."

This tribute was added by Patrick Auerbach on 3rd August 2015

"George was a kind, thoughtful man and always exuded a positive vibe for whatever task was at hand.  His presence will be deeply missed, and my thoughts and prayers go out to Karla and their sons.  May George rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Anthony Yae on 3rd August 2015

"George has a nice smile.  I will never forget that smile and how friendly he was. My deepest condolences to your family."

This tribute was added by Albert Checcio on 3rd August 2015

"George, I will miss you. You were my good buddy for over 15 years. I learned a lot from you, in all aspects of life.  You will never be forgotten."

This tribute was added by Lisa Larson on 3rd August 2015

"I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work briefly with George.  He was always willing to help and mentor.  Please accept my deepest condolences for your greatest loss."

This tribute was added by Michele Turner on 3rd August 2015

"It was a wonderful privilege to work with George.  We shared a tremendous sense of purpose, combined with humor and thoughtful perspectives.  I am grateful to have known him and to have been a friend.  Blessings and Peace to George, his family and friends.--Michele"

This tribute was added by Dionne Jones on 3rd August 2015

"I did not work closely with George, but I knew him well enough to know he was a great guy. We would chat from time to time in passing and he always had a smile on his face. I am so sorry to hear of his passing knowing what a wonderful person he was and all the lives that he touched. He will definitely be missed. I will continue to keep his family in my prayers."

This tribute was added by Monica Brunier on 3rd August 2015

"George, I am blessed to have had the privilege of working with you for almost two years. Your bright smile and welcoming personality will be missed by all of us here on the 20th fl AT&T. May your soul be at peace and may we all see each other again one day."

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