Shared by Raul Sanchez on June 28, 2020
George was always there when I needed a ride to marching band practice and would cheer me on in the stands when he could. He was a loving and caring guy that I often thought of as an uncle. He meant the world to me and its sad to see him go. I wish I was able to see him one last time but I know he's in a better place now.

Joining NYPCA

Shared by Carl Messina on June 26, 2020
Georgie, I'll never forget all began when my wife Michele and her co-worker Virginia got on the subject of competitive shooting. Since I'd been shooting with the Assoc. for awhile and Ginny's husband Jimmy was on the job with the TBTA maybe he'd like to join up. Well, if memory serve's me correct there must have been at least 10 of you guys looking to do some shooting. This is when we met. Our weekly combat matches at Colonial range started it off. We got to know each other pretty well. After the match one Sunday we were scoring targets, and not really exerting ourselves but there you were sweating bullets (pun) so me being nosy I asked you "why are you sweating so much," and you graciously explained the condition it to me. We'd see each other at the matches and kid around about it...I'd offer you my hankie but you always seem to have enough of your own. When I left the association in 99 and moved to Florida I didn't forget you guys. I've kept in touch with Pete for quite a few years now and hear the good news and the bad...and this is bad...the guy's that have passed I didn't know them; I'm from the old guard when the membership was up there, now, I've seen its decline...but, I have my memories and you Georgie Suarez will always be there right on top of the list...             

Georgie, I'm sure one day we'll meet at the range...there's only one favor I'll have too ask; unless you've got some pull with the CHIEF RANGE OFFICER I might not get as high up as you are...  

Who loves ya 

George loved guns but he was very strict about gun safety!

Shared by Luz Suarez on June 24, 2020
As an avid shooter, police officer, and instructor, he was very strict about gun safety! He wanted me and my mom to learn all about it. He said that we always needed to be prepared. I was a bit intimidated and had mixed feelings about guns but, he insisted that I needed to learn. So, I eventually I agreed. He took me to a gun range and gave me my first lessons. I was a natural, and he was proud that I overcame my fear of guns. I enjoyed this experience and will forever carry on this legacy about gun safety. By: Idalia Figueroa

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