From Start To Finish

Shared by Baleeia Baker on May 7, 2020
I met Gerry by happen chance because I was having a bad day at work and called my friend and neighbor on her job to vent.  Back then, the "Welfare Board" as they called it made four people share one phone extension.  When I called, he answered.  My friend was never at the desk.  I had no plans to give a strange man my phone number, I just said I'd call back.  This went on a few times. Finally, he assured me, he would give her the message if I left number.  Dumb me, she should have known it.  Anyway I gave it to him.  Later that day my friend told me this man thought I had a beautiful voice and asked about me.  I told her "I can do bad by myself".  But God knew different and what I asked him for and he answered.  I called my friend again.  This time after she spoke with me, she gave Gerry the phone.  He said something funny making me laugh and asked if he could please meet me and from that day on, my world has never been the same.  He has taken care of and protected me like I have never been in all my life and never will again.  We had children together, raised children together, built a family, traveled, served the Lord and shared a love only God could bring.  As a single mom, the Lord knew how much I loved Him, but also how I wanted to be a wife with a family.  So He poured Himself into Gerry making my life complete.  He is strong, smart, wise and gentle.  And now Gerry is home in heaven.  As much as I want him here I could never take that from him when he gave me everything.  Rest my beloved until I join you after a while.  We had one heck of a ride together.  It's still hard to believer you're not here.  Thank you for showing me what a man is and how a real man treats a lady.  I Love you beyond the stars, moon, heaven and back to eternity.  Your Leeia, Nikki, Baleeia, MRS. GERRY BAKER

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