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Geri's Life Story

January 15, 2022
These are the Facts I received directly from Geri during our times together.

My Cousin/ My Sister

January 11, 2022
When I was 2, I was privileged to live with Geri and her family in Fairview, KY, then again when I was 5 and 10 at their farm in Seaman, OH, all three times for a year + each. Geri became the sister I craved throughout my childhood and will always be my true soul sister. My respect and love for her is eternal.

Later, I am blessed to have found my birth sister,

As Geri and I grew up together intermittently, we got on each other’s nerves and were jealous of each other for her Dad’s attention. Yet, we were close, we did our things together, we had great fun in the farm life. Part was going out to the Blackberry bushes to pick- Ouch. When we swam in the creek, she told me to stay away from the deep end because there were moccasin snakes there. Many years later, I asked her if that was true and she said yes it was. We both loved every animal and took care of them. Which continued throughout both of our lives.

Life takes turns for us all, and I lost visiting her for a while. Yet, we were always in contact, if only by letters. Later by visiting her in Cinci, Florida and again in Cinci, we came back to each other. With so many common qualities and thinking. Our connection became cemented. We are true spirit sisters.

Always Intuitive, Astute, Intelligent, Perceptive, Wise, Logical, Courageous and Forthright, an exemplary example to her family and friends with her perseverance, strength, caregiving and fortitude. She graced us all with gentle guidance, objective love and a great sense of humor.

She was never self-absorbed and self-serving, or right about everything! She never judged, and always offered an intelligent and objective view. Geri tells it like it is!!!With NO BS. She is my #1 Hero for her strength through her challenging illnesses. I am so thankful that her nephew Jeff was with her when she passed, and took great care of her- He is in God’s path.

Her quote to me when I asked was “I am always a patient, a nurse, a pet advocate and a caregiver” Yes, she was all of those and more. I am grateful and blessed that she was in my life. I expect her to greet me with that big smile when I transition. I Love you Geri.

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