My brother❤️

Shared by Johanna Bransford on April 13, 2021
Brother, I will miss your text messages every holiday and on my birthday. I always knew you would text and looked forward to it. When we visited Florida you usually texted me to ask what I wanted to eat when I got there. Tacos, crab legs, steak, whatever I asked for, you made! I knew you before you were my brother in law because you took my brother Steve's graduation pictures and my mom's wedding pictures. I'm so grateful that I had the pleasure of calling you brother! You spoiled me like big brothers should. I know when my birthday comes and I don't get my yearly Happy Birthday, it will hurt a bit but I know you are resting so I will find comfort in that. I promise I will check in on your son's like you checked in on me. I love you forever Brother ❤️

When we met!

Shared by Theresa Bransford on April 12, 2021
I thank God for meeting you you were such a thoughtful man we met in 1982 November 26 of that year you made me a wife we had good times and then in Sept 2 1985 I became a mom that was the happiest day of my life we had some hills and some valleys and then April 2 1999 I became a mom for the second time thank you for our sons rest in paradise until we meet again THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES❤️❤️❤️

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