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October 8, 2017

A good friend of my daughters posted this for Gina. Thank you Vicky Francisco Gina it is really beautiful!!

Time to step out of my ridiculousness and pettiness to think back to a time that was so simple, yet to a teenage girl in the 90's it was the end of the world if she ran out of hairspray or if she had to miss out on THE party of the month because her family had relatives coming from out of town. When you and your two best friends followed thru with unspoken plans every Saturday night with a scary movie followed by Headbangers Ball at midnight. Or every Friday the 13th when Gina, Jen & I knew what we were doing without even saying it. I would just be there (cause it was usually at their house). Even our parents knew so we didn't even have to say anything to them after awhile. Then Sundays we would walk up to Santa's and order pizza thinking we were the shit because it was our money & we in there by ourselves. We NEVER had to plan Halloween or what we were going to dress up as because all three of us already knew. Like every other year I would come over there house with all the makeup and crazy clothes I could come up with and throw it all in the pile they already started. All three of us would dig in decide what we were going to wear and then do each other's makeup. Then get that crazy spray paint but only after fighting with each other as to who was going to get what color. All that to walk around Debary collecting candy till folks told us it was way too late at night for us "punk rockers" to be out and slam the door in our faces. I think back now and it was truly a blessing to have two friends who always included me, shared with me, and loved me as if I WAS their sister. I don't care what anyone says, I have some of the best childhood memories that no one can beat because I had two of the best friends any teenage girl could have. From switching our Jellybean Jams and Heavy Metal t-shirts (Iron Maiden, Metallica & Pantera) on Valencia Circle in the middle of the road embarrassing Gina to the point her face was red for hours, to walking all the way to DeBary mansion and deciding we were going to go find that old pool but then quickly deciding that it was just too creepy to stick around. To our first boyfriends and our first broken hearts. To having to say goodbye to a friend who lost their lives to realizing life really isn't always fun. To the look on mom's face when Gina and Mark decide they're getting married, to the look on mom's face when Gina walked down the aisle. That day leading to one of the most memorable pictures of my childhood which is Mike and Bernie Wilfred holding up Mark Smith up with the shotgun. Memories of crazy little Rusty (Mark Smith) running around in his diaper with Kool-Aid all spilled down his belly & yet sweet Chris (Chris Smith) and his soft little voice pointing to his mama just to sit on her lap as if that was the only place in the whole world that he wanted to sit. Memories of the first time Gina got sick and went in the hospital on Saxon where I sat in the chapel begging for God to let her stay, and memories of the time she told me she was going to beat it no matter what it was. Memories of her calling me over to the old DeBary house telling me she & family is moving up north. Fast forward about 10 years later, thank you for the inbox message Gina I have to this day. You reminded me that I did good and that you were proud of me. I just hope Gina that you remember what I promised you a year ago tonight before you left us. I know it may not seem like it sometimes but it was a promise to you that I don't ever intend to break. Thank you for all the wonderful memories that I will never let go of. Just as I will never let go of the promise that I made to you. I love you and miss you. Thank you for saying hi once in awhile. ❤

Letter to My Gina

June 11, 2016

To Gina… I miss you so very much. I wish you were here with us so I could hug you but God needed you in Heaven with him. I know I will see you again one day. I love you and I miss you more and more each and every day.

You are in my heart always! You were a good daughter even though there were times you tested my patience and times when you thought you got over on me. But all in all you were respectful and obedient, well sometimes.

Like the time you were mad because I said I didn’t want you dating joey and you yelled back “I will see him if I want!” Well I said we will see about that and I went to get the belt and as I was getting the belt Mike pushed you out of the house say go go hurry and as I got to you both I swung the belt and hit Mike! Boy the look I got from him!!!

Then the time we were building the skylight in the living room and you ran away….3 days of looking for you and when we found you all I wanted to do was hug you……like I do right now!! You turned out to be a good wife, mother and you did a great job (with Marks help lol) raising these boys!

You could not have asked for better kids. They love you so much. I was very proud of you when you got your college degrees! You always were a smart kid and I knew you would go far with your college.

I will miss calling you when I need an answer to a trivia question or song title or anything about movies because Mike and I called you our Kid of Knowledge!

Well I just want to say I Love you and I miss you and I know we will be together again and until then I will keep you in my Heart Thoughts and Prayers.
I Love you!!!

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