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This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Gloria Gallegos, 58 years old, born on May 22, 1952, and passed away on January 14, 2011. We will remember her forever.
January 14, 2016
January 14, 2016
To the greatest human being to have ever known, I love ❤ and miss you dearly…

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January 14, 2016
January 14, 2016
To the greatest human being to have ever known, I love ❤ and miss you dearly…
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My mom was always right

February 12, 2014
One thing that my mom and I share is religión. We both had discusions about alot of our beliefs, and you would think since we were both chrstians we would be on each others side which only shows that we both had same personality. Lol ..Now going back. I started going to church very young (on my own) and studied the Holy Bible. I believe i was seven years old when i started started challenging my mom . All í my mom really had to do was tell me that i have not lived long enough to give such arogant opinions instead she would argue the point. I see now so that i can have a conviction and for that i am grateful… well anyway as i got older i ofcourse wanted to beat my mom in knowing the bible more than hernandez. My mom as she got older the less the arguments were until they were no more. My mom would always invite me to her church and becuase she knew how cocky i was she was smart about it by telling me that i should go to help read or to talk to the pastor… (show pastor why he is wrong) yes that cocky… Getting back to the subject Its was not until my mother's passing that i found out my mom knew more than me and that i must have sounded rediculous. My mom could have laughed ,has every reason, now i see why she didnt . she was waiting for God to take her so they can sit back and enjoy me saying You were right and anyone who use to know me would say that it is imposible for me to say. Use to is the right word to use becuase now i am humble, mover, and giving and respect others opinións. I have become my mom a better person. Thankyou mom..

Working for my mother

February 11, 2014
I worked with my mom at more times than what I should've. My mom has a one way and no other way but her way is The Only Way… knowing thats; you would think I knew better. But ofcourse I always went against anything that made sense. Ok so fastfowarding to the story. I was about 20 years old. My mom knowing I needed extra cash asked the owner of the company she was working for if i could come in a couple of days out of the week to do some filing and general office duties. My mom was and always wanted to show authority and wanted me to know she was my supervisor and not my mother… lol that would be great if she would have stuck to what she believed…. Well I remember one day getting back from lunch my mom began yelling at me telling me that she is my boss and becuase of that i should'nt expect her to be lenient. She told me that alphabetising should've been the first thing i learned in elementary. She told me I was stupid and me still being me became very angry and the only logic that came to my head was her own words, is that how you talk to your employees. She looked at me and started laughing. I knew that I filed the right way but becuase my mom was good in the argument that i thought she probably could've been right. Well what I took from my mom that I will keep every time i file still to this date is check every which way there is to make sure that everything is always in order. This is a story to lift and honor my mom though others might not get it. My mom was not a patiant person but becuase of who she was and however her point came across i guess not knowing she would make sure i did things the right way her voice would be engraved in my head for the test of my life. Honestly im glad that it has becuase now i know my mom just wanted me to avoid someone yelling at me. Yes she did it for me…

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