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This memorial website was created in memory of the patriach of the Enyioma family, popularly called G U by his contemporaries, my dearest father, Elder Godwin Enyioma, 80, born on February 28, 1936 and slept in the Lord  on June 29, 2016. We will remember him forever.

April 6, 2017
April 6, 2017
Love you and miss you dearly daddy.
Thanks for all the love you showed me


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April 6, 2017
April 6, 2017
Love you and miss you dearly daddy.
Thanks for all the love you showed me

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Dad and his wits

June 29, 2017

Dad was a a very humorous man.He would tease mom so much and we enjoyed his humor.His favorite line when mom made mistakes or asked questions with obvious answers was " a na akpo iti eje olu oyibo" and that always made us laugh.

The first time he came to the United states in 2002 he said he now understood why some young Nigerian men would come and refuse to go back home even for a visit.He said if he were younger he would do likewise.He said he didn't understand why people died in the USA and wanted their bodies buried in Nigeria when America was closer to heaven .

He then said if I die here please you people shouldn't take me home o.Then the funniest line he gave that day "This place is a straight access to heaven unlike in Nigeria where the principalities and powers in that place may not allow one's soul ascend.

These and similar humorous lines give me so much comfort.

Love you dad

My hero

April 16, 2017

To me dad was larger than life.When I met the man who would later become my darling husband ,excitedly I told my mom,"he was just like dad".I married the most wonderful man,thanks for helping in that choice by being a good father..Yes, you were the standard by which I measured every man,every suitor back then had to pass the daddy test in my head. 

Thanks dad for modeling a good man to your precious daughter.

I miss you a lot.A whole lot.I miss our singing hymns together.I miss your funny jokes and stories.I miss hearing you tease mom.I thought I was big and mature till you died.The little girl that was so fond of you is still in me I  realized and ever so often I long to hear your voice.

I'm trying to get used to the silence but it's not that easy,some days are good ,some are better and some times I cry but God is helping me .I will always  cherish the memories .

Today is Easter

The first Easter with you gone 

I wonder what you folks are doing in heaven right now

Singing and rejoicing and worshipping the Lord

We are too

Glory Hallelujah  

My father

April 6, 2017

How can I ever begin to describe my father,the best dad any child could ever ask for.Words fail me.From the time I was a little girl dad represented everything a man should be-extremely hard working,full of wisdom and great insight in almost any topic,a born leader.

Daddy had a presence only few posessed.God only gives one lifetime and it's an honor and great privilege to be the daughter of G U Enyioma.He was a man well ahead of his time,a born again Christian who loved God with all his heart and never ashamed to stand up for his faith.Dad was the husband of one wife,a consummate family man who lavished his family with much love and affection. I have fond vivid memories of hearty family  trips.The story of Cornelius in the Bible,a man who loved and feared God with his household always reminded me of Dad.Like Cornelius at the fullness of time in 1987 dad came into full knowledge of Christ.He then walked in the path of righteousness till that faithful day June 29 2016 when he was called home.

I miss you dad.I miss singing with you,I miss hearing your strong voice,I miss the prononciations of blessings to me and my family.I miss seeing your face but we shall meet again at the feet of Jesus.

Sleep on dad.Say hello to my big brother Chimaobi.We will surely see again.What a reunion that will be.

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