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His Life

The Life & Times of Stephen Jacobellis

June 7, 2012

On March 28, 1940 Stephen, known as Steve or later known as “Grandma" Steve, was born to Mary & Stephen Jacobellis in Cleveland, Ohio. His early years were spent on the farm. His dad was a chef, and they enjoyed a close relationship. Tragically his father died of uremic poisoning when Steve was only seven, and since all his siblings were adults, this left Steve very lonely as a child. He learned early-on how to stand up for himself, which made him one tough SOB. Steve was sent to the seminary the last two years of high school to become a priest; he then left the seminary because he found too many contradictions in Catholicism. Soon after, Steve struck out on his own to become his own man; he spent the rest of his youth growing up in the toughest of neighborhoods, 'Little Italy'.

Steve married in his twenties, (his first marriage) to settle down and raise a family. After twelve years, Nicole was born, and two years later Renee was born. After 20+ years, his marriage ended. Steve joined a divorce support group, and that’s where he met Barbara; they fell in love, moved to Oregon, and were eventually married.

Among Steve’s many talents and interests, he was an accomplished Artist, Technical Illustrator, and a self-made Engineer who still holds 17 patents with various companies. He loved to hunt and fish, and achieved marksmanship status during his days of shooting competitions.  Steve was also a 32˚ Mason, and mentor to many.

“To Make a Long Story Short”, Steve was the best story teller I have ever known.

I Love You Honey, and I Will Miss You Forever…