This tribute was added by Laura Burke on November 18, 2020
Kate, I am so sorry for the loss of your Dad. He definitely sounds like he has had a life well lived. Happy that he is reunited with your Mom. Peace to you. Hugs.
This tribute was added by Julie Codd on November 18, 2020
The 8 years I was a member of St. Patrick’s Parish, I experienced Greg and Mary Speltz and their wonderful warmth.
They were such a gift to the vibrant Faith Community.
They lived their faith, especially recognizing and supporting those on the edges of life.
Their daughter, Kate and her husband, Rich,
were such an inspiration the way they made it possible for Greg and Mary to live their life to the fullest!
This tribute was added by Paula Jablonski on November 17, 2020
Kate, I’m so sorry your dad is gone. I remember him as being easy to talk to, kind, and always nicely dressed. Different from the grease and guts crew at my house! What a treat to have both of your folks living with and near you their last years! My mom sends her condolences and her love as well. She once had a conversation with your dad where he commented that he wished he had an outdoors job and comfortable clothes like my dad! 

My dad died October 31. I’m still in La Crosse, taking care of business things and spending time with mom. I drive by your old house almost every day on my way to see mom, and I think of you often, especially with this summer’s craziness in Seattle. Take care of yourself, be well, and hold those memories of your dad so so dear.

Love you!
This tribute was added by Robert Crawford on November 16, 2020
Greg was a longtime activist in the Washington State Religious Campaign Against Torture (WSRCAT) I know I am not alone in remembering Greg as an always thoughtful contributor to our deliberations and stalwart participant in our actions. He was beloved to all of us.  I feel joy in thinking of Greg--a life well lived in dedication to a better world. We will miss him --and we honor his memory.
This tribute was added by John Heagle on November 15, 2020
It was a great gift for me to know Mary and Greg Speltz for many decades, beginning back in La Crosse, WI in the mid-'60s. They (and their gifted daughter, Kate), have been a deep source of motivation for my own commitment to social justice. Through the decades, Greg and I shared ministry on the Justice and Peace Commission and in other forms of advocacy. I had the good fortune of ministering in Seattle, when Greg and Mary moved there, so it was a joy to reconnect with them again. Thank you both, Mary and Greg, good and faithful servants!
This tribute was added by Adam Alessio on November 15, 2020
We first met Greg and Mary in ~2003 when we had just moved to Seattle. He was among the first to welcome us to the St. Pat's community and became a lasting role model for me as a husband, father, and citizen. While the world lost a bright light of hope and justice with Greg's passing, my heart is warmed by knowing the immense light that Greg started and seeds he planted throughout his life. Presente!
This tribute was added by Barbara Anderson on November 15, 2020
Greg, thank you for your love of peace and justice to all! John and I enjoyed our time with you. You always made us feel welcome and special! Thank you for your loving daughter Kate who is so much like you!
This tribute was added by Chris Covert-Bowlds on November 15, 2020
Greg was such a blessing and drum major for justice, I thank God for Greg! With his love, humor, creativity, compassion, loving-kindness, he truly lived St Francis of Assisi's motto: "Share the Gospel at all times; use words if necessary." In his 90's, he gathered voter signatures in the Norse home to help Initiative 1631 carbon tax to tackle the climate crisis! In our social justice efforts, he would often call us to the deeper inner spiritual conversion that is needed. Thanks so much for your lifetime of leadership, love, compassion, living out your/our call to love every being as ourselves. Greg Speltz, presente!
This tribute was added by Meg Hansen on November 14, 2020
As a young girl our family would make the 2 1/2 hour trip to LaCrosse to celebrate Thanksgiving with Uncle Greg, Aunt Kack (our nickname for Mary), and cousin Kate. Without fail, there would be additional guests around the table, usually young men. I later learned these men were often one step away from homelessness or incarceration, and Greg had brought them home to Kack for some tender, loving care and the opportunity to be a part of a kindhearted family. For me, this was an early introduction to diversity, the importance of compassion for all, and the ideals of social justice Uncle Greg so passionately championed. 
   Throughout my life, our many conversations, especially in his later years, always proved to be fascinating. Our favorite topics included politics and world news, religion, and of course, social justice issues. Uncle Greg has been an inspiration, a voice of reason, an advisor, and a friend. I am in awe of his incredible list of achievements and accomplishments, and grateful to call him my uncle. He will be dearly missed!
This tribute was added by Lauren Tozzi on November 14, 2020
I met Greg Speltz many, many, many years ago at a church here in Seattle. I wanted to know more about the School of Americas and what I could do to help and work in solidarity with our Central and South American sisters in brothers. I was so moved by what Greg said about the SOA...that I saved $$ and made my way to Fort Benning that year. It changed my life! And I have been involved in bearing witness for years. I also know that Greg was involved with Operation Night Watch. When I first moved to Seattle- I volunteered at the Crisis Clinic. I worked the phone lines on Friday nights from 9pm to 1am. Operation Night Watch was one of the many organizations helping the un-housed and did such incredible excellent humanitarian work. I just remember Greg's smile and his eyes that were full of compassion. I sing with his lovely daughter Kate in the Seattle Labor Chorus. Greg leaves quite a legacy. His light will always shine. And never will be diminished! PRESENTE!!! Rest in peace. Rise in power!   Much love to the Speltz family.
This tribute was added by Peg Faulmann on November 14, 2020
In the short time that we knew Greg and Mary in Seattle, they made us feel as though we knew them all of their lives. Knowing them, we then knew what a good match Kate and Rich are, and what a solid family unit they made. The support in the peace and justice issues in that family unity made them extraordinary. Gratitude here for your life, Greg, and who you were (and are) for all of us as we build the Reign of God on earth.
This tribute was added by Jean Buskin on November 14, 2020
I didn't realize how recently Greg and Mary came to Seattle. When my activist path led me to work with Greg, it seemed he was so central to every organization he was part of. Not only that, he served as a bridge between organizations, and between justice organizations and his church. I got to see Greg in action working with School of Americas Watch, and got to work alongside him in the Washington State Religious Campaign Against Torture. He was passionate about justice and preserving life and the dignity of all. He was exceptional in his ability to listen to other people, even with very different viewpoints. I had the pleasure sometimes of giving Greg a ride home from a meeting, and learning more about his opinions and experiences. I also felt it a privilege to see how Greg and Mary interacted so lovingly. I remember Greg as a thoughtful and warm person who made a difference in the world.
This tribute was added by Diane Lee on November 13, 2020
I was always impressed by Kate's strong principal's, commitment to social justice and l gentleness.  Meeting Greg and Mary the 1st time helped me understand where Kate had got it from.  I felt a bound to Greg when we discovered we had geography in common. We both lived in St Croix Wisconsin. I have lots of family in Baldwin where he had lived. His daughter Kate and my son were both born in Eau Claire. It thrilled me when we were able to talk about St. Nazianz. Greg was delighted to hear that my 5th grade Catholic school class toured the park like campus, and the beautiful church.  I did not have the opportunity see Mary and Greg often, 5 minutes here and there before events. My favorite was at Seattle Labor Chorus. Any one could tell how much he enjoyed the music. The smile I will keep with me was the look on his face as listened and watched Kate.  Greg made the world a better place.
This tribute was added by Maureen Little on November 11, 2020
Greg, thank you for being a guiding light in my life.

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