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The Green Hand.

April 11, 2012

When I was 7 and Greg was 11,we shared a double bed @ 403 Greenough st in sault ste marie.This bed had a big green vinyl headboard,Greg would try to scare me by telling me their were monsters in the closet,under the bed etc.One night he asked me if I saw the "GREEN" hand coming from between the headboard and the mattress.My imagination getting the best of me,,,I did see the green hand...The funny thing Greg did too,we both jumped out of the bed,to the stairs,never touching one step all the way down.My Mom(Alice) and Step-dad (Don)were surprised to see us downstairs but were told we couldn't stay up to watch Gunsmoke on tv with them.....We would have to endure the rest of the night in fear of the "GREEN HAND FROM GREENOUGH ST." Thanks for the good memories my brother in Heaven!!

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