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Gregory Thomas Lee
  • 22 years old
  • Date of birth: Jan 14, 1995
  • Place of birth:
    San Jose, California, United States
  • Date of passing: Mar 3, 2017
  • Place of passing:
    San Jose, California, United States
We will never know what you could have given the world. Rest in Peace Gregory Thomas Lee We love you forever.

See His Life for Gregory's excellent adventure.
Also, the tributes for Gregory's memorial are here. 

Services were held at Congregation Shir Hadash on March 17 at 2:00 p.m. )
 In lieu of flowers, we ask that donations be made to the Alzheimer’s Association (

Here is the video that Gregory just finished (his "swan song"). The music is by Au5 "Return to Moonland".
Enjoy!   ( )

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by shilpi thukral on 16th January 2018

"Gregory is truly missed not only by this family and friends but also by others such as me.  Gregory was a selfless person who assisted me several times.  He "hacked" a movie for me....if I can say that.  He was a genius.  He also assisted me as a detective....He was a kind guy who is truly missed.  Rest In Peace....kind child.  May time heal your loss."

This tribute was added by John Urspringer on 15th January 2018

"I love you bro. I had a dream about you saturday night when your birthday popped up. I then woke up and it was so strange, the radio I was listening to was talking about loved ones visiting you in dreams. i don't know if that was me seeing your birthday or what, but the synchronicity was intense. I miss you so much my friend, you'll be in my heart forever"

This tribute was added by Tamara Herman on 14th January 2018

"I miss you and love you from the bottom
Of my heart sweat Gregory."

This tribute was added by Karen Ahearn on 29th April 2017

"On a typical 5th grade morning, watching Mr. Laraway frantically trying to access the classroom network, just for fun, Gregory had changed the passwords. Mr. Laraway had to somehow cajole Gregory into telling him what the password was. Gregory was clearly the hero of the day because it meant the kids could relax for an hour or so while Mr. Laraway tried to regain access.

It was the funniest thing I ever saw. Our family is so saddened that the world has lost such a talented and fun kid."

This tribute was added by Elise Barsch on 20th April 2017

"When Gregory and I were in high school, we went to see Perks of Being a Wallflower in theaters. The main character of the movie, Charlie, hung out with kids who were much older than him, which I didn't understand at all. Gregory, on the other hand, said that he related a lot to that aspect of Charlie. Gregory was truly a friend to all, completely open to anyone without giving a second thought as to how they were different from him.

A few months later, Gregory gave me a framed picture he designed of the quotation "We accept the love we think we deserve" - a famous line from Perks of Being a Wallflower. I was touched by his heartfelt gift, but again, Gregory was way ahead of me, as I had no idea what that line meant at the time. I'm still trying to figure out what it means to be honest, but I think of Gregory every time I see the picture he gave me or think of that line. Gregory was one of the most genuinely kind and generous people I've ever met, and I'll miss him very much."

This tribute was added by Carla Dick-Peddie on 10th April 2017

"Dear Beth, Doug, and Alison, It took me awhile to leave you a note as I am a bit awkward in my words. We are so truly sorry for the loss of Gregory. I have been spending time reading all the wonderful tributes and your story of his life and it breaks my heart just how little we knew of him even though we live on the same street.  Reading about all the gadgets he installed in your house reminds me of my brother (who passed young as well); he too was the high-tech expert that outfitted my parents house with technology that can still be seen today.  We really only knew Gregory when he was young, watching Bill assemble all the Halloween props for our annual display.  He was so inquisitive at that young age watching Bill assemble the electronics and asking so many questions.  Boy would he laugh at our lack of electronic knowledge now!  I truly believe that one day we will all be together again with our loved ones. Perhaps Gregory and my brother Jeff will help light a grand entrance for all of us one day."

This tribute was added by William Whitehead on 4th April 2017

"I met Gregory during our freshman year of college through his roommate, with whom I had graduated the summer before. During my very first meeting with Gregory at one of the dining locations on campus, I mused about an issue I was having with my phone, and he immediately  picked up my phone off the table and fixed it. From that point on through the rest of the year, I found myself in near daily communication with him, either through Hangouts, or quite literally hanging out with him in his dorm room until 3 AM or at various places around campus or the bay.

To friends and family, I often compared Gregory to a modern day Sherlock, if Sherlock had also been given innate people skills. Gregory's incredible intelligence coupled with his innate interpersonal skills gave him command of virtually any situation, in a way that I had never seen before - Gregory was truly the most gifted individual I have ever met in my life.

Once I moved back home after my first year, we talked less often and I only saw him in person a few times after that, a fact which I now deeply regret. Last year, during my last time seeing him in person, we were planning to meet up for a little bit between his classes after I picked my girlfriend up from the airport. As the time drew nearer, it was clear that both her flight and my arrival were going to be delayed. I apologized to him, and offered just to meet up for a few minutes on campus so he could make his class on time. Instead, he offered to take his only unexcused absence in his upcoming class, just so we'd still have enough time to spend a few hours together. In his words, "I'd rather spend the limited time I get to spend with you and Alayna." I tried to express how much that meant to me, and I hope he knew it - his unwavering kindness and sheer unselfishness is something I'll never forget.

I miss you, Gregory - San Jose will be a lot quieter without you."

This tribute was added by Jodi Reinman on 3rd April 2017

"Just prayers and love to all. Love Jodi"

This tribute was added by Georgia Barber on 24th March 2017

"I am so very sorry to hear about Gregory's passing. Gregory was a very special and very talented soul. I vividly recall times when Mark would become perplexed over a computer issue and Gregory would appear at our front door eager to help. He not only found a solution to the problem, but also had an array of suggestions for the future in case anything happened again. We were always so impressed by his dedication, hard work, and vast computer knowledge. He will be missed by our entire family. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. With love, Gigi"

This tribute was added by Viola Buitoni on 23rd March 2017

"Beth dearest-I am at a loss for words. I only had the briefest time to glimpse into your son's unusual mind, but the impression still lasts. I remember smiling all the time, at his way, at your interaction. My thoughts are firmly with you. Much love to you, your lovely daughter and your husband."

This tribute was added by Shannon McKeeth on 19th March 2017

"I met you and your Mom briefly at Tori's HS graduation party.  One thing that struck me the most is what kind and thoughtful young man you were with everyone that evening - I admired that so much.  I'm glad to know that my niece, Tori, had you as a part of her life.  I wished I had gotten to know you better.  Be at peace, Greg."

This tribute was added by Jymn Meier on 17th March 2017

"Dearest friend, I just heard the news today. I'm at a loss like so many others I'm sure. You were just a kid when I met you at Walden West. I remember you being in my group and being such a dear friend to everyone around you. I remember watching you grow in our Leaders In Training program and seeing you help kids feel comfortable about being at camp for the first time. I remember watching you be a counselor and representing WW in a way that shared the magic of that ol' place.  I sat by the pond today and sang shooting star . I will miss you my friend ~ Scooby"

This tribute was added by Richard Bernhardt on 17th March 2017

"Never in life should our children go before us.  Our hearts were and are broken by the news of the passing of Gregory.  Gregory left an impression.  In his short life, he touched many people and it was clear he had the light inside of a positive, happy and intelligent person.  I think I could have brought any technical problem to Gregory and he would have made it work.  Gregory also doted on his parents and sister, grandparents and extended family.  Perhaps not always openly or in their presence, but at he knew so much about his family and his grandmother, and well, he was very proud.   Having parents like Doug and Beth and a sister Alison made him blessed.  We were all blessed by having Gregory in our lives.  That will never change.  We grieve at his passing.  Pray for those who remain.  But most of all we keep him alive in our wonderful memories and warm thoughts."

This tribute was added by Tim Russell on 17th March 2017

"Rest in total peace Gregory. You are a shining light in eternal life. Someday, we'll meet in heaven. Safe in Gods hands for all eternity"

This tribute was added by shilpi thukral on 17th March 2017

"Gregory was a wonderful and kind soul.  He assisted me with "tech" stuff that I found cumbersome and he found enthralling.  One time he uploaded a video for me that I could not cut short to the allotted time with his fancy machines in his home office; at another time by getting a "movie" forwarded to us that we were unable to see; and yet at another time he played detective and an investigator with his dad for me.  As you see he helped me on more than one instance and for that I am very thankful to him.  I wish I had a chance to tell you that face to face....Gregory was so passionate about things he did with technology, talking about his trip to New York or Israel and his walk to SF with his family.  He will truly be missed by all."

This tribute was added by Patti and Frank Bell on 17th March 2017

"We met You, Gregory, when you came home from the hospital.  We were able to witness the joy you brought into your home and the love you received from your parents and grandparents was overflowing.  We got to hold you and even then we knew you were very special. Whenever I ran into your Mom, she was always telling us wonderful stories as you grew up in our community.  You brought such joy into your family's lives and we know you will be watching over all of them.  May your Mom and Dad and sister, Alison take some comfort in the many wonderful memories you all have created over the years."

This tribute was added by Jacqueline Barber on 16th March 2017

"Gregory and I were childhood friends who grew up on the same street just two doors down from each other. He had one of the kindest hearts I have known and always knew how to cheer me up even on my worst days as a kid. With his brilliant mind, great sense of humor, and inspiring kindness to everyone he met he could make any day into a memorable one. From making forts out of sheets and pillows to playing Star Wars computer games all day I will always remember our time we spent together growing up. I am so honored to have been able to know Gregory and I am devastated to learn about his passing. I will never forget you Gregory and my prayers go out to the Lee family. It deeply saddens me and I am so sorry for your loss. Rest in peace Gregory, you will be missed."

This tribute was added by Maricel Manibo on 15th March 2017

"Gregory was Natalie's first neighborhood friend.  We have such fond memories of those innocent, happy days filled with nanny play dates and birthday parties.  May you rest in peace, Gregory."

This tribute was added by julie Wash on 14th March 2017

"Roy and I met Gregory when he was 15. He had this little business where he provided tech support for those of us that were challenged in this area.  In the beginning he would come to our house and be very quiet, fix the problem and off he would go. Over the years as he grew into a young man we would have great conversations about books, travel, photography and other things we had in common.  He was always kind to explain tech things to us, offer ideas on new software, apps, etc. We so shocked to hear of his passing. He was such a gentleman, sweet, and always with a smile. We are saddened more than words can say....."

This tribute was added by Margaret Demers on 13th March 2017

"Dearest were like a son to us for so many many happy memories.....parties, dinners, trips to SF, a Ron White show at Paul Masson Winery (and harrowing effort to get there), the proms, and dances and going to the movies (supervised dates).  We knew you from when you were ~2 yrs old....and we were delighted when you and Rachel became more than friends.  Gregory, you were always the brightest kid, then the kindest young man.....and so helpful.....always having an answer to the latest app and giving, so generously, your time to help us create a memorial slide show for my brother when he passed.....I always thought there might be another chapter of experiences with you and now I know your grace has departed and lives in another realm.  Luckily, I believe in parallel universes, so while our hearts break in this one, I know that our hearts are soaring with joy in another.   We will love you and miss you until we meet again."

This tribute was added by Diane Drewke on 13th March 2017

"I remember his bar mitzvah and what an impressive job he did.   What a lovely party it was and how he was such a great host.  Albert still talks about it and what a great time was had by all.   Also he and Ali were so kind to a toddler when he came to visit."

This tribute was added by Paula Youde on 12th March 2017

"Dear beth Alison and Doug I have just had the devastating news about Gregory. I know we have not been in contact but I am truly saddened by this and I am so sorry for your loss. He kept me on my toes when I was his nanny and I will never forget the time he said "Paula come to my bedroom I have something to show you" so I made my way to his bedroom and he told  me to sit on his bed . He opened a harry potter book and starting reading word for word. Gregory was only 4 years old he was such a smart boy. God bless you Gregory I'm glad I had the plpleasure of being your nanny .. Sweet dreams
Love paula"

This tribute was added by Joanne Michael on 11th March 2017

"Gregory, you continue to be a light in our lives.  We met your parents long ago but remember well your precociousness and intelligence.  You will never be forgotten.  
God had you in the palm of His hands before you were even born. He gave you two incredible parents and an amazing sister to help guide your way when you walked this earth.  We know God STILL has you.
In our memories, you will always be the boy with an intelligence and humor that made an indelible heart print.  May God bless your family as they make their way without you."

This tribute was added by Tamara Herman on 11th March 2017

"Dear Doug, Beth and Ali,
Loss of our Gregory is so tragic, and I wish I could find the right word for it. There is no such word, I can offer you my love And support. You are not the Family but IT feels like it.
The fond memory goes back from 2011, when I was always sitting next to Gregory for High Holidays AT Shirhadash, Los Gatos. He was so loving and like an angel and totally filled the absence of my  son and daughter. Thank you Gregory for such unforgettable moments.
So Doug and Beth, you've raised a buitifull son, can be proud.
When my mom's yehrtzeit  was held in 2013, his presence gave me the incredible comfort, as coming from the best doctor in the world.
The last time I saw you Gregory was at my house on Tursday, February 23, 2017 after 3:00 PM. You were with your loving mother, and my best friend Beth. It was a short visit, but my crepes filled with ground walnuts
And pot of home made soup was attracting force. You really liked this
European dessert. Later Beth texted me that both you and Doug actually loved them.
And the fatal March 3rd, Friday 10:33 am  when I was waiting for Beth to come and take some photos with your sofisticated camera of my dead's holocaust diary, the worst, unimaginable news came about your premature passing.
R.I.P. My loving Gregory."

This tribute was added by Susan Wytyshyn on 11th March 2017

"It seemed that Gregory took a long time to come into this world, as I recall he kept his Mom in labor for awhile. (Probably didn't like the room) He was an amazing, talented young man, and adult.  My memories are seeing him dancing with his beloved grandmother at Genny's 50th b'day party, swimming in the Gulf of Mexico on a 4th of July Holiday with us on Sanibel Island, taking it upon himself to clean after dinner, and then advising me that all my appliances were dirty and he would clean them all ESPECIALLY my blender...I said "go for it Gregory"!  I remember always thinking there was no way anyone could surpass the brilliance of Doug, inventor superior, but then we would laugh at Doug trying to help Gregory with a school project..NOT...My last memory is at Bethalee"s 50th b'day party, and having him "try" to explain to me the meaning of the camera on his head...I am beyond sad and heartbroken at the loss of a brilliant young man, and for you, Beth, Doug and Alison, all my love."

This tribute was added by Natasha Vergileva on 11th March 2017

"My dear Beth, Doug and Alison... struggling to wrap my mind around the fact that Gregory is not here with us any more... I remember first time we met Gregory years ago during your remodeling project, and the very first few comments this kid made about the construction process left no doubts we were dealing with absolutely exceptional technical mind... just wish more time has been granted... With heavy heart, and lots of love, and prayers...Natasha"

This tribute was added by Mary barsch on 11th March 2017

"Dear Doug, Beth, and Alison,

So many wonderful memories of Gregory......carpooling to Walden West,  family trip to SF during holidays, using his photography skills and big brother patience for photo shoots for Ali and "the girls",  experiencing fine dining with my girls, and keeping the Barschs in the 21st century with technology.

Mostly I will treasure Gregory's kindness, generousity, curiousity, and unbelievable loyalty as a friend to Sarah and Elise.

Thank you for sharing this amazing young man with us.  Lots of love, Mary"

This tribute was added by Rosemary Mark on 11th March 2017

"Beth, Doug and Alison - I wish Beth that when we had lunch on Thursday we'd spoken about our Hapa children, especially Gregory.  What a beautiful person you created. I smile while my heart breaks reading the tributes of his keen and charming personality, love of food and photography, and being such a good person. My thoughts and prayers are with you."

This tribute was added by Debi Tario on 10th March 2017

"Douglas and Beth,
I am so sorry for your loss. Heart feels heart aches for you both.
With a heavy heart...
With love and blessing
Cousin Debi Lee Tario"

This tribute was added by Diane Kay on 10th March 2017

"Gregory must have been in maybe 6th grade?  I don't quite remember but he was home alone and he called me asking what is a substitute for sour cream!  He wanted to make waffles.  I suggested yogurt and we both looked on line. He must have called me 3 or 4 times with different questions about the waffles and then silence for an hour or so.  Suddenly a knock at the door and there was Gregory with a warm waffle for me!  It was one of the sweetest things ever.  I was so pleased that he felt comfortable calling me!  He also loved to make flan and would borrow my flan pan often....."

This tribute was added by sam west on 10th March 2017

"I remember every day after school he and I would take the train to go home. He would selflessly buy me a slice of red velvet cake every Friday, and it was the brightest part of my week."

This tribute was added by Haley Kasof on 10th March 2017

"I remember Gregory from elementary school. He was always so curious and seemed to know so many facts about all these little details down to every subject. I really wish I could have met up with him for coffee before his passing, if just to talk and catch up after years flew by. I know my mother got to join him and his mother for the Women's March in San Francisco, and I remember her speaking so fondly of seeing him. He was a wonderful person and was taken too soon.
Rest in Peace Gregory, you'll always be missed dearly."

This tribute was added by Beth-Douglas-Alison Lee on 10th March 2017

"One thing you find out quickly when living with Gregory is that "home automation" means that your home is no longer a passive entity.  We were reminded frequently with lights turning on and off, music (mostly EDM) blaring unexpectedly at all hours of the day and night, televisions and radios coming on and off unexpectedly, and even yesterday, internet bandwidth problems because of secret wireless cameras watching the washing machine to alert the completion of its cycle.  Did you know that wireless cameras continue to operate even after you unplug them; I didn't either. We were used to the various dings and clicks, beeps and warning warbles that caused the dog to go crazy at 3 in the morning (which makes the battery beep of a smoke alarm soothing). Our energy usage tripled when Gregory returned home (thankfully supplied by solar) and there was always a soft glow coming out of Gregory's room; was it the electromagnetic field or the soft hue of his smart lighting? Scooby liked it in there because it was a good 10 degrees warmer all the time.

The house has been very quiet lately.
We miss you Gregory."

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