The one place she will never leave is our heart- Bryce
  • 73 years old
  • Born on February 9, 1938 in Akaroa, New Zealand.
  • Passed away on March 21, 2011 in Mandurah, Australia.

In loving memory of our beloved Mum,Taua(Nan) & friend, Hamiria Mihi Nellie Ruru, "Mihi" to most who knew her.

forever in our hearts, a space that is hers alone,
"Families are Forever"


Posted by Sophia Hubbard on 21st March 2018
7 years tonight you boarded your flight to heaven, A magical moment for you I’m sure, reuniting with loved ones gone Not so magical for me, you departed my life I said it was ok but I lied it wasn’t I felt so cheated you just got here Worst day of my life I know I’ll see you again but still We’ are even now All the crap I put you through as a teenager you put me through in one day Just One day You sure know how to make an entrance & you sure know how to make an exit. You can make that up to me one day Sweet dreams Queen Bee of my heart xx
Posted by Sophia Hubbard on 9th February 2018
Happy earthly birthday Mum Maybe the layout up there is different but down here I remember your birthday & all the good & funny times we shared Always leaves a smile in my heart❤️ I’ll miss you until the day I see you
Posted by Sophia Hubbard on 26th December 2017
Special memories & thoughts of you on Xmas day happy heavenly Xmas mum. The love it never lessens The longing it never ceases The heartache it still remains My number 1 Angel up above Keep your eyes on the ones you love❤️
Posted by Isidore Nechero on 20th November 2017
Thanx a lot for your présence and your help when I was down. You've been my mum in New Zealand and you are still in my heart. I Will never forget that moments. Thousand of excuses for did't give you news from me after I left the country. I know you're well where you are. Take care of your family from there. Mihi RIP.. Love
Posted by Sophia Hubbard on 8th April 2017
6 years mum, I didn't forget, I thought it's meant to get easier
Posted by Sophia Hubbard on 9th February 2017
Happy birthday mum, hope your day was amazing. Mine not so much on your special day....until I felt you here, a warmth by my side your face in my mind :-) Miss you always xox
Posted by Sophia Hubbard on 22nd March 2016
Time is flying by Mum, 5 years ago you departed to a new residence. They say time heals the pain but I don't think that is true. Shoes left behind no one can fill. space in my heart where your memories are kept until the day we meet again & the empty space becomes whole. Happy heaven day mum. Thinking of you xx
Posted by Sophia Hubbard on 9th February 2016
Happy birthday mama, thinking of you today..every day In a dream time we meet again ❤️❤️
Posted by Sophia Hubbard on 26th December 2015
Merry Xmas Mum,our angel up above. missing you always
Posted by Sophia Hubbard on 21st March 2015
This day i can never forget, 4 years already mum, times just flying by. Always in my heart- the one place you can never leave. Happy heaven day mama ❤️❤️
Posted by Sophia Hubbard on 8th February 2015
Happy birthday mama, I think of you often & i know your fine Miss your face, your smile, your voice, your cooking ❤️
Posted by Sophia Hubbard on 24th December 2014
Mere kirihimete taku mama xx Its xmas eve again Treasured memories Unwrapping some for xmas Special moments in time In our hearts always mum Meet you in my dreams xx✨
Posted by Sophia Hubbard on 21st March 2014
3 years tonight that your spirit departed this world. Miss you being here for me. Recalling our last day together i never dreamt it would be the last. Our last ride together, our last jokes,. our last meal & then you were gone. Life changed in that short moment & the path to healing is so long infinite love & hugs mum xxxx Happy Heaven Day
Posted by Sophia Hubbard on 9th February 2014
Happy birthday mum. Thinking of you today ..every day 3rd birthday in heaven. Have a wonderful day up there celebrating with family and friends. Hope you can see our ballons xxxxxx infinite love mum. Miss you
Posted by Sophia Hubbard on 27th June 2013
my heart misses you mum, tears still flow your always on my mind..time is just flying many changes your still a part of our conversations & we remember & laugh about all our special memories shared.. In those moments its like your here still with us. Im so thankful that you were MY mum. I miss you xo
Posted by Sophia Hubbard on 21st March 2013
Groundhog day again, 2 years already mum, wish you were here sharing our lives, growling when we need to be growled. Always on my mind & in my heart <3 Infinite love xo
Posted by Sophia Hubbard on 9th February 2013
happy birthday mum, hope your having a beautiful day relaxing with the whanau, your new great grandson is so handsome..but you know that already :) thinking of you always xoxo
Posted by Sophia Hubbard on 25th December 2012
Mere Kirihimete mama.... 2nd xmas without you. miss your voice, miss your presence, you are always on my mind xoxo
Posted by Sophia Hubbard on 7th September 2012
I miss your words of wisdom mum :( another season has come & gone...its spring time again.. when i see flowers i think of you & remember days gone by xo
Posted by Sophia Hubbard on 29th July 2012
always in my thoughts..forever in my heart... 1 year 4months & 8 days already.. miss u mum xo :(
Posted by Keri Kiriona on 28th July 2012
Nan you were always there for me nan and you still are i wish that i could just see your smile just one more time so my tears can just go away i miss you nan dont ever forget that.i just wish that you can be with us forever thats why im lighting thiss candle for you nan I <3 U NAN R.I.P love from keri xoxoxoxox
Posted by Bryce Dakin on 13th July 2012
Posted by Sophia Hubbard on 20th March 2012
1 year already mum, in my mind it feels like groundhog day. 4 seasons have come & gone, & it still feels like yesterday. They have another 'greenfingers' in paradise mum, the garden of eden will be amazing
Posted by Sophia Hubbard on 8th February 2012
Happy birthday mum...thinking of u 2day....everyday, i bet you have your dancing shoes on & your off to the big RSA in the sky :) still hard 2 believe you are not here any more, i miss talking 2 u infinite xoxo it says 8th feb but here in perth its the 9th
Posted by Sophia Hubbard on 11th December 2011
Mum was taken on her final journey home to New Zealand, to the Kaik (Onuku), a most fitting service was performed by cousin James Robinson & mums ashes were set free near the entrance to the Akaroa Harbour, it was a magical day, Home at last mum xox, always missing u :(
Posted by Florence Ngaira on 27th May 2011
not a day goes by that I dont think of were one classy. hard headed, stubborn woman my mate, but thats why we got on so well. I sit outside your last flat wishing you were still here.For me it will take along time to start healing i miss u
Posted by Eugene Iti on 15th April 2011
Kia ora na te whanau o Mihi. Tena koe cuzins, so sorry on the passing of your mum,nana. I have a photo of your mum at my dads 60th which we celebrated in 2009 at the Lakehouse. It is very nice her.
Posted by Danielle Hira on 14th April 2011
Miss you my beautiful nana, You have definately made me the young woman I am today, you were there when ever I needed you even from miles away. You are one of a kind and will never be forgotten. I love you and miss you. will see you again xx
Posted by Ellie Mason on 13th April 2011
R.I.P mihi, growing up ur beautiful face always welcomed us with warmth and matter what we will always be in our hearts and never forgotten. much love mother hubbard
Posted by Sophia Hubbard on 13th April 2011
You always did it your way mum :)the most honest (too honest), caring & reliable mum & nanna. I will miss you long time. You left a huge imprint on our hearts & i will forever hold you there.You were 73 years young mum..i expected you to live forever

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