Memories of Harley will be with us forever
  • 19 years old
  • Born on February 17, 1994 in Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania, United States.
  • Passed away on November 15, 2013 in Indiana, Pennsylvania, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Harley Walter, 19, born on February 17, 1994 and passed away on November 15, 2013. We will remember him and he will forever be in our hearts. He will always be our superman!!

Posted by Linda Seger on 16th November 2018
Well, my handsome dude it's been 5 years and still feels like yesterday. I will never stop missing you and loving you! So much has happened...but I know you're watching over us so you already know. Your sister has grown into such a beautiful, responsible, and wonderful young woman. I know you're proud of her as I am. Your mama is still beautiful and misses you every minute of every day. You would adore little Aubrie, a little ginger like Shy!! Well, baby, life will never be the same for me so until the Lord calls me home I will keep you close in my heart! I love you so much!
Posted by Linda Seger on 14th February 2018
Oh, Harley, I'm having a really rough night. I just needed to talk to you my sweet awesome handsome dude. Saturday is going to be your 24th birthday and it's been on my mind constantly. I saw a thing on facebook that the hardest part of losing someone you love is learning to live without them and missing them and it just doesn't get any easier. You are always in my thoughts and heart and I talk about you a lot. As strong as I try to be every so often I have a night like this. I crawl into bed, thinking about you, and the flood gates open and I cannot stop the tears. So I decided to get on here and talk to you baby. You're my first grandchild and what a blessing! You called me gammy when you were really young and I loved it! Being your grandma is such a blessing and I am so thankful to God that I had you in my life, even though not nearly as long as I wanted. We made a lot of memories together and those memories get me through for the most part....but every so often I miss you so much it's hard to get through the night. I know you hate the tears, baby, and I'm truly trying here to get ahold of myself. Between you and your loving mom, Shyann has grown into a wonderful 20 year old young woman that we're all so proud of!! So, I guess I'm just rambling maybe thinking if I just keep talking to you that somehow you will just appear to me in this physical world. So, knowing you are in peace, love, and joy with the Lord, does bring me peace in my heart. I will always love you more than life itself and carry you safely in my heart sweetheart and I know I will have more nights like this and I will get through. Till the Lord calls me home!!!!
Posted by Linda Seger on 4th April 2017
Well, Harley, Easter is approaching and as always, I'm wishing you were here to celebrate it with us! I'm sure it's a glorious time there in Heaven!!! I saw Nick and Andrea last week and Andrea just went on about what a good kid you are and how she loves you!! There are so many here that feel that way!! You are so loved and and for always, baby!! See you when the Lord calls me home!!! Till then you are always in my heart and on my mind!!
Posted by Stacy Marthaler on 17th February 2017
You would have been 23 years old today! You should have been 23 today! I miss having your birthdays with you I miss watching you go through life I miss you! I can't believe it's been almost 4 years since you went to be with God and I will never get over losing you! I love you Harley! I hope your celebrating in heaven with all our loved ones!
Posted by Linda Seger on 17th February 2017
Happy 23rd Birthday in Heaven my handsome dude!!! I just read your mom's tribute and my heart still breaks for her. We all miss you and always will, Harley!! I thank God for all the good memories of you that I have...that is what gets me through each day. You will always be in my heart baby and when the Lord calls me home I will be able to hug you and hold you close to me once again. I love and miss you so very much!
Posted by Linda Seger on 17th February 2016
Harley is spending his 22nd birthday in Heaven with all his loved ones there. I miss you every day and it's all the memories that somehow get me through. This day is special to me because it is the day you came into my life and made it so much better!!! I will love you and miss you forever, Harley, but I will see you again when the Lord calls me home.
Posted by Stacy Marthaler on 9th February 2016
I miss you so much!!! What I wouldn't give to have you back!!!! I am having a really bad day. I love you so much and miss you so much!!!! I would give all my material possessions to have you back, i want to go back in time and change it! Maybe then I would have you with me now too!!! I love you so much and forever my handsome awesome boy!!!
Posted by Linda Seger on 15th November 2015
Oh, Harley, we all miss you so much!!! Today is 2 years and I still miss you so much. You made a difference in so many lives!! I know you made mine much fuller. I need a hug baby!! ...and I need to hear you say "chillax Grandma....I'm fine". Till I see you again, baby!! I love you so much and miss you even more!!!!!!
Posted by Linda Seger on 4th September 2015
Harley has touched so many souls and has made such a difference in so many lives...and he didn't know that when he was here but I'm sure he knows it now. Jillian got married last week and had his picture on her memorial table at the reception. She said she could not get married without Harley there! I knew though that he would be there! I finally figured out how to get the pictures on my digital frame. You see it took me a long time because Harley was my go-to guy for anything electronic. But I have so many pictures on there of Harley too and it makes me feel even closer to him. I know he's watching over all of us. For me....I still hear him say "chillax Grandma", and I know he's close by. I will love and miss him always!!!
Posted by Stacy Marthaler on 24th July 2015
Today is another hard day, not an anniversary or anything. Just another rough one. Not that there isn't a day that isn't rough. Or a day that I don't wish I could have taken your place and you could still be here!! Maybe Shy wouldn't be so angry but thats not why I wish I could take your place. I would give my life for either of my kids, you and Shy would be ok. I know you would miss me, but you both still had your whole lives ahead of you. I made mistakes with all of ours, you both deserved the chance! Now is good, but you deserved this good!!!! Shy is too angry to experience it I think and she has every right to be angry with me. It really should be me, not you!! I"m sorry baby, if i could go back and change things I would, i think about that every day!!!! I love you!!!
Posted by Stacy Marthaler on 9th July 2015
I miss you so much every second of every day! Our family doesn't seem to understand why i have withdrawn and it's my fault I guess! I look forward to the day I get to see you, touch your cheek, hug you, hear your voice again, hear you call me mom and say "i love you mom" I am missing you so much it hurts! I love you!!!
Posted by Stacy Marthaler on 16th April 2015
Today is very hard day, it doesn't mark an anniversary or any special day, but I am having a rough day. I miss you every day and would give anything to have you back any day of the week! But I have days where the flood gates of tears just open and I can't stop them! Today is one of those days! I miss you so much and I still have days it feels like a nightmare I can't wake up from. What i wouldn't give to touch your cheek, hear your voice, hug you, see your face. I would say one more time but I know that just wouldn't be enough, there will always be one more time!! I love you so much and you are so very missed!!! We do so much that I know you would enjoy and as much as I enjoy it, i think about you and wish you were here to experience it too! You deserved to have this life baby! I love you!!!!
Posted by Linda Seger on 5th April 2015
Another Easter...and another day of missing you but I'm sure you had a great Easter in Heaven!! I still think about you every day and I will always love and miss you baby!!! Till I see you again my handsome dude!!! You will always be awesome!!!
Posted by Stacy Marthaler on 4th March 2015
I finally got my memorial tattoo for you last night, my cherokee rose for you and it is the most beautiful, perfect cherokee rose ever!!! It fits for you Harley!!! I chose not to have dates or your name as I know what it is for, that is all that matters. And it does help give me some peace. I have posted a picture here. I know you were watching over me, i could feel you. I miss you and I love you so much!!!
Posted by Craig Rearic on 17th February 2015
Today is your birthday Harley and I can say honestly that I still miss you and think of you on a daily basis. You are a great soul and a wonderful nephew. You will forever be in everyones heart that was lucky enough to have had their lives touched by you. I will always miss you and without a doubt I will always Love you. You are thought about and missed..... Love uncle Craig.
Posted by Linda Seger on 17th February 2015
Today is your 21st birthday, Harley, and we all miss you so much. I think about you every day and I miss you so much!!! I am so blessed to have you for a grandson and blessed for the time God gave me with you. I will cherish every thought and memory for the rest of my life. I will love you always and I will miss you till I die. And then I will be with you again!!! Love, Grandma
Posted by Stacy Marthaler on 17th February 2015
Today you would be 21. I am not sure why this birthday is harder than last or maybe I am not remembering it correctly. I have been known to do that since. I can say that you are on my mind every second of every day and I miss you very much. I love you so very much!! I know you are celebrating your 21st birthday with a celebration of happiness and peace. I love you Harley!!!
Posted by Stacy Marthaler on 5th February 2015
It is February, another dreaded month for me, as your birthday is coming up. As I always cherished the day you were born, I can no longer celebrate that with you which makes me dread that date now knowing your not here with me to celebrate. You would be 21 this year, we should be taking you to the club for a drink, celebrating my handsome son's 21st birthday, and i won't be doing that this year or any year. Its only the 5th and i am already a mess, who am i kidding i have never stopped being a mess. I miss you so much!!!! I still wake up and have days I just can't believe this is real and that your really gone. It has to be a nightmare. I love you so much!!!! I talk to you all the time, and pray for you! Harley, you were and always will be my handsome intelligent son! I am so proud of you! I just hope you knew how much!! I love you Harley!!
Posted by Stacy Marthaler on 29th December 2014
Another Christmas without my Harley, it just isn't getting any easier! It just doesn't feel real at times. I still can't believe i really won't have a reason to say "hey Harley come here or to call out to him for any reason. This just has to be a nightmare that I can't wake up from. Harley is always a part of our family, Shy's snowman family gift to me and Dan with all of our names on them, Dan, me, Tessa, Harley and Shy! One of my favorite gifts!! Harley, i will forever miss and love you!!!!
Posted by Linda Seger on 25th December 2014
I just needed to talk to you Harley. I know we're supposed to leave a tribute or story, but my tribute to you is that you are soooo missed and I miss talking to you, hugging you, and getting my Grandma kisses. You are a wonderful spirit and loving and kind and I will always miss you. So, it's late on Christmas night and I can't get to sleep. Our second Christmas without your physical presence. I know you are with us, but it's still so hard. Say hello to Aunt Cathy and give her a hug for me. And I will see you again one day...and all my other loved ones there with you. Just know, Harley, you will always be missed and loved!!!
Posted by Craig Rearic on 15th November 2014
Today marks a year that you have been gone Harley and I still think about you and miss you every day just as I do with Pappy. I am sure the two of you are hanging out together up there and probably laughing at some of the dumb things I still do and say. I miss you calling and asking me car questions and coming over. I have already said the next time I am in Florida, I am going to have an "inferno Burger" just for you. I still think about that and chuckle a little with how your face turned all red and you still insisted on finishing it. You were definitely way to young to go "home" and I know you know how much you are truly missed and loved by so many. I will never stop missing you or loving you or Pap. You two take care of each other up there and I will see you again someday buddy!! Rest In Peace superHarley... Love you Always buddy!!!
Posted by Linda Seger on 15th November 2014
Well, baby, today is a year since you left us. Sometimes it's like it was yesterday, it still hurts that much. Sometimes, it's like it's been so long since I've seen that ear-to-ear smile and got my hugs and kisses. I miss you sooooo much!!!!!!!!!! So many people love you and you were there for them...all of us!! Jillian leaves messages on your facebook page a lot. She, too, is having a really hard time with losing you, as we all are. I'm doing everything I can to help your mom and Shy...this has been hardest of course for them! I pray all the time for them and we need God's help and yours to get them through this. I know, like Uncle Craig said you're hanging out with Pap and your new Grandpa (Dan's dad)! ...and with all the loved ones that went "home" before you. You have always been very special in so many ways...your heart and the love you've always shown is amazing!! It's a challenge learning to live each day without you here on earth, but it gives me some peace knowing that you are at peace now and surrounded by love and happiness. We will all be together again one day. Until then, baby, you will ALWAYS be loved and missed!!!
Posted by Stacy Marthaler on 13th November 2014
Its almost been a year but it doesn't feel like, i still wait for you to walk through the door. I know you won't but i keep hoping. I am trying to be a good mom to Shy but i don't think i am doing so well. She has become a very good young lady, you would be very proud!! She finds it hard to be in this house without you so she has opted to go live with grandma at least for a little while, we will see, it breaks my heart to not have either of my kids with me, but as you know, i only ever wanted my kids to be happy. I hope this makes her happy as i hope that you are at peace now. How i feel really doesn't matter to me, as long as my kids are happy and at peace. i knew i would have to "let go" someday just think it would be this soon or this way. i miss you every day of my life, i hide it well or so i think, but Shy and Dan can see through that. I have found out who my true friends are through all this and thats ok, i only need Shy and Dan and family. what i wouldn't give to hug you, touch your cheek like i always did hear about your video games and smallvile at least one more time, which i know one more time will never be enough. I will miss Shy so much too, but i know i will at least get to see her and hug her, i can't do that with you. i miss you soooo much my baby boy, i know you aren't a baby but you will always be my baby as Shy will. I am and always will be proud of the people you both are. when i received an email about the angel tree, i instantly heard you say, yes mom, you were always so giving and caring to others!!! There is so much i know you are missing out in life, but i also know that you are at peace and with others that love you and your "new" grandfather Ray (Dan's dad). Dad knows he was waiting for you with open arms and is trying to hog you all to himself, and he's probably right. Dan loved you in the short time he knew you. You are that type of person, anyone that knows you loves you and those who didn't, well its their loss. I love you so much!!! I look forward to the day we will be together again my son!!! I have Shy as you know to take care of whether she is with me or grandma, she is my 1st priority. I miss you so much, that is why i talk to you everyday and every night!!! i love you so much more than you will ever know!!!! My angel Harley!!!! My forever superman!!! <3 forever in my heart, and you forever took a part of my heart with you! But you have left so many good and happy memories with me.
Posted by Linda Seger on 28th October 2014
It's been almost a year, Harley, and it still hurts sooooo much!!! I think about you every day and evenings when I'm alone are sometimes unbearable. I was sitting here this evening thinking about Thanksgiving 2 years ago when you came to help me make pumpkin cookies. You did such a great job and then when you flipped the cookie sheet and the raw cookies went everywhere...the look on your face was priceless!! I burst out laughing at your expression...and then so did you. We cleaned it up and finished the cookies. it is the memory of times like that with you that get me through. I love and miss you so very much and wanted to make so many more memories like that. Watch over your old grandma, Harley. I'll see you soon baby. I will always love you!!!!!!!!
Posted by Stacy Marthaler on 22nd October 2014
I miss you so much!!! The beach was wonderful and as i would miss you I would look to the sky, I know you were with me. I looked over and saw a guy coming towards me with a superman shirt on, i knew you were there, I know you are always with me. I am selfish and want you with me, i miss you so much!!! I love you Harley!!!!
Posted by Stacy Marthaler on 12th September 2014
We are leaving in the morning for at least my very first vacation to the beach, i am torn, i am so very excited but am so missing you and wish you could be here to share this! You should be here to share this!!! I miss you so much every day my baby!!!! I know you are at peace and happy, doesn't change me missing you!!! I know you will be with me as you always are!!! I love you soo very much my mama suck!! i haven't called you that in a long time. i love you Harley and you will always be on my mind and in my heart!!!
Posted by Linda Seger on 8th September 2014
Well, Harley, Shannon left today. She said I was too hard on her, but I was only trying to help her grow up and be responsible. She's 20 now...what you would be if you were still with us physically on earth. Grandma doesn't have the patience I used to. ...and I just kept missing you thinking about the times you stayed and we talked, and we talked, and we talked. I miss that so much!! I hope you have forgiven me for not understanding what you were going through with the bipolar. If God had said...give your life for him and I will take this away and he will be peaceful and happy...I would have laid right down and said go ahead and help my boy!! I guess it doesn't work that way. God did help you and took you to heaven where there is nothing but love and peace. No loneliness, no hunger, no pain. I still have your drawings you know, but Mom can't find the first composition book you wrote. Can you give her a sign. We wanted to finish the book and get it uploaded so everyone would have the name Harley Walter on their lips as a wonder author. Harley, you were always honest with me and made my day when you said I was the coolest grandma ever!!! Help me, baby...
Posted by Stacy Marthaler on 16th June 2014
Yesterday was 7 months since I lost you. I have not gotten any better, they say with time, the pain and sorrow will diminish, i think they are wrong, i still miss you so much, cry every day for you, and still see that night in my head every night when i close my eyes. I found a seashell and a lego on the patio, i want to believe they are from you, that is how i need to believe to keep me going for Shy and Dan, I love you so much and this is not a pain i will ever get over!!! I miss you so much and some days it still does not feel real. I am trying for you, i know how you felt when i cried or was upset. Harley you are always going to be my first love, my first born and my handsome, kind and loving son!!! i love you harley!!
Posted by Stacy Marthaler on 9th May 2014
Mothers day is coming and it's my first without you. I love Shy but I should have both of my babies with me on mothers day, I miss you so very much!!! No holiday will ever be the same without you here with me and our family! I love you so much my Superman!!!! <3 <3
Posted by Linda Seger on 22nd April 2014
"It was just a little over a year ago Harley and I went to Florida with my son Craig and his family. It was a wonderful trip and one I will always remember. Easter was so hard this year without you Harley, as is every day!! I miss you so very much! I always will but I will see you and hold you again when the Lord calls me home. I love you so much!!"
Posted by Stacy Marthaler on 22nd April 2014
I just went another holiday without you, this doesn't get any easier. I miss you so much and love you so much more forever!!
Posted by Stacy Marthaler on 15th April 2014
Today marks 4 months since a piece of my heart has stayed with you Harley! the 15th of each month is a rough day for me, I will miss you always and the pain will always be there until the day i see you again. I Love you always!! I just pray that you are at peace and happy. i can think of so many good times we had together over the years of you growning up.
Posted by Stacy Marthaler on 19th March 2014
I miss you so very much Harley! A piece of me is gone with you, I still feel like i am living a nightmare that i can't wake up from and it's horrible! I miss hearing your stories of smallville, and your video games, even though i got a glazed look in my eyes when you talked about them. Dan says you are really flying now and really have a cape and are driving all the other angels crazy with it, that image makes me smile! We will always miss you and love you! you will always be our superman!!!
Posted by Linda Seger on 4th March 2014
I think of you every day, Harley, and still see you in my memories, your smile, the twinkle in your eye...the way you would look at me and say "chillax grandma". How I was blessed to have you in my life as my grandson. I miss you so very much, as does everyone. A part of me went with you but I will see you again, baby.
Posted by Craig Rearic on 4th March 2014
You will be forever missed Harley, I will never forget our trip to Florida and your torturous Inferno burger. you were sweating and even starting to break out from the heat, but you finished it. I am sure I will never forget that one, and next time I am in Florida, I will have an Inferno burger just for you. Uncle Craig loves you and you will forever be in my heart.
Posted by Stacy Marthaler on 17th February 2014
You would be 20 years old today. 20 years ago I gave birth to my first love! You were and always will be my handsome wonderful caring loving young man! I can't say happy birthday as it's not since you are no longer with us. II can only hope you are having a wonderful birthday in heaven with all the people who love you and left us before you. You will always be missed my baby boy and you will always be loved more than you ever understood. I love you Harley!!!
Posted by Wendy Olszewski on 16th January 2014
I think of you everyday....memories of you are forever with me. Everyone misses you. Life is forever changed since you've gone. You were my family and now a piece is missing. I won't forget your smile the last time I saw you. I'm so glad I got to see you one last time. I love you always.
Posted by Tori Olszewski on 2nd December 2013
you will forever be missed we been friends ever since we were little and every time you were around you made it fun and people were always laughing and smiling i still remember us hanging out and you always comming up with these weird remarks to everything that would always make me smile even though we didn't hang out everyday you were still one of my friends and i will always miss you and think of you as if your still here i so i will always and forever remember you and keep you close to my heart i love you best friend
Posted by Stacy Marthaler on 1st December 2013
Harley touched many people and wiill never be forgotten by his loving, generous heart and sense of humor. He knew how to make everyone laugh, and did not like to see anyone cry or upset. I will always be missing a piece of my heart now,
Posted by Michael Bolcar on 1st December 2013
Harley will be truly missed. i remember constantly teasing him about his long hair, especially his little braided pony tail. I always told him i had scissors in my pocket. To watch his face every time, thinking back makes me smile. I love him so much, and I regret now never telling him.

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