Posted by Ananda Krishnan on June 13, 2021
To my dear Hari Bhaiyya,
You went too soon, probably something more wonderful awaiting there for you!.
I still vividly remember when I saw you as a child, when you came from Dubai. I was in awe of you. Success never went into your head and you were always walking on a level plane in your life.
You were friendly, brotherly, easy to go along, always there with suggestions and emotional support.
Week before your departure, when I called you, inspite of so much suffering, you made a point to pick up the phone and talk to me for couple of minutes and I had to cut the call as I felt you were struggling.
May God bless you with eternal bliss ever after.
Love You Always
Ananda Krishnan
Posted by Doreen Lerch on June 11, 2021
TO MY LOVING BROTHER . You will always be remembered no matter what. Your presence, love and kindness will forever be with us. REST FOR NOW .Until we meet again. LOVE AND MISS YOU. SiSTER (DIDI) DOREEN.
Posted by Doreen Lerch on June 11, 2021
To My Loving Brother. Who left us for heavenly abode. You went away so suddenly no farewell words were spoken no time to say goodbye you were gone before we knew it. You was sacha loving person you cared so much for one and all. To have you as a brother, husband, dad, uncle and friend, we all was blessed. I miss you calling me ( Didi ). Your memory treasure, you are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.. It is very hard to say goodbye. But we have to let you go,you deserve eternal rest. May You Rest In Peace. LOVE YOU SO MUCH. FROM DIDI DOREEN.
Posted by B g RAJ on June 6, 2021
Harry baba that I call him fondly was not only my friend ,room mate but also my Guru in cooking
His smile is infectious ,his voice tonal quality is so soft I enjoyed every bit of our association for the last 39 years
Now god would be enjoying his company
Miss you so much baba
May you rest in peace
Posted by Tuhin Kumar Ghosh on June 6, 2021
Harry my dear friend and Mentor to all our colleagues in Jumbo, Al Ain in 1983 batch we never thought that we have to leave a tribute to you so soon and untimely just after the 70th birthday celebration on 30th January 2021! Though we couldn’t celebrate your birthday in person but we could arrange your birthday celebration virtually through zoom call and we were so happy to celebrate your birthday dear which we will surely remember our life time! But destiny is sometime so cruel and uncalled for! It came to us as shocking brother! We all will miss you life time! I distinctly remember that when I used to spend time in your showroom for orientation I used to take you as my teacher from whom we all learned so much right from product knowledge in Sony to installation of Sony equipments and your selling tips and customer behaviour so on and so forth, it’s a very big list Buddy! Last but not the least your million dollars smile who can forget such a lively person! May your soul rest in peace! Pray to God to give strength to your close ones to go through irreplaceable and irreparable loss! AMEN ​
Posted by Ratna Hughes on June 5, 2021
Harry bhai I will miss you when I will visit your family in Allahabad. You left a big hole in our hearts. It was hard to believe that you are not with us. You were a very humble and a gentle man. I will never forget the time I spent with you.Love you! Ratna Hughes
Posted by Joseph family holiday in ... on June 5, 2021
Harry was hard working father lovely honest generous happy loving caring gentleman unfortunately we couldn't find much time to know each other in short visit. Thanks fhim for welcome to his family with his opens hand. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all family members May his Soul Rest in Peace AMEN.
Posted by Joseph family holiday in ... on June 5, 2021
We will miss Harry. May he find eternal happiness n May his Soul Rest in Peace AMEN.
Posted by Annette Chattree on June 5, 2021
Dear Harry I always looked up to you as not only Brigitte's Brother but mine too, because whenever I visited your place the warmth and love I received from you and your family was nothing less than I would from my real brother. .Always had great respect for you and your family. .Hard to believe you are not with us, but the greatest assurance is that we will meet someday on that Beautiful Shore.
Posted by Meena D'souza on June 5, 2021
Dear Bro,
We didn't meet or see eachother but the connection between us was very strong. I will always miss my sports and politics discussion with you. Miss sending you whatsapp messages, jokes and videos.
You were a good son, brother, husband and father. Patsy had great respect for you and knew that she could count on you no matter what.
I know you both are together in God's beautiful paradise and are like Angels watching over us all❤️ May God grant you both eternal rest and may your souls rest in peace❣️
Will always regret not meeting Patsy and you....
Posted by Ananta P Rao on June 4, 2021
*Harry Baba ,We are in
Shock,Pain and in Sadness that you left us in Such a Haste and Hurry without saying good bye to your dear Friends. YOU WERE A GOD BROTHER TO ALL OF US WITH A KIND HEART AND HELP FUL NATURE. Our Heart is weeping
and our thoughts are rewinding tothe memorable and enjoyable time spent with you dear. We are so helpless that we are in prayers requesting almighty to give us the strength and* *courage to* *move on in life with the* *Vacuum created with your* *departure from our* *life and also request the* *almighty to open the door* *of heaven to welcome you* *to his abode,granting* *you* *comfort and peace in his* *lap .AMEN* ✌️✌️✌️
Posted by Justin Francis on June 4, 2021
Those special memories of you
Will always bring a smile,
If only we could have you back
For just a little while,
Then we could sit and talk again
Just like we used to do,
You always meant so very much
And always will do to,
The fact that you're no longer here
Will always cause us pain,
But you're forever in our hearts
Until we meet again...

Leena, Brigitte, Justin, Nikita and the entire family

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