Her Life

Just A Few...

Of  Her Favorite & Maybe Not So Favotire Things


The Color Turqoise (Aquamarine would do in a pinch) but she was adamant about it being Turqoise

Her Favorite Band Was Coheed & Cambria; Favorite song: Mother Superior

She LOVED Deep somnolent Sexy Male Voices

She loved her Fish; especially her plecs, she had really huge ones,

She had an enormous Fish tank and even a separate one for her "Fishy Nursery" where she did breed guppies, 

She had a Garden and a Conservatory

She loved movies & music

She Still owned and loved her 10 Disc CD player (try finding one of those these days!)

She loved wooden things, she had a lot of wooden masks and carvings on the walls

She loved thunderstorms at night, she said its nice to sit in the conservatory and listen to the sound of the rain on the roof, "its calming" she said

She loved snow- because everything looks so clean and tidy when its been snowing

She Loved going Barefoot - She would laugh about the fact that I love shoes but went barefoot all day

She Didnt Like:

Cucumbers; siad they smelled funny; and although she grew them; she  fed them to her fish:

Insincerity - She was genuine and beleived others were as well

Sleep - didn't like it much; only got as much as she felt was enough for us not to fuss at her about it

Bullies - she always looked out for the "little ones"

Something she didnt like much is hot weather- she already called it scorching heat when its been only 23°C ...




In Her Own Words - What IP Meant To Her

Quoted from "fantasywench"

 (written on Oct 12th 2013; 5 days before she passed)

Hi guys

So if you are reading this now it means that my fight has finished and I am no longer here but dont ever think I am not watching over, so keep being good or you might catch a glimpse of one of those familure rants I like to give you all to keep you on your toes

This is really my chance to say goodbye to you all. I have had the very best of times here as well as the very worst of times - very occasionally- but nevertheless true; being part of a family has a habit of being like that, the good and the bad but thats how it should be, just try your best and make it more good than bad - hey some of these guys here are gettng old you know and the bad times wears on them these days so be gentle with them for me

I have spent along time fighting an illness so as i said above I have finished fighting now and it is time to say goodbye to all you lovely people; you have been the best family I could have asked for so thank you all for that it has meant alot to me

I have been here many years and I wouldnt have changed any of it, well maybe not much, lol - it has been great to watch this place develop and change over the years and I hope you will all continue to work as a family to carry on growing and developing new and exciting things moving into new games and finding new friends to join you here

Remember IP will always change but what you do and how you do it is what continues to be part of what IP is - so always do your best in every game you play and every job you may have here within the clan; without all of you there would be no IP.

So as long as you are always the best you can be then so will IP and if you ever feel that you are not getting enough from this place then maybe it is time to look for what else you can give back ,

it goes full circle... the whole is only as good as its parts so be really really good and you will get back so much more than you put in. This place has given me so very much over the years and I hope I gave back just a little of that that can be shared with the rest of you

Look out for everyone of your clan mates and pass on the knowledge so many of you have; be strong in the games you play and the roles you take on and most of all be honest always with yourself and everyone around you

Family is a precious thing and this is one of the best you could ever ask for

I  wish my time here could have been longer, there is so much I wish I could have been part of in IP's future but I know its in safe hands

you have here some of the greatest people I've ever known so look after them and give them your assistance because they will go further than you can ever begin to understand to help and make your time here the best it can be

So to all of my IP brothers and sisters I send my love and to DS the founder of IP and the person to whom I owe everything I've found here the biggest hug I can find

goodbye and love you all


IP always