Our Best Friend

Loved By Many:
Missed By All...
  • 62 years old
  • Born on December 7, 1940 in Oklahoma, United States.
  • Passed away on April 1, 2003 in Modesto, California, United States.

If I had  a nickel
I'll tell you what I'd do
I'd spend it all on candy and give it all to you
I'd spend it all on candy and give it all to you
Cause that's how much I love you - Baby. 
If you were a horsefly and I an old grey mare
I'd stand and let you bite me and never move a hair

I'd stand and let you bite me and never move a hair

Cause that's how much I love you - Baby.



Posted by Kim Klardie on July 4, 2019
It's fourth of July 2019. And I know your always with me so help me keep the Mexican piros at bay.
I love you Sugerpuss..
Posted by Kim Klardie on February 2, 2019
Well winter is here and we are getting our share of rain. Since Rose died I am lost for companionship. The days are going by so fast. They have cars now that drive themselves which can deliver food to whomever orders out. All money is through your bank card and is settled before your food arrives. Most jobs now in manufacturing has gone to using a robotic system which eliminates the need for hiring human labor. So slowly but surely the work field will all be replaced by robots doing everything. When they have taken all the jobs and replaced the need to drive what will the human race do to support themselves and how will they get around. What will people do when there is no need for humans at all , I guess that has yet to be seen. My guess is that they will have outsmarted themselves and should have realized the though technology is great, some technology is better left undone. For when the human race is useless termination comes top on the list. Why keep something around when its notneeded. The world has become progressivly more violent, less patent,non forgiving and less giving.
Prices have skyrocketed on everything to where its out of control and there is no empathy toward the homeless whatsoever. So if you can talk to the man in charge could you tell him we would like things the way they used to be when the world was much younger and everything was not so exposed and out in the open where anyone can destroy it. I love you still and forever sugarpuss. Please pray for us and always remain my Angel that watches over me.
Kimberly xxoo
Posted by Kim Klardie on August 3, 2018
Another dear friend of mine died at the end of June. Another individual that knew me for 13 years, someone who knew what I was talking about when I would say remember when. I have absolutely nothing interesting to say to meet new friends. Then they die. It's really hard to keep my chin up. There's got to be a better place for us. This can't be it. I look forward to the day I get my wings and fly the heavens with all the other pinlights that surround the that great force of life. Or give me a new chance tolive a new , different life here on Earth. Talk to you soon. I see people come to see you about as often as they see me. I'm still here for you, I will always be. My love for you was greatly underestimated as was my character in respect to who I was as an individual. All of it was cruel, inhumane and unessessary. Something I can never fix. With me for the rest of my life. Talk to you soon. My love and affection to you.
Posted by Kim Klardie on April 9, 2018
I hope you can see into my heart today and see yourself there and that you are still very much alive. Forever..
Posted by Kim Klardie on March 31, 2018
Today marks 15 years since you died and it still feels like yesterday. My world has never been the same. I miss your essence, your spirit, your wonderful smile, your love. The pain and sorrow just as deep as the first day. Your still very much spoke about for the memories flood my head and I tell people about you often. I miss you so much, and I will always love you as deeply as the first day.
Posted by Kim Klardie on March 4, 2018
Hello Sugarpuss! I played Kenny G "The Moment," and was taken back to when we lived on Longfellow and you had your breast surgery for cancer. It has made me realize how very long you have been gone and how much I miss your charismatic personality. Time has come and gone, but I still haven't found anyone that comes close to you. I still love you and always will
Posted by Kim Klardie on November 4, 2017
I love you. You are in my thoughts, conversation and heart forever.
Posted by Kim Klardie on August 11, 2017
Well summer has almost gone. It's been a hot one. I am now the age you were when you died and I can see why someone would just want to give up, but I haven't and I won't because I'm still searching for that purpose I was put here in the first place.. I feel very alone, I never got a grip on how to communicate with others after you died. I allowed allot of damage to be done to my character, my name and my mental state. I believe that I was never really loved, and you must have believed that I didn't deesrve the consideration of knowing what was going on with you and that you were so close to death.. I still don't understand, I never will. Your in my conversations every day you go with me everywhere because you were my every breath, you still are. But I'm empty inside because I gave so much of myself and you gave me nothing and intentionally left me empty and hollow and invisible.. No one listens to my words, no one believes my intentions and no one really cares if I'm alive because no one is interested in who I am.. I just a melodramatic figure that annoys everyone, they all want to shy away and stand clear of me,. Till next time.
Posted by Kim Klardie on February 14, 2017
Waiting for the day when you and I can fly like butterflies far up in the heavens high where bubbles drift and balloons too, up where the rainbows burst brilliant colors across the sky. We'll sit on the half moon and gaze upon each shooting star and at all the splender that God hath made. For eternity. Kisses and hugs to everyone, I miss you all emencely. Pray for us for the world is living proof of the book of Revelation.
Posted by Kim Klardie on January 29, 2017
It's funny how you work your way into my life every day. Now I'm working with Keri Laray and her husband Wesley in hopes of acquiring a more lucrative financial standing and their doing great so far. Keri mentions you often and has been going through one heroic feat after another with cancer but her spirit seems wonderful and I wish for her a life of longevity. Letting you know everyone appears to be fine and that we are looking out for one another as you would have us do. We all miss you and keep you alive in our conversations, actions, looks, hearts and memories. Pray for us often as we remain human. Kisses and Hugs.
Posted by Kim Klardie on December 7, 2016
Hello Sugarpuss, and Happy Birthday! You would have been 76 this year. I'm getting up there myself. 62 in March. 62, the age that you left me and traveled on. The world has become mad and it's hard to find good things to rejoyce in. Thank you for the good times we did have and will have when we are together again. God bless you and everyone. I love and miss you all. Please watch over me..
Posted by Kim Klardie on April 1, 2016
Thinking of you today and always. Thirteen years have passed. I look forward to my transition into the new world. Seems as though most of you have beat me to the punch. God Bless You. All m Lov, Kimberlye
Posted by Keri Grogan on February 12, 2016
My grandmother, u were so special.. The matriarch. As i go Bout my life, theres a piece of me that stays w u.. Till we see eachother again. I smoke A blunt, and i kiss the sky. I hope that ur proud.. Im getting mama a tombstone so she will finally be at rest w u.. I love u u tsught me how to be strong and proud of myself as i am... U impacted so many lifes... I miss u every second. Im fine and then i get gut checked with a linging so severe it damn near drops me to my knees...i miss u and wait for u.. Until then... Watch out for us....
Posted by Kim Klardie on December 28, 2015
The Grandchildren had a wonderful Christmas dinner over at Sue's. My how everyone has grown. I hired a Balloon man and a face painter for the great grandchildren which added that special touch to a wonderful evening of memories. I filmed the event and took pictures too which I will post for you when they are developed. You would have loved the event. Somehow, I know you were there and agree that the children have done very well for themselves and their families. I love you still as much now and forever. You live in me, and we are getting up there in years. Hugs, smiles and lots of kisses to you.
Posted by Sarah Lynne on December 7, 2015
Happy birthday grandmother Helen I love you and miss you with all my heart your memory lives on forever. Rest in peace.
Posted by Kim Klardie on December 6, 2015
2015 Happy Birthday to you. You are missed by many, and loved by all.
Posted by Kim Klardie on June 26, 2015
Well, it is June and 104 today. Can't help but think of all those days we took off and went camping at the lake or to Knights Ferry and the fun we had. Sure wish you were here today. I haven't been anywhere with anyone since you passed on. Life is just passing me by. I miss camping, the lake, the special times we had; I miss you! I keep you alive in my memories because that's all I have left. There is no joy left and my days and nights are spent in silence and loneliness as I live out the rest of my life without you. All my love, Kimberly
Posted by Kim Klardie on May 11, 2015
Today, May 11th your son joins you to rejoice and join that circle-chain of family in the heavens. Goodbye for now Lee, your battle has come to an end and you are free to fly the heavens. I love and miss you all.
Posted by Elena Obando on April 1, 2015
hey grandmother just stopping by to tell u I miss u and love u hope ur having a blast up there w ur sis. u are always in my thoughts grandmother <3
Posted by Kim Klardie on February 15, 2015
Happy Valentines my forever love.
Posted by Kim Klardie on December 25, 2014
Well it's Christmas 2014. My heart and mind filled with memories of Christmases past when you and I celebrated the season.
I love you still and always will.
Posted by Kim Klardie on November 27, 2014
Today is Thanksgiving. It's been so long without you! I did not celebrate today. I'm always playing the role of "the odd man out".
I've no-one left to talk to. Say hello to everyone, I hope to be home soon with all of you.
Posted by Kim Klardie on November 18, 2014
My niece calls me up and tells me to get a rental truck and we would load it up with Daniels things that I could have. So I check around and the cheapest I could find was for 150.00. I rent the truck and go to the place I'm suppose to do this
She never shows up so I don't get to have any part of Daniel. Instead everthing got tossed out or given to strangers.
I'm just devestated at how very rude and mean she was to her Aunt which she hasn't seen in 35 years.
Posted by Kim Klardie on November 14, 2014
Today is November 5th. My nephew Daniel, the one who visited us from San Francisco has died. He had been on those experimental drugs for the cure for aides for more than eight years. In doing that he ended up with C.O.P.D. If you see him keep him close I hope to meet up with all of you soon. I love you and think of you always. Tell everyone I said Hello and give them all my love.
Posted by Kim Klardie on August 29, 2014
Well the summer has come and gone, all the gentle warm breezes and browning our skin under the sun. Your memories fill each day and your smile remains ever present in your grandchildren's faces.
All my love.....
Posted by Kim Klardie on July 5, 2014
Well the fourth of July went uneventful. Danny my nephew that you liked so much died in 2012 and was brought back to life and has lived on a ventilator since then. He is at Setan Medical Center in Daly city. I can't imagine why they would prolong the life of an Aides patient that has COPD . Two chronic illnesses with no cure at the age of 55. Only to let him suffer the agony he is now in. Insurance companies and Medical Profession will go to any length to make a buck. Until we talk again I love and miss you always. Kimberly
Posted by Kim Klardie on May 25, 2014
Tell everyone I send all my love. Sometimes I just wish you'd reach down from heaven and give me a sign; that all of you are OK;. To know that we do go on in peace to a new beginning. That we are given a new life and that we haven't wasted all of this life learning the lessons to life - Just to grow old and die..
Posted by LaynaJames Butler on April 1, 2014
Miss u grandmother love u <3
Posted by LaynaJames Butler on February 14, 2014
Happy vday grandmother!! We love u! Miss u!
Posted by Kim Klardie on February 13, 2014
Hello Sweet Cheeks,
It's Valentine's day and I wanted to light you a candle and blow you a kiss to let you know your forever missed. Tell everyone hello for me.
I love you and keep you alive in my heart.
All My Love
Posted by LaynaJames Butler on November 28, 2013
Hi grandmother i just wanted to say i love u and miss u lots, u are on my mind alot. Happy thanksgiving grandmother love ur grandkid and greatgrand kids
Posted by Kim Klardie on November 27, 2013
Its Thanksgiving 2013 and you are truly missed each and every holiday.
I can remember getting ready to go to your sister Bessy Ann's ( your favorite sister that you loved dearly). Today I am remembering you both and all the good times we had on Thanksgiving. I love you both - forever..
Posted by Kim Klardie on October 25, 2013
It's almost halloween and I'm remembeing the fun get togethers we had and all the prizes we won taking first place in the costume contests we entered. You had so much spirit and adventure to you.Though I have tried I find no one who comes close to being as interesting and entertaining as you were. "How I miss you still !..".
Posted by Gerald Sumpter on August 31, 2013
hi mom its been a long time and I miss u so much some times I wake up and cry beause ill never see u again at least not in this life time so know that your only son loves you forever an ever intell god brings us togather again ill blow bubbles and smile like u taught me as a little kid wacth over her GOD PLEASE HELEN LARAE REEVES IS my moma LEE SUMPTER
Posted by Patrick Schuler on August 12, 2013
Aunt hullen love u miss u sugar blow me some bubbles in heaven i hope you are well. But of corse u r you are with god i love you hellan larry reaves and allways will
Posted by LaynaJames Butler on April 1, 2013
love u grandmother miss u
Posted by Kim Klardie on January 17, 2013
Well it's 2013 - This year marks the tenth year since you passed away.Where has the time gone. The grandchildren are doing wonderful. All of them have 2 to 3 children, your great - grandchildren, beautiful babies. You would be so proud at how good all of them turned out to be. Without alcohol or drugs - Their clean. I wish you could have been around to at least know that. I love u always..
Posted by LaynaJames Butler on December 10, 2012
happy late bday grandmother form all of us we love u
Posted by Kim Klardie on December 9, 2012
Today is your birthday. I sit back and remember the birthdays that we shared. Your still alive in my heart and ever present on my mind.
Happy Seventy-Second, and many more..
Posted by LaynaJames Butler on November 16, 2012
hey grandmother just wanted to say hi and i love u miss u <3 wish u were here for the holidays.
Posted by Kim Klardie on October 23, 2012
In December of 2011 Mitchel and his wife invited me over for a glass of wine during which time he returned to me the many videos that you and I made over the years. I sit down and watch them often because its like you never left- like your in the next room. The pain of you passing gets deeper with each year. This year will be your tenth year, to me it still feels like yesterday ......
Posted by Jessica Sumpter on July 25, 2012
I miss you so much grandmother.... I wish you were here so badly... I wish you could have met your great grand kids... you would have loved them and I know they would have you. It has been nine years since you've gone but still feels like we just lost you I am sorry I didn't get to tell you goodbye...
Posted by Jessica Sumpter on July 25, 2012
Tell everyone I said hi especially Papa Jerry and Auntie Anita. You know I sing your lullaby to my babies... Just so that they can have a piece of who you were and how much you loved us. I can't wait to see you again
I love you and miss you lots <3
Posted by Kim Klardie on June 23, 2012
Sing no sad song for me, place no roses at my head, no shady tree at my feet. Be the green grass above me with heavenly dew drops wet the happiness we shared - remember * the place where I live inside you - keep There are two dates in your life the beginning and the end. What counts is the space in between............
Posted by Sarah Lynne on April 1, 2012
I miss you soo much.. i cant believe how long its been that you have been gone. Please tell grandpa jerry, aunt lynne, aunt bessie, and my mama i miss them sooo much. 3 Its soo hard going through life without you guys. I love you all and all of you will be in my heart forever! you will NEVER be forgotten i promise...! I love you all R.I.P. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3!
Posted by LaynaJames Butler on March 19, 2012
i love u grandmother so very much. RIP <3 u cross my mind and heart alot . u have not been forgotten at all. wish u were here to see my kids u would love them. i love u grandmother helen<3<3<3<3 miss u<3 tell mom/bessie ann i love her pls miss here too <3 "if i had a nickle tell u what i would do spend it all on candy and give it all to u thats how much i love u baby ...." =)
Posted by Kim Klardie on January 22, 2012
Its a New Year 2012. Everything has changed so much. You would be very proud of your grandsons. They have all grown into responsible, loving gentlemen. They have nice homes with beautiful children and wonderfull wives. I am touched, and blessed that they consider me a part of their family. They are the only physical part of you that I have left.
Posted by Sarah Lynne on December 7, 2011
Grandmother You Will Always Be In My Heart♥ I Love You And Will Miss You Forever!! R.I.P.
Posted by Justin Krauss on December 7, 2011
grandmother i miss you so much there isnt a day were i dont miss you so much felt a viod in my life ever since that day u passed  i miss you so much  i sit and think about the times that we had and i think abouth how with out a doubt they are some of the happiest times in my life i wish you were here to see your grandson cameron he is what saved me grandma i will see u again cant wait
Posted by Justin Krauss on December 7, 2011
its hard for me to believe your gone imiss you so much im sorry i never got to say goodbye i cant wait to see you again you would be so proud of me and the man ive become grandma i love you and cant wait to see your face that day again

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