This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Henriatta Selle Tiri, 37 years old, born on June 9, 1983, and passed away on March 25, 2021. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Chiagozie Achebe on June 12, 2022
It’s your birthday+3days!!! Happy birthday HTiri. Your birthday was a good day for me.
How are you doing? Hope we have been keeping you entertained down here.
I am sure that each moment with the angels feels amazing. Keep resting and singing with the Lord.
We are planning for another election in Nigeria. I don’t know if you have time to concern yourself with matters relating to Nigeria but the forthcoming elections will determine to a large extent if Nigeria will be Nigeria that it ought to be or remain the country with potential. 
We miss you so much.

Posted by Patricia Adisa on March 25, 2022
Henri! As I fondly call you,You are one of a kind,a special one,I guess God loves you so much so, that He decided to take you this early to be with him. He must surely have a reason for it! I wish you were still here Babe and if I feel this way my guess is how much more your Husband, Children, Parents and siblings must have missed you,Today I pray for comfort for all that you left behind and the grace for your strong Husband and those beautiful Children of yours,May God continue to uphold them in Jesus name amen!
Posted by Nnabundo Musei on March 25, 2022
May the good Lord continue to take good care of you and grant you eternal rest. I will forever miss you ma but happy you are in a better place. God bless your soul and may God also continue to comfort your family, Amen.
Posted by Ibrahim Ahmed on January 23, 2022
Hello, again Henrie...
As days pass into weeks and months, we have accepted that you are really gone. Our only consolation is that we believe you are in a better place now. But we all miss you. No one has been able to fill the gap you left behind. Rest well in the bosom of the lord, dear Henriatta.
Posted by Tina Adesina on January 21, 2022
I have been struggling with denial..How can it be that you are gone? The very beautiful soul I spoke to, my darling sister and friend, my Koinonia partner and lover of Jesus. Please wake up and tell us that it is just a dream, please.
I know God permitted this to happen and I know you are with the angels in heaven and I’m sure you are watching us now smiling in your very sweet way. Oh God, this is too hard to bear, I can’t believe I’m referring to you with past tenses. Jesus Christ, help us Lord!
I miss hearing your voice, I miss chatting with you and miss your valuable contributions in our meetings. Please watch over Nima and Tehila, oh God, they will miss you sore, but God knows and I’m confident that He will uphold them.
I love you dear sister in Christ and friend, soar in the highest heaven with the saints.
Posted by Chiagozie Abobo on June 22, 2021
Hey Henriatta,

It's been close to 3 months since your passing. It was your birthday some weeks ago. You were not around to receive your yearly birthday donuts, there was no birthday cake (I know you would have kept cake for your brother regardless of whether I was in town or not).

On some days, I randomly ask myself if you are truly gone. I miss your routine random calls and chats to check up on me.

I miss you mehn and on days like this, your death makes me gloomy. It doesn't help that it rained today and the weather is gloomy.
I always imagine you smiling down on us with love cos you truly had and gave a lot of love. 

I cannot imagine how much your family especially T and N miss you.

Whitney Houston's "I will always love you" is playing in the background. We will always love and miss you.

Keep resting with the Lord.
Posted by Laura Tison on June 9, 2021
I am remembering Henriatta fondly on her birthday and thinking of her family. I hope they can find some peace amidst the sadness on this day.
Posted by Adedayo Olufunso Adebayo on April 15, 2021
Rest on beautiful soul.
Posted by Jasbir Kaur on April 7, 2021
Henriatta will be sadly missed and lovingly remembered...
Posted by nonye nwanya on April 7, 2021
H Tiri as we fondly call you. It has taken me this long because I haven't been able to come to terms with the reality that you're no more. I close my eyes and I think of your smiles, I hear your voice in my head and all I think of is how you would always come around to my desk and ask me how I am doing, we will talk about work and the tasks we were currently working on then we will talk about Tehilla and Nimah. you will fondly tell me fun stories about them and we will laugh about it. I think of the times I run into you by the hall way or the staircase and we exchange pleasantries, and before we know it other colleges are gathered and we will all crack jokes and then get back to our various work station.

its really hard to accept that you are no more, its hard to accept that we won't be calling H Tiri no more.... its HARD...... what keeps me going, what keeps us going, are the memories, remembering how you always looked out for us, you were always concerned about everyone around you, it didn't mater if you had any personal relationship with the person, you always loved to see people happy and at peace. You will always check up on me and I will miss you dearly. I'm very happy and grateful that our paths crossed because I learnt a lot from you, one of which is to be at peace with myself and with the people around me and to always work diligently. I believe you are in a better place and resting from the stress of this world. Farewell dear H Tiri, God has called you home, you will forever live in my heart and in the hearts of everyone that crossed paths with you.
Posted by Jerry D. Gwom on April 4, 2021
No amount of words can describe how much we miss you dear. May Your killers and all that concerns them know no peace.
May your gentle soul Rest In the presence of the Lord. Till we meet to path no more
Posted by Mukhtar Ahmed on April 1, 2021
Henrietta, your memories will continue to remain in our hearts, may God comfort your family.
Posted by Azi ayong on March 31, 2021
Anty sele as you are fondly called,it took me moments of flashbacks and grieving hoping it is not true but nope,this is the reality of life.I can't really fathom why life has to b this worthless and cruel to us,he takes away our loved ones without the thought of our feelings,oh! "Death".aunty sele am holding on to ur last words to me on my wedding day,those will be tenets to my marital life until we meet over us dearest because we believe you are sited at his right hand side.Adieu dearest one
Posted by Laura Tison on March 31, 2021
I had the pleasure of working with Henriatta many times over the past four years and she was truly unforgettable. I was stunned when I heard the news and still cannot fathom that I will never see her on one of my trips to Nigeria again. She was gifted in her work and I cannot image Project ECHO or other UMB activities in Nigeria without her. I have met so many people over the years through my work and Henriatta is one that I remember very well and will miss very much. All of my prayers are with her family and friends during this time of immense loss.
Posted by Agatha Akpaka on March 31, 2021
Oh Henrietta,

This one hit me o . I was deeply saddened when i got a call that you were no more.
What is the essence of our struggles?
So much uncertainty, and pain, and then the clock suddenly stops.
A good heart has stopped beating, a good soul ascended to heaven. 
Adieu Henriatta !

Posted by Gladys Antonza on March 31, 2021
Rest in peace, ma!
Everyday since I heard the news, I have thought that you did not deserve this. I take comfort in knowing that nothing is better than where you are. Where you are now, the evil of this world cannot touch you.
Thank you for calling me aside and speaking to me the way you did that day. I will never forget...
May God comfort your loved ones.
Posted by Favour Makava on March 31, 2021
Oh Henriatta, it still feels like a prank to me,I wish someone anybody could call me and say you are alive and well. My heart bleeds, we can't question our Creator. I know you are with Him now.

You will forever missed.Rest in peace beautiful soul
Posted by Jessica Ukah on March 30, 2021
Its still unbelievable, like a dream that I wish never came true. Mummy kamkam you were so reserved,disciplined, humble, gentle, caring and very smart. Everytime I came visiting you'd either be studying, taking an online course or working on your computer, I wish i could still come home and see you doing these things with enthusiasm but heaven just couldn't wait to have you. I will miss you so much and I pray God comforts your family and fills this large hole that you left. This is really painful but also comforting to know you're resting in the Lord far away from this cruel world.
Posted by Tapdiyel Jelpe on March 30, 2021
You were kind and a pleasure knowing and working with you. This came as a great shock, you will be greatly missed.
May God grant your family, UMD and all that have contact with you the grace to bear this loss.
Rest on Henrietta in peace where there is no violence, sickness or death.
Posted by Hadley Ikwe on March 30, 2021
I am in total shock and confused, but with humble submission to the will of God, I write this. It's very unreal writing about Henriatta in past tense!!

May your gentle soul rest in peace with God.. You were such a humble, smart, dedicated and warm person to me and my family. We will surely miss you here on earth. Rest on
Posted by Nannim Nalda on March 30, 2021
We have been saddened by the terrible news of this tragic loss of a rare personality as you. Your dedication to work and family is exceptional. Your death reminds us of what a wicked world we live in. We pray God to grant the family exceptional fortitude to bear this loss.
Posted by AdaChioma Chinonso on March 30, 2021
Ooh, Dear Henrietta!

It's indeed been a long day without you, My Dear Colleague, Friend, Neighbour, and Sister!!!

Can you still remember what (My Husband) said to you the very first day he met you? He said you should please bring your daughter (Tehila and Husband) to stay in Abuja so we can live together. We also discussed Tehila's school and we encouraged you to get her enrolled in my children's school. The early morning School rush made us grow even fonder as we track each other daily. Then your second daughter Naimar joined too!

It's been so devastating since I heard of your demise. We've All been sober and so pained in the heart especially because of the gruesome passage.... God! You didn't deserve this wickedness meted upon you! 

OOh, Dear HTiri!!! Sometimes, I still look forward to seeing your call at about 630pm asking me if I had driven past your house so that I can pull over for a chat or maybe share some of the salad vegetables, and potatoes you brought from Jos! Jesus is Lord!!!

How can we not talk about family when FAMILY is all that we got? Our Girls always wanted to play together and our husbands discuss as if they've known each other for years! But that's what small friendship at the workplace turned into a bond!

We miss you Henrietta! We will see you again , in a better place without pain or sorrow. May God's LIGHT shine brightly and guide you HOME My Dear Henrietta....

Posted by Jerry Gwamna on March 30, 2021
A beautiful soul has been snuffed out from among us. You shall be sorely missed Henrietta for your zeal and passion to contribute to human development and to reduce the suffering of the oppressed in Nigeria and all over the world. I admired your passion, commitment and dedication to whatever project you took responsibility for. You were such an amiable person that it begs asking why anyone would want to snuff you out that way. We shall be comforted in the knowledge that you are in a better place that is more deserving of you. Adieu, my friend and sister in the Lord! May the Lord grant all who mourn your passing the fortitude to bear this irreplaceable loss!
Posted by Peter Memiah on March 30, 2021
They say that the value of a man/woman should be seen in what she gives and no what she is able to receive. The little I knew about Henrietta in one word was a great giver. She was always available to help- there was once when we had to prepare a presentation and she worked late as well as being ever-present until we delivered the presentation that was well received. She was also a shining light- a great student I remember the well-thought-out assignment that she had submitted for a class I was instructing. Here is a life that demands notice….a life that exemplified brilliance…a life that inspired emulation…a life that burned so that others’ paths would be lit...Rest in Peace and you will be forever etched in our hearts and memories.
Posted by Julius Manjengwa on March 30, 2021
You were such joy to work with ! Forever missed
Posted by Tangkat John on March 30, 2021
Even though this is very hard for us to accept, but then, who are we to question what the sovereign Lord has allowed to happened.

May your gentle, kind and compassionate soul find eternal rest with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Sleep on rare GEM, until we meet again on the resurrection morning, when we'll reign with Christ, shine like the stars that we are and never to part again!

May the Lord comfort all your family members, friends, and admirers and grant us all the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.
Posted by Ibrahim Babaja on March 29, 2021
You have been one of the mentors I have met in Mgic, your welcoming arms to assist and guide someone where necessary attest to the kind nature of the beautiful soul you possess. You are always calm easy going and helpful to all. Your smiles and openness are one of the kind. May you continue to rest in the bosom of the almighty God. You left at your prime age which is the productive age to the entire nation but who are we to ask why?
You have finished your tasks on earth and it pleases the Lord Jesus Christ to call you home. Continue to rest with the angels of the Lord as we await ours. Goodbye Madam Henrietta.
Posted by Stanley Ifeanyi on March 29, 2021
Aunty Henrietta, i knew you for a short time but you treated me like someone you have known for ages. You made my stay in UMB worth staying and your ever smiling face still flashes in my head, your soft voice still rings in my ears.. Ohhhh Death, where is thy sting?
I pray that the almighty God bless your soul and grant you eternal rest until we meet to part no more
Rest in Peace big sis
Posted by Ben Obasa on March 29, 2021
I feel so much pain. I hurt and my chest cannot contain my anguish. How I wish I told you how much I loved you before you departed. I am sorry this happened to you sister.
Posted by Ebunoluwa Olanrewaju on March 29, 2021
I remember the last time i saw you,I and two of my classmates came to conduct a research in Plateau Specialist hospital and one of us pointed out,isn't that Mafengs sister. We had known you because of how much Mafs had spoken about you and all the pictures that we instantly recognized you. We walked up to you and greeted you and introduced ourselves as Mafs classmates and just by that , you replied us warmly. Thank you for being a wonderful sister to our friend. She loves you and we all do.You'll surely be missed. Continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord.
Posted by Tosin Bello on March 29, 2021
The thought of ur departure is really a very painful one even though I only worked with u few times, you are one of the most peaceful and gentle souls have met, honestly am still finding it hard to understand this but God knows best, rest on ma may almighty God protect your family and everyone of us Amen 
Posted by Vera Sambo on March 29, 2021
You were a colleague turned friend and turned family! Its so hard to put the words together cos of the pain I feel..... I appreciate all that you were to me and will miss you so much!
Posted by Tola Omotayo on March 29, 2021
Thinking of you as I write this, these are the words that come to mind:
Kind, understanding, loving, easy-going, hardworking, adaptable, hospitable and God-loving. Ah, how can I forget the other one; a splendid cook.

Hmmn Henrietta. I rest in the fact that you knew Christ, the one whom you believed and reflected while on this part of eternity. Now, that's all that truly matters.

I imagine how you would have had a thanksgiving service both in Jos and Abuja if you had been able to escape on the day you left all of us. I am certain you would have stayed if you could, but, God in his wisdom saw all and decided to let his daughter come back to him. Now you see him face to face.

Dance with the angels Henrietta, worship the king with them. Good night beautiful soul, I celebrate you.
Posted by Margaret Shambor on March 29, 2021
Death snatched you from us too early. We saw ourselves growing up from Plateau Private School, Jos and met again as coursmates at University of Jos. I still have our memories of hard work while in school, the laughter, the fun we all had as coursmates and the friendship. I write with tears in my eyes with so much pain in my heart because we've been physically separated but I'm consoled by the fact that we will meet again at Jesus feet, never to depart again. You will be surely missed.
Posted by Niri Pam on March 29, 2021
Oh death where is thy sting!
Rest on ma'am
God knows best
It is well!
Posted by Don Salami on March 29, 2021
I am faced with one of the hardest things in life, writing a tribute for Herniatta Selle, my dear sister, and friend. I cannot even find the strength to utter the words in my heart, for death you have filled my heart with pain, rage, and questions.

But for today, I choose to celebrate the life of Herniatta Selle – you were loving, caring, kind, compassionate, dedicated, supportive, and big-hearted. You are respected by me and a lot of other people, you were a woman of strength, courage, one to be admired and praised. Your words were always wise, and kindness was the rule for everything you said and did. You were God-fearing and deserving of praise. The good deeds of your life will bring honor, to your daughters. I celebrate your life and I pray your memories will forever be adorned with praises.

I do believe God pours life into death and death into life without a drop being spilled; Though you are physically gone, your life is poured in your daughters and into us your family and friends. In this, I find a little consolation, that you continue to live in us.

Posted by Sue Tim on March 29, 2021
Oh “Tiri “ as i fondly loved to call you. The news of your passing came as a shock and disbelief. I have asked myself “but why?” and said “NO not NOW” but who am I to question such....God knows best.
You were a special person with a real personality. Your smile melts and calms my confusions. I appreciate your calm approach towards me and how you spoke with care and shared our concerns to eachother whenever we get the chance. Thank you for being you. I write this with a tearful reminder of your gentleness that will be missed.
Posted by Winifred Ukponu on March 29, 2021
H-Tiri, (I joined everyone in calling you this which I thought was a very cool name), I heard your name mentioned whenever Donald and Mercy gave stories of their early research days in Jos. I remember meeting you later and telling you that your were my aunty's namesake-my Mum's sister who nursed me as a baby and helped my mum raise me. That endeared me to you...and vice versa. You were a kind and gentle person...your disposition endeared people to you and your good nature and kind heartedness will never be forgotten.

It feels strange referring to you in the past...but who are we, mere mortals, to question the will of the Almighty? You have been called home to be with your maker. Heaven has gained an angel and there is rejoicing. We take solace in the good life you have lived. God knows best and may he protect your kids, husband, family and all those you hold dear and grant them grace during this difficult period and in the years to come,amen!!

Adieu Henriatta....till we meet at Jesus' feet!
Posted by Roseline Oyuga on March 29, 2021
Dearest Henrietta,
I had an opportunity to work with you on a tool kit for Group 3 MSH 609 course in the master's program at UMB graduate school. We worked so hard but have unfortunately been robbed of the opportunity to present this together ahead of graduation. We will miss your very important contributions and active participation in our weekly meetings.
I know that death is part of life, but yours is particularly hard to take.
Fare thee well!
Posted by Yemi Kayode on March 29, 2021
Henrietta Dear,
This hit me so hard! Iam still trying to come to terms with it. I spoke with you a day before your demised little did I know that will be the end. Unbelievable! You were such a beautiful soul❤, a fantastic colleague. Even from a distance, you always make out time to check-up on me. I will miss you, the world will miss you. It is hard to say goodbye but we are consoled in the Lord knowing someday we will meet to part no more.
Rest in power.
Posted by Samson Agboola on March 29, 2021
Death is not an end, For love goes on and on. With the evidence being seen through people have come in contact with. I join them to say your flowers that you planted be continue to blossom in our heart without an end.
Posted by EUNICE KASHAM KYANGMA on March 28, 2021
Mummy mummy mummy "Kam's voice " My partner in everything. Beautiful as always, You smiled and held me so near, a true definition of an elder sister.
It still fills like a dream, am yet to believe you have finally left me. In your words "Kasham, you have spoilt me so much that I don't think I can cope without you. Your husband should just get ready, cus we both will share you". Hmmmm I don't know how am going to cope too now, but I leave it all to God. We will take one step at a time.
You lavished me with an unending love, you listen, advice, pray for me every minute. Thank you for loving me till the very END. I love you so much and your memories will forever live in my heart. Goodnight.
Posted by katherin joe on March 28, 2021
Dearest Henriatta ,
Coming to the office on Friday to hear of your sudden demise is still a feeling I don't think I can get over anytime soon,knowing your life was snatch away ..
I look and think of your smiles you always have when ever we see,words alone cannot express the depth of pains i feel.
You had so much to live for so much yet to do ,it still feel so unreal ........
Life as they say is but a stopping place,
A pause along the road ,to sweet eternity.
You touched A lot of life and you will be forever in my heart.
May Our God grant your family the fortitude to bear your lost
Rest in Peace beautiful Henreitta .
Rest in the bosom of our Lord jesus christ.

Posted by Simon Gregory on March 28, 2021
Hmmm u are not only a sister but friend to always chart and talk to.  Seeing ur body dead on that cold ground, I could not believe u where the one..

My heart is bittered and I don't think it will rest until justice is pass on u. I will always miss a senior sister.. rest on
Posted by Ismaila Musa on March 28, 2021
Please accept my most sincere condolences at this time of grief in your family. May this be a time when you support one another and when memories of sweet times together over the years are a tender comfort. I hope it puts you at ease to know that we are keeping the business running smoothly and all is well at the office. You and your loved ones are in my thoughts.
Posted by ify chima on March 28, 2021
I missed a friend, a shoulder to lean on, my shocker absorber and a sister! I have come to terms with God knowing that its time to leave this wicked world. Working with you was hitch free. I miss chatting with you and Akipu during Lunch time. Rest on sister till we meet again.
Posted by Amina Mohammed on March 28, 2021
Madam Henriatta,

This is so painful.... loosing you opened a big sad hole in my heart that I thought was closed.

We weren't buddies but you were more than a support system to me, like a mother. Each time you talking to Lanre, Kachi, Prosper or anyone across the hall/stairs, I can't help but listen to your words because they are mostly advice, guidance, and soothing words to brighten/lighten the situation, and those words actually came from your heart.

The few times we had been together, you genuinely listened to my concerns not because you just want to have a conversation but cos you really care.

You were among the very few people who could see right through me when I am down. I will miss that profound caring voice with a smile, asking me "Amina are you alright?"

Writing this tribute brings tears to my eyes because I will not get to see you to express my gratitude for the silent hope you've given me...

You lived well, you will be missed dearly...
May your beautiful soul rest in perfect peace.

I pray that God gives us the strength to bear the loss and the ability to emulate Henriatta's amazing qualities in caring for one another.

From God we came and onto Him shall we all return.... Till we meet again, rest on HTiri...
Posted by Nnenna Ezeokafor on March 28, 2021
So painful and depressing to hear the news of your demise. Words are not enough to describe the pain and shock that I feel these few days. Life indeed is a vapour. Is so hard to say good night Henrietta.
When I think of your support, commitment, dedication, hard-work, and long patience -I only but feel deeply hurt that you had to go in such a cruel and barbaric circumstances.
You are such a nice person and your goodness permeate those around you. we take solace that you fought a good fight, kept the faith and are now with the angles in heaven, where there will be no more pain and sorrows.

May God heal every broken heart especially your immediate family, your little kids, hubby, and all those who mourn your demise.
We miss you dear friend and colleague-continue to rest in his bosom.
Posted by Akipu Ehoche on March 28, 2021

I can’t believe I am writing this. You have been a friend, sister, and colleague. You always looked out for me and everyone you came in contact with. You were a consummate professional; you took your job seriously and ensured everyone followed the rules, and kept us on our toes when needed. It is hard to believe you are no longer with us. But we take comfort in the life you led and the lessons you taught us. May your gentle soul rest in peace with the Lord.
Posted by ADAMS-DABBAN SAMUEL on March 28, 2021
HTiri, I can't believe that you have left this world. We chatted on Thursday. You checked up on me and asked how I was faring. I wish we could turn back the hands of time. We love you but God has a reason for everything. I will fondly remember the time and memories we had together. May God continue to comfort everyone you have left behind. Rest in peace my dear friend and Sister.
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Posted by Chiagozie Achebe on June 12, 2022
It’s your birthday+3days!!! Happy birthday HTiri. Your birthday was a good day for me.
How are you doing? Hope we have been keeping you entertained down here.
I am sure that each moment with the angels feels amazing. Keep resting and singing with the Lord.
We are planning for another election in Nigeria. I don’t know if you have time to concern yourself with matters relating to Nigeria but the forthcoming elections will determine to a large extent if Nigeria will be Nigeria that it ought to be or remain the country with potential. 
We miss you so much.

Posted by Patricia Adisa on March 25, 2022
Henri! As I fondly call you,You are one of a kind,a special one,I guess God loves you so much so, that He decided to take you this early to be with him. He must surely have a reason for it! I wish you were still here Babe and if I feel this way my guess is how much more your Husband, Children, Parents and siblings must have missed you,Today I pray for comfort for all that you left behind and the grace for your strong Husband and those beautiful Children of yours,May God continue to uphold them in Jesus name amen!
Posted by Nnabundo Musei on March 25, 2022
May the good Lord continue to take good care of you and grant you eternal rest. I will forever miss you ma but happy you are in a better place. God bless your soul and may God also continue to comfort your family, Amen.
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Shared by AdaChioma Chinonso on March 30, 2021
Dear Henrietta,

I'll hold unto the Lovely Memories we shared...

We love you!!!

Could this be real?

Shared by Atuchukwu Nwamaka on March 28, 2021
My Henrietta is no more?
No!!!, someone should help me
Can someone please tell me it's not true.

Meeting you in UMB was worth it. You were so supportive and kind. Seeing you on my desk as a front Desk Officer walk into the office every morning with your smile always brightens my day.
 You were the first person  to bring me potatoes from jos just at the mention that " I haven't eaten jos potatoes before" 
 This act of this  kindness is what made you close/dear to my heart. Yes, we weren't in the same department but...... you're my friend.
You have always encouraged me whenever I am down that everything will be alright" in your words" Amaka, why worry? Everything will be fine with time.

Henrietta, is everything fine now?
Henrietta, you should have fight this

Now I understand better," this world is just meaningless! My day is shattered.

Jesus ooooooo, Please comfort those who you have broken their hearts and may your soul rest in peace.