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Hey Grandpa

December 29, 2023
Hey Grandpa,
                          It's Devin, just wanted to get on here and let you know that I'm doing a lot better mentally and physically. The doctors said I have nothing to worry about, but I think I may have to go back in while for a checkup. But boyfriend and I have been together for a little over 6 months now and I couldn't say I've been happier. I should be moving in with him in a few weeks too as well. I know its soon, but I think it is best for us both as couple and as people for the company, thanks to his mom Sara.
But its been really stressful. I hope you had a good Christmas as well with all of the family up there

Ive recently have had a few wakeup-calls and I've been trying my best to make myself a better person for everyone, but I feel like everyone still makes me out to be this guy who doesn't have true, good intentions, and they just say I try to argue and stuff. So, I don't know if I should try to be better for them.

Wish you were here to help me out since everyone says you and I are so alike.
Love, Devin.

heyy grandpa

September 28, 2023
hey grandpa, its devin. Its been awhile but thought to say hey and a lot has been happening. Ive been full time at my job for over a year now, and ive been having some medical issues and all of that, but im managing, ive also been living on my own now for a little over 15 months now, but you probably already know that from wherever you may be watching us. but ive also met someone and ive been with him fir a little over 3 months now and were doing good i hope atleast from what i can tell, i keep you updated on him over time, but you also know everything there is to know already, but ill tell you anyways so it makes me feel better about you not being able to meet him. I dont know how you feel about same sex relationships, but i know you two wouldve gotten along well. but i love you and i hope to see you again whenever my time has ran out, sooner or later. meet you again gpa

Hey Grandpa

December 4, 2022
Hey, it's Devin again. Just wanted to give you an update of where I am at in life, although you may see where it but just in case, I'll tell you. I've been at the factory job for 3 months now, so that means here soon I might start training as an operator for about 3 months and then hopefully I get hired on. I've been living on my own for almost 6 months and everything is slowly coming together. I'm supposed to be going to go and see bobby, Thomas. Robert and grandma; so maybe you could in and say hi if you wanted to. nice talking to you and hope to do this again in a few months. Love you. 

Hey Grandpa

August 22, 2022
It's Devin again. I got a job at Mcdonald's back in April a few days after my birthday and I've been there for almost 4 months now, but I'm about to get a job in a factory at Reynolds here in Jacksonville, il. I also managed to get my own place too and been here for a few months and stuff. I think I'm doing well on my own kind of. but yeah, just wanted to say hello.

have fun whatever you may be doing wherever you may be up there.

Hey Grandpa

April 23, 2022
It's Devin.... Not something i thought I've ever do, since I never knew of this website I found it by searching you up because I wanted to find some pictures of you for the family tree I've been working on for the last few months. I know it has been around 10 years since we last spoke so this would break that barrier I suppose.  It's approximately 3 days before I turn 18, so I'll an adult, kind of scared though but I'm handling it. I'm not a religious person by any means, by for you, I hope you're in some good place and maybe perhaps intermingling with Jim and Barb and keeping them company in anyway and looking down onto us and seeing how we're doing in any shape, way or form. 

Love, Devin.

Hey daddy

November 4, 2019
Hey dad I miss you... today was my bday as you kno... and it was pretty great. Thomas took me to see lois and I think mary and I gave her some closure today. And of course you were there with us. I love you so much daddy 

Happy Birthday Daddy

September 24, 2019
Hey dad
Sorry it's been awhile since I last wrote you. A lot has happened in the last few years not gonna lie. I'm getting married again, he's so good to me, I think you would like him. I'm making sure that you are remembered in a big way at the wedding. I still think about you and miss you every day. U were an awesome dad so it's to be expected. It's been a rough last few months I got pretty sick, but I think it's finally been taken care of. But I just wanted to tell you happy birthday daddy I love you so much. 

Hey Grandpa H.,

January 4, 2019

It's been awhile since I've wrote to you, but I want you to know I think about you a lot and I love you with all my heart. I live on my own now, paying my own bills and all. I bet you're so proud of me. I've learned a lot growing up, doing stuff on my own. It's a lot and really hard but I'll get through it. Finley's get through everything. Anyway, I love you grandpa. I hope you're having a blast playing your guitar wherever you might be. <3

Five years

December 23, 2016

Today is now five days since my grandpa has left, he isnt completely gone. He is still in my heart and is always in my presence. I love and miss you so much Grandpa Today Bobbie, Devin, and I havebeen listening to you sing and watching videos ofyou. We all miss you so much. Some day I will get to see you once again. I've been getting better over the years but it hurts more knowing you aren't here in person. But you mean the world tome Grandpa andyou always will no matter what. Never fore get that. You willalways be the Grandpa of the year of every year. I'm never gunno forget bout you.Never. your way to important tome to ever forget. I love you, grandpa.

Hey Grandpa,

September 2, 2016

so right now im in parenting class but i just wanted to say that i miss you alot grandpa. i cant wait to see you again. im hug you so mych and just spend as much time i can with you. i love you grandpa h. ^w^ see you soon

Feels like a day

February 27, 2015

It feels like it was just yesterday that i was sitting with you in your room playing Final Fansty with you. Eating Slim Jims and listening to your stories of your loving awesome life. I miss listening to you talk and watching you play your games that barely make since but thats whats best about you. You dont care if your games dont make since youll still play them even if you were mad at them. I remeber so much about you Grandpa. It still feels like a day since i have last hugged you and told you that I love you but the sad thing is it hasnt been a day its been 4 years. It has a big effect on my life. I've done things that i regret so much and im sorry that you had to see me do those things. i know if you were here ytoud be so upset with me and tell me to stop and if that was to happen i would stop just for you. I promise now that im not going to do any of that any more cause i care about what you think of what i may become in my later life. I wish everyday that i can be like you cause you are the one that has inspired more than anyone in this so called world. You are one person that i will always look up to for the difficult and nondifficult times in my life.

            I love and miss you Grandpa!
                        From: Hannah Finley  2-27-15 

missing you

February 17, 2015

It gets harder for me to know that you are now gone but i am learning to understand that it was for the best. I miss you every day. i hate the fact that i have to live with the regreat of not telling you bye or that i love you before you gone. I love you more than anything Grandpa. Youve inspired me so much. Youve insired me more than any one else in this world and i think you for that.. Your the best grandpa anyone could have! I could never ask for a better grandpa than you.

happy 80th birthday daddy

September 23, 2014

hey daddy! Happy Birthday! Its been almost 3 yrs since you left us and i miss you so much. So many things have happened since you left and I think you would be so proud of your little girl. But you kno all about it cuz I talk to you every day. It still feels like a part of me me is missing but i promise its getting better. I talk to aunt joyce all the time and she tells me stories of you and it helps. Your an awsome dad and i dont know if i ever told you that. I think about all the fun i had with you growing up and those are the best memories of my life. I remember you teaching me to ride a bike or pushing me on the swings at the park. i remember my first dance with you and sitting and playing final fantasy for hours and hours drinking sams choice cola. and as always i am having spaghetti tonite in your honor, it has become a tradition. and i believe you have sent me an angel to help me thru all this and i promise he is helping me. 
well guess i'll let you go for now. I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO MUCH DADDY!
love always your babygirl 

One Year Later.....

December 23, 2012

     here it is one year later and as i think about the last year and how much i miss you i reallize that its getting so much easier. yes i miss you everyday but i know you are here with all of us and helping us as you always did. and when i do have a problem i ask myself wat would u tell me. and i remember everything we did together and everything u taught me. i know u wouldnt want me to be sad and cry but sometimes i do but its getting better and i know it will keep getting better everyday so daddy i love u and i know u r with me

love always



May 7, 2012

Henry H. Finley Sr. (Buddy) son of Frank Finley and Clara(Johnson) Finley was born September 23rd, 1934 in Black Oak Arkansas. He departed this life Friday evening, December 23rd, 2011, at 8 pm at the Metropolis Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. At the time of his passing Henry had attained the age of 77 years and 3 months.

Henry was formerly united in marriage to Maxine Harvey.

Henry is survived by- his children - Lois Brush of Cuba, Mo, Linda Finley, Mary Jane & Vernon Goodwin of Hopkinsville Ky, Henry H. Finley Jr., of Quincy, Il, Michael Finley of Metropolis Il, Barbara & Troy Welch of Metropolis, il, 11 grandchildren; 10 great grandchildren; 2 sisters; 3 brothers.

In addition to his Parents, Henry was preceded in death by- a grandson- Kenneth Brush; 9 brothers and sisters.
Henry had served as an automotive and airplane mechanic during his tenure in the military.

Later, Henry operated his own auto garage and was later employed by Baldwin Oil Company in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Henry loved music and often played the guitar and sang at local community center jam seesions. Henry was a very outgoing person and loved visiting and talking with everyone he met.         

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