Let the memory of Hepworth Xigagane Hlongwane be with us forever
  • 36 years old
  • Born on August 2, 1976 .
  • Passed away on April 19, 2013 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Hepworth Xigagane Hlongwane aka Tendai Mothisi 36 years old , born on August 2, 1976 and passed away on April 19, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Selaelo Maraka on 22nd March 2019
Sending you lots of love. Thank you for visiting today. Definitely felt your presence and Nano confirmed. . Still loving you.
Posted by Ntwanano Hlongwane on 22nd March 2019
she woke up missing you dearly today (NNV HLONGWANE )
Posted by TEBOGO GIFT MOKOENA on 24th October 2018
My dear friend may your humble soul rest in Eternal peace, I learnt about your passing when I was wheelchair bound. I could not even attend your own funeral, I live with the memories we both created in Peninsula Technikon(CPUT) and outside. I remember when you came to pick me up in PLK military base @ work to visit your Son in Giyani, & when I visited you in Lebowakgomo I was warmly welcomed I have always been happy around you as a friend and brother. May the good Lord protect your loved one's and shower them with blessings. RIP my dear Friend.
Posted by Selaelo Maraka on 2nd August 2018
Posted by Selaelo Maraka on 20th April 2018
Still loving you. Still missing you...#forevermissed #foreverloved...as it always will be. Today I'm grateful. Yesterday I was grateful and I know I will always be grateful for the gift that your life has been to my life. Thank God for your life my love! Can you see the growth? I know you are proud of us. We are proud of you love. Love you always. Later!
Posted by Majuta Mtisi on 19th April 2018
My brother, another year and another reminder of the pain one felt when you left this world. Too sudden and unplanned, we shared many memories, albeit for the shortest of time we spent, I will forever cherish. Just the other day, I anticipated you calling on Friday midday to say you are back where do we meet. Painfully that was not to be as you phone rings no more, you name appears nowhere on my contact list but in my heart. Farewell, you lessons are never forgotten, you influence still reins supreme.
Posted by Selaelo Maraka on 2nd August 2017
Looking up today and I know you looked down on us all day!!! It was truly magical. Thank you for continuing to be a blessing!! Happy 41st!
Posted by Selaelo Maraka on 19th April 2017
19 April 2013 I saw zero hope zero anything. To say devastated is an understanstatment...words do grief no justice. It was intense!! They say the stronger the love the deeper the grief. It's been hectic but I'm so soo happy and content that today I was finally able to celebraye your life and do so in a manner that I think you would've appreciated. Tenashe asked a lot of questions about your pictures and where you are.... and I did my best lol! What would u have said....I wonder motho. Anyway just dropping by to say we love you...we miss you....and remember you always. May your spirit of soul continue to RIP. MWAH
Posted by Selaelo Maraka on 3rd August 2016
August the 2nd marks the anniversary of your birth. It's been 3 years since you departed and not a day goes by without a thought/s of you & I get now that it's in our hearts,our memories,our dreams you will forever live...differently but a very real part of us. Yesterday was too hard that's for sure. You would have turned 40 and the biggest #mindphuck is still not knowing what to do really on days like these. A candle still seemed appropriate; & sure enough Tenashe made the birthday link and started singing
Posted by Majuta Mtisi on 2nd August 2016
My brother even today, I am struggling to make peace with your absence in my life. You have been a great brother, I always remember you with emotion. The journey we have travelled together makes it difficult and impossible for this day, your birthday, to pass without the emotion visits me. When this day comes I feel your presence though we can't catch up, I do that by myself and have faith in me that you do the same. Majuta
Posted by Selaelo Maraka on 19th April 2016
So many questions.Not enough answers. As far as logic can go the heart is still not satisfied...prompting the mind to seek more reason. What I know in this moment is that all questions are answered completely by love. I smile because I know you know that. And it's at this moment of reckoning, I know you are smiling back and I have no questions...only love.
Posted by Selaelo Maraka on 30th March 2016
Ke go gopotše Xigagane... Just got home from a drive le Tinashe bumping Lemar reminiscing about days when we did those drives bumping Lemar...not the same. I miss you motho-waka. Kudu kudu ka matla a go se lekane le selo... A ke tsebe gore ke dire eng.
Posted by Selaelo Maraka on 30th March 2016
Posted by Selaelo Maraka on 2nd August 2015
sending a #specialshoutout to the heavens as we remember u on ur birth day ❤
Posted by Selaelo Maraka on 22nd June 2015
So this doesn't get better with time?!? OK, so what must happen now?
Posted by Selaelo Maraka on 19th April 2015
Most times I wish heaven had visiting hours...especially today. Ke dula ke go gopotše hle monna.
Posted by Majuta Mtisi on 13th September 2014
Mapikeri would be very proud right now. You took the journey with me my brother and delivered me, now I know what to do!
Posted by Majuta Mtisi on 13th September 2014
On a day like this you would say, apeya bogobe re bese nyana. Le lebotlolo nyana
Posted by Majuta Mtisi on 7th August 2014
I miss you my brother, we had great time together. The love we shared, I will forever be greatful for God given opportunity to share those moments together.
Posted by Selaelo Maraka on 6th June 2014
Got Lemar "it's not that easy" on repeat. Thinking bout you.
Posted by Selaelo Maraka on 27th April 2014
27 April 2013, stood at your graveside knowing that life as I knew it,was over.
Posted by Selaelo Maraka on 18th April 2014
Words are few, thoughts are deep
Posted by Selaelo Maraka on 18th April 2014
Left me with a beautiful daughter...a living memory of you but your absence is absolute grief. No warning no goodbye, but memories of you will never die. Days pass but thoughts of you always stay, wondering if you see me...if you see us. Do you?
Posted by Selaelo Maraka on 18th April 2014
Rest well my king
Posted by Selaelo Maraka on 18th April 2014
I cherish the love and joy you gave me.
Posted by Selaelo Maraka on 16th April 2014
T & I went to visit koko ko Mams this past Sunday. A beautiful day spent with Ntsako,Tiyani,Glen giving us a "show" of note in prep for Easter #chucklesfordays. Ke dula ke go gopotše ka nako tšohle
Posted by Selaelo Maraka on 13th March 2014
Miss your beautiful soul.
Posted by Selaelo Maraka on 9th February 2014
Friday 7 Feb '14, 10 months later..your replacement ko SARS appointed. I remember @ ur memorial they spoke about the inspiring leader you were and how brilliantly you executed your work (*shine). You were outstanding in more than 1 area of your life. I wish I could replace you and just fill the hole in my heart, the hole in my life. Tendai you are simply irreplaceable.
Posted by Selaelo Maraka on 9th February 2014
Nano is growing..had no way to reach her on Friday but all is well.I know she had a fab bday. Mine is a few days..missing you
Posted by Selaelo Maraka on 6th February 2014
Thinking of you my love. I miss you dearly, wondering what it would've been like to have you walk with me on this parenthood journey. you were the best dad to Nano, I know for a fact you would've been awesome with our bundle..i wonder if you see us, if you feel us, if you miss us like we miss you. oh God
Posted by Selaelo Maraka on 6th February 2014
Well..........what else can I say? You lived, did your thing and now you gone, that's it. You gone.....*sigh*
Posted by Selaelo Maraka on 29th January 2014
Gone too soon...

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