Posted by B. J. Mandelman on October 31, 2011
My Father, Herman Manis, was the nicest and sweetest man you could eve meet.  He always listened when you talked and never judged you. He was a religious man and a lerned man.  He used to tell stories that he had learned in Europe. We;loved to hear all the stories and the songs daddy use to sing...his voice was beutiful..all the ladies at the chul use to love hearing him sing. 
Posted by B. J. Mandelman on October 31, 2011
When I was a little girl we did not have a lot of money but evey Chanukah we would get the best presents..because he worked at Goldsmiths Department store and he use to make deals with the toy department manager. We always had the best toys andDaddy was so happy to see how much we appreciated the gifts.
Posted by Hal Mandelman on October 30, 2011
I created this online memorial in a hope that those who knew Herman will contribute stories and memories of him to help his memory continue to live on. He was my grandfather, and looking back I can't believe how many years ago it has been since his passing. Time truly flies, and sadly so can memories. Let's all work together to bring those back online where they will be preserved.

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