A fishing trip with Uncle Horace

Shared by Jackie Swanson on April 2, 2021
In 1961, after our mother, Miriam, passed away (mother of Jackie and Michael Swanson), Uncle Horace and Aunt Lela offered to care for us until our father, Virgil (Aunt Lela's brother) could get back on his feet.  This is one of the most wonderful experiences we had as children.  I played around the church grounds many days and would go in to Uncle Horace's pastoral study, talk to him for a while (he was extremely patient with such a small but talkative little girl!), then some days he would take me out for ice cream.  Both Mike and I benefited emotionally, mentally and spiritually during this time.  The experience would set a foundation of spiritual strength and unconditional love that I have never forgotten, and will always treasure.
Shared by Linda Lewis on March 27, 2021
Pastor Horace was a big influence in our life as we began our marriage and having a family. My faith grew under his teaching. One memory was when my father passed away. I flew with Kevin age 3 to Minnesota and Garland was extra busy at work finishing the week. Our oldest daughter Rachel age 9 was at camp that week so when she got back and I couldn't pick her up, Horace and Lela graciously shared with Rachel that her grandpa had gone to heaven. They were a gift to our family while they served in Manhattan. Thank you!

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