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I thought I was the teacher...but actually..

September 12, 2012

Brock and I met in my class room. I was teaching at Jersey State College. It was the class called: History of  Black Journalism. Of course, he challenged me. But as a young professor, it was great to have someone ask all the questions about the history and to show off what I knew...or thought I knew. Pretty soon, I was showing him the I thought. I took him with me to press conferences ( I was the editor of Unique NY a publication created by Vy Higgensen) and then we would spend hours at a bar discussing the music, the writing about the music and the interview. And then pretty soon, of course, he was writing the articles that were getting published and our conversations began to expand to what was editing, what was context and how do you tell the story so it is clear and unbiased.

Though we married and then divorced...we talked at least a few times a year...about writing, context of writing and what it all meant. I miss him..... a lot.  

A Birthday Story

July 5, 2012

Did anyone know that Brock and I were born on the same date august  5, two years apart. As a kid on our birthday that we shared people would give kid a dollar, back then a dollar was a big thing.  But now Ive got to share this,so .50 cents for me LOL.  of course kids get get cake on this day but he like chocolate and like vanilla. So half cake half gift but a whole brother.  Always wanted to ask my Dad how he make love to my Mom on damn near same day nine months earlier. Now I'll   have the whole cake, but rather have my BROTHER, REST NOW. 

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