A true gift

Shared by Uzoamaka Eke on April 24, 2021
Dr. Ugbam is the father of my friend Dr. Nkechi Ugbam Eze. As medical students, we heard tales of Dr. Ugbam’s special touch and his pediatric surgery skills from our own teachers who also learned from him.

For me, the impact goes even beyond that and came very close to home. My cousin who is now in his 40s was just about to be operated upon as a baby at UNTH, Enugu until Dr. Ugbam came in to assess the baby.  As my aunt would tell the story, immediately Dr. Ugbam appeared, things began to move quickly. But things took a very unexpected turn. As soon as Dr. Ugbam took a look at the baby, he determined that the diagnosis was measles and that there was no need for my cousin to undergo surgery. 
You could imagine how relieved my aunt was and how God saved my cousin’s life through Dr. Ugbam’s intervention. 

On behalf of my family, we extend our deepest condolences to my friend Nkechi and the entire Ugbam family. Your dad was gifted and touched numerous lives, including ours, with his gift. I hope that stories such as this bring you joy and comfort. I pray that you will always remember him fondly and share in his gifted legacy. I pray for you to accept God’s Grace of healing, strength  and peace as you journey through life without him. Eventually, I know you will think of him and smile, even though you may still shed a tear or two. God bless you.
Sending you all love from our family.

We remember, even as you are passed from us

Shared by Enyi Anosike on April 24, 2021
Dr Ugbam,
You were more than a teacher and mentor. You were also 'uncle' and 'reassurance'. You are passed from us and a world that benefitted immensely from your ceaseless imput and sacrifice.

Those of us that were privileged to call you our teacher can attest to the quality of your service and the service of people such as yourself. As a result, we inhabited an environment wonderfully enriched because you existed, because you served in it.

Missing you is more than just about missing a person. We miss a time when commitment and sacrifice mattered more than consideration for mere self.
Adieu uncle, teacher and great friend of my father. We miss you more than we can ever say...  

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