Her Life

My Mother

My mother had a hard life she grew up in an orphanage. One of my many memories was when I saw my mother for the first time after a seven-year stretch.  I ended up moving to Illinois  and I seen her when I was 21 years old  I took the Greyhound bus to go  see her at the group home that she was living at. My mother was doing all of the cooking in the group home  she was this little miss busy body. My mom's Friends Lucille and Gornie Williams took me to go see my mom I was hiding in the back seat of the car and when we got there they got out and they went to tell her that she had a surprise. my mother came to the car I was ducked down and I said surprise and my mother was pulling me out by my feet she was inside of the car so fast I couldn't even get out because she was grabbed onto my feet trying to drag me out it was so cute I will never forget all of the times I surprised her I would always tell her I'm going to be next month or the week after next or I would tell her next year and then I would just show up to the nursing home and the nursing staff at her  facility always accommodated me and took video and took pictures of me seeing my mom for the first time after not seeing her for about 6 months to a year.