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Bob and Irene's meeting

Shared by Robert Wogrin on December 26, 2019
The first time I saw her, she was a cheerleader at a D.U. football game in  Oct. 1950. Months later, her twin sister Arlene started dating my fraternity brother and they arranged a date for Irene and me. She was a lovely young lady, and had many things to accomplish before getting serious with anyone.. She became a stewardess with United air Lines in 1952 and used me as a date for her friends and herself sometimes. We remained good friends until the fall of 1952.
When after several dates, she was being push toward a marriage she didn't want. On our last date she confessed her doubts. I listened for an hour while she confessed her misgivings to me. Finally asking me what she should do? 
My first silly answer was, " Why don"t you marry me?" 
Then her surprised question, " Do you mean that?"
I, believing she would reject my reply, was stunned by her question and sat quietly for a moment , then I said "Yes".
Her reply was '"OK" - and it lasted 66 wonderful years. 
Shared by Jim Fleming on December 22, 2019
My thoughts are with you.You had a wonderful life together. You both have a special place in my thoughts for being such wonderful people. Jim Flemin

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